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IT’S MY BLOG’S BIRTHDAY! A whole year!! Woo

So in honour of birthdays I decided i’d do a follow forever thang…. I didn’t ever think i’d get as many followers as i have (which isn’t a lot but i’m not picky) and i want to thank y’all for following and sticking around because we all know i suck :P

I still dont know how to make a good one of these so bear with me ok?

Special shout out to some of my extreme fave and mutuals

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Also shoutout to @5sos-offical for always getting me confused and thinking it’s the official 5sos blog…. but ily anyways

So here goes:

# - D 

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K - P

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S - Z

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So that should be about it…… i hope i didn’t miss anyone! 

I also want to thank @onedirection @5sos-official @iamhalseymusic @taylorswift @panicatthedisco @twentyonepilots and all the other bands and stuff that inspired me to make this blog and to make it this far! 

Woo one year! Many more to come (lol i hope)

The Wonder Years - Local Man Ruins Everything

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