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I feel like this whole “zero waste lifestyle” is just another example of rich, usually white people being praised for something poc have been doing forever. Like, it’s all buying clothes from thrift stores and reusing plastic grocery store bags and using every part of the food you buy. And all of that is great but just like riding bikes it’s only “green” when white people do it. When brown people do it, they aren’t making a conscious decision to save the planet, they just can’t afford to throw anything away.

And as I see more YouTube videos and blogs and books coming out about this “new green craze” I keep thinking about all the brown people who could really tell you how to use every part of everything, but would have a hard time making money from it cus it’s only marketable when white people do it.

See, I’m Greed. I want everything you can think of. Money and women, power, sex, small dogs, thrift stores, all of those little peppermint candies you find in bowls in lobbies, friends, cats, and that potted plant in the corner. I once rented books from a library and moved across the country so I wouldn’t have to give them back. My closet is filled entirely with hats from yard sales. I sleep with 5 blankets and 7 pillows at once.

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em i need 2 know what are your headcanons for doug judy and gina hanging out bc the show has denied me of that knowledge

time 2 die thank u owyn

  1. Gina is just generally unimpressed with Doug Judy until all of the items that were stolen appear in a beat up cardboard box at her front door. There’s no note, but the next time Judy’s around the precinct, he asks Gina if everything she was missing was in there and tells her he found it all in a thrift store in Rikers
  2. Doug Judy is on Gina’s weekly horoscope text chain - his number is in her phone as three of the crying laughing emojis
  3. They mostly text, since Judy’s rarely in NYC between seasons 2 and 4; weirdly, they mostly exchange dating advice and memes
  4. Doug follows her on Instagram and likes all of her pictures, but Gina has yet to follow him back
  5. Gina’s constantly updating Doug on Jake and Amy’s relationship, secretly loving the fact that she can finally gush about them with someone who won’t make fun of her for it
  6. Doug tunes in via Skype to one of Gina’s dance recitals and has flowers sent to her apartment afterwards
  7. Gina texted a long string of exclamation points to Doug after Rosa and Pimento called off the wedding - Doug responded with all the party emojis his phone has
  8. Doug finds out about the accident via Instagram, after Jake makes a post to all her followers explaining why she’s going to be inactive for a while
  9. He shows up to the hospital an hour later with lunch for the whole squad and stays for an hour in a show of support
  10. He gets a text from Gina three weeks later - a whole bubble full of line after line of hearts, flowers, kissing emojis, stars, and rainbows that make him pause in the middle of the sidewalk and grin

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All costume pieces were thrifted or handmade by me. Photography by one of my greatest friends, the absolutely incredible @thosehalcyonnights . Make sure to check out his blog!!!

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In Order to Break the “Dorian - Fashion Adviser to the Inquisitor” trend...

I’m REEEAAAALLLLYYYY tempted to write a fanfiction where unlikely characters decide to give the Inquisitor fashion advice

Solas would be all about thrift and frugality:

- You know, we could really use the funds that you spend on rare minerals for something more… necessary.  Why did we spend 100000000000000 Sovereigns on Fade Touched Nug again?

- I really don’t think we ALL have to have matching armor.  

- The ancient elves often used whatever was available: furs, pelts, simple iron. It was a much more practical time. 

- *Shows up in reallly incredibly fancy armor in Trespasser* … I lied.

Varric would have but one thing on his mind:

- I think what the Inquisitor needs is a plunging neckline. Just saying.

Blackwall would make vague references to the Wardens, beard everything, and require a neutral color palette:

- We Grey Wardens put Griffons on everything.

- I think you would be much more defensible if you had a beard. No arrows to the neck. (Female Inquisitor just rolls her eyes)

- No dawnstone. Pink is weakness. Pink is death. There is no glory in pink.

Sera would demand an excessive amount of plaidweave:

- A’right, but wut if instead of that ugly silk shite yer wearin’ you make it yellow! Yellow’s exciting! Nobody expects yellow.

- So, I have way too many breeches.

- No underwear Wednesdays!

Cassandra would literally like nothing the Inquisitor chooses because it is not armor-y enough:

- You’re just going to wear that leather coat? How will that protect you from a Qunari Battle-Axe? *Disgusted noise*

- Inquisitor, I really do not think that those gloves are going to keep you from losing an arm. Perhaps gauntlents?

- Ugh. No hats. NO HATS.

Cole would be all about comfort but also confused about how clothing works:

- Free, flowing, flawless. Running uncovered by heavy cloth. Inquisitor, why do you force yourself to wear clothing? You’d be much happier without it.


And then there’s the Bull: 

- You want MY advice, Boss? Wear whatever the hell you want because you’re a FUCKING beast. *fist bump*

- But also… Dawnstone is really pretty.

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I feel like the quiet/innocent daughter wouldn't be into all the expensive things in life, like I feel she would be more into thrifty things and not want her parents to buy her expensive things.

In that case I see Joker sending frost to all the thrift shops around town to find stuff that she would like and then (cause joker cant resist) put them in gucci gift boxes to fool her