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So, four questions for you all! Feel free to answer whichever ones you’d like!

1. How’d you find my blog? (Bonus points if you say what country you’re from. I wanna see how international we are!)

2. What’s your all-time favorite drama?

3. What ost could you listen to forever? (Song or full soundtrack.)

4. What’s an interesting fact about yourself? ^^

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types of eddsworld fans

The Newbie

  • joined the fandom like one month before “the end” was released
  • doesn’t know who tord is
  • “why is there so much drama all the time???”
  • favorite eddisode is “fun dead”
  • ships paul/pat
  • really likes the neighbors
  • makes cloudburg memes

The Egdelord

  • favorite character is tom
  • ships tomtord
  • made an oc who wears a black hoodie
  • writes angsty fanfiction
  • ghostwrote “dear starboy”
  • monster tom

The Purist

  • everything after “space face part 1″ is Bad and you should Feel Bad
  • probably runs or follows an eddsworld cringe blog
  • yells at children on the internet for fun
  • secretly likes “poweredd”
  • actually started watching in 2015, but won’t tell anyone
  • owns a fedora

The Elder

  • has been watching eddsworld for 8+ years
  • hates all ships except toredd
  • wants the fandom drama to stop, but understands that it wil never stop
  • favorite character is matt
  • will actually kick your ass is you insult their favorite eddisode
  • knows all the words to “trick or threat”

The Tord Fangirl

  • loves tord
  • ships everyone with tord
  • uses the pre-legacy red leader fan design (tan coat, red cape)
  • listens to twenty one pilots
  • writes angsty post-”the end” fanfiction
  • favorite eddisode is “spares”

30-Day Kill la Kill Challenge
Day 14: Favorite Fight Scene - Ryuko and Nui’s Third Encounter


I always loved that about you. How you could laugh even though everything was shit.

K-Drama Recommendations

People close to me or those who follow me on Twitter would know how it seems that I always recommend every single K-drama I have just finished watching. That’s not true though. At least, I don’t recommend /all/ that I watch, only most HAHA. 

Thus, I have decided to organize my recommendations into a list consisting of my top favorite K-dramas with the reasons why I watched them and why I recommend them for others to watch. These reasons may be highly subjective as they weren’t exactly reviewed technically.

NOTE: These are K-dramas I recently watched (from 2 years ago up to now) which means there are other great (classic) K-dramas that I did not include only because I remember these ones better. 

1. Pinocchio

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Why I watched it: It stars Lee Jongsuk, one of my all-time favorite actors. Besides, it has an interesting plot: a girl who hiccups every time she lies, a terrible past involving the guy she likes and her mom, and the leads characters’ struggles to reach their dreams in the media industry. 

Why you should watch it: This drama is arguably my number one favorite K-drama because unlike most other dramas whose plot revolves mainly around the couple’s romance and the troubles surrounding their happily ever after, this drama deals with wider, more substantial issues (e.g. the ethics of the media industry, family). Also, Pinocchio is unlike other dramas whose plot seem to lose direction halfway through, or whose premise lacks depth resulting to it getting boring and drags on, or having a promising start but  not being able to wrap things up cleanly later on. This drama has many layers gradually getting revealed. What you thought was the main problem actually has a deeper aspect to it. It’s not just about jongsuk and shinhye’s romantic-slash-niece-uncle relationship nor is it a typical love triangle. The supporting characters also prove important to the overall story, even those who seemed to be very minor characters at first. Character growth can be observed and the ending is appropriate, without leaving loose ends.

2. You who Came from the Stars

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Why I watched it: Jeon Jihyun, Kim Soohyun, and a love story between a sassy actress and an alien. Who wouldn’t be interested?

Why you should watch it: It’s a comedy (Jeon Jinhyun’s Cheon Songyi will make you literally LOL), drama (watch out for Kim Soohyun’s crying scenes!), and romance (there’s undeniable chemistry between them + Do Minjoon’s subtle but sweet, protective antics) all rolled into one. There’s a reason behind this drama’s immense popularity -be it the characters and how the actors accurately portrayed them, the unique storyline, the creepy antagonist, or all of them.

3. I Hear your Voice

Why I watched it: It was really popular at that time (no doubt why!) and it had an interesting story.

Why you should watch it: Older woman - Younger man (who, incidentally, can read minds!!) romance but it is in no way awkward. If anything, that made everything even cuter and sweeter (that backhug is still the best backhug in the history of kdrama!). Plus, the woman being strong and modern (although sometimes an adorable fail, especially when Jongsuk reads her mind) and the guy being a pure, innocent high schooler adds to the cuteness and uniqueness of the drama. This closely rivals Pinocchio as my all-time favorite kdrama (which isn’t surprising since they had the same writers, and Jongsuk as lead). It has a neatly written story, with depth and substance (tackling the concept of what makes people monsters and other ethical issues in the background of various legal cases).

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4. Reply 1997

Why I watched it: The lead character is a kpop fangirl (which means I can relate). And I love Eunji and Shin Soyul.

Why you should watch it: It’s a perfect coming-of-age drama. Aside from successfully showing character growth for each one of them, it had a unique and very interesting way of storytelling, by means of flashbacks. It keeps you hooked since every episode seems to end with a cliffhanger, leaving you curiouser and curiouser. The characters’ diversity is also an interesting factor -two kpop fangirls, two sets of potential couples, two secretly in-love bestfriends, and the funny guy. I also like how it dealt with homosexuality, with one of the them being secretly in-love with one of their guy friends.

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5. School 2015

Why I watched it: Yook Sungjae. And because I loved the earlier series School 2013 too.

Why you should watch it: It’s an inspiring drama. Although it is set in a high school, it has universally relatable themes of dreams, love, friendship, and family. Bullying is portrayed in a straightforward, honest manner which made the antagonist very unlikable and makes people realize how serious a crime bullying is. The love triangle was an interesting storyline, with both males being likable, unlike in Filipino dramas where one is bound to be a jerk. However, the second male lead’s character was written so much better than how the other guy’s was. They also built up his relationship with the female lead so much more that the ending actually became disappointing. Symptoms of second male lead syndrome can be expected. On the other hand, the female lead’s acting is extremely commendable as well as the way the characters were written. It would’ve been nicer though if they were able to follow through the subplots concerning the other students because they were able to deal with them closely at first, only to leave loose ends. It makes the viewer ask what happened to some of the minor characters. Still, on the overall, the drama is a good watch. 

6. Plus Nine Boys

Why I watched it: Two words: Yook Sungjae.

Why you should watch it: Although I watched this primarily because I have just finished School 2015 at that time and needed more Yook Sungjae, I wasn’t at all disappointed. It’s very light and easy to watch and has one of the most satisfying endings for me. It’s not your typical happily ever after. It’s not predictable such that everything suddenly fits into place. Still, you’ll be left smiling at how things turned out. The plot is simple and the portrayal is realistic. I especially love the scenes where the three brothers interact with one another or with their mom and uncle because it depicts a very normal everyday scenario not unlikely to happen in real life. It has its fair share of heart fluttering and comedic scenes but for me, what sets this drama apart is really how realistic and normal (often undramatic) it is.

have we talked about this yet?

I was at work when the fandom exploded about the EW Moffat interview today and missed the whole damn thing. That said, I don’t think I saw anyone talk about this yet, and as far as I can tell, it’s really fucking important:

“When I was doing series 3, I went and looked at Martin and Benedict’s other performances to remind myself of what else they do. I watched the British The Office again.“

I just watched this Moffat interview a few weeks ago, which was filmed when he was writing series 3. This is what he says at 3:30 in response to the question, what is your favorite TV drama moment of all time:

“The Office, I’ve just been watching it again … I thought there was an anguished moment of pure beauty in the office, it was between Tim and Dawn, and there are kisses being sold for comic relief, and he gives her a pound and they’re both terribly in love but they haven’t admitted it, and she says well you have to have your kiss now, so they have this kiss, this brief, incandescent kiss, and it’s the sexiest thing you’ve ever seen, (and Moffat’s getting all excited just talking about it!) and they’re almost physically stunned by it, and it’s so real and it’s so tender.”

This is what Moffat researched for what Martin could do with John’s caracter. And this is what he got excited about in The Office. He just called it his favorite TV drama moment of all time.

bemusedlybespectacled  asked:

I know that it wasn't the one that won the poll, but I would be really interested in a Rebelcaptain North & South AU if you ever get around to it, just because North & South is hands down my favorite period drama of all time.

CW for: 1860s style medical stuff, mention of amputation and blood. 

OKAY SO FOR BACKGROUND: Cassian and John’s backgrounds have been kind of merged, here. Cassian’s not an orphan; he has a younger sister, who is not nearly so ridiculous as Fanny, and his mother is still living, though not nearly the kind of battleaxe that Mrs. Thornton is in canon. The problem here, which keeps the Andors out of mainstream society, is that Cassian’s father is half-English; he went back to Mexico (his mother’s country) and married a Mexican woman before returning to England to make his terrible investments and die. Cassian’s mother, Yasmin, still struggles with English sometimes; Cassian himself spent the first few years of his life in Mexico, and in upper class England in the 1860s, that’s a recipe for some hardcore racist bullshit. He’s clipped and cut off from everyone because he’s learned that English people are not a fan of anyone with an accent beyond their own, and certainly not a foreign mill owner, but through circumstances and determination he’s risen pretty high in Milton and he’s done it all to keep his mother and his little sister safe. 

(Jyn kinda fucks up his “all English people kinda suck” idea though.) Lil bit.

Heavy credit goes to @turiantea as always for building this AU with me.


It’s past two in the morning and he’s just blown out the last candle in his office–an early night, then–when he sees the light in the clinic window. 

Cassian can’t help it. There’s a sudden leaping in his chest, up his throat. It could be Chirrut Imwe, he tells himself. Or Baze Malbus, cleaning up after a long day. He’d leased the building to the two years ago on the policy that they always take Marlborough employees with a discounted rate, and they’ve never once charged more than a handful of pennies for the work they do, no matter how late it keeps them. It is Chirrut, he tells himself. Or Baze. There’s no one else working at the clinic who would linger this late.

He ought to go home. Work starts at seven, and he’s to rise by five. He ought to go home, and wash his face, and sleep as little as he can muster, and forget all about this. 

He tells himself this as he snags his jacket off of the back of his desk, and starts down the stairs. 

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spirit--boy  asked:

Can you recommend some kdramas?

O m g of course I can! I usually just stick to Rom Coms but there’s a few in here that are different

1. Goblin- I can’t recommend this drama enough. It is now my all time favorite for obvious reasons. I’m sure this won’t disappoint.

2. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon- I know this is airing right now but omg so cute

3. Introverted Boss- it just finished but it’s also hella cute.

4. Doctors- I love Park Shin Hye and I think this is my favorite drama of hers now. I also love Kim Rae Won!! Such a great drama omg.

5. Legend of the Blue Sea- omg Jeon Ji Hyun is hilarious and who does love Lee Min Ho??

6. City Hunter- another Lee Min Ho favorite!

7. Pinnochio- a great drama about the media and omg the chemistry between Park Shin Hye and Les Jong Suk is A1.

8. Jealousy Incarnate- I absolutely adore Jo Jong Suk and Gong Hyo Jin. Such a cute drama.

9. You’re the best Lee Soon Shin- this drama is quite long and I only watched the scenes with the main couple not going to lie.

10. Scarlet Heart Ryeo: this drama was a rollercoaster of emotions, but still great omg.

11. Kill me Heal Me- I love Ji Sung and his acting was phenomenal in this.

12. She Was Pretty- Park Seo Joon AND si won? I was sold from the beginning. Such a cute drama omg.

13. Heirs- typical kdrama haha but still fun to watch.

14. To the beautiful you- cute cute cute

15. Prime Minister and I- Yoona is so pretty omg

16. K2- ji Chang wook and yoona make a great couple omg

17. Come back Mister- I love the comedy in this drama omg

18. Coffee Prince- another classic. I love Gong Yoo omg.

19. Descendants of the Sun- the story is great and so is the cinematography

20. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo- omg omg so cute I loved this so much.

21. Healer- the plot was great

22. Secret Garden- another classic everyone should watch

23. Boys over Flowers- speaking of classics

24. Cheese in the Trap- omg I loved this. Even if the webtoon isn’t finished hehe

25. Oh my Ghostess- I loved this drama so much. It was so cute.

I can recommend more in the future, but here’s 25 off of the top of my head hahaha

I hate to be this person, but...

I’m looking for any kdrama recommendations that you, the public, might be willing to give me. There’s just so many good ones out there and I’m so indecisive. For reference, the kdramas I have watched and consider my favorites:

  • Weightlifting Fairy (of course) 
  • Goblin (of COURSE)
  • Oh My Ghostess 
  • Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
  • Emergency Couple
  • Oh My Venus

So out of the pure goodness of your heart if there is anything that you feel would go with this list or just a drama that’s one of your person all time favorites, please feel free to share because I’m so indecisive and so so desperate???

Mandarin Drama recommendations

Watching TV shows in your target language is a fun way to passively improve and expose yourself to culture!  Looking for good dramas in Mandarin? Here are some of my favorites.  I mostly watch Taiwanese dramas and movies, so some of these have scenes or large parts in Taiwanese, but most are mandarin.

我可能不会爱你/ In Time with You

(Taiwanese Drama, Mandarin with maybe one or two scenes with Taiwanese)

Possibly my all-time favorite drama.  Basic premise is best friends bet on who will get married first. Starring Ariel Lin and Bolin Chen.  The soundtrack is also very nice.

神话/ The Myth

(Mainland China, Mandarin)

Historical fantasy based on the Jackie Chan movie with the same title.  Would recommend to anyone who likes period dramas and/or wuxia films.  Actually helped me remember Qin dynasty history for one of my classes freshman year of college.  Also, like 50 episodes long.


(Taiwanese Drama, Mandarin)

Cute, genderbender drama.  Would recommend to anyone who likes the Kdrama Coffee Prince. Probably the only genderbender drama I’ve seen that is on the same level as Coffee Prince. The two leads, Megan Lai and Baron Chen have great chemistry.

16个夏天/The Way We Were

(Taiwanese Drama, Mandarin with a few scenes in Taiwanese)

Follows a group of friends over the course of 16 years.  I would recommend watching the unsubbed version if your Chinese level is good enough to understand. For some reason all the subbed versions online cut out a scene in episode eleven which is a big reveal about a certain character. I would recommend finding this part and watching it even if you watch the subbed version for everything else.  This series is a bit dark compared to the usual light-hearted Asian drama and the ending isn’t very happy.  It’s really good but be prepared for that if you decide to watch it.

Having BLACKPINK as an older sister would include...


  • Best friend sister
  • Yous probably shared a room when yous were younger cause you two are so close
  • telling her about your crushes but then she tries to play matchmaker
  • “Jisoo why?”
  • “You guys would make a cute couple”
  • “You say that every time I get a crush”
  • Pulling all nighters all the time
  •  Binge watching your favorite dramas together

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  • Would 100% beat the shit out of anyone that mistreats you
  • Or someone looks at you wrongly
  • The person better start running
  • She would also be very affectionate
  • If I remember correctly Jisoo said Jennie’s a cuddlier on Weekly Idol
  • So I would expect Jennie to occasional be very cuddly with her younger sibling
  • No matter how busy she is she’ll always make time for you
  • Not saying the others wouldn’t make time for their sibling but Jennie would do whatever to make time

Originally posted by daegil


  • Kinda a mix of Jennie and Jisoo
  • Like Jisoo she’d love to play matchmaker for her little sibling
  • She’d actually set her  sibling up on a blind date with their crush
  • Also very affectionate and loving
  • Would let you get away things
  • Sneaks junk food into your room for you
  • Will rant with you about nothing

Originally posted by sunshine-nim


  • Never forgets any of your embarrassing moments
  • And she’ll bring them up at random times to make fun of you
  • She laughs at you more then laughs with you
  • But you’d still know she loves you
  • Has you help her prank her members
  • Helps you with relationships(not really)
  • “(y/n) look he’s/she’s hot go talk to him/her” *pushes you towards the person*
  • “I’m so gonna get you back for this”
  • “No you’re not”

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~Admin C

ID #58799

Name: Alice
Age: 17
Country: France

Hi ! I’m Alice. So i’ve wanted to have a penpal for a long time now and here seems the right place to find one.
I live in Brittany, in France. I can speak english and a little bit of spanish. I’m very open minded, accept all sexualities and gender. I love to discover new cultures and see how people live in other parts of the world ! I would be thrilled if you wanted to learn French, and i would gladly help you if you do. I like dramas (It’s Okay It’s Love is my all-time favorite ♥) & tv shows, especially Shadowhunters, Sherlock, Doctor Who and i plan on looking at Stranger Things. I absolutely love listening to music, and i can listen to pretty much everything : Kpop, pop, classic, oriental, jazz… If fanfics count as books, then i’m reading A LOT. I also read books of course, but i really have to be interested in it. I love photography, especially landscapes and my friend’s beautiful smiles.

Preferences: Any nationality, gender, sexuality, skin color, hair color… Whatever ! Just maybe someone around my age ;)

Just Like In The Dramas (Zelo x reader)

Requested by: a cool anon

Word count: 5.2 k+

Genre/warnings: fluffy fluff ❤ (warning - cringey karaoke song choice ahead. But it’s funny, so all is fine.)

Summary: Watching dramas was a past-time favorite of yours, simply because you liked dreaming about how life could’ve been if everything would’ve went according to plan back when you confessed your feelings to Junhong. But, since it didn’t and you were left with nothing but a broken heart and a promise from him to stay a good friend, you simply sat there and continued dreaming. That is, until one evening he had a slightly different activity than drama-watching in mind. Slightly.

(A/N) Lord, have mercy on me. I’ve never watched a kdrama, and I really rarely watch anything at all if it isn’t anime. So, in case this is inaccurate - which it probably is - I’m sorry!! >.<

Also, the song choice was inspired by this video that I’m still not over because it’s so damn funny. And just imagining Zelo trying to reenact this song made me crack up.

“Oh God, don’t tell me you’re crying again,” he said, looking at you and chuckling. You threw him a glance, wanting to be mad at him, but couldn’t wipe the smile off of your face, as well as the tears streaming down your cheeks.

Yup. You were crying again. Because of a drama, and he couldn’t quite understand if he thought it was rather ridiculous or cute.

“Are all women like this, or is it just you?” he questioned, turning his full attention to you as the credits popped up on the screen, indicating the show was over.

“Junhong-ah, say one more word and I’m gonna punch you,” you warned him and pouted, just to earn a heart warming laugh from him.

“Ooh, I guess I’ll have to watch out then. Don’t wanna get knocked out by your steel punch,” he escaped your almost inevitable slap, chuckling some more as he got up from the couch and seemingly headed to destroy your kitchen.

“I’ll just go grab some coke before taking care of you yet again, you sobbing mess,” he called as you watched his frame going further down the hallway, “So, if you have any requests, tell them now.”

“Tea, please,” you said, earning a quite “yessir!” from the kitchen. Gosh, he could indeed be so cute at times. You tightened the grip on your blanket, wiping the last few happy tears away.

“I’m quite emotional, okay?!” you remember having to remind Junhong of that every time you sat down to watch dramas, and, even though you’d told him just the same today, he still took advantage of the situation, lovingly making fun of you before taking care of you, being sure you were back to feeling alright after the emotional rollercoaster you’d just been through.

You stared at the hallway Junhong had just walked down in order to get to the kitchen, and smiled. He’d be back in no time, sitting on your way too small couch legs-crossed and laughing about something with you until he would finally have to go back home. There were few times he stayed the night, those being the times you both fell asleep during movie or drama-watching, and you had to admit you were a little devastated tonight wouldn’t turn out like that.

You sighed, knowing you’d never have such a happy ending as all the dramas that you had watched had. Because your happy ending could only be considered happy if it involved Junhong, but it would never do so. He seemed to be that one person who could fill that empty spot in your heart, but he seemed to be unreachable as well.

Not to get your relationship wrong - you were quite close, oftentimes seeming to be a little too close to be considered “just friends”. But you’d never be more than that, as something that inevitably changed any of the chances had already happened in the past, making you flinch a little at the mere thought of it.

You’d confessed to him at some point already. And he’d rejected.

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*Requested* I loved the imagines of True Blood. I look like a crazy laughing alone,picturing Klaus jealous with another character in True Blood. But can you make one imagine when you show them Teen Wolf. I stayed with the curiosity of what has happened💚

( This is the prequel to Imagine introducing Klaus, Elijah and Hayley to True Blood. I hope you @valerie0822 and everyone else enjoys this. Happy reading my lovelies!

Characters: Reader, Klaus, Hayley, Teen Wolf Characters (mentioned)

Word count: 819

Your name: submit What is this?

It´s a rainy afternoon in New Orleans where you luckily have nothing else to do then to watch one of your favorite series with your friend Hayley. You two started watching Teen Wolf a few months back, and after watching several  seasons you have to admit that you´re absolutely addicted. And so is Hayley.

One of your favorite episodes is currently on as Klaus suddenly storms into the living room, after he heard shouting and screaming coming from it.

Klaus: “What´s with all the screaming?”

You and Hayley slowly turn your head for a second, not at all worried why he bursted into the room like that.

Hayley: “Relax. We´re just watching Teen Wolf.”

Klaus:Teen Wolf? That sounds quite awful.”

You roll your eyes, already annoyed that he feels the need to talk over the episode you so desperately wanted to watch again. It´s not like you have a lot of time inmidts all this drama to catch up on your favorite shows.

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