all tied up and nowhere to go

Fic Recs: The “Bad Boy”

Fics where either Harry or Louis is the “bad boy”/punk/not typically ideal partner-like person. Idk. These are my faves:

1. Swim In The Smoke (whoknows) - Harry looks down at him, at the way the sun streams over his face and shoulders, at the way the gag stretches his mouth, lips pink and chapped. He’s lithe and pretty, smudged all over with dirt. They had found him tied up below deck, mostly unconscious, next to a barrel full of gold. He’s clearly a prisoner, but there’s something familiar about him, something that niggles at Harry’s brain. Something he can’t quite put his finger on.

2. These Constant Stars (stylinsoncity) - Louis’ career has nowhere to go but up. He’s living at the height of New York City on the precipice of an epic promotion. Life is good and only getting better. And then one day, things turn disastrous.

3. Balance (stylinsonsupporter) - Louis is a talented dancer, very dedicated to his art. Harry the mysterious skater boy at the park across from the studio.  A bit of vandalism lands Harry with community service hours. The punishment fitting the crime, he must clean the dance studio until his hours are served. Louis’ world was perfectly in balance, but a certain curly haired rebel comes in to shake things up with his corrupting ways.

4. Baby Heaven’s In Your Eyes (theboyfriendstagram) - A sixth form!AU where Harry is the fucked up bad boy with too many problems, Louis is the perfect rich boy with too much money and their schools are right across from each other. They meet at a party and that’s the last (and maybe the only) thing they need.

5. In Dreams (dolce_piccante) - When Harry moves to a new city, his new flat come with a number of sweet, anonymous gifts and surprises that brighten his days. Could it be a friendly ghost? Another friendly presence in his new building is his tattooed neighbor, Louis, who seems determined to put a smile back on his face.

6. Give Me Truths (iwillpaintasongforlou) - Louis is a psychology student with a tattoo count as high as his genius IQ. Harry is in a (sort-of) relationship with a homophobic man and hates himself a little more every day. Things fall apart and Louis puts him back together.

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Dad!Sam x Daughter!Reader


Possible warnings: angst, torture, blood, mild swearing, “death” (debatable, read A/N at end haha)

So yeah this is my entry for Week Two of the Supernatural hiatus writing challenge (I didn’t do week one because I r a stup). In case you were wondering the prompt was “I know! Isn’t it great?”.
Here goes nothing!

You were hunting with your Dad and Uncle Dean when you all decided it would be best to split up and cover more ground. But things didn’t exactly go to plan. The demons seemed to spring from nowhere as they dragged you from safety.


Groaning, you blinked into focus and saw you were tied to a firm metal chair in the middle of some old abandoned warehouse- typical demon hideout. You looked around in a panic when your eyes fell upon your Dad. He looked to be still out cold but already strapped onto the chair in the same way you were. You didn’t call for him but stayed perfectly still and silent in order to try and not draw any attention to yourself.

“I know what you’re doing.” Came an amused voice: female.
You didn’t answer.
“And I also know you’re awake.” She nodded to your Dad and strode over in between you both.
Your Dad slowly opened his eyes and glared at her. She laughed.

“Two out of three Winchester’s, ” she observed “we’ve hit the jackpot.”
“We?” Your Dad echoed.
“Me and the guards. They’re making sure no one comes and spoils my fun.” She grinned directly at you.

“Leave her alone.” Your Dad warned through gritted teeth.

“Or what? Don’t you think you’re a little tied up at the moment?” She cackled, but her face suddenly changed to a cold stare aimed for you.

“You’re a sick bitch!” Your Dad screamed at her, not even bothering to hide his rage.
I know! Isn’t it great?” She laughed, swinging her gun lightly by her side. She strode towards you, reaching inside her jacket to reveal a blade. Frozen, you stared into the abyss that filled her eyes as your hands clenched: readying themselves for the pain. You couldn’t help but squirm as a pathetic attempt to free yourself when she knelt down in front of you. An evil Cheshire-cat grin plastered her face.

“Don’t struggle, sweetheart. I’ll only cut you deeper.” She whispered, resting the very tip if the knife on your lower arm. You flinched when she pierced your skin and watched helplessly as the blood spilled out. She dragged it down dangerously close to your wrist. You inwardly screamed and tried your best to tolerate the sting.

“You’re a quiet one aren’t you?”

“Stop it! Do it to me instead!” Your Dad begged. He shook in the chair, trying to rip himself free from the ropes.

She laughed “What is it with you Winchester’s jumping at the chance to take somebody else’s fate?… And no, but thank you for the opportunity.”

You let out a cry when she began crossing over the precious wound, carving nonsensical patterns along your skin like a child with a colouring book. She stopped abruptly when you did so and tilted her head “That’s more like it.”

You took in a sharp breath and closed your eyes. Her blade sliced along your body painfully slow and whimpered as she neared your more vulnerable points. 

For the first time you looked at your Dad. You knew he couldn’t do anything but knowing he was there would reassure you enough to stay determined to keep quiet and tolerant.  He stared back helplessly, his eyes glistening with tears when you noticed some had already fell and started talking to you: “Y/N, sweetie listen to me. Everything’s gonna be just fine, okay? I promise.” He took in a deep breath to stop himself from crying more. You nodded very lightly in reply and bit your lip.

“Don’t listen to him, Y/N,” she demanded “he’s wrong.”

You glared at her. Determination took over. 

“Is he?” Came a voice- a new voice. Uncle Dean’s voice to be specific.

Blood oozed from the countless wounds. You let go a breath you didn’t even know you’d been holding and watched the demon go from the top of her game to defense-mode.
She swerved round and came face to face with Uncle Dean. Without hesitation he plunged the demon-blade through her chest, tugging it back out and throwing her body to the floor.

He rushed over to you and untied your hands. “I’m gonna get your Dad, okay?” He assure you, cupping your face and planting a kiss on your head before running over to your Dad.

When your Dad was free he raced over to you, you were breathing heavily and fading in and out of reality it seemed. “Y/N, sweetie can you here me?” He asked, noticing your dazed expression.
You nodded, blinking forcefully “Dad?” You whimpered, falling into his embrace. He wrapped his arms around you gingerly as not to hurt you. Tears streamed down your cheeks as shock, pain, and relief rolled into one.

He let go, holding your arms in his hands to examine your wounds- still seeping blood.
“I can’t breath.” You gasped, staggering backwards slightly.

“Y/N?” He put his arm behind you protectively in case you fell.
“Dean! Dean, she’s lost too much blood!” You Dad panicked
The room swayed, multiplying and crossing over each other dizzily Your vision blurred a little as all sounds muffled into one.


A/N: I originally wrote this to mean the reader just blacks out but when I read back through I was like ‘oh hey this sounds like you die whoopsie’. So I don’t mind which way you want to take it but I’m curious to know what you took the last line to mean :P
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pillowturtle  asked:

♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ Gimme the music. Gimme the OHRWURM. Gimme the- well, i guess I'm way to exited about this....

Aw you’re not the only one :D Thank you!

Okay, first four songs I got (on a spotify playlist that’s pretty random): 
1. R.I.P. by 3Oh!3
I count the empty bottles upon the bar
But I give up I can’t count that far

2. The Sound of Silence by Disturbed
“Fools”, said I, “You do not know
Silence like a cancer grows

3. Jumper by Third Eye Blind
I wish you would step back from that ledge my friend
You could cut ties with all the lies
That you’ve been living in

4. Stop and Stare by OneRepublic
I think I’m moving but I go nowhere

All Dressed up and Nowhere to Go (CLOSED)

Kagero sat by the firelight, in front of a blank canvas of paper that she had brought with her to draw- she had made surprisingly good time after accomplishing her mission, and now that she was in Hoshido again, she was content to take her time.

After all, lugging a human being around didn’t get any easier the more you did it.  The human being in question was tied up- an elaborate lattice of knots and rope weaving their way up her body- in a tight, kneeling tie.

…Now if only she would stop making noise so she could concentrate.

“Are you going to struggle the entire time?”  She asked- honestly not expecting a response as she started to drag her brush over the canvas to paint.


okay imagine there’s this  guy you’ve been talking to for a while online, and you can see him and stuff because you created his universe and watched him grow up, he’s pretty much a dork and you saw him undress once and then you help him die and become a god and things are kinda ??? ?? with you two. You just had a heartfelt fucking conversation with this guy about your feelings and how you’d totally meet up and go on a date sometime and you feel kind of emotionally compromised with this, so you forget about this for a bit while you go fight off the demon furry that’s going to kill all your other friends, one of which has a death cane she’s going to stab you with.

and then this guy you’ve been talking to zaps out of nowhere

and then he punches you in the face

and knocks you out

you have no idea how he got there and when you wake up he’s just stroking your face and gamzee’s tied up in the corner with a horn in his mouth and the guy’s holding a bloody scarf and some other guy drops a sick one liner and before you know it, john’s gone ?????? ????? where did he even come from????

I truly feel sorry for vriska here.

what the fuck is going on