all time low bassist

Friend: are you okay?

Me: yeah

Me internally: It is Zachary Steven Merrick’s 29th birthday, he is the bassist of the band All Time Low and he is loved very much while also unappreciated at times but i love him no matter what he is a human puppy and he is very funny and hot especially with his nose ring and he is a blessing to the earth the band would not be the same without him wow i just really love Zack Merrick

You’re in a band that plays rock/heavy metal/ pop-punk/metalcore  (SEVENTEEN)

S.Coups: -you had fans who shipped you with people you met on Warped Tour but you insisted you loved your dorky boyfriend. He had your heart more than any tattooed male artist would. He was supportive always listening to you sing or scream whatever it was even if it wasn’t something he really liked. He really liked you though so it was worth it- “you’re so talented and I don’t know how your doesn’t hurt after that but I don’t plan on finding out”

Jeonghan: -you were his crush for almost 2 years when he heard one of your groups songs in a music store. He got to go to a fan signing he was to nervous to go alone so he took Seungcheol who wasn’t interested at all. During it someone had pointed out that other famous people were there so you instantly began looking around and he knew he had to get your attention somehow- “Seungcheol help me please I need her to notice me and me alone might not do it, wait nevermind she sees me”

Joshua: -you were Joshua’s childhood friend so he watched you grow into the metal head you were. He recently heard that you were on a world tour and even had a stop in Korea soon. So during an interview it was brought up from a previous interview that the two of you were talking again after not communicating much since he left L.A.- “oh yeah Y/N is a very talented person, I’m proud to see her where she is now she’s very good at the lead guitar. I can’t wait to hang out again but I’m not looking forward to rumors”

Jun: -you were more of an acoustic artist who was really into the songs but only got interested in playing them acoustically. So your recent cover was actually learning the acoustics to Rodger Rabbit because you and Kellin Quinn had a decently similar voice. He always loved it when you could sit there and comfortably play for him it was calming for the both of you- “you have a very pretty voice jagi. You seem so perfect for the song”

Hoshi: -you were full of surprises those who’ve heard you preform knew you liked to scream and shout if you could but you had a very soft side. You could play the piano which was when you played Good Night Moon for him, you even did it in Korean so he felt it more. He wasn’t sure how to show  how much he liked this side more than the other but you liked the other more- “it was very beautiful honey you should look into it more. Your normal singing voice deserves to be shown more often”

Wonwoo: -he met you at a party when you guys were playing All Time Low songs and he noticed you were a bassist which he thought was weird because of the length of the neck on it was decently long. But you showed you knew what you were doing. After that he managed to get your number and he was so excited to talk to you to the boys- “she’s a bassist, I’ve never seen a female bassist before. She’s very skilled at what she does and I think she’s more passionate about her music than use. I’m in love”

Woozi: -you played guitar your whole life so it wasn’t anything new when you got on Joshua’s case for not playing something right. He challenged you to play something you went for Of Mice& Men, When You Can’t Sleep At Night. You weren’t on key vocally but he got the general idea you could play the acoustic and probably even more. Joshua sat down beside and asked if he knew you could play- “it’s how I met her, she tuned my guitar. She knows her stuff. I don’t even get on her when she takes the instrument from me”

DK:  -he was in love with you as soon as he met you, you were very much into rock and all he ever wanted to do was show you off to the boys so when he got his chance he didn’t remain still what’s so ever. He even hoped one day you’d want to collaborate or something- “guys we’re almost there. You’ll be amazed at her drumming and singing. It looks so tiring but she so good”

Mingyu: -it was easier to say you were in the pop-punk industry as an early teen but after that you kinda dropped off the earth. And resurfaced in Korea where you became an idol and never once mentioned your past. But of course the internet remembered once one boy heard they all heard. So Mingyu got shown a video he was amazed how good you were at the bass and the fact you were so cute as a preteen and up to the point you were 14- “oh my look at her, she was so cute. Puberty really changed her though. I wanna hear her play. Guys we should make her or something”  

The8: -you went from a Kpop idol to a KRock artist in less than a year in your groups debut, Kpop wasn’t hard enough for you guys and really didn’t allow you to show off your skills instrumentally. He was a fan of yours for awhile and was so thrilled to be able to see you perform in person than just some YouTube video- “she’s so much better in person. I wish I could talk to her”

Seungkwan: -you were a drummer and a really good one at that but you didn’t show it off to tons people. He came to one of your performance because he was curious about what his girlfriend did when she wasn’t around him. So after your set he was infront of you wanting to talk- “why didn’t you mention this? You’re amazing! You should teach me! Or at least let me hear you play now”

Vernon: -you looked up to a rapper even though he was a vocal man, Ronnie Radke. If you were asked a song by him that you enjoyed it was ‘Asshole’. Hansol loved how bold you were and how when you were on an interview you started rapping off the song in English. So as swear word after swear word left your mouth he was dying of laughter and embarrassment- “do this Ronnie Radke have anything clean? There should be a limit in how much you can swear in a day Y/N”

Dino: -during the summer you went on Warped Tour with your J-Rock group and you were so much younger than everyone else but all of them found you very interesting. During an interview you were asked what kind of guy you liked ‘I don’t like you or any kind of guy here. I like my boyfriend lost he’s very sweet and adorable’ you said as clearly as you could before you started getting teased. And when you got back you told him the story and he loved it- “at least you’re honest right? I’m glad none of them were into you like that I think most of them are scary and I wouldn’t be able to fight them if they had tried anything”