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I really love your Bughead stories. Do you have any others that tu can recommend?

I hate this, because there are so many great authors and I hate leaving anyone out. With that being said, my Bughead recommendations are:

Do You Believe in Fate by @jennimisk

The Blue + Gold = Green Series by @formergirlwonder

I’m a shitty romancer, baby, ain’t gonna lie by @freloux

Tacos and Tequila by @jugandbettsdetectiveagency

stars as well as resplendent and lost and found by @lusterrdust; screw it, just read ALL of her stuff!

Space and Time by A Girl Named Whiskey

So Talk and Downstep by @zombiekittez and everything else this rock star has written, too. If you only have time to read one, short Bughead story make it Downstep. Hell yes.

My absolute favorite Bughead fic, and the one that inspired me to write Bughead myself, is A Mustard Stain Over His Heart by pestilent_orange.

For more Bughead recommendations, please follow my friend @jandjsalmon who reads a truly prodigious amount of Bughead fanfic and highlights her favorites all the time.

And, not that you asked:

My all time favorite fanfics are:

Veronica Mars

A Strange New Story Every Time by gyzym



Iolokus by @rivkat and @mustangsally78



The Barbverse by Barb Cummings (Rahirah)


Happy reading :)

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When I said unholy fusion of Underlust, Outertale and Undernovela, I mean an au where everyone's in space, in the mafia/speaks spanish and wants to bang like all the time; let's call the Sans there 'Space Sin' and Space Sin was flirting with Error and Lust was laughing about it because he's not the jealous type... if you know what I mean! ;)





a 13-minute psych rock epic about an android who longs for the human experience, two aspects of it in particular: to experience death, and to experience vomiting. he constructs a living “human machine” that will vomit and die for him but his creation rejects its creator and denounces the very purposes he created it for. in a fit of rage he assimilates himself into the machine and takes it over and promptly begins vomiting, just as he wanted to. his machine-body overloads with vomit and is blown apart, at which point his consciousness is carried through the vomit itself, which continues spewing from the remains of the machine and out into the open. as a sentient sea of vomit, he floods the earth, then enters orbit and expands out into space, replacing all matter of the universe with himself. the universe becomes an infinite expanse of vomit carrying his dying consciousness. with his death he takes all of time and space with him. also there’s cool guitar jamming


and this is the wonder that’s keeping the stars apart



Papyrus’ concept of personal space is….peculiar.


Favourite characters: Summer Smith (Rick and Morty)

You don’t love people in hopes of a reward, dad. You love them unconditionally.

Witch tip: I’m not sure if anyone has said this before or not, but window sills make the best discrete altars!
Have candles on your window sill? Totally normal
Got a couple of plants and some rocks from the beach? Cool
You can have all sorts of things that have magical connotations on a window sill and to everyone else they just look like normal decorations
Plus you can use the window to charge things by the sun and the moon.


shinee + space-y things for the birthday girl, @leejinklies. ♡