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get to know me: [05/10] animated movies

In the beginning, we were ordinary street rats, stealing our daily bread, and living off the efforts of man’s work. We were captured, put in cages, and sent to a place called NIMH. There were other animals there, in cages. They were put through the most unspeakable torture, to satisfy some scientific curiosity. Often, at night, I would hear them cry out in anguish. Twenty rats and eleven mice were given injections. Our world began changing.

came back home from la la land and i’ve never been so awestruck in a theatre my entire life, i’m not even joking. pls don’t miss la la land just bc it’s a romance bc literally it’s so much more.

it’s about chasing seemingly unattainable dreams, & telling anyone who doubts you to go fuck themselves. it’s about sacrifice, compromise, chaos, and love. it’s a masterpiece & yes i did cry bc oMG did it hit home. the romance is merely an aspect, not the focus.

as a creator, it was literally catered to folks like us shooting high while ppl try to drag us down. i actually needed this movie so much, “here’s to the hearts” had tears streaming down my face. i never say this but i’m 100% serious when i say this may be my all time favourite movie i’ve seen thus far & i’ve seen a lOT.

everything about it - the cinematography, the soundtrack (hOLY FUCK the soundtrack bless), the casting, the way the story unraveled, i’m honestly so happy. i wish i could write you guys an eloquent review and analysis and perhaps i will do a proper review later after having more time to just digest this entire thing but as of now i’m just. fuckin enchanted so all i can give you is this brain vomit and a push in the direction of your local cinema. PLS PLS PLS watch it, i beg of you, you will not regret it and well if you do, i guess it just didn’t hit you the way it hit me but i rEALLY hope it does. if any of you see it, scream about it with me, it’s a movie that will always be close to my foolish heart. thank you damien chazelle.

There are no accidents and he would have found us one way or another. Everything comes full circle. Be grateful it was sooner rather than later. You’ll think it harsh of me to say so, but no explanation I offer will satisfy you. Please don’t be angry when I tell you that you seek resolutions and explanations because you’re young, but you will understand this one day. And when it happens I want you to imagine me there to greet you, our lives stretched out ahead of us, a proportional sunrise. But until then, there must be no contact between us. I have much to do and you, my darling, even more. Please believe that I would do anything to see you happy. So I do the only thing I can, I release you.

Carol, 2015

this will always be so important


Greetings fellow mythical beasts!!! My name’s Disparity and i’ve officially gone overboard

Funny story, I was getting over my Killjoys!RandL feels (wanted to make a fic but I doubt anyone will read so-) when suddenly I came across @mclaughneal‘s post about wanting to write a Coraline!Rhink fic but she never did anything afterwards (which murdered me) so I decided to help me out-


I’m currently in the middle of picking whether I should just replace the characters in Coraline with them or change EVERYTHING (settings, segments, EVERYTHING) so that it’s more Rhett and Link friendly?? Hmm??

I wanna draw more but unless there’s more peeps that actually do like this AU i’m just gonna keep everything inside my heart for me to die internally once again so yeah thanks bye (please hit me up I really love this AU)


Sugar Baby Movie Picks

 In case you’re bored on a night in, just a few suggestions for great movies that’ll get you inspired for the hustle.

- Casino (1995)- Absolutely brilliant movie, one of the greats. One of the main characters, Ginger, is a ‘working girl’ who marries the main character, a casino boss. That scene where he gives her all the jewellery…ugh.

- Wolf of Wall Street (2013)- For obvious reasons. If you haven’t seen it already, get on it!

- Pretty Woman (1990)- Needs no introduction. A must watch.

- Goodfellas (1990)- True, a lot of it’s about gangsters, but Karen and Henry’s relationship always inspires me to marry rich (or into a criminal gang).

- Moulin Rogue (2001)- Nicole Kidman is stunning and it’s so funny/sad.

- Chicago (2002)- Badass ladies murdering their scumbag boyfriends. Need I say more?

PS I know it’s not a movie, but if you haven’t watched Secret Diary of a Call-Girl yet, you really should.

 Feel free to add your own suggestions below, ladies x

Her Being in a Christmas Movie that Involves a Couple of Kisses: SEVENTEEN


“I will not say anything but you still know that I do not agree with this…”


“Why should I care? The kiss was fake, anyway…”


“Even though you came to ask whether I’m going to be okay with this scene, it still makes me kind of jealous…”


“Please tell me that everything was scripted and your lips didn’t even touch. If that’s so, everyone will live tonight.”


“Whooo~! My Baby’s acting is so good~!!”


Each time a kissing scene would happen he would stare at you with betrayed eyes but when the movie finished he would say that it was one of his all time favourite Christmas movies.


“Should I murder someone tonight :)?”




Didn’t even notice the kissing scene sine he was so concentrated on your acting and how good you were.


“I’m more charming than him, though. Right, Baby Girl?”



“My face would have been suited for that main role so much better, don’t you think?”


Would 11/10 cover his eyes with a pillow as if he was watching a horror movie when you had to kiss.