all time low finland


Last night I went to my first ever real concert and I can tell you it’s been awfully long time since I’ve felt more alive and happy.
I was suprised how amazing the opening act New Deadline was. (After the show they stood by merch thing and we got photos with them. They were EXTREMELY sweet and humble.)
Then lights went out and Satellite started playing. I’m not a scream-and-cry type of person but I just couldn’t help myself but shout. There they stood. Alex,Jack,Zack and Rian.
They said so many nice things about Finland and Finnish fans, took fans on stage,Jack told a fan to say “Alex has a small dick” in Finnish and let me tell you, Alex was very confused when everyone laughed at him.(ALSO JACK KISSED ALEX’S CHEEK AND EVERYONE SCREAMED.)
I feel like Rian was on fire last night and Zack looked bomb AF.
Jack kinda crowd surfed and everyone just jumped towards him and I almost fell.
Also I’m pretty sure I had not one but atleast three eyecontacts with my baby Jack.
Do I even have to say anything about the music? It felt so euphoric to hear my favourite songs live sung by few of my favourite people of all time (low).
Thank you so much All Time Low for such an fantastic experience. You did not let me down. I love you guys so much, shout out for saying “fucking"every two seconds!
(I also saw some fine ass people in the concert (other than Alex) so thanks for other fans keeping up the spirit!)