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fdkjfh ok so my friend @homo-in-disguise wanted me to do that thing where u talk abt characters u dont know a damn thing abt bc those are always fun sO here’s 2 hours worth of me talking abt transformers
ze gave me the names & i just guessed everything else

4x01 Recap - Echoes (The 100)

Alright folks, it’s time. My show has returned, and I am throwing myself back on this ride with wild abandon.

I’m adopting my Discussapalooza style from here on out. Which is to say that this recap is going to be very long. If there are any sections that you’d like me to pull out and post seperately, let me know. Otherwise, you have been warned - I like to go in depth.

We ready? LET’S GO.

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Big Vector Bash - June - Raven

Raven is another popular waifu that I’ve gotten requests of. I got bored of the Teen Titans Go series pretty quickly though I’m not one of those spergies who thinks its bad because “NOT MUH TITANS”. Here are most of the vectors I got a chance to make of her.

Big Vector Bash Up is a monthly appreciation post(s) for some of the girls I’ve vector traced over the years where I will post all the vectors I’ve made of that particular character. If you have any requests for this particular character being vectored that aren’t here then feel free to message me (include what episode its from because I can’t be arsed to look through and find it). Like and reblog to show your appreciation for these top tier waifus and husbandzados.

With all the revitalized star wars hype, I just realized I’ve never shared this story on my blog:

When I was a tiny lil 8th grader, I was taking a Shakespeare elective with fourteen or so boys. 8th grade me got along with approximately zero of them, and they all hated each other, so it was a cesspool of uncontrollable infighting. The entire class got detention after one of those group-bonding activities where you have to rank items in terms of importance if your plane crashes in the desert, in which the entire class unanimously selected the gun with a single shot so we could play russian roulette, which was the first thing we agreed on all year.

The catch was, this class had to put on a sizeable performance (at least 20m) in the arts showcase at the end of the year. Our teacher kept insisting we do some skit about love in shakespeare, which all of us vehemently rejected because a) i was the only girl, b) romance is boring, c) everyone really just wanted to fuck around and not do work, and d) lest anybody forgot, we all really fucking loathed each other.

Someone had the great idea to suggest rewriting Star Wars in Shakespearean, which amused the teacher. At this point, anything other than Shakespeare’s Greatest Romantic Hits was appealing, and the whole class came together for the second time to advocate for the idea.

The teacher never officially confirmed that this was okay, but that didn’t matter, because shortly after the idea’s proposal the teacher got hit by a car and was on leave for the rest of the semester. And the substitute just took it for granted that Ye Olde Star Wars Episode the Fourth was already 100% cleared, so we went ahead with that, pretty much just shitting the script out of our asses and adding thous and thees to iconic lines.

And that’s how I got to douse my entire middle school in glitter from the assembly hall balcony as a hologram, screaming “Help me, Obi-Wan-Kenobi, thou art mine only hope!” while our teacher watched on in a sling and in horror as everybody took out the semester’s worth of rage on each other by smacking each other with plastic lightsabers and nerf pistols (which were definitely not allowed).

Incredibly, only one stormtrooper was visibly injured, and it wasn’t even the result of lightsaber zeal. It was during the “capture Leia” scene, where he was (obliviously) standing on one of my hair buns while at the same time yelling at me to stand up. But, as you all know, when somebody is standing on your hair, you remain on the floor. Still completely fucking oblivious, he solved this problem by opting to drag me across the entire stage floor while I screamed at him and attempted (successfully) to kick him in the face.


7.6.16 // I know..I have been gone for a while, but studying for a University exam is not as easy as in highschool (Which I am going to make a post about - a guide on what to expect and what mistakes not to do). But those of you who follow me on Snapchat (@duniakader) probably do see that I am really busy. I am trying this thing where I have to have regular date nights with my friends or else I Think I will go insane with all the studying I do. Also my giveaway is still going (winner will be annonced june 28 - the day of my last exam) ❤️ but I will be back now and post more I have a lot of Photos I just havent got the time to upload them

hey there!!

It’s me, underchara, and I’m here to deliver a friendly psa.
It’s probably going to be quite wordy and I can’t put a read more because I’m on mobile, but!!! It’s important!!!

I’ve got quite a few people asking me why I’m posting all the art that is submitted to the blog(specially the protection squad submissions). Some say not all of it is good and I shouldn’t post everything that is sent. But. Hear me.

These people poured time and effort into those, and even if it doesn’t look good for you, I think they’re nice. I got where I am because I had people to support me when I was a newbie and I’m going to support others to help them get where I am
Other than that, these people also spent time on these drawings thinking about showing them to me. You know, the sole fact that you’ve done a thing especially for someone already makes it special.

Another thing: “bad art” is not a joke!!!!!! Don’t make fun of someone’s effort!!! Your words can really knock someone down so please please please don’t make fun of newbies. Please support artists. Please let people feel happy about a flower they made. Or a cool sun with sunglasses.

Don’t be a joy killer, I will seriously block anyone who makes fun of the submissions.

I really hate using the term soul mates for anyone even in fics unless it’s specifically a soul mate AU (due to personal reasons regarding past fandom a I’ve been in) and the Hinny fandom riding the soul mate label so hard has really put me off but I had an epiphany today. Honestly, I feel like Hinny really ARE soul mates in the truest sense.

Because while it is my main HP ship and I’d prefer that they end up together when I’m perusing the fandom, I’ve always been okay with them NOT doing so as long as there wasn’t Ginny bashing. But one of the things that has always got me about fics where they don’t end up together post DH, Ginny bashing present or not, is when they are no longer friends and either dislike each other or are awkward acquaintances. Like you really think that after all those two have been through together, that even if they found themselves in different places romantically, that they wouldn’t be best friends?

Harry and Ginny, through joint experiences, interests, and personalities, are unarguably compatible. They get along, they feel like they are able to confide in each other, and ultimately they have a bond that isn’t likely to ever fully go away. Even if they don’t get together and get married they still have an extremely strong friendship that wouldn’t be easily broken. You can’t tell me that if they broke up and started dating someone else that the other wouldn’t be right there hassling them about it, giving them trouble the same way they had for the last several books.

It’s not often discussed in fan fiction but the concept of soul mates isn’t purely romantic, and can apply to platonic and familial love just as easily. Harry and Ginny’s bond honestly goes passed romantic for me and giving them a shoddy relationship to boost up a different pairing seems in bad taste to me and out of character.

I’m sorry for this post, but I needed to share my emotions

You guys, last night something just suddenly hit me and I got this little panic attack. o.k, not a real panic attack, I had one of those once and it was definitely worse, but still.  So I know like all the rest of you that Emma is gone, at least for a little while, but with all the speculations of where she is, how she’ll be as the DO, how they will get to her, how they will save her from being the DO and so on, I think I came to ignore (or chose to ignore more like it) one fact and it suddenly hit me yeasterday that for the first time in 43 episodes we are not gonna have a CS scene in an episode :(

I mean I’m sure we’ll see both of them (maybe they will save Emma’s appearance to the end of the episode) and at least Hook will be thinking of her. But yesterday I suddenly realized that I won’t be seating in my chair during the episode hoping for the next scene to be a CS scene.

That the first time we will see them after going back from a long hiatus isn’t gonna be them standing next to each other going together on a new adventure

Or him coming to bring her back home, and they have this crazy dialog in a restaurant

Or just a few minutes after they shared an amazing kiss, or the morning after when they feel all awkward and shy around each other 

And definitely not seeing them walking down the street bringing coffee to each other all happy and joyful

No :(

For the first time after a long hiatus, ever since I became a CS shipper, there won’t be a CS scene to look for. 

I’m really sorry to jump on all of you with this post, I just wanted you to know that what will bring me through this (along with the long wait for this hiatus to end) is knowing that I’ll have your support through this difficult time a head. And you’ll have mine!

We will get through this and CS will be stronger than ever. You’ll see.