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Some little Michael headcanons I have sorta made/picked up

-SMALLER👏THAN👏JEREMY (also some chub because he’s a smol chubby boy)
-Smol boy can actually drum (he can sing a bit but he’s like pretty insecure about it and usually only sings along to stuff when he’s alone or with Jeremy)
-He basically never takes off his jacket and wears it all the time in hot weather to spite people complaining​
-He knows Filipino and a little Spanish actually. He constantly helps Jeremy with Spanish work
-He’s pretty old-school. Sometimes bugs Jeremy with his old school nature
-Michael talks in his sleep and since he’s multilingual, all his words are sort of a mix???
-Michael is fucking always player 2 (cause it’s symbolic cause he’s the one being ditched man. I’ll argue this all I want)
-Michael’s Pacman tattoo is the orange ghost (to match Jeremy’s Pac-Man tat)
-Um he would definitely also have a legend of Zelda tattoo and probably some obscure band tattoo
-Michael pretends to be hot chicks on online games where you make a character (like WOW, Legue of legends, etc) and it’s creepy how well he does the girl voice. He pranks Jeremy all the time.
-His favorite holiday is probably halloween (cause candy and movie marathons. plus michael loved doing duo costumes with Jeremy)
-he owns a few skirts and stuff but only really wears them when he’s alone (or maybe with Jer) cause he’s a little sensitive
-michael is a patch boy, and Jeremy likes pins (to put them on his bookbag) and they constantly gift each other cute pins and patches.

Um I’ll probably add to these over time. Feel free to submit some stuff to me (and uhh I can’t really take credit for all of the cause I read a lot of fanfics. These are sorta for fun so yeah :3)

Dating Peter Parker Would Include...

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Dating Peter Parker/Spiderman would include… 

-You watching his face light up while he tells stories about his missions with the Avengers 

-You constantly catching him smiling at you in class

-Also you laughing at him when the teacher yells at him to pay attention 

-Peter being late to everything, but you understanding, I mean he has to save the world

-Him making it up to you with movie nights and your favorite candy

-Worrying about him all the time

-Him always reaching to hold your hand, to keep you close

-Him using his webs to stop you from following him on missions

-You always carrying a pocket knife to cut the webs off

-Always leaving your window open in case he needed you during the night

-Finally being introduced to the Avengers, Tony providing plenty of embarrassing stories about Peter

-You helping fix his suit when ever he tears it

-Playing with his web shooters

-Helping Aunt May do dishes and listening to her complain about how Peters always gone

-Also listening to her constantly talk about how good you are for him

-Keeping his secret 

-Him protecting you always

-Long hugs, even longer kisses

-Nights spent on roof tops together


in light of the nintendo switch parental controls video, i would like to share one of my favorite videos of all time with you all

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How would the hosts help or comfort their s/o who has significant depression?

Headcanons || Fluff + [TW: Depression]

Despite me being in a rough state, I figured writing this would be helpful for you and for anyone that’s in a hard time.

Tamaki: He would be very gentle with you and caring about you all the time, plus your soul is important to him. Arms around your waist and kisses on your cheeks, even if you were trickling tears down your flushed cheeks; Tamaki wasn’t about to let you go and he’d want you to be safe. Thumbs tickling your clenched fists as he kisses your lips gently, he wasn’t going to let you go through this on your own. Times may be hard, but you can get through anything, that’s what he’d always tell you, he wouldn’t let you fight through this battle on your own—you won’t ever be alone.

Kyoya: Hiring a professional psychologist and therapist would be a ‘must’ for him to do. He cared about your mental health; showering you with flowers and checking up on you every now and then. If you had self-harms scars, he’d kiss them delicately and would make sure you were getting enough sleep every night, plus that you were able to take care of yourself when he wasn’t around. You can get through this, I know you’re strong, he’d always say that to you while taking care of you through the toughest days.

Haruhi: She would make you soup all the time and then bring you your favorite snacks and candies whenever time was difficult for you to go through. With her arms around your neck as she wipes away your tears, she’d make sure that she wasn’t going to let you go and you were able to be protected at all costs. Don’t give up on yourself now, she would always tell you while caressing your hair with her palms delicately, kissing your forehead. She knew you were strong, and she had been through that state before; she believed in you, she always will.

Honey: Showering you with cakes was an important task for him to do; times are difficult but he wasn’t going to let you go through this on your own. He’d tell you he would do his best to be there for you, plus he wasn’t willing to let you go and hugs are very important with Haninozuka; arms around your lower chest as he snuggles close to you. Let’s fight through this together! he’d giggle to you while wiping away your tears, telling you that you can get through this. Sometimes, he’d cry when you were sobbing, holding you tighter than before.

Mori: He was very respectable and caring to you. He’d make sure you were eating properly, along with understanding that this is something that you cannot control. Intertwining hands and hearts beating in time, he needed to hold you all night and tell you that he was yours, he would whisper that you’ll always be alright and you can fight through anything, you were going to be okay, no matter how hard life can be. He didn’t want to lose you, he was willing to tell you that it’d be okay… always.

Kaoru: He was an amazing listener. He wouldn’t let you go once you cried your misery in his chest and he would comfort you whenever he can. Soft cries would be audible from him, but the Hitachiin twin always cared about you. He loved you, seeing you in this horrible state ruined him, so large hugs and a bouquet of flowers were always given whenever he visited you. We can get through this together, you won’t be alone, he’d whisper before you drift to sleep every night.

Hikaru: It broke him. Knowing that he needed you by your side and he was afraid that you were going to drift away from his arms. Snuggling close to you while holding you tight as you cried close to his chest, hearing his heart beat rapidly. Hikaru was willing to shower you with care and love, with bringing in bouquets and kissing your self-harm scars, he wasn’t going to let you feel uncared for. You’re always loved and worth it, he’d tell you every time before you fall asleep in his arms.

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I'm having so much fun picking out your gifts!! We appear to have quite a bit in common! A few quick question: do you like tea? And if so, what kind? Also what is your favorite Halloween candy (or candy in general)? -SW <3

Hey, doll! I’m so glad that you’re enjoying yourself! When this is all over, we should definitely be pals! And I’ve actually never tried hot tea, so if you’re trying to send me some things, just improvise 😁 Also, my all-time favorite candy is Reese’s!

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favorite candy of all time??

shit thats hard af……..i dont know, i cant even decide if i like more candy that its sweet or candy that is spicy :(

Vongola Ask Meme
  • Tsuna: Do you have anybody you're willing to protect as your family?
  • Chrome: Is there someone who saved you, who helped you when you were down, when you needed it most?
  • Takeshi: What's something you're passionate about? Is this what you'll be pursuing as a career in the future?
  • Gokudera: Is there an interest of yours that others find really weird? How did you get into it?
  • Ryohei: What's the most extreme thing you've done in your life?
  • Hibari: Do you have any pets? Names?
  • Lambo: What's your all time favorite candy? What's the worst candy you've ever had?
  • Reborn: Who was a teacher in your life (no matter school or parent, etc.) that really influenced you and helped you grow as a person?

This video is something I wasn’t sure if I wanted to share. I didn’t know if I was ready to discuss certain things. This time of night is when I find the Large Butt Boys and tell them to Take It Down A Notch. A lot of the boys don’t know that ass can hold Sour Patch. This Instagram is proudly sponsored by my all time favorite candy, Sour Patch Kids :) Pick up one free Patch on me when you go to hell and fucking suck the Devils huge ass tits, you stupid shit.

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HHOLY SHIT CAN YOU TELL US YOUR HCS ON THE ALIEN AU? I cry over your art btw thank you for the glorious drawings

i have a t on of hcs for my au that i might make an individual post for but i’ll give u some rn:
(since this is an iwaoi au)
-Oikawa likes to watch Iwaizumi try different human foods. There are a lot of things Iwaizumi can eat and can’t eat(theyve learned the hard way before), but Oikawa is glad that the foods Iwa-chan is allowed to eat, are his all time favorites. (milkbread, candies, bla h blah)
-Iwaizumi has a weird fascination with Chef Boyardee. When Oikawa comes back home from food shopping, Iwaizumi will snag the ravioli cans from the shopping bag when Oikawa isn’t looking, and then proceed to stash them somewhere in the house. Iwa freaks out when Oikawa finds his stash. 
-alien iwa loves ding dongs and twinkies 
(partial credit to alex for the ding dongs)
-the aliens have a lot more energy than humans, oikawa and iwaizumi could be outside for 23 hours, oikawa is completely exhausted but iwaizumi is just getting started 
-the aliens can purr
-the aliens have longer lifespans (w/o augmentation, 500 earth years (1 yr in their system is 2 yrs for us))

idk if those were any good 

Okay, so when Daryl "claimed" what he did on the ground, I think he did that because he saw the wrapper and didn't want them to see it.

He’d know it was Michonne’s favorite candy bar, spending all that time with her on their hunts and shit. You KNOW he saw their tracks, you KNOW he saw there were three separate sets. You KNOW he put two and two together, especially with Joe telling him they were tracking a guy and his small group. Daryl’s now tracking his brother Rick and is doing so to save him from those jackholes.