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but ugh imagine the beat in wonderland and the lights dropping and booming at the same time! It's sad she didn't perform Wonderland cause honestly it could've been one of the best performances.

She could’ve gonna all Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland with the darker theme 😭 so much potential lost

I got to the part of the fic where Tim and Jason go out for ice cream and they’re both pining for each other and Jason makes a comment of “nobody figured out who I was when I was Robin”

And Tim coughs awkwardly.

And Jason goes all “It’s cool. I’m madly in love with him but I also tried to kill him twice so I don’t deserve to love him, if he doesn’t want to tell me he doesn’t have to, it’s not like we’re friends.”

And Tim’s all: “Crap I can’t tell him I stalked him for years, he’ll think I’m creepy and want nothing more to do with me. Crap.”

It’s glorious!!!!

If These Sheets Were States, All Time Low

Which Marble Hornets character should you fight
  • Jay:He's pretty scrappy, but he's still a total dweeb. Plus look at what getting punched in the face did for his character, imagine what actually getting his ass kicked would do for him. Do it. Fight Jay.
  • Alex:He's a tricky one, because he may have the highest body count in the series and be prone to fighting dirty, but he'd probably lose in a fair fight. If you can get him monologing, you might be able to get the jump on him. And above all else, he completely deserves it. Kick Alex Kralie's ass. Do it for all of us.
  • Tim:He's the strongest physically of the main cast and he's been dealing with the Operator's shit for the longest. He stabbed a dude to death with a Swiss Army Knife, while being strangled. DO. NOT. FIGHT. TIM.
  • Jessica:The second-most competent character in the series and the true heroine, for kicking Alex in the nuts if nothing else. She's pretty likely to kick your ass. Don't fight Jessica.
  • Brian:why
  • Masky:Tim in Masky mode is less of a sure thing than Tim, because his only mode of attack is to tackle fucking everything, but it's still pretty risky. At least he won't kill you if he wins, but don't fight Masky.
  • Hoodie:I will personally bake you a tray of chocolate chip cookies if you kick Hoodie's ass.
  • The Operator:If you need this list to tell you not to fight the fucking Operator, you're clearly beyond help so you might as well just go for it.

Guess who finally got her vegas jpegs? 

For my Karoke Kings, I was too drunk to stand, and I literally told Rich and Matt to do whatever they wanted and I was just going to lie on the floor. THEN ROB PHOTO BOMBED. 

I told Misha I wanted something “weird and sexual”. He delivered.

********FOR THE JARED OP WITH CLIFF, I DID NOT REALIZE HOW HIGH MY HAND WAS ON HIS THIGH UNTIL I SAW THE PIC. I also described the pic to cliff and asked him to be in it. I showed Jared a reference picture as well, of what I was going for. THIS WAS ALL CONSENSUAL. 

Jensen would NOT wear my sorting hat. He said “I’m not wearing this piece of shit”. I had to beg him, multiple times. He also would not wear the jacket (as you can tell). He was all “if you show me a picture of Daniel Radcliffe wearing a dean shirt, I’ll wear it.” DURING ALL OF THIS JARED WAS SO USELESS he literally wouldnt put anything on and I HAD TO PUT EVERYTHING ON HIM. I then FINALLY got Jensen to wear everything, and then Chris FINALLY got the pic, AND THEN AS I WAS LEAVING JENSEN literally YELLED at me from across the photo op room “YOU’RE AT THE WRONG CONVENTION”.

When i went to go get his auto, Jensen personalized it with “No!!”, and then when I told Jared that he looked like a pouty child he blustered and waved his arms around in indignation and gestured to Jensen and was like “what about this guy????” and then Jared OFFERED TO PERSONALIZE and i was so shocked that I said “whatever you want” and he didnt end up writing anything, but hey, he offered. 

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Twenty one Pilots
5 Seconds of Summer
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Motionless In White
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The Story So Far
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All Time Low
Tim Burton
Memphis May Fire
any Youtubers tbh

and hecka other bands

Betting on Barakat (A Jack Barakat Imagine)

Pairing:ReaderxJack Barakat

Genre:Semi smut ??idk man.

Requested:Yup. Hope this is okay :)Let me know if you want a follow up, like their life in a year or first date i don’t mind.

Summary:You love Fall Out Boy and All Time Low, so when you get invited to a awards ceremony and no one tells you they are there you forget your speech.

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