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The Signs As "Nothing Personal" Lyrics

Aries: Take off your shirt, your shoes, those skinny jeans I bought for you. We’re diving in, there’s nothing left to lose. - Walls

Taurus: She’s trouble in a tank top pretty little time bomb Blowing up I’ll take you down Living in the radio lost in the stereo sound – Lost In Stereo.

Gemini: Dancing in the alley with the street rat nightlife Can’t keep living with a feeling that I’m giving up everything for you – Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don’t)

Cancer: Give me therapy. I’m a walking travesty but I’m smiling at everything. Therapy… You were never a friend to me and you can keep all your misery. - Therapy

Leo: Maybe it’s not my weekend But it’s gonna be my year And I’m so sick of watching while the minutes pass as I go nowhere And this is my reaction To everything I fear Cause I’ve been going crazy I don’t want to waste another minute here – Weightless.

Virgo: 3 pm on my feet and staggering through misplaced words and a sinking feeling I got carried away Sick, Sick of sleeping on the floor Another night another score I’m jaded, bottles breaking – Stella.

Libra: Fell in love, she was the friend of a sister, of somebody famous - at least for a day. Expensive habits and a taste for the town had me chasing down red carpets, and watching all my friends slip away. – Sick Little Games

Scorpio: I’m walking, who’s laughing now? I’m wasted, wasting time you talk for hours but you’re wasting lines A pretty face but the chase ain’t worth the prize – Break your little heart.

Sagittarius: What a waste, where did the time go? Where did our minds go? I don’t know. What’s this place? Where did our home go? We won’t know, I don’t know. – Too Much

Capricorn: Mixed drinks, mixed feelings of elation, I should have known it was a one-night invitation. – A Party Song.

Aquarius: I’ve got a watch but I don’t have time I’ve got a road and it leads to decadence But a dead end sign waits down the line I leave my footprints for the evidence – Poison

Pisces: This city was your city Heels on the sidewalk beggin’ for a backbeat Don’t worry I fight dirty Tonight’s like a right hook knock you off your feet – Hello Brooklyn

Last Young Renegade Track List


2) WE DO NOT ENCOURAGE DRUG USE…But you know, what happens on Warped Tour… by Alex Gaskarth 

3) Someone please teach this bitch, how to use a washing machine by Alex Gaskarth 

4) WE AREN’T BREAKING UP by All Time Low 

5) Once you break up it is over !! …Unless you marry her. by Alex Gaskarth 

6) Where’s Waldo? More like where is my will to live? by Alex Gaskarth 

7) CASPER, FUCK OFF! by Alex Gaskarth 

8) Every album needs a sex song, you should know this by now by Alex Gaskarth 

9) MAN I FUCKING LOVE SPACE by Alex Gaskarth 

10) Listen to my sick drum beats by Rian Dawson