all time favourite player


1. favourite hockey jersey number
2. favourite dressing (clothing) style of a player
3. favourite player voice
4. favourite hockey family/couple
5. favourite hockey best friends
6. favourite hockey video
7. favourite line
8. favourite off-ice bonding time
9. favourite hockey player baby
10. favourite hockey hair
11. favourite jersey style
12. favourite weird and rarely known fact about a hockey player
13. favourite player that’s dad af
14. favourite player that’s son af
15. favourite soft hockey player
16. favourite sexy hockey player
17. favourite underrated hockey player
18. favourite overrated hockey player
19. favourite hockey chirp of all time
20. funniest thing you’ve ever heard a hockey player say


Thierry Henry, Forward, Henry has received many plaudits and awards in his football career. He was runner-up for the 2003 and 2004 FIFA World Player of the Year awards; in those two seasons, he also won back-to-back PFA Players’ Player of the Year titles. Henry is the only player ever to have won the FWA Footballer of the Year three times (2003, 2004, 2006), and the French Player of the Year on a record four occasions. Henry was voted into the Premier League Overseas Team of the Decade in the 10 Seasons Awards poll in 2003, and in 2004 he was named by football legend Pelé on the FIFA 100 list of the world’s greatest living players. 

In terms of goal-scoring awards, Henry was the European Golden Boot winner in 2004 and 2005 (sharing it with Villarreal’s Diego Forlán in 2005). Henry was also the top goalscorer in the Premier League for a record four seasons (2002, 2004, 2005, 2006). In 2006, he became the first player to score more than 20 goals in the league for five consecutive seasons (2002 to 2006). With 175, Henry is currently fifth in the list of all-time Premier League goalscorers, behind Alan Shearer, Andy Cole, Wayne Rooney and Frank Lampard. All of his Premier League goals were for Arsenal, giving him the record for most goals in the competition for one club, until it was broken by Rooney in 2016. France’s all-time record goalscorer was, in his prime in the mid 2000s, regarded by many coaches, footballers and journalists as one of the best players in the world. In November 2007, he was ranked 33rd on the Association of Football Statisticians’ compendium for “Greatest Ever Footballers." 

Arsenal fans honoured their former player in 2008, declaring Henry the greatest Arsenal player. In two other 2008 surveys, Henry emerged as the favourite Premier League player of all time among 32,000 people surveyed in the Barclays 2008 Global Fan Report. In 2009, Henry was voted the best Premier League player of the 2000s. Arsenal fan and The Who lead singer Roger Daltrey mentions Henry in the tribute song "Highbury Highs”, which he performed at Arsenal’s last ever game at Highbury on 7 May 2006. On 10 December 2011, Arsenal unveiled a bronze statue of Henry at the Emirates Stadium as part of its 125th anniversary celebrations.

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Batfam music headcanons requested by anon
  • Richard “US top 40 singles” Grayson, a real POP music whore. He loves to work out listening to the most recent songs with catchy lyrics and an upbeat track. Dick: “They’re top 40 for a REASON JASON! They’re catchy damn it!!” Jason: “Yeah, you know what else was catchy Dickie-bird? The black plague”. Favourite artists include Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, Jason Derulo, Bruno Mars, DNCE, Ed Sheeran etc Will also enthusiastically tell anybody who will listen that Nicki Minaj’s verse in ‘Monster’ changed the rap game forever. 
  • Jason has pretty wide taste in music and can’t really be pinpointed towards a specific genre, his general approach is he listens to what he likes. Some of his favourite songs include Feel Good Inc by Gorillaz, Cheap Thrills by Sia, Radioactive by Imagine Dragons, Starman by David Bowie, Highway to Hell by AC/DC, Another One Bites The Dust by Queen, Animals by Maroon 5, Do I Wanna Know? by Arctic Monkeys,  Crazy by Gnarls Barkley and Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes.
  • Tim falls more into the Indie/electropop/pop rock/emo music genres. Some of his favourite artists are Halsey, Melanie Martinez, Panic! At The Disco, Twenty One Pilots, Miike Snow, Billie Eilish, Owl City, Fall Out Boy, Lorde, Oasis, The Neighbourhood, Bastille, and Radiohead. A few of his most listened to songs are Gasoline + Control by Halsey, Stressed out + Heathens +  Car Radio by Twenty One Pilots, Emperor’s New Clothes + Miss Jackson + I Write Sins Not Tragedies + Girls/girls/boys by P!ATD, Read, Aim, Fire + I’m So Sorry + by Imagine Dragons and Unsteady by X Ambassadors.
  • Damian is more difficult, as throughout his childhood he was exposed mostly to classical music and is therefore very reluctant to deviate from this, often stating that all other music is inferior and gives him headaches with its pointless lyrics. If the batboys are bored Jason, Tim, and Dick will make Damian listen to the latest POP song just to witness his confusion over such mindless lyrics, most memorable was about what “anacondas” and “buns” have to do with each other. 
  • Bruce Wayne is a BIG soul and rhythm and blues type of guy, his parents use to dance to At Last by Etta James playing on the record player. His all-time favourite artists are Aretha Franklin, Etta James, Otis Redding, Tracy Chapman, Frank Sinatra, The Jackson 5 and The Temptations. Songs he can listen to for 24 hours straight are If You Don’t Know Me By Now by Harold Melvin and the Blue notes, Feeling Good by Nina Simone, Ain’t no Sunshine by Bill Withers, Fast Car by Tracy Chapman, My Way + New York, New York by Frank Sinatra, I’d Rather Go Blind by Etta James, and Higher and Higher by Jackie Wilson.

- dad captain
- ace or that one all round guy
- gets some sort of injury every playing season
- really good team talks, really embarrassing point celebrations
- probably one of the reasons why his team is very well known around the country
- makes sure everyone drinks enough water during any sort of resting break
- *jae gets called off*
- sungjin, from on court: stay hydrated!
- race between him and wonpil to lift spirits
- “they scored one point, we’ll score two more!”
- knows all the cringey lines
- blames himself for every loss
- never takes credit for any win
- friends with all the captains
- (”sungjin isn’t as scary as he looks. I watched him cry during ‘The Notebook’.”)
- spare kneepads for his team
- came up with the idea of having their names on the back of their jersey (brian sided with him immediately)
- seems calm on the outside
- danger sounds, clashing pans, red flashing warning lights on the inside
- only when wonpil is serving
- he’s been hit on the back of the head one too many times

- even though he looks like tsukki, he’s part of the pretty setter squad
- works best with brian
- likes to remind sungjin that, he, jae, is his hyung
- ‘accidentally’ hits wonpil with volleyballs
- just shows his accuracy, and so, why he’s a setter
- causes most injuries whenever he gets the chance to attack
- watch out for his serves
- chicken man is gonna send the deadliest of serves your way. spectators, watch out for the rebound
- superstitious
- ‘jae you don’t need your glasses’
- ‘we’ll lose if i don’t wear them’
- has to get a new frame after every 2 or 3 games cause they always break
- claims he taught dowoon all the tips and tricks
- his setting pattern varies all the time even his teammates get confused
- ‘i thought you were passing to brian!’
- ‘so did they.’
- says his cues in different languages
- ‘i told you to go left’
- ‘how was i supposed to know when i can’t understand you!’
- laughs when wonpil someone falls
- may be most confusing but makes the best plays. honestly.

young k
- ace, no doubt
- has YOUNG K (capitalised and double bolded) on the back of his jersey
- paid extra to get it done that way
- rarely washes his kit (pls shower)
- gets banned from matches by sungjin unless he showers and cleans his kit
- late night training
- followed up by completing his homework due for the next day
- usually forgets his water to practice
- steals wonpils
- finds any moment to snack
- ‘it helps me get energy back’
- ‘brian, thats a Super-Fruiter, Extra-Sour, Happy-Lucky-Trail, Wine Gum Mixture.’
- most likely to succeed in the sport but chooses academics over continuing with the sport at the start of one year
- immediately regrets his decision after one day and goes running back to the team
- poor dowoon had his hopes up for being the ace
- low-key the reason why people from other schools cheer for their team
- prime time for sweaty!brian and forehead!brian… maybe even bandana!brian if youre lucky
- sleeps after every game
- misses half of the warm up because he was asleep between matches

- libero or reserve
- team’s number 1 cheerleader
- #letwonpilplay
- first one to step forward when dowoon says he needs help with practice
- actually the one who washes brian’s kit so that he can attend the matches
- bakes treats and snacks for the team
- when he finally is on court, he can be a great setter
- but a terrible server
- which is why he’s a reserve (wonpil work on ur serve then u can be on the court team)
- lord save us all, who knows who’s going to get hit with his serves
- good thing he’s useful defence too
- team formation when he’s on : 4:2 (4 attackers + switching libero, 2 setters)
- makes other teams scared to hurt him
- used to get knocked over whenever he received a spike
- now he only stumbles
- hands out premade thank you cards to everyone on the opposing team after the game
- and congratulations cards if they’re beat
- once handed out ‘congratulations on your baby’ cards cause the store ran out of general ones

- the next generation’s ace
- seems quiet on court
- ‘big buff boy can’t do anything’
- boom, spike to the face
- highest jumper
- picks his own number cause he can get away with it
- sungjin goes against him saying it needs to be orderly
- dowoon got his own number
- most competitive. against brian.
- he just really wants to be ace
- tries to play mind games by shouting out things for the other team to hear (but rly does want the ball)
- other team easily catches on  that he’s being ignored
- but don’t worry that’s a secret team tactic
- dowoon doesnt know about it
- get dowoon rly annoyed so that he spikes the ball terrifyingly hard a few times when it gets passed to him
- now he needs to do that all the time without being provoked to become ace
- really just everyone’s favourite player and always gets player’s player of the season award
- can earn 10 points by making the other team continually make mistakes
- doesn’t go along with the receive plan. ever.
- legit just everyone’s favourite player, they will fight you if breathe the wrong way around him.

FFXIV 30 Day Art / Inktober Challenge
  1. Your current main player character.
  2. Your all-time favourite memory from playing FFXIV.
  3. Your favourite minion.
  4. Your favourite beast tribe.
  5. Your favourite Hyur (PC or NPC).
  6. Your favourite NPC from A Realm Reborn.
  7. Your character’s best friend(s).
  8. Your favourite MSQ moment.
  9. Your favourite Primal.
  10. Your favourite Elezen (PC or NPC).
  11. Your favourite mount.
  12. Your favourite NPC from Heavensward.
  13. One of your character’s retainers.
  14. Your favourite levelling memory.
  15. Your favourite Lalafell (PC or NPC).
  16. Your favourite 4-man dungeon boss.
  17. Your favourite job.
  18. Your favourite NPC from Stormblood.
  19. What your character does to relax.
  20. Your favourite Miqo'te (PC or NPC).
  21. Your favourite job quest moment.
  22. Your favourite boss from an 8-man raid.
  23. Your favourite emote.
  24. What your character does to exercise.
  25. Your favourite Roegadyn (PC or NPC).
  26. Your favourite sidequest moment.
  27. Your favourite boss from a 24-man raid.
  28. Your favourite glamour.
  29. What your character does to socialise.
  30. Your favourite Au Ra (PC or NPC).
  31. (Free choice.)

It’s fine to adapt the prompts to your purposes, or to interpret them any way you like to produce an interesting and/or appropriately challenging drawing.

Feel free to @ this blog with the results if you use this prompt list; I’d love to see what people come out with!


Lengthy post alert: I cannot believe what happened yesterday.

I bought tickets for the Champions League final months ago, in the hopes that OL would make the final and bring Alex to my home town of Cardiff!

As a precursor to this story, my wife and I live in Cardiff but have journeyed all over North America watching USWNT and NWSL matches, including the WWC final in Vancouver. We are avid travelers and love to incorporate soccer matches into our trips abroad!

So you can imagine my surprise when I come out of my local grocery store, having done some food shopping after a normal day in work, to see the huge OL team bus pulling into the stadium across the road! My wife had laughed at me that morning for putting my Alex jersey in the car (“you never know, we might bump into her in town at lunch time!!”)

There were literally no other fans around - we just wandered over to the barrier outside the player entrance and waited a few minutes before the team started coming out. We called out to Alex when we spotted her and as she came right over to chat with us - it was so surreal! Having been to USWNT matches I know how crazy it can be after games with screaming fans pushing and shoving, trying to get the players’ attention. But here we were in the evening sun, outside Asda of all places, chatting with one of our favourite players of all time.

Alex is a class act and I can’t wait to see her and OL take on PSG tonight! #AllezOL!

Idols Chapter Four

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Genre: Fluff/Angst

Synopsis: When you moved to Korea to finish your Oxford language and translations degree in Korean. You never expected you’d become best friends with one of the biggest boy groups of the K Pop industry. Let alone dating a member of another. Life was perfect for you. But it soon came crashing down like a tone of bricks.

Word Count: 2694

Originally posted by bangtan-tv

The next morning, you woke up to the sound of your phone buzzing and a massive headache. Rolling over and burying your face in your pillow, you prayed that the buzzing would go away. It did for a moment, but then started again. With a groan, you sat up and reached over to the bedside cabinet, the hours and hours of crying from the previous day taking full effect in the form of aching muscles and the feeling of acid in your eyes. Picking up your phone, you glanced at the name on the screen.


You swiped one finger across the screen and held it to your face.

“Hi.” You squeaked, your throat raw and dry.

“Y/n? Are you okay?” His voice was laced with concern and you could tell the look on his face reflected the same without seeing it. You fell back onto your back before you attempted to answer, but couldn’t due to your lack of voice. “Y/n?”

“I’m fine.” You managed to croak. Tears started to well up in your eyes again so you tried to hold them back. You didn’t want to lie to him, but you had to.

“You don’t sound fine.” He stated the obvious and your hand flew to your mouth to muffle the sob that was threatening to escape. “Well me and Jin are coming over, don’t argue!” You opened your mouth to tell him not to come, but then realised that it would be useless. “Y/n?”

“Yeah?” You squeaked.

“Oh you are there, you didn’t argue. We’ll be there in 20 minutes, bye.” And before you could say anything about you still being in bed, and wanting to be alone, the line went dead.

With a groan, you sat up and swung your legs over the bed. You felt horrible. Your hair was matted, your skin felt greasy, your eyes stung and your throat itched. But no matter how badly you wanted to stay in bed, you knew you couldn’t.

20 minutes later, as promised, Namjoon and Seokjin knocked on your door. You got up from the sofa where you had laid as soon as you got out of bed, and opened the door to see them both standing on the other side, with plastic bags in their hands.

“What’re you…” You started with a croak but got cut off by them walking through your living room and into the kitchen.

“Have you eaten?” Jin asked as you followed them both into the kitchen.

“No why?” You asked in confusion and with a sniff. Namjoon turned around and pulled you into his chest as he whispered.

“We’re making you breakfast and then we’re going to talk and watch your favourite movies.” You wrapped your arms around his thin waist and held back tears yet again. Since you found out about Jae-Hwa, all you had done is cry and Namjoon and Jin were here to change that, as best friends did.

Namjoon felt your sobbing and pulled away, holding your shoulders, and looked at your tear stained face and red puffy eyes. He smiled at you weakly and took your hand in his, leading you back towards the sofa and pulling you down into his chest. Curling up beside him, you sobbed into his chest as he rubbed circles into your back comfortingly. Wails left your mouth but thankfully got muffled by his shirt; your headache being fuelled by the movement and sounds of your cries.

“Shh…” One of his hands continued to draw on your back while the other stroked the hair by your ear all while he held you into his chest and let you cry. “Tell me what happened when you both talked.” He asked hesitantly. You knew you should tell him, but you didn’t feel like there was much to tell.

“W-We arg-argued a lot.” You started with a stutter, “There was a lot of screaming. He begged me to t-take him back. He to-told me h-he l-loved me. Nams, he was so distraught. I wanted to take him back, but I can’t. I-I I’ve lost him Nams! I-I l-love him.” Your sobs came out quicker and laugher as he hugged you tighter. You did love him. You hated him but you loved him. No matter how much what he did ripped you to shreds, broke your heart and made you never want to see him again, you still loved him, because you were dependant on him. He was your everything.

“I know Y/n.” He whispered and placed a kiss onto the top of your head, “I know you do. But he’s an ass who doesn’t deserve you.”

“I agree.” Seokjin came in holding three cups of coffee. He gave one to Namjoon, placed one on the table for you and took a sip of the other. “He doesn’t deserve you.” He too sank into the sofa next to you and looked at Namjoon with concern in his eyes. They had been with you through a lot, but they had never seen you this upset before.


“No buts Y/n, yes, you love him. But there was a time before you loved him and there will be a time after.” Namjoon cut you off with his intelligent words and pushed you off of his chest lightly to search your eyes for any emotion other than sorrow.

Sitting up, you looked between both of them. “Thank you.” After wiping your eyes, you took the cup of warm liquid into your hands and took a small sip. Feeling the warmth spread through your fingertips and down your raw throat.

“Pleasure.” Namjoon smirked and pushed himself up off of the sofa and crouched in front of your tv. “Now what movie?” He asked and pulled out a selection of your favourite dvd’s. Immediately, you pointed to your all-time favourite and he put it into the player.

“I’ll go make breakfast.” Seokjin stood up as well and walked over to the kitchen, “Pancakes sound good?” He yelled making you laugh slightly at how well he knew you. How well they both did. But, there was still a small part of you that wished it was Jae-Hwa making you breakfast and putting on your favourite movie. Actually, it wasn’t that small at all.

Namjoon came back and sat next to you on the sofa, as if he knew what you were thinking, and slung an arm around your shoulder casually. Without saying anything, you both started watching the movie until Seokjin brought in a stack of freshly made, steaming pancakes. Which were delicious and gone in minutes.

Tummies full, you thanked Seokjin and went back to watching the movie. A smile took over your face as you mouthed the words along with the actors while Namjoon and Jin watched you, grinning too. You had forgot about everything, idol drama, and just engrossed yourself in the moving people on the screen. The bright colours and clearly spoken word coming from the television clouding your mind and immersing you into the fictional universe that you loved oh so much. While you were staring at the clear screen however, your two best friends looked only at you, checking you were okay, that you weren’t hurt, and that you had forgotten. That was all they wanted. Even if it was only for two hours, they wanted you to let go of your pain, your hurt, and just be free. Just forget. Which you did. And they were to thank for your two hours of peace.

“I don’t think this is a good idea.” Daegi spoke. As they sat in the dorm the morning after the manager had come up with a plan, they all knew exactly how unfair it was on you. Chung-Ho -of course- didn’t talk to anyone that day, apart from to scream at the manager about his plan.

Jae-Hwa felt horrible, but he didn’t have a choice. Once the manager told them what to do, they had to go along with it. Some of them put up a fight, but they couldn’t disobey their manager.

“It’s not!” Yujin muttered quietly as he pulled on a black jumper and went to sit by Chung-Ho who was sat with his arms tight against his button up black shirt.

“I can’t believe we’re doing this.” He mumbled as he glared at Jae-Hwa whose eyes were red. This was his fault, and everyone in the group hated him for it.

They were all dressed up to go onto live tv and lie about what happened. Words were pre-planned and all untrue. Chung-Ho and Minhyeon were advised to keep their mouths shut or else the consciences were not good, Daegi and Jae-Hwa would do all of the talking and Yujin would act like the cute maknae he had been trained to be. No doubt some fans would be able to see through the façade; Chee was never quiet. But the plan would make them fall for Jae-Hwa more than before. Even if it was all a lie.

“Let’s go, let’s go!” The manager burst through the door and rushed the boys out of the dorm and into their car to send them to the tv station.

When in the car, the manager went over the plan with them and told them that they were not to mess it up if they valued their jobs. “Got it?”

“Yes sir.”

The end credits started rolling and you smiled at the screen as you saw the names of your favourite actors. Jin noted your smile and it made his own face crack.

Next to Namjoon, a buzzing could be heard from under one of the cushions. Reaching under the cushion and pulling out his vibrating phone, he saw the name on the screen. Jungkook.

“I’ll be back in a sec.” He stood up from the couch and walked into the hallway of your apartment before swiping the clean screen.

“Are you watching?” Jungkook’s voice sounded urgent but lined with worry.

“Watching what?” Namjoon asked, peering into the living room to see you and Jin taking away happily.

“Turn on channel 9. Right now.” Namjoon walked back in and turned the credits off and channel 9 on. “Kookie, what’s go-“

As he was about to ask what was going on, he was cut off by the tv presenters announcing the next guest.

“And now, something everyone has been waiting to hear about. We are joined by BiT to talk about the latest scandal.  Jae-Hwa, was spotted two nights ago with a girl, leaving the Seoul Annual Music Award’s after party. Now, everyone who has heard of Jaw-Hwa, knows of his girlfriend Y/n. They haven’t exactly been kept hidden and their relationship was known to be one of the strongest. So, as expected, the internet has been exploding with questions about the two of them, and BiT are here to answer them all for you today.” Overenthusiastically, the presenter told the story and smiled at the group as they sat down on the large, red couch opposite her.

“What’s going on?” You asked, mouth wide in shock, the same as the other two boys.

“I have no idea.” Jin whispered in reply.

All of the five boys on the screen looked exhausted, and like they did not want to be there at all. The sight made your heart ache. Some of your best friends, no, old best friends, were on live tv, looking as depressed as ever. And all you wanted to do was hug them all to comfort them.

“So, let’s start with Jae-Hwa.” The woman snapped him out of his daze to look up at her, “Would you like to tell us what exactly happened?”

After clearing his throat, he started to talk “Well, that day at the awards ceremony, Y/n was there, of course, and.” He looked around rapidly for a moment before Daegi, like the leader he is, put a hand on his thigh and took over.

“Long story short, she… she broke up with him after the performance.” The lie flowed out of his mouth so easily he had to swallow the taste of bile in his throat. “I-I wasn’t there but Jae just came back to the dressing room in tears.” Guilt filled Daegi to the brim. He hated what he was saying and was internally telling you he loved you and that he was so, so sorry.

“W-what?” You shouted at the screen and didn’t bother holding back the tears. “That’s bullshit! I-I didn’t!” you yelled over the woman -who was acting shocked and apologetic- asking who the girl was in the pictures.

Neither Jin nor Namjoon said anything or turned their attention away from the screen. Sounds of Hoseok’s protests left the phone that was pressed to Namjoon’s ear along with Taehyung agreeing with Hoseok, equally as annoyed.

“I don’t know the girl in the photos.” Jae-Hwa dismissed, holding back tears of his own. “I-I was so upset that Y/n left me like that, that I just buried myself in alcohol.” This part wasn’t a complete lie. He was upset that you didn’t go with him to the party, so he did bury himself in alcohol.

You watched as the other boys looked anywhere but each other. Chung-Ho’s face flushed crimson and his jaw tightened, Yujin fixed his eyes on the floor and held a face of guilt, Minhyeon -who had always been good at hiding his emotions- looked empty, Daegi acted to comfort Jae-Hwa but felt deeply ashamed of what he had said, and Jae-Hwa held back tears for two reasons, one for the lie, and one for show.

“How has Y/n taken it?”

“I haven’t spoken to her since.” Jae-Hwa lied, eyes glued to the floor.

“Well, I think we can all see that you aren’t over her. We are very sorry to hear of your break up I’m sure everyone at home can agree.” The fake, snotty woman aimed her hollow words at Jae-Haw while smiling with her unmoving face.

At the moment the boys walked off screen, you broke into wild sobs into your hands. “I hate them!” You screamed with all of the air in your exhausted lungs.

Namjoon and Jin didn’t move from their positions staring at the now black screen. Both had their jaws hanging open and thoughts racing through their heads at 100mph. Your phone that was on the table in front of you lit up as notifications came flooding through. Taking a glance, you saw what some of them said;

They broke up? I never liked Y/n anyway!

I knew she was no good from the start!

JaeJae can do better than that bitch.

How dare she break his heart? You can just see how much he loved her!

The phone was snatched off of the table by Jin’s slender hands, muted, and turned off completely.

“Don’t you dare.” He looked at you, serious expression covering you face. “Don’t listen to them Y/n. He’s a lying, selfish, child who’s making himself look innocent.” He placed both of his hands on your trembling shoulders and stared into your tear filled eyes.

“It’s probably not him saying it.” Namjoon cut in, having hung up on Jungkook, “It’s probably their management saving their own asses.” He stated, pacing around the living room. “Even so, it’s messed up.” He sat behind you on the sofa and placed his hands on top of Seokjin’s.

Shattered, your heart sank. How could they? How could they make you look like the bad guy? Hanging your head in shame, you allowed the tears to fall onto your lap freely until you fell asleep in Jin’s arms. Neither of them decided to wake you up; you were peaceful sleeping. Away from the hurt. So, they carried you into your bedroom and tucked you into bed. Namjoon left to speak to the other boys, leaving Jin to watch you. He too laid on the bed next to you, on top of the covers, with you curled up beside him. You could feel his warmth in your sleep, it was calming. And he was too scared to move, after all, you needed sleep, you needed to escape for a while.

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