all time fancy get

and how could we not forget a human metta

he is beauty

he is grace

he has vitilligo and stretch marks because i said so

No spoilers regarding last night’s episodes but I’m jealous of one thing.

The size of the damn pockets on Mary’s coat and! Inside pockets. She’s carrying who knows how much stuff in there and then some, I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s another tablet in there or something.


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#yo someone needs to tell Mike he looks bad in…

YES Tezza you get me why are they hiding him and his daddy bod

i genuinely don’t know??? and i don’t understand. like they gave us some really magical shots in the last episode (mike lying on the couch is something i will never be over, alex. never.) but whyyyy can’t they let him do what harvey does and walk around in a blazer all the time, or just get him a fancy coat that looks sleek and still gives off the daddy af vibes???

i might @ suits on twitter and see if i can get some answers

bonus daddy af pja lying on the couch shot:

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How do you like UNC Chapel Hill? Do you find that there's a lot of vegan options? How is the environmental science major there?

Hey! I LOVE UNC. I am so incredibly grateful for the time I’ve spent here- the school is great and the town itself is kind of my idea of perfect. 

As for vegan options- I’m on a meal plan but I tend to use my swipes just to take fruit/coffe/etc from the dining hall and I “cook” more in my dorm room BUT there are definitely a lot of options! The dining hall has an entirely vegan station with four different options available at all times and they get pretty fancy with their vegan meals. It isn’t just rice. Also, they label everything vegan with a lil carrot symbol so you never have to guess about the ingredients. As for the places around campus they all have a bunch of vegan options- bagels, veggie wraps, salad/fruit bars, mediterranean food, etc. And I’ve never had a problem ordering vegan at any of the restaurants in the town. 

Technically I’m environmental studies not science (think more intro level science classes + econ, policy, stats, etc.) but env. science and studies are both run through the same department so they’re relatively similar. There are a TON of opportunities for internships/research we’re emailed about daily. The classes can definitely be challenging but that’s the nature of the school, none of the majors are easy. That being said, even though they’re difficult I definitely feel like I’m getting something out of the classes and actually learning. My fave thing about the environmental majors here is that you can spend a semester at a field site taking classes specific to your concentration and becoming directly involved in research while forming close ties to well esteemed professors which I think is incredibly valuable. 

okay I’m sorry this is super long I get excited when I get messages lol. If you are asking this because you’re considering coming to UNC message me off anon and I can tell you more!!

I keep thinking about Mettaton going to the beach and all the problems that would entail but what haunts me the most is that because he’s a robot and his shoes are pretty much attached he can’t walk well on the sand and has to wear sandals like this

@thebesteverseen​ texted [ Date boring as hell. Save me. ]            

[ TEXT ] couple options

[ TEXT ] 1. “well shit will you look at that, I had no idea floral arrangements could spontaneously combust”

[ TEXT ] 2. tell her you’re fancy

[ TEXT ] God knows I get that all the time

[ TEXT ] 3. use killcode BLONDE BOMBSHELL if things get real desperate

In a relationship it’s fun to just chill in sweats, order fast food, and cuddle up to a good movie. But other times its nice to get all fancy and dressed up. 


The funniest thing by far about recent Girl Genius/Steven Universe crossover discussion is how the conclusions that Tarvek’s gem would be in his forehead and that Tarvek’s weapon would be gauntlets were reached independently, which led to the issue of how he would get his weapons out of his gem.

(Didn’t have specific gems in mind for anyone here, because I seriously don’t understand how gem assignment works. Pearls aren’t even rocks, I don’t get it. I guess in this interpretation Tarvek is a strawberry child who looks like he has a terrible sunburn all the time. He didn’t get a fancy coat because long sleeves + gauntlets?? so instead he has…double half cape…wing thingies. Then I tried to incorporate his original color scheme and I have regrets.

Yes the gauntlets have fleurs de lis on them.)

I think one of my biggest disappointments in Holt not having more dolls is, love or hate his style, he’s the only boy I could see in like, an outrageous high fashion type thing.

Like the girls get really fancy costme-y outfits all the time but even on the rare occasion boys get nice clothes they tend to stick to a more realistic spectrum.

The way they’ve written most of the boys it would be OOC for them to choose something like that and they’d probably be uncomfortable wearing it. (Like, even other boys on the outrageous side seem to be doing it unintentionally? And it’s only considered out-there cuz it’s not so fashionable.)

On the other hand Holt’s only fashion ‘NO’ seems to be wearing anything he’d consider boring.