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I been reading the New 52 Teen Titans to give it a more fair chance (it's really angsty and unpleasant so don't bother) and it seems like Lobdell was going for an after all the death Tim, but this Tim didn't have all those deaths ... so shouldn't he be the more chipper green and red classic Tim? There's no reason for Tim to be as angry and brooding as he is. Editorial and Lobdell made it really confusing to follow what canon remained ...

I know I probably should read New52 TT but honestly I’m scared to by the comments I hear about and I just want to stay in a world where Timmy is small and adorable. Yeah?? I don’t know what they were thinking??? My rationale is they combined their stereotyped idea of millennials plus Tim’s reputation as the Smart Guy™ not to mention Tim is often the Robin most compared to Batman so maybe there’s some of that too???

Also you can tune out now cause I’m again gonna talk about how great Red Robin is, but what’s great about RR is how they handle Tim’s darkness and maturity. It’s easy to make someone snappy and rude and mean when confronted with tragedy, but that’s not who Tim is. He’s always been hopeful and does the best for the people around him and cares so damn much. So RR showed him getting darker, a little closer to the edge than he ever wanted to be, but he takes out his frustrations on himself. He pushes himself too hard, isolates himself, he puts up a mask of cheer and excellence for his friends because he doesn’t want them to worry/see what he’s become. That is very Tim Drake behavior and a good way to darken someone character without making him lose his light altogether.

The Signs as Punk Bands

Aries: Memphis May Fire

Taurus: All Time Low

Gemini: Blink-182

Cancer: Green Day

Leo: Mayday Parade

Virgo: Panic! at the Disco

Libra: twenty one pilots

Scorpio: Bring Me the Horizon

Sagittarius: Rise Against

Capricorn: Breathe Carolina

Aquarius: Fall Out Boy

Pisces: Sleeping with Sirens

If These Sheets Were States, All Time Low


Costume swap bc why not