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Do you ever get emotional thinking about Victor choreographing Yuuri’s Free Skate for him?

We’ve only ever seen Yuuri skating that routine - but remember. Someone taught him those movements. Someone demonstrated the choreography first.

Think about Victor skating Yuuri’s routine for him. Imagine him sitting down, listening to the music, and writing out Yuuri’s story through dance.

Victor would have had to understand that story, which means Yuuri shared it with him. The lonely beginning where he thought he was fighting by himself. What it felt like when Victor showed up and changed everything. That poignant moment when Yuuri came to understand love existed all around him.

And in order to translate that story into choreography, Victor would have had to empathize with it and feel those emotions himself so that he could properly express them.

He would have to understand what it feels like to fight alone.

And to have someone show up and challenge that viewpoint.

And then come to realize love is all around him.

Victor choreographed the end of Yuuri’s story before it even happened.

“Here’s the part where you show you’re the most beautiful person on the ice. Here’s where you soar on your new understanding of love. And this is when you rise up and fight - not by yourself but with your loved ones at your side.”

Victor would have had to empathize with those feelings as well. (Who could have taught him all that, I wonder?)

But this right here.

I don’t think Victor choreographed this final pose.

His reaction when he first sees it gives it away. Yuuri surprised Victor with that pose, and it was originally intended to be something else.

Yuuri choreographed this acknowledgement of Victor at the end of his Free Skate. It was a message to him.

“And here’s the part where I thank the person who got me here.”

Do you ever just get really emotional thinking about Yuuri’s Free Skate?

psa: false accusations.

last time i made a psa post that can be found under here. a bunch of bitter fack shippers just can’t handle the truth and are out for blood. and by that they are doing whatever they can do ruin my friends reputation for no fucking reason.

first off, imma jump right into it. don’t be a fucking sheep. if you see a post about eddiesghost going around- please report it and come back to us about it. theres something called proof. its easy for someone to just talk and make a post. but you gotta show the receipts. so next time if you see something about my friend on instagram or even twitter, please just report it, defend her or even just tell her about it! it’s some serious shit, its no longer a joke.

a post was recently posted by a gross blog. link is here. DON’T REPOST THEIR SHITTY POST PLEASE. ITS GROWING ENOUGH ALREADY.

warning, its pretty disturbing and i’m sorry you had to read it. just remember its not fucking true.

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Jin: Hey I was willing to wear this. And if you’re wondering why Jimin and Yoongi are wearing what they are wearing.. its because I hid everyone’s clothes and replaced them with the outfits they’re wearing now.. they still don’t know it’s me so they’re blaming each other.. keh now I need to get Kook to wear his outfit.

4x01 Recap - Echoes (The 100)

Alright folks, it’s time. My show has returned, and I am throwing myself back on this ride with wild abandon.

I’m adopting my Discussapalooza style from here on out. Which is to say that this recap is going to be very long. If there are any sections that you’d like me to pull out and post seperately, let me know. Otherwise, you have been warned - I like to go in depth.

We ready? LET’S GO.

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Things I Have Only Ever Heard In Marching Band
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b></b> "shit. i forgot my pants."<p/><b></b> "you need to tongue that harder."<p/><b></b> "you're still off. pull out a little bit."<p/><b></b> "you do a rimshot one more time and i sWEAR TO GOD..."<p/><b></b> "if their flags ever rotate at the same time, it's definitely on accident."<p/><b></b> "nah, we didn't get to battle them. ("why?") director thought it would end in a fist fight."<p/><b></b> "eighteen people in this drumline, and not ONE of you assfaces remembered to grab the cymbals?! unbelievable."<p/><b></b> "he says 'back to one' again, and i'm shoving those claves up his ass."<p/><b></b> "i think the polish fumes got me high."<p/><b></b> "twenty bucks says that stand dumps his music all over the floor."<p/><b></b> "dude! don't tell him, but there's definitely a part in the field show where we form a giant dick for at least a second."<p/><b></b> (OKAY IT'S ALMOST AT 21K NOTES. YOU CAN STOP REBLOGGING THIS NOW. FIGURES THAT THE POST I MADE WHILE SLEEP DEPRIVED AND GIGGLING WOULD BE THE ONE THAT SPREADS. I DON'T WANT THIS TO BE MY LEGACY. STAHP.)<p/></p><p></p>(IF I FIND OUT THAT ANY OF YOU LITTLE SHITS THAT KEEP REBLOGGING THIS ARE MEMBERS OF THE HAZLETON AREA MARCHING COUGARS... I will be so proud. :') BUT ALSO SO DISAPPOINTED IN YOUR LACK OF ABILITY TO FOLLOW DIRECTION. PROBABLY EXPLAINS THIS PAST YEAR'S FIELD SHOW. YEAH. I WENT THERE. GET OFF TUMBLR AND GET BACK TO MARCHING. THE CLASSES OF 2007-2010 WANT TO SEE ANOTHER ACC APPEARANCE BY THIS BAND IN OUR LIFETIMES, PLEASE. THANKS..... Love you.)<p/></p>

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ok first off you're object canyon post was really interesting!!! secondly it got me thinking about sappho and her fragments!! all those gaps + mis/interpretations and there is this thing anne carson has said about the fragments and the spaces they make + cultivate almost that is so beautiful and interesting, like the way the poem breaks &leads to a questioning, enticing lack: "There is the space where a thought would be, but which you can’t get hold of." [also i feel this way thru my whole life]

Thanks for this ask, Anna! Sorry I’m responding a bit late, I wanted to do it justice. I also apologize in advance for how long this got.

I’m really glad, and also unsurprised that you thought of Sappho/Anne Carson’s treatment of her fragments. Sappho is the postergirl for fragments in a lot of ways, and Anne Carson’s flexible and creative treatment of them engenders this spotlight of attention to the idea of a Fragment. That’s the eternal appeal of Sappho in some ways, that her work can resonate so deeply, while being so achingly, visibly incomplete.

I think that this idea of fragments, especially as they map on to our own attempts to understand humans in the past, extends way further than people often recognize. Sticking with literature for a moment (before I move to material culture, bc I’m me…) we can consider manuscript traditions as an entity in and of themselves. Sappho is glaring and obvious, in the gaps. But every ancient text that we inherit has holes, or has been miscopied or translated at some point in time. They’re cobbled together from scraps of papyrus, manuscript pages, quotations inside other works of literature, etc. I’m certainly no lit. scholar, but every text that we get has been altered in some way, even if it appears more-or-less whole in its presentation. When you read ancient texts in in their original language, sometimes you’ll have the additional suggestions/words listed in the footnotes, so the text itself seems smooth but belies its patchwork reality. Other time you’ll have a pair of these daggers ( † ) which indicate that despite the editor’s best efforts, the words/phrase they surround are nonsensical or extremely fraught, with no obvious solution. (In my undergrad Latin courses we’d call them the Daggers of Despair/Doom).

But beyond manuscript traditions, everyone’s understanding of words and language is individually contextual. You build up your personal understanding of words and language through the ways that you see words and phrases used, and the ways they make you feel. The connotations of individual words can be so deeply personal, and dependent on where and how you’ve read/heard/seen them. This is all even further complicated when you are working with something in translation, or trying to translate something yourself! Sometimes I’m truly surprised that humans are even able to communicate with each other at all. This is all fragmentary in a way, in the sense that even if a piece of writing is completely unaltered from its conception, to publishing, to consumption, different people can and will conceive of it in different ways.

I’m sure at this point, that I’ve made my own inherent biases and opinions clear, regarding the deep subjectivity of language and literature. I think that, because of the place that language holds in society, people can often and easily forget how flexible and fragmentary it is. When trying to understand things about humans who lived in the Classical world, I often find my colleagues who work on literary and historical problems (that draw heavily from literature) stating, whether explicitly or implicitly, that their evidence is more whole, more clear to understand or interpret than mine, because somehow their understanding of language provides them with more, or deeper knowledge than what can be derived from material culture.

Obviously I think this is bullshit. In my Object Canyon post I say at the end that we can never recover the full depth and extent of the visual imagery that the die cutters (people who made the coin designs) drew upon and utilized in their compositional processes. That’s true! I don’t think I’ll ever be able to understand the full context and connotations that shapes, images, and objects meant to people in the ancient world. But I also think that I can try to approach an understanding.

To give an example, I am working on an assemblage right now from a cave that was probably used as a votive deposit for several centuries. Of the several hundred sherds of pottery from it, I will show you just one.

What the fuck is that, you may ask. Great question. What I’m about to tell you is knowledge I’ve accumulated over years of touching, looking at, and thinking about fragments. It’s a small piece of a specific type of drinking cup, called a kylix. It was made in Athens, probably during the 6th century BC. (Honestly I can probably narrow it down to a couple of decades but that’s kind of irrelevant).

The black pattern you see ‘painted’ on it is the splayed hand of a figure, most likely either a human or a satyr. The little bit of black glaze at the bottom left is probably the tip of a beard. I’ve included a parallel from the Met’s collection that isn’t perfect, but is the right shape (a mid 6th century band cup) with a processional scene. 

Metropolitan Museum of Art, Rogers Fund, 1917, 17.230.5

Here is a zoomed in detail of one of the figure’s hands, which is similar, although not exactly the same as on mine. (note my dude’s ithyphallic genitals, pls. it’s irrelevant to this conversation, I just love dicks on pots.)

Usually you get this splayed, outstretched hand motion when dealing with either drunken satyrs in a Dionysian procession, or drunken humans in what’s called a “komos”. Even though the comparanda I’ve provided is an intact vessel, it can still be considered a fragment, in that I don’t know where it was found, how it was used, and other pieces of information that compose the reality of an object’s existence.

Beyond what my fragment shows, which is in all likelihood an extremely common scene for Attic vase painting of the time period, what does it represent beyond that?

Well, it’s extremely high quality, in terms of clay and production. You obviously can’t tell this from the photograph, but it’s very thin, which is an indication of skill on the potter’s part. It was found in a cave that lies on the outskirts of the traditional extent of Athenian territory. Therefore, it had to travel, probably 2-3 days walk from where it was made to where it was ultimately found, and up a mountain as well, which indicates further effort on the part of whomever deposited it. There’s even further information about the sorts of people who had access to this sort of pottery, etc. but I’m not gonna go it to that here bc this is getting really long…

Aside from being totally self-serving and gratuitous, what even is the point in talking about this tiny sherd of pottery? As an archaeologist, pretty much everything I deal with is unquestionably fragmentary. The degrees to which things are broken, and their original identity is obscured varies greatly, but regardless of the medium or material, the passage of time has fragmented the past in some way, and that is reflected in what comes onto my study table in the summer, or the readings I do for class. But we can still derive remarkable amounts of information from those fragments, and string that information together to form comprehensive, compelling, and consuming narratives. 

We will never be able to fully reconstruct the past, and honestly, we can never have a completely whole understanding of the present either, given the individual nature of the human experience. So, everything that we touch, see, or hear is in one way or another a fragment. Once you acknowledge, truly and deeply, that everything you’re ever going to work with, or look at, is a fragment in some way, the better you will be able to analyze it, on its own terms, as well as our own.

That can be difficult and uncomfortable, for sure. But it also opens the scope for creativity, interpretation, and ingenuity as well. And that’s definitely the space and mindset that I try to apply, always, even though it is a constant struggle. 

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Who says Guzma dad didn't abuse him?

I’m not linking to the recent posts I’ve seen about this, since I think that’s mean, but I’ll summarize what I’ve seen on Tumblr ever since I started compulsively checking the Guzma tag. Heck, even on what would up being my most popular post someone tried to argue he wasn’t abused, but someone else did an excellent job shutting them down before I had to touch it.


“Guzma’s dad was talking about a POKEMON battle”

“Guzma is just a spoiled brat with anger issues”

“Am I the only one who doesn’t think Guzma’s dad was THAT bad?”

“It’s Guzma who is the violent one; he probably broke the clubs instead!”

“Guzma wouldn’t have returned home if he were abused!”

“Guzma never got hit; you guys are just trying to justify a villain’s bad behavior!”

That’s a pretty good summary of what I’ve seen. TBH, it seems like those folks weren’t paying attention while they played :/

Post game really sticks with me, that comment where Guzma says “Beating people down is all I know”. To me that only helps confirm all the hints the game has been dropping about his home life and how he was treated.

You can’t help but feel sympathy for Guzma. Oh yeah, dude made tons of mistakes, but ultimately he was looking for a place where he belonged and his abilities recognized. It made him very easy prey for a manipulative witch like Lusamine.  

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*reads your tag* i feel that. hinata had SUCH potential as a kind character in such an unkind profession (really... like her and lee i wish we'd gotten really good post-timeskip storyline for as they grew into fine people and fine shinobi without compromising who they were [which... was the entire point built up in part 1, my god why didn't we stick with them why does this series make me wanna write fic the more i think abt all the potential built up pre-timeskip)

I honestly dislike Hinata, at least where her lack of character development is concerned. She’s one of those characters who started off well but then for the sake of being the Love Interest got turned into a shallow, selfish, vapid caricature of a character, and it annoys me greatly. Kishi’s general dismissal of female characters doesn’t help here, but Hinata got an even shorter end of the stick than most. 

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Alright, all these kylux aus got me thinking. When would those two realize their feelings towards each other and how would their first kiss be like? Hate at first sight?

Ok Buckle up, SO these losers kinda go to the gym at the same time and that is where the thirst begins bc Hux does Yoga (original post can be found here)

And Kylo gives away free gunshows

So they they try to kinda flirt with each other but it is a disaster because they can’t recognize the other’s flirt attempts. So Hux, with some liquid courage, decides to speed things up and grabs Ren by his stupid cowl and kisses him

And that is how their first kiss goes~!

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kookminworld just released a 19 minute video and i just finished watching it and omg..... they put so many of the prime jikook moments/speculations in there, thanks kmworld. the vlive stare and the lollipop eat jin vlive, simply iconic. those two are probably the most obviously flirty and filled with sexual tensions vlives i can think of for jikook (including some few ones after performances), but they still shake me to my core each time i watch them lmaoooo

don’t get me wrong, i like kookmin world’s vdieos but sometimes they’re just so exaggerated. I could only agree with a few things out of this video. there were some things that were just…. not very “proof” worthy. like, the whole “jimin looked at jungkook through vlive” thing and then “jungkook’s pupils” when you can’t see anything because of the video quality. idk. i feel like this video was a little too much lol. 

but for real, the one with the stare and with the lollipop are both incredibly iconic. like, we got 1. the stare. and 2. the “where do you think you’re going” like WOW. those are two of my favorite jikook moments, and i love them with all my heart lmaoo. i’m also shaken to my core whenever i watch them, even though i’ve seen them 3848 times before. that and the eat jin one that was posted after the stare vlive. where jikook act like irl bf’s and jin is done with the two. that’s also an iconic vlive for me. 

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Shakarian, Nettle

Nettle: cruelty.

He’d thought he’d be used to it by now, the waiting.

Wars like this are always full of it. Comm towers down, relays interrupted all the way to the Perseus Veil, fractured reports contradicting each other as Liara does what she can to sort them through, half her screens black and the rest choked with static.

The Citadel is destroyed. No survivors, no wreckage. Hackett is dead. No, Hackett’s alive; Anderson is MIA. Huge chunks of the Citadel have landed in major cities, pulled to earth after the explosion. No–only fragments survived the atmosphere, and Hackett himself has landed in London to oversee the city’s clearing. Millions of people are gone; more are still missing. Billions.

Shepard is dead. All the reports agree on that.

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I might have been stalking my older sister a bit on Facebook last night, and it made me realize that I really don’t know her at all anymore. She rarely updates her page, but people have tagged her in photos and like… I just don’t know anything about her now. I’m simultaneously sad and indifferent. It has been so long since we’ve had an actual relationship that I’m just kinda over the whole thing, but I saw a post I made a while ago when she moved out where I had made an inside joke. For some reason, that got to me. We were so fucking close, and then she went off to college and I developed my ED and everything started to suck. I don’t know how to tell her, “sorry about all of those years where I didn’t give a shit about our relationship because I was too busy trying not to die,” but that’s all I can think to say. We wrote each other letters a while ago, but obviously that didn’t really change much. 

Tbh I’m still bitter about the Hawaii thing. My parents were in Hawaii and when I was literally suicidal with a plan they rushed back and I found out my sister said something like “I don’t think she realizes how much this affects you guys” and like??? Sorry I couldn’t want to die another more convenient time??? She also texted me something about how it was hurtful that I didn’t text her back after she told me she got fired, which again was because I was suicidal and therefore concerned with some other things besides replying to a text message. So :) 

I think she got a job and I will probably be seeing her for Thanksgiving so do I text her congrats or what?? ugh where is my therapist when I need her 

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Would you happen to have access to the latest pap pics of Gwen in LA today? If so, may I ask what the caption says? Just curious.

I can SEE them, but I’m actually limited to downloading thirty photos a day, and so I can’t get them right now, lol. Still gonna take me a few more days to get my hands on all of Sunday’s. 😂

Ooh, hang on. I CAN get a few right now from a different agency where my limits are a tiny bit looser. From the agency I can’t get photos from right now, the caption says: “leaves the studio with a friend.” I think those were the ones that got posted on Twitter, IIRC. From the other:

CAPTION #1: Arriving at photoshoot studio

CAPTION #2: Picks up Apollo & Zuma from friend’s house

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1) “But ot4 stans committing felonies is where I gotta draw the line.” Riiiight, that’s why you’ve been an asshole only after that. Btw I think producing fake documents is fucking mental, but your blog is the only place where I’ve ever seen those “documents”; before you I hadn’t even heard of all this story (I’m not on twitter tho so I don’t know what happens over there). And I’ve yet to see a supportive post of yours on 5h, so don’t try to sell me that bullshit.

When have I ever been an asshole? I’ve never spoken ill about anyone other than the people who commit these acts and those who support them but I’ve never been an asshole and you still haven’t given me examples. But if you think I’ve been an asshole then by all means show me. Well yeah they were on Twitter. Where do you think I got them from? Also I decided to make that post because I saw someone talk about so I made my own response to what I saw. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.

And if you look back on my blog you will see posts that supported 5h around the 7/27 era and during the end of the reflection era. You’re just not looking hard enough. But I’m glad we agree that 5h fans breaking the law is wrong. I suppose there’s that at least lol.


A little comic I did with Foxy and Mangle.At first it was supposed to be a happy story with a joke at the end, but it turn out more deep really fast.

For those who know me, I like creating headcanons and some sort of theories for the personality of the character of Fnaf, and when I was thinking about Mangle, I though that maybe she could be depressive, but of course this “theorie” can only work if we acknowledge that Mangle hate being the kind attraction where you just torn her apart for your own amusement.


At first,when I got the idea, I didn’t wanted to post it or even draw it at all, because I once got in a depression and it was the worst thing that could’ve happen to me in my entire life, but after thinkin a bit about it, I realised that I had stuff to say about depression and though it  would be good to share it.

Killing yourself is NEVER an anwser, life is not easy,but you are strong enough to fight when bad times arrive .And most important: there’s always someone somewhere who care about you and will be there for you if you need them,There's always someone. 

NB: I didn’t do any plan of any thumbnails for this comic, normaly I do but for this one I just when “straight forward”


Big Vector Bash - June - Raven

Raven is another popular waifu that I’ve gotten requests of. I got bored of the Teen Titans Go series pretty quickly though I’m not one of those spergies who thinks its bad because “NOT MUH TITANS”. Here are most of the vectors I got a chance to make of her.

Big Vector Bash Up is a monthly appreciation post(s) for some of the girls I’ve vector traced over the years where I will post all the vectors I’ve made of that particular character. If you have any requests for this particular character being vectored that aren’t here then feel free to message me (include what episode its from because I can’t be arsed to look through and find it). Like and reblog to show your appreciation for these top tier waifus and husbandzados.

All the songs from our last album, Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die!, were about Las Vegas and growing up in Vegas. Each is about something that happened to me in the past—this is about the first threesome I ever had. I was 16 and I had these friends and I was partying. It didn’t seem weird to me at all that they were just my friends but then sometimes we would fuck.

It was midnight, maybe 11 pm, and these girls were together, their parents were gone. So they said, “Hey, we’re having a sleepover, why don’t you come over and hang out?” I was like, “Fuck yeah, why not?” So I went over there and walked into the house and we ended up walking straight into the bedroom and one of the girls just started making out with me. Then it grew from there and they both just started to discover what this was, experimenting. It was awesome and it was one of the first times that I realized “oh, you can be friends with benefits and it’s not weird.” We were friends for like a year-and-a-half after that maybe.

I have had a threesome with a guy, too. The guy and I didn’t do anything., I am straight but I can be like, that is a beautiful man. I mean, I might kiss that dude on the mouth. Watching Drive, I am like Ryan Gosling is a sexy motherfucker. That is a good-looking dude, and his charisma, I am attracted to that. That is an awesome guy. I would make out with that guy. I don’t think he knows who I am. But yeah, that is one example of like— Dear Mr. Gosling, would you kiss me? Justin Timberlake—there are all these sex symbols that are men and I can agree and admit that those are beautiful men. George Clooney is an older, beautiful man. He has got the distinguished salt and pepper hair, you know? But only if he dresses like the Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? character. The Dapper Dan man.

—  Brendon Urie (about Girls/Girls/Boys) on genuis
Okay, this post gets kinda long, but stick with me on this one...

So, I’m still fairly new to the RWBY fandom. Only started watching the show a few months ago, and I only just now found out that the show has three soundtracks. I listened through all three of them over the course of the last week and I think I’ve developed a pretty sound theory based on them. Ya’ll ready for this?

The soundtracks tell the future!

“But that’s crazy!” You say. “There’s no way that’s possible!” You say. Well, I say that I have proof. And it’s conclusive. Oh, so very conclusive. Let’s start with the Volume One soundtrack…

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