all thumbs down

are you an adam or parrish person? coca-cola shirt or coveralls rolled down to his waist? sepia photograph or fine boned and a little fragile looking? his furrowed fair eyebrows or the way his thumb jutted awkwardly, boyishly? that’s the biggest lie you’ve ever told or thanks for the straight teeth then? a miracle of moving parts or these eyes and hands are mine? 

Pandora is failing me. I really love the cover that Walk Off the Earth did of The Chainsmoker’s “Closer”; the dark acoustic tone, the melancholy mood….and I need song recs that are similar BUT aren’t dance music. I don’t like the original, only the cover. 

Are there any other songs that have that sort of tone?

I see how people always talk about how liam finds harry endearing but have yall seen the way harry touches liam??????????? 


let me enlighten you then 

*cracks knuckles* LET’S DO THIS

the early days…. you could’ve been more gentle styles but okay we get it you just had to show liam you love him okaayyyyyy

getting better with that gentleness i see

tmh days…… even when he’s trying to be a little shit he’s showing love

oh yeah just go ahead and fix his eyebrows for him harry…. no, no one noticed you have a thing for liam’s face yet

oh…. you know…….. the usual…… just casually touching liam’s ear……. just because…………. 

(the worst part you ask me? he drags his thumb all the way down liam’s jawline like it’s a normal thing to do - here look at it in slow motion: 

 i’m crYING) 

EVEN WITH YOUR HAIR YOU FIND A WAY TO TOUCH LIAM AND MAKE HIM SMILE????????????????? why y y y yyyyyy do i have to suffer like this????

wwa era………looking at him like that almost on top of liam………. do you know the concept of personal space styles????? DO YOU?????


just a casual nose bump………. c’mon everybody does this with their friends, right……. ri ghT??????????


gentle touches……….. (kiss)whispering…. still. not. knowing. the. concept. of. personal. space!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and this one is just because harry is fucking nuzzling liam’s neck and liam looks like there’s no place he’d rather be…..

i’m SO sad

(none of these gif/photos are mine so credit to whoever made them)


fitzsimmons + hand-holding

It releases Oxytocin - a hormone that cements long term relationships and raises the amount of affection in a couple.

So I finally finished this book yesterday. The whole time I wanted to throttle Abby Johnson. When I finally made it to the end, Ms. Johnson had waited to make her super pro-life conversion after TWO abortions of her own. Her reasons for converting were first she, the director of a Planned Parenthood with no medical training herself, was randomly called in and forced to assist in an abortion. Once she saw it up close she realized omgz, we kill babies here!? and suddenly was thrown into a moral quandary. Then Planned Parenthood told her hey, we’re having a lot of revenue problems. To fix that we’re no longer going to offer free birth control and you need to push abortion on people because that brings in lots of $$$. They specifically told her, “Non-profit is a tax status, not a business model,” and that was the final straw that made Ms. Johnson realize omgz, Planned Parenthood is a giant money hungry abortion mill and we don’t actually help people.   

It’s not just me, none of that really makes much sense, right? Maybe she just needed a better ghostwriter and I’d be convinced, I don’t know.

Into It. Over it.// All Thumbs Down

Germany might have to wait. What was a well planned show of yours is now a show of hands, all thumbs down. But if I was them, I’d put your card through my bike spokes and ride that thing down every street in Mülheim. Cause without you in bed, it’s nights with strings and cables instead.

And they don’t hold you back, as much as you want. They won’t hold you…

I need a favor! This video PSA has been getting all negative comments and thumbs downed a lot. It was written, directed, filmed by, and stars trans identified youth. They put a lot of work and love into it, and they and this video doesn’t deserve all this hate speech. If people could thumbs up the video, or even post something nice to help get rid of all the nasty comments by cis guys, that would be really awesome. 

Please spread this around! And thank you so much!!!!