all time low lost in stereo


anonymous said: Lockscreens for The Beach, Cinderblock Garden, Runaways, Let It Roll, or Lost In Stereo? (No rush tho <3)

all time low inspired lock screens pt. 3/?? requested by anonymous. I threw in a ‘therapy’ lock screen because  I very much like having an even number :) please like/reblog is you use/save any of them! 

The Signs as All Time Low songs
  • Aries: The Reckless and The Brave
  • Taurus: Lost In Stereo
  • Gemini: That Girl
  • Cancer: Come one, Come all
  • Leo: Let It Roll
  • Virgo: Under a Paper Moon
  • Libra: Running From Lions
  • Scorpio: Backseat Serenade
  • Sagittarius: Weightless
  • Capricorn: Stay Awake (Dreams Only last for a Night)
  • Aquarius: Canals
  • Pieces: Oh, Calamity!
The Signs as All Time Low Lyrics
  • Aries: We're all part of the same, sick little games (Sick Little Games)
  • Taurus: Let's take the worst and make it better, let's take this mess and make a home (Cinderblock Garden)
  • Gemini: I’ll say it’s all about stickin’ it out, and trying to feel forever young (Somewhere in Neverland)
  • Cancer: Don't make this easy, I want you to mean it (Jasey Rae)
  • Leo: Self-medicating in the quiet of your room (Missing You)
  • Virgo: My song has not been sung (The Reckless and the Brave)
  • Libra: So I'll paint you wings, now I'll set you free (Paint You Wings)
  • Scorpio: You were fake, I was great, nothing personal (Break Your Little Heart)
  • Sagittarius: Just sit back, enjoy the show, it's the weekend, no place to go (Don't You Go)
  • Capricorn: There's a story at the bottom of this bottle (Dear Maria, Count me in)
  • Aquarius: Tattoos and a switchblade attitude, snakebite heart with a bubblegum smile (Lost in Stereo)
  • Pisces: Baby, we're like a time bomb, but I need it, wouldn't have it any other way (Time Bomb)

whynotweekes  asked:

Do you know the set list for all time low?

Kicking and screaming
Somewhere in Neverland
Six feet
Somethings gotta give
Kids in the dark
Dirty laundry
Missing u
A love like war
Take cover
Lost in stereo


Very much the best day of my life 💟💟 (meeting the boys was great, too. They’re some of the nicest people I’ve ever had the fortune to meet. Jack called me by my nickname, Alex sang to me in the signing. Rian recognised me, and Zack was such a sweetheart when I really started to panic).
O2 Academy, Leeds, 15/03/2017

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Hurricane // halsey
wRoNg // Zayn
Acquainted // The Weeknd
Needed Me // Rihanna
Pacify Her // Melanie Martinez
Lost in the Stereo // All Time Low
Bad Intentions // Niykee Heaton
This Is What Makes Us Girls // Lana Del Rey


Aries: Time Bomb

Taurus: Break Out! Break Out!

Gemini: Poison

Cancer: Painting Flowers

Leo: I Feel Like Dancin’

Virgo: Dear Maria,Count Me In

Libra: Coffee Shop Soundtrack

Scorpio: The Edge of Tonight

Sagittarius: Lost in Stereo

Capricorn: Oh, Calamity!

Aquarius: Old Scars/Future Hearts

Pisces: Keep the Change,You Filthy Animal