all time low noel


▶ Fuckin’ In The Bushes - Oasis
▷ The Things You Said - Depeche Mode
▶ The House Of Wolves - Bring Me The Horizon
▷ Zombie - The Cranberries
▶ Air Catcher - twenty one pilots
▷ Thanks To You - All Time Low
▶ Scream - Tokio Hotel
▷ Emergency - Paramore
▶ Going To Hell - The Pretty Reckless
▷ Unwanted - Avril Lavigne
▶ M1 A1 - Gorillaz
▷ Obvious - Blink 182
▶ Bang Bang - Green Day
▷ All Fucked Up - The Amity Affliction
▶ Can You Feel My Heart - Bring Me The Horizon
▷ Goner - twenty one pilots
▶ Therapy - All Time Low
▷ Run, Run, Run - Tokio Hotel
▶ Stop Crying Your Heart Out - Oasis
▷ Wrapped Around Your Finger - 5 Seconds Of Summer
▶ Milk and Cookies - Melanie Martinez
▷ Let Me Go ft. Chad Kroeger - Avril Lavigne
▶ El Mañana - Gorillaz
▷ Stripped - Depeche Mode
▶ Bedshaped - Keane
▷ Ghost Of You - Selena Gomez & The Scene
▶ Pyongyang - Blur
▷ Gasoline - Halsey
▶ Anathema - twenty one pilots
▷ Remembering Sunday ft. Juliet Simms - All Time Low
▶ Masquerade - Tokio Hotel
▷ Soldier On - Oasis
▶ Cry Baby - Melanie Martinez
▷ Waiting For A Friend - The Pretty Reckless
▶ On Melancholy Hill - Gorillaz
▷ Hold Me Down - Halsey
▶ Fall Away - twenty one pilots
▷ Dancing With A Wolf - All Time Low
▶ Sacred - Tokio Hotel
▷ Gas Panic! - Oasis
▶ Careful - Paramore
▷ Since You’re Gone - The Pretty Reckless
▶ Stockholm Syndrome - Blink 182
▷ Sleepwalking - Bring Me The Horizon
▶ Faint - Linkin Park
▷ Helena - My Chemical Romance
▶ Breakaway - Tokio Hotel
▷ Bring It On Down - Oasis
▶ ¿Viva La Gloria? (Little Girl) - Green Day
▷ Don’t Go ft. Lights - Bring Me The Horizon
▶ This Is Halloween - Patty Walters
▷ Ignorance - Paramore
▶ Love Is Dead - Tokio Hotel
▷ Miss Nothing - The Pretty Reckless
▶ Violence - Blink 182
▷ Revolution Radio - Green Day
▶ So Long, And Thanks For All The Booze - All Time Low
▷ Morning Glory - Oasis
▶ I Write Sins Not Tragedies - Panic! At the Disco
▷ Take Me Away - Avril Lavigne
▶ I Don’t Wanna Be In Love - Good Charlotte
▷ Rejects - 5 Seconds Of Summer
▶ Personal Jesus - Depeche Mode
▷ Fairly Local - twenty one pilots
▶ The Mighty Fall ft. Big Sean - Fall Out Boy
▷ Sound Check (Gravity) - Gorillaz
▶ Mad Hatter - Melanie Martinez
▷ Control - Halsey
▶ BeFoUr - ZAYN
▷ Kings of Suburbia - Tokio Hotel
▶ Nobody’s Home - Avril Lavigne
▷ AKA… What A Life! - Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds
▶ Dirty Laundry - All Time Low
▷ Falling Down - Oasis
▶ Impossible Year - Panic! At The Disco
▷ Truce - twenty one pilots
▶ Man Research (Clapper) - Gorillaz
▷ Empty Gold - Halsey          
▶ Forest - twenty one pilots


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twenty one pilots
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twenty one pilots
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green day
vampire weekend
the neighbourhood
walk this way

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Lay the Seat Back, Lock the Doors - Luke
  A/N: Heyy, so I started writing this one and decided to finish it ‘cause I really liked the concept. I was inspired by a song like I so often am, so I guess this is the first in a series of one-shots inspired by songs. Hope you loveee itxoxo,Carmen   Song: Noel- All Time Low   Requested: Nope   “Your lips are a hot flame baby,and our chemistry is kerosene.Take it off, take it all offmaybe we can get down and burn up in the heat.”     ————————————————————————      I was really excited to go to this party tonight. Being in the limelight as the opening act for 5 Seconds of Summer, it was usually a magazine event or a performance after-party when we went out. I was really happy that we were finally going to a normal house party up in the hills, the kind I used to go to all the time before my life started going a million miles a minute.    I was wearing a deep purple tube top and a black mini skirt with little black boots, and I looked great. The guys all wore their usual rock n’ roll attire, and my sisters, who decided to come with us, looked hot as hell.  We decided to employ the guys’ driver to take us so we could all drink, and I secretly loved the very spacious blackout Escalade. We pulled up to the party and everyone piled out, Luke offering his hand to help me and my sisters down.  “Thanks, Luke.” I winked at him and he smiled mischievously at me. God, he drove me crazy.  Luke and I had been flirting non-stop since we started the tour, it was like we have this fire between us and we couldn’t help but being drawn to each other. We tried keeping our desires at bay for the sake of our bands and the tour in general, but something about tonight told me all of that would be thrown out the window.    The house was big, with people spilling out onto the long front porch and lawn. Some were drunk, some were high, some were on other shit, and some had done a little of all three. I felt the few shots I’d taken at the guys’ hotel surge through my veins. Finally, this was my scene.   About an hour later, everyone was pretty god damn drunk. My sisters and I were laughing and dancing by the DJ booth, and I was grinding on Diana as “We Run LA” by Ya Boy blasted through the speakers and the rented lights flashed around us.    Suddenly but slowly, I felt strong, familiar hands pull me away and wrap around my waist. I leaned into the broad figure behind me and breathed in the familiar scent.    I giggled and began grinding against Luke as he held me to him.  “Heyy, what’s up?” I giggled again, slightly slurring my words, and I felt him chuckle against me.  “I’m gooood, I’m better now that I found you though.” He slurred back to me. I smiled mischievously as the music pulsed around the room.  We were interrupted by my squealing sisters.  “Y/N! Let’s go with Mikey and Calli to take shots in the kitchen!” My sister Jenna was about four shots away from having to be carried back to the car, but I laughed and said fuck it, grabbing Luke’s hand and following her.    The kitchen was nice and pretty big, and I could see the boys and a few other people had a whole set up to do shots on the black marble island.  There were chasers, limes, salt, sugar, and every kind of tequila, vodka, whiskey and gin you could imagine.  Once we all took a shot of jack together as a group, I turned around to Luke who hadn’t taken his hand from my waist.    “Sit down.” I winked at him, pushing him down onto one of the leather bar stools. I was almost eye level with him, but not quite. He was so fucking tall. I saw Michael raise his eyebrow in amusement from the other side of the island. “Okay, now stay stillll.” I slurred. Luke chuckled and took his lip ring into his mouth, eyeing me in amusement.  I took a juicy lime slice and tilted his neck to the side with my fingers, gliding and squeezing the lime along his neck. He continued to eye me and bite on his lip, his fingers becoming fidgety despite his intoxicated state.    “Open.” I commanded him seductively, putting the lime in his mouth. I took the shot of golden agave tequila I was holding and knocked it back like a pro, immediately putting the glass down and putting my hands on Luke’s shoulders.  I licked a long, flat stripe up the side of his neck, collected the lime juice and kissing him under his ear. I felt him shiver and suck in a breathe.   “God damn..” He whispered. I giggled and turned back to the counter.  “Your turn!” I said to him, helping stand up. He was smiling his goofy smirk as I climbed on the island and laid down with my top pulled up, exposing my flat stomach.  Calum whistled at me.  “Are you telling me we’re doing body shots now?!” He asked excitedly.  I laughed at his reaction.  “No, idiot, I’m SHOWING you. Care to do the honors?” I nodded my head back at the bottles of liquor. He motioned to Luke.  “You heard the lady, pick your poison mate."    Luke laughed and my sister and I giggled as our group watched him. Finally, he reached for his pick: Jack Daniel’s Silver Select.    "Hell yeah, atta boy!” Michael shouted, clapping his hands at the strong liquor Luke had chosen.  “Okay okay mate I’M the one who gets to pour it.” Calum slurred jokingly and took the luxurious bottle from Luke’s grasp, leaning over me and taking a shot glass. He smirked at me as he poured the shot of golden liquid.  About an hour and a few more shots later, I was even more tipsy than I had been and couldn’t shake the feeling of Luke’s smooth tongue as he licked lime juice off my stomach.  I looked over from laughing with my sisters and Ashton and noticed Luke leaning against the wall, staring at me with a drink in his hand. Fuck.   I walked over to him and stood on my tip toes to whisper in his ear.  

“Hey, follow me.” my voice was dripping with mischief and seduction and he smirked at me when I took his hand in mine.

We slipped past all our drunken friends and out into the cool night air. A few people still lingered around the side of the house and the porch, and we looked around quickly before I pulled Luke around the corner and to the car.

I popped the door and crawled into the backseat, but Luke hesitated, biting his lip, like he was having a moral battle with himself.

“C’mon, Luke.” I whispered excitedly. He seemed to shake off his thoughts and crawled into the car, closing the door and getting in the back with me. Thank god Escalades were big.

The tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife as we stared at each other, both of us with smirks on our faces and Luke biting his lip ring.

I touched his thigh, and suddenly his lips were on mine. He pulled me into his lap and I knocked his backwards cap off, straddling him and reveling in his soft golden hair between my fingers. He gripped my waist and pushed my hips down onto his crotch, both of us moaning as we made out urgently.

Then, out of nowhere, he pulled away. He scanned my eyes frantically and pawed at the dip of my tiny waist, both of us panting hard.

“This….this could fuck a lot of stuff up.” He said, more like he was talking to himself more than me.

“Cal and Mike both like you….our managers would kill us….we can’t…fuck.” His train of thought was interrupted by my top riding up a little and the feeling of his fingers on my bare skin.

I caressed his neck in my hands.

“I’m good at keeping secrets, are you?”

He thought for a split second, then his eyes clouded and darkened with lust.

“Fuck it, I’ve wanted this for so long.”

He kissed me hard and passionately again, leaning me back on the seat so he was on top of me and my legs were wrapped around his toned torso. I whimpered as he lowered his head to my neck, leaving hot, wet kisses on the soft skin. I felt him begin to suck hickies in the spots he had kissed and I moaned and pawed at his soft hair.

I unzipped his black hoodie and practically tore it off his shoulders, and he followed my lead by ripping off his Blink t-shirt and tossing it aside.

“Jesus Christ..” I whispered, running my hands down the hot skin of his abs. He smirked at me and gripped my mini skirt at the hips, tugging it down and pulling me closer to him in the process.

Soon, all our clothes were completely forgotten about, and we were both moaning loudly as he circled my throbbing core with his long index finger, and I was shaking with anticipation.

“Fuck, please, Luke.” I whimpered into his shoulder over the sound of his swollen lips sucking the skin under my ear. With one last swirl he pushed him finger in, pumping it in and out so fast I thought I was going to pass out from pleasure. He pushed my left leg farther apart from my right one so he could go deeper, and his other hand tweaked and pulled at my nipple as i clung onto him with my nails in his back.

“Please, Luke, I fucking need you.” I whispered-whined to him.

“Mm, okay, baby.” He cooed in my ear. He grasped his impressive length and pumped it a few times, teasing me with the bright red tip.

“Wait, fuck, fuck, we need a condom.” He panted into my shoulder, I could tell he was in pain from how hard he was and how bad he wanted me.

“No we don’t Luke, I’m on the pill, we’re good babe.” I assured him. He let out sigh of relief and pushed into me.

It was a deliciously tight fit, and I arched my back and cried out as he pounded into me, holding me close to him and digging his fingers into my ass. His moans were music to my ears, and I raked my nails down his back so hard he’d probably have long, deep, red cuts in the morning.

“Oh my fucking god, fuck…” Luke growled into my ear, thrusting into me hard and deep like he was overwhelmed with the pleasure. I looked at his gorgeous face, his eyes were squeezed shut and his teeth were clenched tight. I almost came just looking at him.

“Oh Luke…I’m gonna come, fuck, you’re so big…” I squealed, and he took the back of my neck and steadied my face so I was looking at him.

“Look at me, I’m close too. I want you to look at me.” He said intensely.

The look in his eyes was urgent and wild, and I held his gaze as he lifted one of my legs onto his shoulder and fucked me faster. I was practically screaming his name at this point, and I felt myself clenching around his cock as my high came racing up to me. I dug my nails into his ass to get him deeper as I came around him, my whole body pulsing. He yelled my name and a few curses and pulled me tight against him as I felt him twitch and spill inside me, slowing his pumps as he dragged out our orgasms as much as he could.

When we were both down from our highs, he pulled me up to straddle him and scooted around to lean back against the seat. We were breathing hard and I collapsed against him and panted lightly into his neck as he drew light circles into my back. We laid like that for a few moments in the now-hot car until our phones started blowing up from the car floor where they had fallen.

I leaned back a little to look at who was trying to reach us, sucking in a breathe when I saw we both had over a dozen missed calls from our friends. Calls we obviously hadn’t heard over our heavy breathing and moaning.

“Shit..” I leaned forward again and giggled into his neck. He chuckled with me and ran his hand through my hair, speaking softly into the side of my neck.

“It was so worth it.”
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probable things for the #Gaskarths wedding

  1. Alex will show up approximately 10 minutes late.
  2. He’ll probably be wearing his flag pants because why not.
  3. He may write a new track for the day.
  4. Jack, Zack and Rian will probably wear suits.
  5. The vast majority of the past and present crew will attend
  6. It will be one massive ass party
  7. We will probably get photos. And we just might crack under the amount of them and the sheer perfection.
  8. Alex’s dogs might be in attendance
  9. It will be yet another All Time Low surprise
  10. It may ruin us in the best way possible
Noel (Demo) ( Imagine Audio Edit )
All Time Low x darkonarrival
Noel (Demo) ( Imagine Audio Edit )

Imagine Audio- 

Imagine listening to All Time Low recording Noel as a demo through a wall in their studio.

Audio is from a EP off of their original record label in 2005

**I know this may not be perfect but please don’t remove the caption, delete the source, etc. I work hard on this so you don’t have to please respect this!

You can find more like this here

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