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  • all time low: releases a new single
  • all time low: randomly signs to fueled by fucking ramen
  • all time low: announces that they're releasing a new album within the next 4 months
  • me, weeping in a corner and wearing dirty laundry: what did i do to deserve them

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Playlist for cuddling with Josh?

(these are based on my personal music taste btw!! thank you for requesting:-))

You and Josh never wanted to leave the warm comfort of your shared bed, and the morning after a night full of sleeplessness between the both of you made facing the morning even worse. Josh pulled his phone out to text Tyler and told him to push back practice a few hours as you rolled over to cuddle into Josh’s warm side. You hear silence for a few moments, but then hear the beginning note of Is There Somewhere by Halsey playing through his phone speakers. You smile as he sets his phone down and wraps his strong arms around your bare body.
“I’ve always had this playlist. Just been waiting for the right moment and I think I’ve found a perfect chance to play it. Now lets be cliché and cuddle,” he says in his raspy morning voice and you silently agree, pressing your ear to his naked chest that vibrates as he hums to the song and taps his fingers to the beat on your back.

1. Is There Somewhere by Halsey
2. If These Sheets Were the States by All Time Low
3. fallingforyou by The 1975
4. I Wanna be Yours by Arctic Monkeys
5. She Will be Loved by Maroon 5
6. Breathe Me by Sia
7. Thinkin Bout You by Frank Ocean
8. Roman Holiday by Halsey
9. I’m on Fire by AWOLNATION
10. Born to Die by Lana Del Rey

i may have gotten a little carried away but this was so fun and cute i couldn’t resist

Arrow 5x15 - “Fighting Fire with Fire” - Reveals night... and then some

So there’s a total of 8 episodes left, and 5x15 was a night for big surprises and then someone… Let’s dig in. Addressing the first elephant in the room

Felicity Smoak

Our bubbly precious Felicity is going about her business researching on Mama Prometheus (doubt she’s that but okay) when Oliver storms in and asks her for a favour: Please help EWR, correct the wrongs done to her

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We could feel the stabbing pain as if the blow was on us.

Felicity feels it too, this is the man that she may have stepped away from but also the man that has been telling her over and over again he’s okay with her being happy with someone else; a man who saw her lost everything, job, friends…, and never once showed this must worry. 

And she’s suddenly aware of where she stands, she’s the IT girl, just the go to girl when something needs to be done / fix over with computers, she’s back on Season 1, not a friend, not a girlfriend, not even an ex, just an IT girl.

Diggle comfronts Felicity about her strange behaviour on the EWR losing her job. Felicity hands it all back, Diggle didn’t seem to care about her using her abilities when she was using it to help him and destroying his enemy, the General. Diggle is stun. WHAT? Really? He didn’t know (really? 

are you sure, Diggle?) . Felicity tells him about Pandora and Diggle is obviously suspicious, he tries is usual pep talk but Felicity is way out of his grasp. It’s too little too late.

Talking about her “empathy” being her superpower shows how much Diggle is oblivious to Felicity Smoak. “Empathy” isn’t her superpower, for her it never was, empathy was what got her here, empty handed, alone, jobless,without a life of her own.

Still she calls Oliver about Thea’s plans, it’s his business and she’s clocking out. Maybe no one understand that at first but she’s clocking out from the Team where she’s only the IT girl at hand.

To make matters worse Oliver goes and burns Green Arrow to a crisp. Confessing Green Arrow killed Malone, labeling him a Cop KiIler. We are left to imagine how Felicity took this but I have an idea, the hero she’s been helping, for which she lost everything, for which she gave her life, and herself, just confess he’s a criminal, just confessed he murdered her Boyfriend, a guy that put her first, a man that loved her… With his act Oliver turned all of Felicity life into a sham, a big succession of errors for she trusted the wrong person, she trusted Oliver.

She reaches out for Helix. Her way to feel useful. Her way to feel she belongs. The path she envisioned herself taking when she was back in college, for Felicity its getting back into her own path, trying to make up for the time she “lost” on the wrong one, on Oliver’s path and Team Arrow path.

GIF from @olicity-i-believe-in-you

Oliver Queen

Another “Who the Hell is this guy?” episode. Oliver Queen worrying and pursuing EWR, is unlike any Oliver I know.

Ollie would screw the woman, make a bed mark, and with a smiling face walk on to another pair of legs.

Oliver Queen would deal with it, blaming himself and wanting her to be happy. He would have her get her job back but respect her decision to cut contact.

This Oliver crawls after EWR, this Oliver is spineless when it comes to EWR. She was on her way to turn you into Headlines, while she was in a relationship with you. She bed you seeking to pile more dirt on you, and you crawl after her? 

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I don’t know what’s the guys opinion on this but I was pissed at this behaviour. 

I read the argument that he’s showing growth, I didn’t know growing turn you into a whipped lapdog of a women that wanted to hurt you bad. Unless you are into to S&M.

Only one scene of Oliver I did like this episode, he refused to drop the blame on Malone. Not that he recalled Malone was Felicity’s boyfriend (nobody did seem to recall that) but still it was refreshing to watch Oliver make something right.

But not burning Malone has consequences. Oliver decides Green Arrow is taking the fall, he outs Green Arrow as a Killer, a Cop Killer. The blame falls on Green Arrow who is now back to being hunted, as the Team is also all burned.

Adrian Chase

So we had @almondblossomme theory, we had the EP’s on the Inspiration for Prometheus (here) and the timeline to The Vigilante being Adrian Chase soon started not to fit.

So we still don’t know who is The Vigilante but we know who is Prometheus

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It’s typical Arrow, using the Comics is a spoiler on itself, so they blindsighted the Comic book guys once more.

I’m very okay with this. Still I need some answers like, Why?, and How come he uses LoA / Talia moves?

I don’t think he knows how deep Oliver Queen feels for Felicity, come to think of it, I don’t really know that either, so he goes after EWR.

I know it’s wrong, but I just want to stop having this Stranger using Oliver Queen face and talking like him on my screen and it just takes Prometheus killing EWR for me to have that I’m afraid to say I’m really okay with it.

There’s only one thing I beg: don’t do Olicity O/S parallels… it would be gross and would alienated a part of this fandom, and lets face it CW Arrow you don’t have enough viewers to be sending a big part of the ones you do have packing.

Thea Queen

Her inner Moira was strong this episode. She wanted to burn Malone;She refused helping Susan (she’s not dead and snakes can handle themselves pretty well so I was okay with it until Oliver decided it was a good idea to ask Felicity instead); To help Oliver she got Felicity sending her blackmail material 

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Sidenote: Still don’t know how Thea knew about Pandora. I must have missed something.

And out goes Thea. With Oliver accepting her arguments that she’s been misbehavin, she’s been trough a lot last couple of years and she needs to go away for a while.

You know who had it as bad? Felicity Smoak. And you know what Oliver, she’s leaving too, she’s just not telling you.

John Diggle

Finally John faced Felicity. He was going to set her straight about EWR (what’s up with guys and this damn woman… were girls fangirling like this about Malone? I think not.) but he gotten himself straighten up instead, a rude awakening, Digg, I grant you that. Still   Oliver f*ck!ing up all episode leaves no other path for Felicity to take and you are not helping Diggle. It’s too little, too late.


Things are bad. Things are really bad. At this moment I’m thinking Felicity deserves better. I’m thinking Oliver is happy being a lapdog so let him, Felicity deserves someone that would fight for her, just like EWR has, and Felicity never did.

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I’m with this ship but they are ruining it in a way I’m starting to believe it will take more than a year for it to recover.


I need to address this. I need to face it. Arrow has had and all time low in ratings, on 5x14 (after Season 4, this is saying something). LL stans stopped watching (most of them at least); there’s some people on the Arrow fandom just for the sake of Arrow but most are here either for OTA, or Olicity, or Felicity Smoak, or Oliver Queen.

At this time the only ones happy to watch Arrow are the Arrow for the sake of Arrow and LL stans still remaining.

OTA is nowhere to be seen

Oliver Queen was transformed into a spineless dumb man, choosing a backstabbing girlfriend over a sister.

Felicity Smoak… we are still here for her but we are in pain. We hurt from all the ways her pain and suffering is ignored; from all the attention she’s forced to watch Oliver give EWR when she never had it, ever, that must be crushing; have her life standing by a hero be turned into a life of standing by a killer, Malone’s killer, a guy that really loved her for her; get’s treated like a simple IT girl by her ex while he asks her to help his GF get her job back, Felicity lost Palmer Tech because of Oliver, I don’t recall him giving a f*ck. Summing up Felicity found out that since she met Oliver Queen she has been on the wrong path (she wasn’t but that’s what it must feel like after 5x15)

Olicity… need I say more? They kept blowing holes in our ship. I will go down with it. I will keep being here until the end, but I never thought they would go this low.

All that said, I’m here, I will keep watching, I’m still with Arrow and Olicity. Someday Writers will hit rock bottom and the only way is up, but it’s getting harder and harder to understand how they are going to rebuild this after the Nuclear bombs they sent / are going to send our way.

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make a mood board of the first nine songs that come on shuffle! 

1. A Thousand Times - Ella Mai 
2. Remembering Sunday - All Time Low 
3. Mr. Bright side - The Killers 
4. Hero / Heroine - Boys Like Girls
5. Jacob Whitesides - Ohio
6. Super Rich Kids - Frank Ocean
7. Almost Is Never Enough - Ariana Grande 
8. Friends - Ed Sheeran 
9. Diane Young - Vampire Weekend 

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1) Sex // 1975
2) Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High // Arctic Monkeys
3) Sic Transit Gloria…Glory Fades // Brand New
4) Another One // dvsn
5) Weightless // All Time Low
6) The Phoenix // Fall Out Boy
7) Young God // halsey
8) Money Power Glory // Lana Del Rey
9) A Little Death // The Neighbourhood
10) The Good, The Bad And The Dirty // Panic at the Disco
11) King for a Day // Pierce the Veil feat. Kellin Quinn
12) Let Them In // Pvris
13) Stressed Out // Twenty One Pilots
14) Dark Times // The Weeknd feat. Ed Sheeran
15) True Colors // Zedd feat. Kesha