all those other people are in the springs

Third house;

In the 2nd house, our personality found security and identification in its surroundings, associating itself with the things that we possess.

In the 3rd house, the personality finds its way outwards and is finally able to express itself through proper communication. This is where we become able to understand surrounding events through logic, identifying them and giving them names.

The 3rd house is where we find the rational, concrete mind that operates through reason, and this is why conditions of this house describe our experience with early school and our relationship with the concept of learning basic knowledge with concrete application. In this house, we’ll also find information regarding our siblings, cousins, uncles, aunts, neighbours and short travels; this is our immediate environment, through which we may transit freely and rapidly.

Because this house is so related to learning and absorbing surrounding information, conditions of this house describe what we find interesting in the world; this is where our curiosity is.

Sun in the 3rd house: a talkative child is picked up at school from their first day there; their eyes are happily sparkling with knowledge; their mind is in rapidly expansion. People with this placement become known for their intelligence, curiosity and way with words. This Sun’s blessings generally produce an individual able to transit easily through many of life’s departments, demonstrating great interest for what other people have to teach them. The mind is clear and is always establishing intellectual connections with its surroundings.

Moon in the 3rd house: a crying student confesses their feelings to a colleague; they talk profusely and skillfully. Books, notebooks, exercise sheets and pens gather around. The airy mind is dripping in emotional waters, symbolizing a clear, logic understanding of the emotional realm that rules relationships between people. Feelings become lightweight and change rather rapidly according to one’s relationship to one’s immediate surroundings. The mind is always active with constant rise and fall of enormous waves and must communicate its feelings to alleviate so much pressure.

Mercury in the 3rd house: a child runs joyfully, surrounded by their siblings, trees and the fresh breeze of spring; glistening written words hatch from all things. Outstanding talent with words; a symbol of a mind that is extremely receptive to new information, skilfully weaving strings of new knowledge from every experience. People with this placement are great at talking to all kinds of people, easily expressing their own points of view and interpreting those of others. This is mind that operates with multiple perspectives and is able to perceive the multitude of ways in which a situation can be handled.

Venus in the 3rd house: after travelling for two hours, a group of friends enjoys the sunshine by the beach while listening to pop music on a radio; colourful drops of ice cream paint the hot sand. Easy-going, witty and talkative, the individual with this placement is usually attracted to intelligent and versatile people who talk skilfully. There’s a great curiosity for other people’s worlds and knowledge. Relationships tend to be flexible and lighthearted.

Mars in the 3rd house: siblings are fighting in the living room, but the conflict is verbal; words cut like the bloody edges of a sword. The mind is infused with passion and competition, and is thus energized by violent surges of energy. People with this placement are passionate about an active mind like their own and their sense of conquest is activated whenever they are in touch with learning. The mind is usually restless.

Jupiter in the 3rd house: a professor is contemplated by a room filled with students; they’re waiting for their enormous knowledge to be generously offered. Jupiter’s blessings produce an individual that loves learning and communicating, and does so quite skilfully. The mind is usually embedded in a faithful and happy perspective of the world as a whole, and thoughts tend to sparkle with moral beauty and justice. Talkative and confident, people with this placement are usually great at receiving and providing knowledge.

Saturn in the 3rd house: a student considers their exam sheet, taking a deep breath; slow and steady, they go through one question at a time until all of them are perfectly answered. A symbol of great concentration and focus, people with Saturn in the 3rd are generally fearful of their own mental abilities; they don’t think themselves as smart or skilful enough and are usually shy, keeping their brilliant ideas in a bird cage until later in life, when they learn to master the beauty of their own mind.

Uranus in the 3rd house: a traveler quietly sits with their forehead against the window of a bus; the blurred, dark landscape runs quickly through their eyes while their mind explodes in sudden realizations. This is the symbol of a bright mind that works in a unique way. This is someone whose thoughts establish unusual and unexpected connections between things, shedding light onto obscure subjects. Communication tends to be erratic and somehow astonishing, maybe revealing scenes from a far away future.

Neptune in the 3rd house: a sleepy child reads a story book when a whole world draws itself from the printed words; castles rise from violet clouds; magical creatures reveal themselves from between the lines. Neptune’s blessings dissolve the logical barriers of the mind, creating a lively and fantastic imagination. The mental realm becomes receptive to surrounding energies and all things unseen find their way into enchanted ideas. Thoughts are dreamy and don’t really have a structured form, so they’re constantly being distorted and dissipating.

Pluto in the 3rd house: a wanderer enters a long lost library; shelves and shelves of ancient knowledge repeat themselves until they fade on a darkest horizon. Blessed by Pluto, people with this placement experience their immediate surroundings through symbols, interpreting other people’s hidden intentions and feelings. Maybe with obsessive thoughts, this is probably someone who carefully analyzes any incoming information; they experience an essential truth within their own minds and search for it in all knowledge they’re exposed to.

Please have in mind that these are very basic interpretations and that the chart and the individual’s life should be considered as a whole for more accurate interpretations.

Detail from Alois Hans Schram’s “Springtime with friends”; 1890.

Every true thinker for himself is so far like a monarch; he is absolute, and recognises nobody above him. His judgments, like the decrees of a monarch, spring from his own sovereign power and proceed directly from himself. He takes as little notice of authority as a monarch does of a command; nothing is valid unless he has himself authorised it. On the other hand, those of vulgar minds, who are swayed by all kinds of current opinions, authorities, and prejudices, are like the people which in silence obey the law and commands.
—  Arthur Schopenhauer, “Thinking for Oneself”, Parerga and Paralipomena

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I don't get this sudden trend to undermine and tear down Jon and Daenerys' past relationships. Sounds to me like it's coming from a place of insecurity. The ships with Drogo and Ygritte were problematic in some ways but Jonerys is too in others. I for one found Jon/Ygritte more pleasing/interesting. She had great spunk and sense of humor. She was playful and laid back which played off Jon's sullen attitude, balanced it out well. Both he and Dany are so stiff and serious, it's an overkill.

Cool story. No one’s worried about Drogo or Ygritte except the ones who can’t accept they’re the past. Jon and Dany are each other’s present and future. Ygritte is dead, Drogo is dead. Move on already. You’re complaining about people undermining their past relationships yet you’re doing the exact same thing by comparing them to what Jon/Dany have now. I don’t care if you personally like Ygritte more, that doesn’t make her Jon’s destiny or the love of his life. Both of those relationships came from a need to survive: Jon needed the wildings to trust he’d abandoned all his vows and Dany had to learn to love Drogo so she wouldn’t kill herself. They both made the best of their circumstances when they had very little choice.

What many of you fail to realize is that Jon and Dany chose each other. They’re not forced into it. They’re two people who’ve met, found a connection and formed a bond and that’s where their love springs from. They don’t have to compromise who they are to be together. This is clearly shown in the books:

Jon wondered where Ghost was now. Had he gone to Castle Black, or was he was running with some wolfpack in the woods? He had no sense of the direwolf, not even in his dreams. It made him feel as if part of himself had been cut off. Even with Ygritte sleeping beside him, he felt alone. He did not want to die alone. (Jon V, ASOS)

Jon may have loved Ygritte but he could never fully be himself with her. His disconnection to Ghost is blatant evidence of that. If anything Jon and Dany’s relationship is the one where they can be the truest version of themselves. Jon loved Ygritte but he was never his real self, how can that possibly be true love? He had to survive and when he could finally break free from her, she tried to kill him. And don’t get me started on how toxic and unhealthy Dany’s affection for Drogo was:

Every night, some time before the dawn, Drogo would come to her tent and wake her in the dark, to ride her as relentlessly as he rode his stallion. He always took her from behind, Dothraki fashion, for which Dany was grateful; that way her lord husband could not see the tears that wet her face, and she could use her pillow to muffle her cries of pain. When he was done, he would close his eyes and begin to snore softly and Dany would lie beside him, her body bruised and sore, hurting too much for sleep.

Day followed day, and night followed night, until Dany knew she could not endure a moment longer. She would kill herself rather than go on, she decided one night… (Daenerys, AGOT)

Few things make me more sick than that passage. Imagine thinking her love for him was anything but an instinct for survival, the same that it was for Jon with Ygritte. Instead of people complaining about these relationships being undermined, it’s time to see them for what they really were. It’s interesting it took Dany having to say out loud that she was raped by Drogo for people to register what actually happened to her. It’s sad and what bothers me the most about people shitting on Jon/Dany is that they won’t acknowledge that this is a relationship of choice and that what they’ve individually been through has prepared them for each other. GRRM has painstakingly created two characters with shared experiences and parallel arcs that are supposed to converge. It is destiny.

Also saying Jonerys is stiff and serious is ridiculous because it ignores the context of their courtship. They are playing roles, a king and queen negotiating an alliance while navigating their growing feelings for each other is going to be different than what we’ve seen from them before. I’m just tired of people not recognizing this and thinking it’s a lack of chemistry or a rushed storyline. It is in fact very deliberate. Lastly, I don’t care whether you like this relationship or not but there isn’t a single Jonerys shipper who spends most of their time talking about Ygritte and Drogo. Y’all are the ones who feel the need to bring them up as some sort of competition and if that’s the case, I’m afraid you’ve already lost. 

V’s blindness

hello my name is void n i am lowkey (highkey) obsessed with eyeballs. i read a lot on the subject of injuries and diseases for shits n giggles in my part time n i just rlly ;lilke eyeballs ok. dont.,,,, judge me

 i wanna discus’ v’s eyes and why its so mcfreaking w ei r d to me. certain things doesnt add up

also spoiler alert if that isnt obvs but yea boi

Ok so all artists and fanfic author have some sort of different idea to how Rika blinded V, which is chill and I love them all. But in canon there are a few basic things that have been stated or implied very specifically about V’s eyesight and I wanna piece it together.

1) It’s supposedly curable with a surgery. 

2) It’s deteriorative (V was able to drive around relatively well initially, could still take pictures for a while but as time progressed his eyes gets worse until he’s completely blind in the Secret Ending)

2.5) Bonus factor that could just be bc of art style: his eyes clouds when he’s completely blind.

3) The injury that Rika inflicted must have been pretty small scale and with specific intentions to blind him if he doesn’t receive any other injuries/damage to his face or head.

With those three factors in mind, we can pretty much wipe out any burns/chemical burns. If Rika took a pot of acid and doused him in it, he’s gonna be disfigured as well as blind unless she straps him down and intentionally takes an eyedropper to apply it only to his eyes. We can also very easily remove any severe traumatic head injuries because a lot of the time, those head injuries are permanent and also affects other parts of his body. Anything to do with retinas should also be left out since that can’t be fixed with surgery, and so should blindness from loss of eyeballs bc ofc he still has his eyes they just dont work. Heck, Jumin pretty much told everyone what exactly was wrong with V’s eyes in Yoosung’s route (I think), but his answer doesn’t sit very well with me and I will tell you why in a sec.

4) Jumin said it was corneal scarring.

This satisfies 1, 2.5 and 3 easily. Keratoplasty is quite easy and accessible if Jumin is a freakin billionaire or some shit, and the surgery has relatively high success rates (but yknow with any transplant there can be things that go wrong). Corneal scarring can cause your eyes to go cloudy. It also can be relatively easily inflicted without any damage to other parts of V’s face (scratching, throwing sand at his eyes, etc,,) But of course there are three main factors up there and… 2 doesn’t quite fit.

Thing is. Corneal scarring isn’t deteriorative until it becomes something else.

Everyone who has acquired a scar will know exactly that that scar doesn’t spread and stays the same even if you acquired it as a child and grew up (unless the injury is not fully healed and keeps getting aggravated/reopened)— it’s the same thing with eyes, so V’s eyesight shouldn’t be deteriorating 1.5 years after he was injured just because of corneal scarring. The initial injury should have already healed if he is able to keep his eyes open with relative ease and they aren’t bloodshot and tearing. His vision would be limited but it shouldn’t be getting any worse if he doesn’t have any other conditions that could affect them. 

Now we look at another factor.

5) V refuses surgery. But does that mean he refuses all treatment?

Complications can arise if you leave an injury unmonitored. What many people doesn’t know is that even people who are blind still have to get check up regularly to make sure their eyes aren’t getting worse (yes they can get worse). Heck, sometimes they have to get checked up more often than sighted people because they cannot judge for themselves how their eyes are doing without their sight. So what can corneal scarring leads to if dear ol’ V refuses to even go to a doctor for a check up?

Infections, cataract, glaucoma to mention a common few. V passed the open wound stage already though since it has already scarred over, so infection is no longer an issue. The other two, though? Them springing up after 1.5 years of no monitoring and continuous treatment sounds about right. And yes, dear readers, those two are deteriorative. And I wanna bring up a final factor that’s mentioned.

6) V can still drive up until he’s completely blind.

No, not all eyeball conditions are the same, obviously. A lot of people like to think that your eyes just go blurry myopia style but that’s not the case a lot of the time. How his vision deteriorates can play a large role and of course, cataracts and glaucoma affect the field of vision in different ways. Cataracts is the clouding of the lenses in your eyes, and it blurs your vision. It’s like looking through a foggy window. Driving through fog is already dangerous a s f u ck, not to mention that sometimes cataracts also creates blind spots that can appear in the middle of your field of vision and if that doesn’t sound like a driving disaster then idk what is. 

Glaucoma, though? Well… there’s a reason why most people don’t realise they have glaucoma initially until it has progressed and claimed large parts of their vision.

Glaucoma reduces your field of vision. Periphery goes first, but the central part of your vision remains crystal clear a lot of the times if you have no other complications. We rely on our central vision the most, so your daily lives are not affected until one day you realise that you have to turn your head a lot more before noticing something that’s just to your left. Seriously. It’s so subtle that you don’t notice you are even losing your vision in the first place. A lot of people even drive and ride bikes when their glaucoma has already— oh wait.



Bonus fact;;

Blindness from glaucoma is permanent.

Is Jumin and V aware of that?

ps. its also highly likely that cheritz just havent done enough research, or they bent a few rules bc of plot but goddamn i want v to remain blind ok. either that, or magic is involved. and magic changes everything. so how abt a second theory, eh?

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may i request both of your crush headcanons (ex: how they act/treat their crush, would they pass notes, any specific things they do JUST for their crush, etc etc) for the hosts + haruhi? :oo i'm curious to see what you two think!



  • Tamaki is dense as hell about his crush but you guys already knew that so at first he’s just putting the charms on you because he sees beauty in you just like he does with his clients
  • and he’ll just attempt to spend as much time with you as possible and call you sweet nicknames and his usual princely shit but then he suddenly starts to realise w h o a h i really like doing this kind of stuff around you
  • he ends up trying to rope you into the host cub family and gets you involved with all their shenanigans and you just end up being swept along with the tide like gdi tamaki
  • and then he starts getting JEALOUS whenever anyone else especially tHOSE SHADY TWINS gets a bit too close to be considered friendly and at first he just thinks ‘well they’re a part of our family, im just being protective’ but then Kyoya’s just like ‘nope. not doing this shit again. you like them. in a romantic sense not a family one gdi tamaki you want to be their boyfriend now stfu.
  • que sudden realisation on tamaki’s part
  • and he doesn’t really know how to act around you now so he just decides to up the charm (and gets really flustered at the same time and usually ends up embarrassing himself horribly by staring at you for too long when you’re walking together and careening into a pole or something).
  • put it this way; to him a moment when he doesn’t have your attention is a moment wasted
  • senpai wants to be noticed so badly
  • plz notice him and put him out of his misery


  • dude. its Haruhi. she has no clue that she even likes you.
  • but its pretty clear to everyone else so there’s that
  • she just makes an effort to spend time with you and hang out and she’s just always there being nice and helpful and friendly and w o w be still my beating heart just look at that smile
  • she’s so unbelievably good to you like ‘you’re worried about an upcoming test??? we can study together at my house. i’ll cook dinner!’ 
  • ‘you need notes from that class you missed?? i’ll copy out mine for you.’ 
  • ‘you lost your phone?? i’ve got time lets spend the next three hours traipsing around the building calling it until we hear it.’
  • she pretty much sees you as one of her closest friends who she admires very much because you’re really great and talented and attractive in her eyes and she - wait what attractive??
  • ‘oh.’
  • ding dong you got it Haruhi.
  • and now she’s just a big flustered MESS around you at all possible times and trying her best not to show it because is this okay am i too close or not close enough do oh no have they twigged because im acting weird they can probably tell what if they dont feel the same way somebody please kill me god damn
  • eventually Kyoya figures it out of course and sometimes he makes very sly comments when you’re around, hinting that she likes you and Haruhi just has to kind of discreetly kick him like stfu kyoya u heinous space herpe
  • not to mention the way her head just SNAPS to a conversation whenever you’re mentioned and yeah we all knew it Haruhi you are just too cute for words.


  • yeah at first he’s gonna avoid you like the plague because what is happening to him why the hell is he reacting so strongly wtf all u did was pIC K UP A PenC IL G oD
  • okay so AFTER Haruhi, Kaoru and Honey smack sense into him and he comes to terms with it its great because he’s not competing against his brother or anyone else this time so yeah he just gOES FOR IT
  • Hikaru will legit resort to any means to get your attention/an excuse to hang out
  • any means
  • srsly he’s the kind of guy who’ll throw notes at your head in class just so that you both get detention or nick your wallet or something when youre not looking just so he can ‘find’ it for you later
  • ‘you’re failing that class?? WHAT A COINQUIDINK im failing too we should totes have a study date or something’
  • ‘oh dear i seem to have spilled my coffee all over you whoops SO sorry here take my shirt and lemme walk you to class’
  • he really does take off his shirt. this boy has no shame.
  • and whaaaaaaat??? rumours that you two are dating??? he totally didnt see this coming or hope those would spring up but hey you know thats not such a bad idea >;D
  • prepare for him to be super jealous all the time whenever you talk to other people like ‘whoah hey wtf hikaru i was in the middle of a conversation’ ‘no dont talk to them i swear on my life they were leering at your ass. im just looking out for you here, they’re probably a sexual deviant. bad news stay away.’
  • whatta dweeb


  • he’s so nice what the hell Kaoru this level of selflessness is inhuman i stg
  • he just loves spending time with you and hanging out and doing things together this puppy is pretty much at your beck and call what a sweetie
  • of course that doesn’t mean you’re exempt from the light jokes and teasing that accompanies it
  • he’s basically at your side as much as he’s at his brothers (which means that you now have both of the twin’s attention well done prepare for hell and mischief)
  • but he pretty much makes himself your own personal superman like ‘wHOOPS you nearly tripped lucky i was there to catch you’ and ‘you’re off sick?? ill copy my notes for you. also what kind of soup do you like cause im coming over’
  • Kaoru is fun! He’s the kind of guy who’ll just text you like ‘are you busy?? not anymore there’s a carnival in town so get dressed, im waiting outside!’ and then he just drags you off and its loads of fun and youre just like ????? are u just being a fun friend or do u like me????
  • yeah thats another thing he’s so good of a friend that it becomes really hard for you to tell that if he actually has the dokis for you or if he’s just really friendly because he’s not FLIRTING with you like he does when he’s hosting and its confusing, but really he’s treating you differently and genuinely because he does actually like you and he wants you to stop treating him like just a friend AND ITS ALL VERY CONFUSING and absolutely perfect for a tense confession scene aww yeah aHEM we’ll totally write that if u guys request it
  • also prepare for Hikaru to get tired of waiting for his bro to make a move and attempt to be his wingman and he’s just dropping hints everywhere BUT NO ONE SEEMS TO BE CATCHING ON
  • Hikaru is 4378436% done with both of you. ‘omfg just kiss already you’ll make a lot of people happy’
  • the host club has started a betting pool on which one of you is gonna break and confess first lets just say Haruhi ends up with a LOT of moolah by the end of this charade


  • the denial is strong in Kyoya ohhh boy
  • YOU THINK HIKARU’S BAD YOU CANNOT EVEN BEGIN TO FATHOM THE SHEER AMOUNT OF DENIAL THAT IS HAPPENING HERE like he’s used to being charming and suave with his clients but this is different he actually has feelings for you???? huh??????? what is he supposed to do with those????
  • feelings are too much hassle goodbye
  • its likely that Kyoya would try to shove these feelings into a box in the corner of his mind and never ever ever think about you or how you make his heart do weird things or how nice you look when you laugh or how attractive your smile is and god fucking dammit
  • and even though he’s trying to suppress what he deems to just be a ‘distraction’ his soft spot for you still shows in ways he doesn’t realise until after he’s done it
  • ‘oh my god did i just offer them a discount what the hell is WRONG with me’
  • /i wont say im in love plays softly in the distance/
  • once he actually comes to terms with his feelings tho he starts PLANNING
  • if he’s going to do this whole ‘crush’ thing he’s gonna do it RIGHT gosh darn it.
  • he ends up using the host club to his advantage by making sure that they’re always serving your favourite food or doing a theme you like cause hey if it gets you there, he’s happy.
  • expect to run into him everywhere and every time you somehow get roped into getting lunch at really nice and expensive places with him and eventually its like ‘???? are we on a date Kyoya??’
  • ‘Well, duh.’
  • ‘oh. cool.’


  • Honey KNOWS he’s cute and he’ll be damned if he doesn’t use it to his advantage here
  • he is affectionate as hell and he’s always around you or holding your hand or giving you hugs or sometimes when he gets really confident or ahead of himself he’ll plant big kisses on your cheeks and HE GETS AWAY WITH IT because everyones just like ‘awww thats Honey-senpai for ya’
  • tbh about half of your life is spent sitting at his table eating with him because how can you say no to a face like that
  • but here’s the kicker *drumroll*… he saves food for you
  • i know right
  • like if he knows you’re coming today he will find your favourite flavour bring it to his table and protect it with his life if he has to no one is allowed to touch the desserts he saves for you
  • its terrifying tbh
  • Mori totally knows about his big fat crush tho and most of his time is spent hovering over Honey’s shoulder whispering ‘tell them’
  • he’s confident - maybe even overly so - in interacting with you as his crush, and later as your s/o,  but we think he’d actually be pretty nervous about the actual confession part 
  • like he’s super worried that you only see him as this little brother figure and he knows that you smiling at him in that way that makes his stomach flip when he does something cute doesn’t equal attraction and you guys are pretty much surrounded by these other hot people who people are falling all over and bless his soul youre perfect just the way you are Honey don’t ever change you can be cute and a boyfriend at the same time my darling


  • bruh. Mori is so unbelievably chill about this.
  • in fact, he’s SO chill that it presents a problem because it’s almost impossible for anyone but Honey to figure out that he likes you at all.
  • the one big factor? He talks more when you’re around. you bring out his more talkative (and flirty) side because he really just wants to keep your attention.
  • and you’re like ???????????????????????? did big silent Mori just FLIRT with you???
  • hell yes he did and you better respond my friend
  • doki doki
  • while he really wants to hang out with you he’s sometimes not exactly not sure how to ask, and that’s where Honey comes into the picture
  • Honey will often drag you along to spend time with him and Takashi and then have some sort of ‘emergency’ thats causes him to abscond so you’re left with Mori and Mori has no qualms whatsoever about this
  • PS Honey is a matchmaking genius
  • He also likes having study dates with you because you guys get to spend time together without relying on conversation to keep it going (also because he gets to call it a date and it makes him feel all wibbly inside)
  • spoiler alert: Mori is actually adorkable when it comes to romance
  • when he finally does confess its gonna be romantic (and surprising) as hell aww yeah

- Admin Kits and Beckett

People used to say that Enjolras was the sun of Les Amis de l'ABC. And while that certainly wasn’t a lie it didn’t tell the entire truth.

Enjolras was the sun on a cloudless day, the sun that blazed down from the heavens and illuminated everything while simultaneously throwing shadows that people could clearly recognise. He was the stark contrast to the darkness that resided in the world. Without him people liked to forget that the world was not made of only light but that there was darkness still, that every person, no matter how well they tried, had a shadow behind them, a shadow that needed inspection. Enjolras was true blazing light, impossible not to notice.

And next to Enjolras stood Combeferre. He, too, was the sun for he illuminated the world at all times. Combeferre could have only been described as the sun on a cloud-dimmed day. He gave light even when people did not see him. He was less prone to showing the negatives. Instead Combeferre distributed his light equally between the people, throwing less contrast but examining the world from all its sides equally. He inspected and argued and most of all taught what he knew so others could follow him. Combeferre was the calm light that brightened everything at once.

It was Courfeyrac who completed these two. Where the others gave more light, he shed more warmth. Courfeyrac was the sun on a spring morning, heating up skin and surrounding people with its warmth. He was the sun on a cold winter’s day giving himself up for those who stayed still long enough. And he was the summer sun, spreading heat, making people feel enough to help spark that flame that brought them into action. He loved the people and welcomed them into his arms, giving comfort and love. While Combeferre and Enjolras made people see and understand, Courfeyrac made them feel, made them observe the world with their heart and soul and made them stay and listen to what the others had to say.

Together Enjolras, Combeferre and Courfeyrac completed each other and gave themselves and all that they were to the world and its people. And even during the most miserable moments, the darkest times, even then were they present and lit the way, just as the sun lights up the world at night by illuminating the moon.

Zevran Inquisition Party Banter Part 3

potential da:o and da:i spoilers below. Read at your own risk. 


Zevran: Are you feeling well, my friend?

Blackwall: I’m feeling just fine. Why d’you ask?

Zevran: Are you certain? Ah, well perhaps you are distracted by our dashing leader’s good looks, yes? I don’t blame you, they are quite good looking. 

Blackwall: Are you going somewhere with this?

Zevran: Well you see my friend, when I traveled with my dear warden, s/he and Alistair were never surprised by the darkspawn. And yet, I noticed we had no warning about that last group of them 

Blackwall: Right. Well. …I just thought they were further away than that. No point announcing it then. 

Zevran: Hm… 


Blackwall: So. You fought in the fifth blight?

Zevran: Ah, yes! It is quite a tale! Or, well, it will be after I decide how to tell it without including the days of trekking through icy fields of mud and frozen wastes, or the many varied ways my dear warden was distracted by finding stray pets….

Blackwall: You’re not serious. 

Zevran: My friend, you have not traveled Ferelden if you have not solved at least ten personal disputes. 


post - revelations

Zevran: And I thought I was the only murderer in our merry band!

Blackwall: Don’t, please. Not about this.

Zevran: I was only going to say, my friend, that it is not every day one gets a second chance. Do not waste it. 

if Blackwall is in a Romance with the Inquisitor, and Zevran romanced the Warden

Zevran: I was only going to say, my friend, that it sounds familiar. 

Blackwall: What are you on about?

Zevran: Oh, did you not hear? I met my dear warden because I was sent to assassinate her/him. 

Blackwall: Well. That’s – heartening. Thank you. 

Zevran: (laughs) I thought you might think so, my bearded friend!



Sera: uuuugh, elves. 

Zevran: My dear woman, pardon me if I’m wrong but you too are an elf, are you not?

Sera: Yeah but I’m not all elfy like sir-fadey-bottom, all, ‘the veil is wibbly here’ and that shite. 

Zevran: (laughs) I see! Well, I can think of ten differences between myself and our shiny friend without trying. 

Sera: Whatever. Bet you can’t name one. You can’t!

Zevran: Hmmm, well. if nothing else, I have hair, my friend.


Zevran: I am beginning to feel rather like a bullseye. What has you staring my friend? 

Sera: You’ve been in Denerim, right? 

Zevran: Not in some time, why is it you ask?

Sera: When I was little there was this box, and this door and these people –

Zevran: Truly, a remarkable tale. 

Sera: Shut it, you! But there was this box, and I took it and you were there!

Zevran: Between you and me, my friend, I still have no idea what you are talking about. 


Sera: (cackling)

Zevran: (laughs)

Sera: (over the top cackling)

Zevran: (laughs longer)

Sera: (snort-laughing)

Zevran: (’evil’ laughing)

Sera: (’evil’ laughing)

Zevran: Ah, that’s my game!

Sera: Piss. 



Dorian: Did I hear right, Zevran? You were an Antivan Crow? I’ve heard of them. You don’t get many in the Imperium. 

Zevran: Well, yes. Do not take this the wrong way my friend, but it is hard to assassinate someone when so many other people have already lined up to try.

Dorian: (laughs) None taken. 


Zevran: Ugh, why this, and all the mud? Mud should not exist when it is this cold!

Dorian: And then there’s the ever-present stench of wet dog. Where does it come from I wonder?

Zevran: There isn’t even a dog, this time. 

Dorian: Blasted southern winters. 

Zevran: Ugh.

Inquisitor: It’s spring. 

if Varric is in the party

Varric: Maybe if either of you wore more clothes you wouldn’t be so cold. 

Zevran: And hide these legs?

Dorian: Perish the thought.


Dorian: Those tattoos, Zevran. Do they mean anything?

Zevran: Oh, these? (laughs) There serve only to emphasize what is already there, my friend. I have more if you’d like to see them. 

Dorian: Well, perhaps I would. You know where my tent is. 

if Dorian is in a romance with the Inquisitor

Inquisitor: I’m right here you know. 

Zevran: You can come too, my friend. The more the merrier!

Dorian: Oh, look at him blush! 

Inquisitor: (sighs)

Here’s 11 of the Killers’ biggest bangers that aren’t ‘Mr Brightside’

An absolute goldmine of tunes.

Bring out the polished sceptre and the golden, bejewelled headwear. ‘Mr Brightside’ has officially been crowned the king of all bangers. The head honcho.

If we weren’t all convinced of that already, then The Killers’ secret set at Glastonbury this year confirmed it when the crowd almost drowned out the band.

But here’s the thing. The Killers are a veritable banger factory. A goldmine of tunes. A treasure trove. They’re great, okay? We all know this. So what we’ve done for you, Dear Reader, is we’ve had a big ol’ debate and put together a list of some of their other greatest tracks in no particular order. We’re good like that.

Somebody Told Me

According to Brandon Flowers ‘Somebody Told Me’ is about trying to meet someone in a club, and yeah, those spaceship-style synths definitely bring to mind mid-2000s parties and all the neon blue alcopops that came with them. That said, it is absolutely still as danceable as it was the first time around. There’s just no arguing with that intro.


‘Are we human, or are we dancer?’ The eternal question springs up again. Technically ‘Human’ is examining our vices and virtues as people, which sounds like it could be dull in other hands. But let’s not forget we’re talking about the Killers here – those lads know how to craft a pop song. Moral crises have never been so catchy.

All These Things That I’ve Done

Let’s face it, ‘Hot Fuss’ is wall-to-wall bangers. Still, ‘All These Things That I’ve Done’ is a standout. It teeters between stiff-upper-lip and cry-for-help, and that bridge can swerve between vulnerable and defiant on any given day. We defy anyone to resist the urge to sing along.

When You Were Young

The Killers’ obviously faced a lot of pressure to perform after ‘Hot Fuss’. S’all right though, because they immediately blew any second album doubts out of the water with ‘When You Were Young’. Right from the opening riff this is Flowers & co. at their best, and the joyfully nostalgic chorus just cements the fact.

Smile Like You Mean It

Another absolute classic off the lads’ debut, with a belter of a guitar part and all. Knew what they were doing early, didn’t they? Are we allowed to sing along to guitar solos now? We might do it anyway.

Change Your Mind

Brandon Flowers has made no secret of his bands’ anglophile influences, and this one’s a pretty clear case. ‘Change Your Mind’ is more New Romantics than New Wave, though, and we kind of want those synths to soundtrack all our tentative flirtations for the rest of time.


If ‘Change You Mind’ is one of the Killers’ more British-inspired songs, then ‘Runaways’ is the other end of the scale. Despite the title ‘Runaways’ is more about sticking around than making a break for it – just imagine Brandon has grabbed you by the collar and is yelling at you to recognise a good thing when you have it (like when you hear an absolute banger, for example).

Read My Mind

Solidarity, dear reader. The Killers’ are big on it. ‘I don’t mind if you don’t mind, ‘cause I don’t shine if you don’t shine’ is a lovely lyric, isn’t it? We’re all in this together and that. Don’t mind us, we’ve just got something in our eye…

The World We Live In

All of the neon lights in Las Vegas have been condensed into this song. It makes us want to go and find a light-up dancefloor and a white rhinestone-studded suit, if we’re perfectly honest with you. We’d also have to have a serious think about the state of the world thanks to the lyrics here, but we’re sure we can multi-task.

Under the Gun

While it’s one of the band’s darker tracks, at its heart ‘Under the Gun’ still keeps the faith with the insistence that ‘heaven sends and heaven takes’. That said, the repeated ‘kill me now’ chorus is just the thing when you’ve said something stupid and kind of wish a cartoon anvil would fall on your head. We’ve all been there.

The Man

The Killer’s latest single is slick and shimmering, a musical disco ball throwing light all over the place. Oh, and a swaggering Brandon Flowers really wants you to know he’s ‘the man’. We’re inclined to agree. This is an officially certified banger.

Playlist || By Liam Konemann || Dork
📷Erik Weiss

You guys (specifically, my DM buddy @xlisaleinx!) got me thinking today. I said in a reply chain to a post by @rainmanjdog, that I believe MM’s main purpose is to help cover-up SamCait’s relationship and specifically to aid in diversion away from SamCait vacays. They pop up together at times, which can then help fill in lengths of time they are with their real SOs (Sam with Cait and her with BM), while leaving nothing significant for the press to pick up on. We all, the fandom at large, are then so busy freaking out and battling with each other, that we totally forget about those missing moments and don’t account for them. This could explain why leaks in Sam’s whereabouts (which only Sam’s people would know) end up in FB groups and all over SM about a week before sightings occur - we miss that Sam goes off the grid in those times. Let’s take a look.

First, let’s think about the start of 2016 and what we think was SamCait’s vacay to Venice in early March. The OL international promo tour is heaped on Sam suddenly at the last minute. Between OL spring promo and premiere and then Cait’s Money Monster promo, what it looked like to me is that Sam and Cait decide to carve out some personal time together on a short trip because they will be apart for some weeks. Sam cancels his con appearance (pissing off many fans) and disappears. Marina doesn’t even know where he is and publically calls him out on twitter for missing the gym. Cait pops up in Venice according to her IG. They are on SM together for days. Very, very obvious…

…which is why in addition to them being horrible at denying their relationship to the press and having increased scrutiny by the fandom, they may have needed some extra help covering up their whereabouts from LG-STARZ’s standpoint. Enter you know who. 

(Disclaimer: below are things I have pieced together. All events may not actually be involved but seems potentially relevant. feel free to let me know if any information is not accurate or if something should be added [will keep this updated])

JUNE - Winery + BB game -> to cover up -> Big Sur vacay (and a BB game)
How they did it: STARZ leak of a winery photo on FB, blurry (and bad set up) video at BB game
Evidence: Sam’s Audi promotion in Big Sur area/Cait and Tonya from Audi SM follows, Sam with arm around brunette at game, MM’s best friend was at the game (so MM probably went with her and not Sam)

JULY/AUG - Montreal -> to cover up -> European vacay (specifically Italy)
How they did it: delayed fan sighting pic
Evidence: Sam’s shoe in Cait’s IG pic, Cait fan photo (really how many people pick out Cait on her own?), “fan” potential connection to MM (from the same area of her family), MM coverup of her time with castmates at the location Sam took his MPC Montreal pic he posted months later

*In Sept and Oct, @acdoptis has seen evidence of MM and BM hanging out together in NYC which is then covered up, Sam pops up in NYC for MPC business while MM makes sure to place herself in the area

*In Nov, BAFTAs. Last minute seat change. I think this was done because LG-STARZ knew Cait would probably win… which would mean a speech.. mentioning the important people in her life… in Scotland where a number of people may know they are a couple. It was probably to dampen that (aligns with "message" in Heughan Talks). I don’t think I need to even discuss the rest of the night.

NOV - NC -> to cover up -> Iceland vacay (?)
How they did it: grocery store kale aisle (two days in a row?), Sam NC sign-MM (old?) NC bridge pic (possibly not actually together then)
Evidence: Cait mentioned a trip to Iceland over “a long weekend” in Q&A vid (could have been the weekend before Thanksgiving, same weekend Sam tweeted that he was with loved ones), Sam seemingly there when Cait was taping said vid, Sam’s tweet banter with Steven on Thanksgiving that he felt like he wasn’t cum'ing enough (frustration of cutting vacay short?), leaves Glasgow on Friday based on the taxi fan note and not before TG like fans are told, leak of info to FB right at the potential start of the vacation, fire in the NC area of pics at the time of posting

DEC/JAN - Amsterdam/Switzerland -> to cover up -> Ireland (for Christmas)/Los Angeles (pre-GG)*
How they did it: fan sighting at airport (classic misdirection since you then automatically think wherever she is, he is), Amsterdam dumpster fire IG pic of Sam-a-like from the back, delayed chef pic, MPC Switzerland IG pic
Evidence: Anon Ireland sighting (which freaked PC/WS out), MM and BM’s tall friend tagged in Billy’s London IG pic who looks similar to Sam from the back, Sam’s history of not posting his vacation location until he leaves (which would make his Jan 2 MPC post after he had left since I don’t think he would advertise his location for a week), Different snow patterns on the peaks in MM and Sam’s Switzerland pics based on photo anon (because different days), Yazzzzz, Cait’s “maybe” to Sam attending GG, Sam and Cait uncomfortableness to NYE question and Sam’s Amsterdam prolonged ramble in livestream Q&A, Sam's saying he spent NYE with friends (plural), MM and BM vacationed in Switzerland the NYE before
*which would then mean that they went their separate ways at the airport - Sam went to Switzerland with friends then Los Angeles to be with Cait, she went to Amsterdam with friends then Switzerland with BM (could be an annual NYE thing of theirs)

FEB - GA -> to cover up -> Valentine’s Day vacay (?)
How they did it: MM brother’s wedding prom pic (may I remind you, probably the same brother who was screaming “it’s not what you think!” when people who hinting at a relationship with Sam on MM’s initial Scotland IG), Sam’s GA map MPC pic, leak of info right before the potential start of vacation
Evidence: Sam whereabouts unknown for almost a week after last LA sighting and before GA, Sam IG post mentioning Cait on VDay

Anyone with thoughts? Anything to add?

more iron than they pt. 2

Summary: “I offer a deal. Your throne protected for my scar healed.” As Katara’s power fades and her kingdom fades with it, an unexpected champion steps forth with an offer that may save them all. [Faerie AU]

Notes: for @zutaramonth 2017, day six, constellations. part one | omake guys when i was nearly done i lost the whole thing and then i recreated from memory. i also cried. still more parts forthcoming, but not until day nineteen unless i get more ideas / prompts for omakes.

No one offers much surprise at the exile joining her Court. Gossip is relegated entirely to how he manages to bear cold iron, to how he survived in the borderlands for a year, to how he comes from a place far beyond their ken. It startles him, she thinks, because the Courts do not welcome foreigners with the kind of amused benevolence her Court grants him.

What breaks his stoic observance is her brother, who greets him at one of the nightly revels with a laugh. “I’ve a sword myself,” Sokka says. The swagger he’s put on has nothing to do with the alcohol in his cup. “It’s made of a star.”

The exile very carefully looks to her. Katara senses he looks for some kind of confirmation or denial. Letting her lips curve in an enigmatic smirk, she lifts one shoulder. “My brother forged the sword himself,” she says. “After the star fell from the sky.”

Sokka leaves no room for doubts. “We’ll go look at the crater tomorrow!” he says. “After we duel. I’ve been wanting a good duel.” None of this has been phrased as a question.

Yet there’s no doubt, as the exile waits and finally nods, that it had been treated as a question. It has been only a week since the exile joined her Court but it is already obvious to all who pay attention that she is the only one who can command him. Others, even if they have more influence, cannot sway him. And few have more raw power than he.

Letting out another laugh, Sokka cuffs the exile on the shoulder and disappears back into the welcoming throng. Among the higher Courts his irreverence would not sit well. Here, his clever mind and quick tongue and easy nature have gained him many admirers.

All of this she knows the exile has noticed. So she expects how he turns to her. Beneath the hood he continues to wearout of habit, she thinks, because he casts off shamehis eyes are sparking gold. What she does not expect is the faint undercurrent of anger to his voice as he demands, “Why do they not worry for you?”

“Because I am their Queen,” she says. Tilts her head. Often his eyes catch on the way her hair tumbles over her bared shoulders. As if he cannot help himself.

It is a measure of his ire that his eyes now remained locked on her own. “If I were an assassin,” he says, “I could cut you down before they would even realize the danger.”

“You are no assassin.” Sometimes she wonders that she is so sure of him. Centuries are nothing to their kind and it has been far less than that. If fae had souls, she thinks their souls would call to one another, and perhaps that is enough. Reaching forward, she brushes fingertips over his iron mark once more and relishes the way he inhales sharply before leaning ever so slightly into her touch. “And if there were an assassin…”

No hesitation. “I would slay them.”

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How did we meet? One day, a butterfly flew like a petal and made a small flutter. How did we meet and end up here? The corner of the street where we exchanged our love in spring. It was a miracle. We slowly held hands as we walked down the street together. The dandelions beneath the telephone pole swayed brightly. How did we manage to walk past all those times together? Were we able to reach love because we walked past such lovable moments? I came to believe that there’s no such thing as coincidence in love. In order to make two people fall in love with each other, I believe the universe calculates even the smallest of happenings, including the wing stroke of a butterfly. An inevitable miracle. I didn’t want to think that we met by a mere coincidence.
—  If there’s a word that’s stronger than love

anonymous asked:

Wow, ivory, I'm so sorry people aren't understanding the damn point. Its still BTS, and they're still a team, so if everyone could stop being petty and support the boys, it'd do better. Bighit isnt stupid, hobi got the most lines in wings and this time he got the least, thats okay, if he had a problem with it this wouldn't have even happened. So much immaturity and I'm so sorry you have to put up with that, wow.

Yeah the extremities that some fans are going to is really unnecessary, and again, I will keep on bringing up the fact that this has happened to Seokjin an endless amount of times throughout their comebacks since day one, though there has not been such chaos like this. I suppose, since Hoseok received a lot of exposure throughout the Wings comeback that a lot of fans expected it would continue on this way. Unfortunately, that has not really happened in the feature song  – though he was the only one who was given an extra verse in the Outro: Wings song, shares the most amount of lines with Namjoon in A Supplementary Story: YNWA, and has a verse in Not Today.

To put it into juxtaposition against Seokjin, here are how many lines he has throughout the entire comeback:

Spring Day | 3 lines and supporting vocals in 4 lines of the chorus

Not Today | 2 lines

Outro: Wings | 2 lines

A Supplementary Story: YNWA | 3 lines

And how many lines Hoseok has received: 

Spring Day | 12 (36 – inclusive of all the choruses) supporting vocal lines

Not Today | 8 lines

Outro: Wings | 18 lines

A Supplementary Story: YNWA | 15 lines

I am not providing the above information to invalidate the feelings of those who are upset about Hoseok not getting proper lines in Spring Day, but to shed light on an alternate perspective.

I think a lot of people need to start realising as well that BTS have said in the past (I am pretty sure on the Wings vlive preview that they did last comeback) that they are not all that phased by line distribution, since they all contribute to the production of the song nonetheless. Anger and confusion is always valid, but when it gets to the point of insulting the other members and the company over a process that literally none of us know about in terms of how they plan the line distribution of their songs – it is just wrong and very anti-fan.

Please read the FAQ before submitting a question

My FAQ can be found here: (x)

Many of you are asking the question…

Why was X character re-cast? / What happened to Y actor?
Typically with re-casts, there are scheduling conflicts that prevent the first actor from returning.   Even if they don’t have another production to work on, they might decide to skip out for other personal reasons. I know none of these people personally, and this is not the sort of information they would publicly divulge, so beyond the information below, I don’t have an answer.

The above is copy-pasted directly from my FAQ.  

I understand that many of you are sad and disappointed about Kageyama and Noya being recast, but I cannot speak as to why.  

For those wondering whether or not the re-casts are permanent… past experience has shown that re-casts are permanent almost all of the time.  I haven’t looked into the details of Shouhei’s schedule, but Tatsunari will be busy with other projects through next spring (so assuming they do another play next spring, he’d still be unavailable).  

In the meantime, I encourage you to keep an open mind regarding the new actors who will take on these roles, because Engeki Haikyuu is NOT an easy production.  It is EXTREMELY demanding on their time and on their bodies, and anyone who can actually tackle the work involved in this play should be respected.  

Ah so one of the requests I had was gone when I went to reply but it was basically wanting more fatherly Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan and it was for either Sithandchild (which is done people lol so no more) or twobluebirds. So here it is!

There were ten things you needed to know to understand Qui-Gon Jinn.

One, he was a man trained by both Yoda and Yan Dooku, the latter with the Force ability and the former with saber techniques.

Two, he was a man of his words but that didn’t mean he could be as slippery as an eel with how he gave them.

Three, he lived for the Living Force and did not rely on visions, he lived in the moment.

Four, he had adored having wings, breaking the laws of gravity with ease as his wings beat powerfully to bring him into the air.

Five, he had just as much adored being a teacher, first to Feemor and then to Xanatos, nourishing bright sparks and turning them into people who could think and fight and negotiate all on their own and see what kind of person they became.

Six, Xanatos fall had crushed him, had turned a once trusting and open soul into a reclusive and closed off man who only opened his heart to those who already had a place in it. Others got distant politeness.

Seven, Qui-Gon loved Tahl more then he loved himself and would always do so.

Eight, he had sworn never to take a padawan again despite how much Yoda and the council nagged and thought it would somehow heal him.

Nine, he loved to surprise people with how agile he was, his chosen form the ataru which lead a spring to his large frame and made him an even wilder wild card then they even expected.

Ten, he took a third padawan because the boy proved without doubt that he would never be like Xanatos, because the boy wormed his way into his heart and past every wall Qui-Gon had set up to keep others out.

Obi-Wan had looked at him with soft blue wings and wide eyes and slowly but surely he had chipped away until he was part of Qui-Gon.

And that was why he was curled up in Qui-Gon’s arms, soft blue wings tucked against his body as Qui-Gon’s were wrapped around the young boy as large hands gently groomed the wings that were still growing and still turning deeper blue.

That was why his cheek was resting on Qui-Gon’s chest, listening to the steady rhythm of Qui-Gon’s heart as he drowsed ever so slightly under the careful touch of the older man.

“Things are going to be alright Obi-Wan, I promise.” The man rumbled quietly, Xanatos Fallen crazed eyes fresh in mind as he tightened his wings around the boy. “You’ll see, I’ll make sure things will be alright.” He whispered.

“I know Master. You got me.” Obi-Wan yawned quietly and smiled when the other pressed a soft kiss to the top of his head.

“I got you.” Qui-Gon agreed.

anonymous asked:

Every blog always has a what if mc was a kpop star or was a amazing would the rfa and v and unknown react if mc was tone deaf and sounded like nails on a chalkboard(mostly because I'm the worst singer ever, btw I love your blog :3 )

Okay but that’s literally me too! My singing voice is so awful too so I feel you lol! I’m sorry it took me so long to write this but I hope that you like it!! :D


  • Yoosung was off in his room playing games like usual so you decided to take a shower
  • He won yet another round of LOLOL and took a little break
  • When he took his headphones off, Yoosung heard what sounded like someone screeching to a song from in the bathroom
  • Yoosung shuddered at the horrible noise and assumed that it was a song that you were playing from your phone
  • When you got out of the shower, you walked into the kitchen to find Yoosung making some dinner
  • “Hey MC what was song were you listening to in the shower? And who was the singer, they were awful!” Yoosung asked you
  • You turned your head in embarrassment and awkwardly answered “Uh that was me singing Yoosung.”
  • He immediately feels so bad and runs over to hug you almost crying as he says “I’m so so so sorry MC! You weren’t that bad, really! I’m just a little tired from gaming and I probably didn’t really understand what I was listening to, please forgive me!”
  • You told him that it was alright and that you wouldn’t try to sing as loudly anymore
  • But Yoosung still felt horrible and made your favorite dinner for you and kept reassuring you that you weren’t really that bad of a singer


  • Zen was practicing his script for a new musical that he was starring in with you - He had a long singing part that he was excited about
  • Zen had the voice of an angel and you loved listening to him practice  
  • Once he finished practicing for his solo song, Zen asked for you to practice a duet song with him
  • He started singing the first part and when it was your turn, you sang your heart out to try and be as good as Zen
  • You finished singing your part and looked at Zen excited to hear what his opinion was on your singing - Zen’s eyes went wide, how could someone as perfect as you have such a terrible singing voice?
  • “So how did I do Zen?” You asked him - He blinked a couple of times and forced a smile saying “Your singing voice is uh good MC.”
  • You smiled brightly and hugged him, telling him how excited you were that Zen approved of your singing voice
  • Zen smiled and hugged you back, there was no way he could tell you how awful your singing voice was
  • “Hey MC, how about I give you some singing lessons to make your voice even better!” Zen told you
  • You happily agreed and Zen sighed in relief
  • Even though your singing voice was atrocious, Zen taught you some basic skills and over time it got slightly better
  • Zen just made sure not to let you sing in public for both your own sake and his


  • You and Jaehee were closing up the cafe for the night after a long day
  • You were cleaning up the cups while Jaehee was sweeping the floor
  • Jaehee was singing in a small voice and your eyes lit up when you heard her
  • You knew the song she was singing so you decided to join in and sing in your best voice
  • Well your best singing voice was simply terrible and Jaehee jumped when she heard you sing - “MC… What in the world was that?” Jaehee asked cautiously
  • You smiled and said “That was me singing silly! You have a great singing voice Jaehee, we should sing together sometime!”
  • Jaehee sighed and decided to state the obvious and say “MC, your singing voice isn’t very good. But mine isn’t either so let’s not sing together.”
  • You frowned a little but agreed saying “Yeah I guess you’re right. We can just listen to Zen sing in one of his musicals instead!”
  • Jaehee smiled in relief and nodded saying that she wholeheartedly agreed with you
  • So for he rest of the night and Jaehee cuddled on the couch and watched Zen’s musicals, neither of you singing along  
  • Jaehee was silently relieved that you took the news about your singing voice so well and decided that she would tell you all about your good qualities instead


  • After another long, stressful day of work, Jumin was looking forward to coming home
  • On his way home, he thought about how he wanted to have a nice dinner with you and just cuddle each other for the rest of the night
  • Jumin walked in to the penthouse and the sound of someone’s singing was heard
  • He thought that his ears would bleed from the horrendous singing so Jumin went to find the source
  • Jumin was left almost speechless when he saw that the horrible singing was coming from you
  • You were laying down on the bed singing in your ‘unique’ singing voice to Elizabeth the 3rd
  • “MC, what’s wrong with your voice?” Jumin asked startling you and Elizabeth the 3rd
  • You smiled saying “I’m just singing a little song for Elizabeth the 3rd! We were both waiting for you to come home and got bored.”
  • Jumin gave you a confused look and said “I don’t understand. Your singing voice is appalling but it seems like Elizabeth the 3rd enjoyed it. She doesn’t even like it when I sing to her…”
  • You pouted and said “Hmph, well maybe my singing voice is better than yours Jumin! I bet you’re an awful singer too, sing something for me.”
  • When you heard Jumin sing, everything became right in the world
  • Jumin smiled when he saw your surprised look and pulled you in for a hug
  • From that night on, you had Jumin sing you to sleep every night since his singing voice was perfection
  • But Jumin still thought that even though your voice was awful, he always had you sing for Elizabeth the 3rd since she seemed to like your singing voice better than his for some very strange reason


  • You and Seven were bored one night and decided to go out for a karaoke night for something new and fun
  • Seven was extremely hyped when the two of you got there and immediately started searching for duet songs for the two of you to sing
  • Once he found the perfect song, Seven dragged you onto the stage to sing
  • It was some cheesy romance song and it was fun until it was time for your part to sing
  • Never in his life did Seven hear someone sing so horribly and the rest of the crowd agreed
  • Some people started booing you and telling you how terrible your singing voice was
  • When Seven saw you on the verge of tears, he grabbed the microphone and started singing in the worst voice that he could come up with
  • Everyone’s attention was now focused on Seven who then told him how awful of a singer he was
  • He had enough of the rude people and took your hand and lead you back to his car
  • “Why did you do that Saeyoung? I mean I know that I’m not a great singer, but I didn’t realize that I was that bad.” You sad sadly to Seven
  • Seven scratched the back of his neck and said “Well no offense, but your singing voice is kind of… bad. But there’s no way I’m letting those people get away with saying those mean things about you. They’re going to be destroyed by the Defender of Justice!”
  • So that night, Seven went through and hacked into all of the obnoxious audience member’s accounts and essentially ruined them for making fun of you
  • When he was finished, Seven told you all kinds of jokes to make you feel better and he said that he could use your terrible singing voice as a weapon against the other RFA members when they wouldn’t listen to him
  • You agreed because who couldn’t say no to this adorable dork?


  • You and V were doing some spring cleaning mostly cleaning out his thousands of pictures that he’s taken
  • V was in the other room tidying up and humming to himself in his own little world
  • But he was rudely awakened when he heard some kind of terrible singing
  • He assumed that you were playing some kind of music and went to investigate
  • V’s eyes widened when he heard the awful singing wasn’t coming from some one else, but it was coming from you
  • “Is something wrong V?” You asked as he continued to stare at you
  • “Was that you singing just now MC?” V questioned
  • “Yes it was! Why? Was it really that bad?” You asked nervously
  • V smiled telling you no that your voice was beautiful and he was just surprised was all
  • There was no way this angel could break your heart and tell you that your singing was horrible, no matter how bad it really was
  • So for the rest of the day, you sang in your awful voice to V and he only smiled, telling you how good you were
  • At the end of the day you had finally convinced V to sing a little something for you
  • And when you heard him sing, you told him that you would rather him sing than you since he was clearly much better
  • V had never been so thankful in his life at your request


  • Saeran was acting moodier than usual today and that was saying something
  • You felt bad for him since he seemed more sad than anything else so you thought of some ways to cheer Saeran up
  • You grabbed him some ice cream and sat down on the couch with him handing him a spoon
  • Saeran started to feel a little bit better so when he was done, you made him lay down on the bed to cuddle with him
  • You laid behind Saeran, stroking his hair and he seemed to be calming down
  • That was until you thought it would be a good idea to sing a little song to help him fall asleep
  • Saeran sat straight up when he heard your terrible singing and gave you a strange look
  • “MC, what the hell was that?”
  • “I was just trying to sing you a little song to help you fall asleep since you seem kind of upset… I’m sorry if I did something to upset you.” You said sadly to Saeran
  • He sighed and said “Well yeah your singing voice sucks. It’s worse than Saeyoung’s laugh.”
  • You were about to get up and leave him alone but Saeran grabbed your arm and pulled you back onto the bed
  • “Your singing voice may be awful but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to be with you. Sorry if I hurt your feelings and thanks for trying to make me feel better.” Saeran mumbled
  • You had always made Saeran feel better because of your kind heart but Saeran made a mental note not to ask you to sing for him ever again
  • Unless it was to make Seven go crazy

We met in winter
Harsh, cold, and dark
So far from the sun that we didn’t remember what summer felt like
That was the year that it snowed until April
But we had each other
And that was all that mattered

When spring came we were happy
And we didn’t even notice that the snow and ice had melted away
Because now all we knew was the joy of not being alone
Of being understood
Of belonging somewhere
And belonging to someone

Summertime tasted like cherries
And the sun was hot but didn’t burn
And we kissed more than we did in spring
Because we were grown up now
But we started kissing the people we had no business kissing
Wrapped so tightly in feeling the skin on one another’s chests
We forgot what it meant to feel

Autumn came and we fell like the leaves
Gently landing on the ground
Confused and no longer so high up
Not unscathed
But smarter

Winter rolled around again
But we no longer kept each other warm
Somehow all those old remedies didn’t seem to work anymore
We stuck together
Held on tightly
But some things are meant to be memories
After all, everything is temporary

And when spring came, we knew to let go
To start new chapters
And put new people in our photographs
And change the settings of our stories
Because while holding on feels good and feels right
It is much too tiring to do forever

—  Transitions
Don’t Forget

Fullmetal Alchemist (Edwin)

Word count: 3,893 -

Grasping the concept that love can come unconditionally is difficult for some people.

A chorus of ‘Happy Birthday Ed!’s rung out as Winry Rockbell set the cake in front of the elder Elric.

“Jeez, first you guys manage to convince me to drag myself all the way back here, but then you just had to throw me a party, huh?”

“Of course, pipsqueak. You didn’t really think we’d only bring you home from the west just to lounge about for your birthday of all days, did you?”

Pinako Rockbells tone was teasing, but to Edward, he really would have appreciated as much.

Ed never was one for social gatherings of any magnitude, and he wasn’t afraid to show his distaste. His following comment under his breath about how he would have rather settled for lounging earned him a stiff smack on the back of the head by his trusted mechanic, and sort-of-fiancé.

“Believe it or not Edward, some people actually enjoy celebrating the fact that you managed to live another year.”

“She’s right brother! You should enjoy yourself a little more once and a while.”

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Surprising Treasure

Summary: Being an omega is great and all…Tsurumaru never had to worry much about responsibility unlike alphas and can do whatever he wants. So when he planned that surprise hot spring trip for his brothers, he didn’t take into account what kind of troubles his omega status might bring. In the end, it seems he was the one who got the surprise of his life…

Pairings: Mikazuki x Tsurumaru

Genre: Yaoi

Rating: M

Author: Canna / Yellow Canna

Status: Complete (One shot)

“Hey…check that out…!”

The once rowdy street filled with food stands was now quiet with nothing but hush whispers as a young man in white slowly strolled by. Everywhere he goes, all eyes would follow that elegant figure; shamelessly taking in everything his body to offer. The target of those heated gazes was seemingly oblivious to everything around him as he wore a carefree expression on his face.

A man standing by the sideline with the other bystanders gulped down a mouthful of saliva. Fantasies ran wild in his head as he stared at that beautifully sculpted face, already having billions of ideas of what he could do with those pair of delicate pink lips.

Noticing many other males preparing to make their moves, the man panicked. He forced his way out of the crowd, his mouth open to show off the sharp fangs that had grew out at the sight of the beauty. Just as he reached out to the white haired angel, a tanned hand suddenly appeared out of nowhere and caught his wrist in an iron grip.

A threatening low growl emitted from the man’s throat, but when he glared up to the owner of that hand, he nearly wet his pants. Staring back at him was a pair of menacing amber eyes, staring at him as though he was nothing but a pile of rotting meat.  

“I-I’m sorry…!” The spineless man shrunk as far as he can get with his wrist still caught by the other. He quickly averted his eyes, dropping his gaze to the ground as a form of submission. The man was a simple, middle aged beta who had never gotten near fights in his entire life. So when faced with an alpha in his prime emitting waves of bloodlust, he could do nothing but cower. “I-I didn’t know h-he’s your omega—”

“Get lost.” The tan alpha hissed before he single handily lifted the beta up and threw him into the pile of garbage next to a fruit stand.

“Kara-bou!” The white haired omega called out. His voice was slightly deeper than the fantasies some people were having. Judging by his angelic feature, many expected a honeyed voice like most omega has. But rather than sounding out of place, the deepness in this omega’s voice was a refreshing surprise and it fit the beauty wonderfully. “What are you doing here?”

“I would ask the same to you, Tsuru-san.” An alpha much taller than the tanned one said as he walked up to the pair. He gazed down at the omega with his only eye, the identical golden hue swirling inside his pupil unmistakably revealed the three of their relationships. “Do you know how worried we are when the maids said you snuck out?”

“I didn’t sneak out, don’t make me sound bad here, Mitsu-bou.” The omega said as he put his arms onto his hips, either he didn’t care or he is truly oblivious to the heated gazes trained at that general area. However, the two alphas watching over him wouldn’t fail to notice or ignore it.

They each grabbed the omega by an arm before hauling him out of the crowded street.  

“Hey!” The white haired omega complained as he was shoved into a black limo with an alpha on each of his side.

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I’ve been developing a theory for a while now about Xena and Gabrielle that’s about how they influenced each other in personality and changed each other emotionally. I sometimes refer to Xena and Gabrielle as ‘Yin and Yang’, as to me, they are the perfect human representation of duality. Basically, what I mean by that is that they are each other’s balance. Their personalities permeate into each other throughout the course of the show and this is my theory that they become as one by the end of it.

I first want to explain what I interpret ‘Yin and Yang’ to mean. ‘Yin and Yang’ are two polar oppositions. For example; The Dark principle and the Light principle. The principles are contradictory, but they compliment each other in that one principle can provide what the other principle does not have. I use the analogy of a puzzle piece to explain this. A puzzle piece can only connect into another piece if that piece is the perfect opposite to it, otherwise it can’t fit and therefore won’t connect. The pieces in a puzzle are designed in such a way so they can fit into each other to create a bigger picture. It’s just the same as a soul mate, but I prefer to use the term ‘puzzle piece’, as it makes far more sense to me. ‘Yin and Yang’ are never separate as one needs the other to exist. Much like how you can’t have space without solid or solid without space. It cannot be either solid or space as neither principle can exist without the other there. It needs its polarity to exist in the first place. Even if these principles appear to be separate, they are not, as neither is what it is without it’s significant other or it cannot function properly without it. Understand what I mean by that? “Shadow and light are two sides of the same coin, one cannot exist without the other.” as Zelda so beautifully put it in The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess game. That’s one of my all-time favourite character quotes. Moving on….

Let’s get on to how Xena and Gabrielle are the perfect human representation of ‘Yin and Yang’ and how they influence and change each other emotionally because they are soul mates. Think about how opposite the pair are and how that might be beneficial to them in a relationship. Xena, is very mind-oriented. She thinks three steps ahead of the game. Constantly thinking, planning and measuring. This gives her extreme advantage in battle. She always knows what to do before she does it. To begin with she has a lot of trouble with intimacy and is very stiff and stoic. So, she isn’t much of a talker, other than the few well thought out intimidating lines to her foes. But because of this, she’s very good at listening to others and listening to her surroundings which proves to be very useful to Gabrielle who is very heart-oriented. Gabrielle feels, and she feels very deeply. This causes her to act before she thinks, and that gets her into a lot of trouble in the early episodes of the show, which Xena just happens to have the ability and the quick strategic thinking to sort out. To begin with Gabrielle is naïve, reckless and idealistic. But because of this, she is a fantastic storyteller and is very compassionate, therefore can offer emotional support and healing to those that need a bit of a pick me up at times, such as Xena. ‘The Promise’ scene from ‘Callisto’ springs to mind immediately. Great example to use.

Do you see how their differences in strengths and weaknesses help to aid each other? One can give what the other lacks. They feed off each other. They fill the empty spaces in their lives as individuals by being together. They need each other to be all that they are and to evolve as people. Together they are a complete whole. This is precisely what “Yin and Yang” stands for. It’s balance. The scales are equal when they’re together but unequal when apart. They balance each other out.

So, as I’ve stated above, this leads me to a theory that because Xena and Gabrielle can influence each other and change each other emotionally like this, eventually they swap over roles. The principles correlate with each other so much that they end up passing into each other and by the end of the show, Xena and Gabrielle become each other.

I don’t like the character Akemi at all for many reasons that I don’t want to get into here. However, I did really like this poetic verse she expressed to Xena that I’ve made into gifs above. To me, it perfectly describes exactly what happened to Xena and Gabrielle throughout the course of the entire show. Which leads me to the interpretation that when Xena disappeared at the end of ‘AFIN’, what happened was she transferred over the last of her spiritual essence into Gabrielle. Gabrielle had a lot of her spirit already within her which is what allowed her to touch Xena physically, when material objects like her chakram just went right through her. That didn’t happen with Gabrielle because they shared a spiritual connection that was so intense, that they are one spirit in two bodies. One body of which no longer existed but the spirit still lived on in Gabrielle. This meant that Gabrielle was now just as much of a capable warrior as Xena was and would be just fine on her own in carrying on the legacy of the Warrior Princess. Because she never really was on her own at all. Ever. Xena was always with her. She was just inside her, and therefore, had the ability to appear beside her in ethereal form from the other side even though she no longer had a physical body. This is just how Gabrielle remembered her in her heart. With such a graphic imagination as hers and hundreds of stories describing her, she could create the exact form of the woman she fell in love with standing right beside her whenever she wanted and could still physically touch her and hold her.

When you think about the entire show in this perspective… the ending doesn’t seem so wrong after all. In fact, it even seems sort of… right? It’s only upsetting if you believe that the physical is all there is. But if this show taught me anything worthwhile… It’s that the bond of soul mates transcends physical reality. Xena and Gabrielle’s love was greater than all conscious existence and it was an end in itself. That’s a good perspective to take on when it comes to ‘AFIN’, but I’ll leave that up to you. I just think it’s nice to have different perspectives on something when you don’t particularly like it. Maybe you can come to like it through a change in the way you think about it. It certainly works for me. Perhaps, it can for you. Perspective is the only thing we really have, and I wholeheartedly believe you can change something just by changing your perspective on it. Try it.

which STEM students you should fight

chemistry: it’s not that STEM students aren’t all nerds, it’s that some of those students carry around beakers of acid. even if you actually manage to punch them, they’ll spill their chemicals on you. also something about constantly drawing hexagons makes people scarily organized. don’t fight chemistry students.

biology: depends. some of them can poison you. but if they’re pre-med, they’ll probably thank you for fighting them, they’re so goddamn stressed. on the other hand, avoid fighting the neuro students. they’ll just set their lab rats on you.

physics: do you know how unnecessarily sidetracked they get? they wouldn’t even fight you. they would just attach you to a spring and calculate your natural frequency as you bounce back and forth until you vomit and don’t want to fight them anymore. 

astronomy: yeah you can totally fight them if you can find them. they’re probably in one of those creepy observing domes so if you feel like going out of your way to get attacked by an axe murderer, sure.

geology: they will hit you over the head with rocks and dump your body into a volcano. do not fight the geologists.  

math: you can fight the math majors, but there would be no fun in it. they wouldn’t put up much of a fight, their heads are so far in the clouds. they probably wouldn’t even notice getting beaten up if they’re in the middle of a problem. 

engineering: look do you want to get hit with a wrench and/or electrocuted

computer science: yes. do it. fight the CS students. every time you’ve ever gotten pissed at a computer, put that rage into your strikes. plus they’ve got such mouths, it’ll be really satisfying. fight them!