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rissa’s new year’s bias list!

hi everyone! it’s the end of the year, so, i decided to make a short bias list, otherwise known as a follow forever bc i am extra, to so my appreciation towards my mutual followers and how much i adore all of you. some of you have been with me longer than others have, some of you are even great friends with me. i hope you all have a great new year and hopefully 2017 is much better than 2016.

 ride or die squad tbh:

@ezioauditore, @buckybitchinbarnes, @quakening, @doodoltala  @rustlenerd, @irisgibbins, @victorkatsudon , @miralain, @thesingingnorwegian

others i admire from afar:

 @richiesseth, @zombiescorp, @kisaageckos, @bobbimorsebartons, @coramalia, @leiaskywalkcr, @katefullergecko, @theodora-yvette, @buffyscmmers, @arctures, @huntbastian, @latrodectal, @natsclnt, @epiphanygreaves, @savagebutfree, @thegemen, @sethtanicos, @dianaprinz, @princessesleia, @geckbros, @tchally, @joyfuls, @crowealtius, @agentjamesbarnes, @ha-rleyquinn, @pieatromaximoff, @hornerps, @milkovich-hale, @bioticbutt, @mesutglozil, @argentsimmons, @antivanpariah, @barryalleins, @radclem, @farinsteetasse, @aspyrata, @samcieri, @aairachnid, @paintheskywithcolor, @biozonic, @megafreeman, @emily-kinney, @blackaliss, @sapphicpeebee

                                        Morning already?!

It’s hard to hold in a groan. School is so long and boring. Homework, tests, clubs? So much to do, so little time. And you haven’t even gotten out of bed yet. Get up! You can’t afford to be late. The year’s far from over yet. And yet, who wants to go to school? You think about it for a moment, and then you remember:

I could see them today. You two have been flirting back and forth. Passing notes in class, silly letters left in lockers. Stolen glances that only you both understand. Maybe school’s not so bad. Plus, you have plans with your best friend after class. To go eat and then walk the streets, to see what trouble… I mean, fun you can find.

Perhaps, today will be more than you first thought.

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