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Lorde's album; Melodrama ask
  • Green Light: Time when you danced like no one was watching?
  • Sober: Time where you felt completely out of your comfort zone, but it's ok because it was fun and exciting and new?
  • Homemade Dynamite: Favorite night you spent with your friend(s)?
  • The Louvre: Do you ever crave the feeling of being on display for everyone to see?
  • Liability: Ever felt used by someone?
  • Hard Feelings/Loveless: Describe the time where you felt like you were in a movie.
  • Sober II: What is something you broke that you wish you could fix?
  • Writer in the Dark: Someone you really miss?
  • Supercut: Song that still resonates with you?
  • Liability (Reprise): Time when you felt completely lost emotionally?
  • Perfect Places: When was the last time you felt like you were apart of something bigger than yourself?

fun fact before i forget: in russia there’s a superstition that if you sit between two people with the same name. you’re supposed to make a wish, and it will come true. it’s a good luck superstition.

so basically viktor probably hangs out with yuri p. and yuri k. in order to get all that good luck. but wait! there’s more! yuri and georgi are both forms of george so you could probably also say that sitting between a yuri and georgi will bring good luck too. just in case you ever wondered why viktor knows so many people with similar names

i have a lot of trojans hcs so here some of those are

  • when news starts to really circulate about jean being on the team, there’s a few trash magazines that try to start rumors that he’s not mixing well with the rest of his teammates, but laila quickly puts an end to that with a series of instagram posts featuring jean braiding alvarez’s hair and one of the freshman backliners painting his nails and just having a wonderful time it’s v cute
  • jeremy didn’t learn how to ride a bike until his freshman year when alvarez made him learn so they could ride a tandem together
  • jeremy did learn how to ride a bike. but they also completely crashed the tandem.
  • laila’s hair is really short because halfway through freshman year, she decided to chop it all off and then she fell in love with having short hair and alvarez loves it a lot
  • jean brings some of the sophomores out for ice cream sometimes because when he first started at usc, they would bring him ice cream if they thought he was having a rough day
  • i’ve said it before and i’ll say it 1000 times more, jeremy knox totally loves anime, and always livetweets new episodes of his favorite ones
  • laila likes to longboard with jeremy, but alvarez and jean are no good at it and instead they sit down on spare skateboards some of the juniors have and race down hills together
  • laila uses the (ง'̀-‘́)ง face at least twice a day
  • alvarez has emojis next to everyone’s contact name
  • jeremy and alvarez are both cooking buddies and musical buddies and shoutout to this anon for giving me the idea that they have definitely performed tango: maureen together. also el tango de roxanne. if it’s a tango and it’s in a musical, they have sung/danced it together while in the middle of chopping vegetables
  • jean’s favorite musical that they’ve made him watch is the hannah montana movie westside story. laila’s is chicago
  • (jeremy’s favorite is moulin rouge and alvarez adores kinky boots)
  • jean can’t cook for shit and he once made cookies that were completely rock hard but the team still ate every last one because they love and support him
  • sometimes if they’re in the same town, alvarez & laila and renee & allison will go on double dates together and laila & allison will spend half the time gushing about how much they love their gfs
  • renee calls jean at least once a week and they talk about everything together they have the best friendship
  • alvarez, jean, one of the other goalkeepers, and a sophomore striker have a little bookclub, and they meet every couple of weeks at a little coffee shop where alvarez loves the tea and jean loves the tarts
  • i love them

“ ― You have not encountered cunning or danger until you have faced a British Templar.”

*Rupert Ferris has been omitted from this work

ART WITHDRAWAL RELIEF.  Since I can’t digitally ink with the backup tablet, I decided to try out traditionally inking an RP character of mine and coloring that the other day.  It turned out nicely!  Not something I’ll do TOO terribly often, but it was a good way to finish SOMETHING in these trying, Tablet-Prime-less times.

Back to getting commissions sketched!  Hopefully Tablet Prime will be back in hand soon so I can get some inking and coloring done properly.

just miyu looking at mura with that affectionate gaze~

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Hi Emily, I'm planning to move to England! :D any advice?


hmmmm well the advice would probably vary PRETTY WIDELY depending on where you’re from, but here is some VERY SERIOUS basic stuff:

  • your relationship with tea begins the moment your flight touches down. you will be repeatedly offered tea, the procurement of tea will frequently be prioritised by those around you, and discussions surrounding tea will occur ad nauseam. if you wish to blend in, I suggest you develop a taste for PG Tips. the less milk you have in it, the more respect you earn, but if you have no milk at all, that’s weird and will be a conversation topic. two sugars in it will get a raised eyebrow; any more and you will be discussing diabetes for the next half an hour. asking for a herbal tea will likely put your host into a state of either smugness or panic, depending on whether or not they still have that fancy berry blend they got six months ago on a health kick. if you don’t drink tea at all, you will confuse people. this may be your preference.
  • talk about the weather. in any scenario. at any moment. to fill a silence, remark on the weather.
  • try a cream tea, absolutely try a cream tea. scone, yes. jam, yes. cream, yes. in that order. do not believe anyone who tells you the cream should go under the jam. this is crucial.
  • the order of supermarkets from cheap to posh is Lidl, Asda, Tesco, Sainsburys, Waitrose, Marks & Spencer; unless your name is Moneybags McGee, don’t do your weekly shop at M&S. be seduced occasionally by their delicious cakes, but do not succumb to the temptation of their full range.
  • Halloween is not such a big deal here, especially outside of big cities, because people are too shy to put on costumes and prat about. if you love Halloween, you need to find a Halloweeny clique and fight for your right to party.
  • you will frequently be greeted by a question that sounds like “higheryawright?” this is, in fact, “hiya, are you alright?” you should under no circumstances reply to this question with how you are actually feeling. saying you are “good” may seem like you’re bragging. it’s best to go with “not too bad, not too bad”, along with a knowing look at your interrogator. they will give you this look in return, a wry smile, like you’re sharing a joke. this joke is that life is shit, but you say it’s not too bad, and you keep going at it.
  • if you put up two fingers with your palm facing inwards, towards yourself, like an American peace sign, that is swearing in the UK - like a slightly softer fuck-you than just flipping up your middle finger. I used to think all the American people I knew who threw up peace signs in photos with their palm inwards were trying to be really edgy and flip off the camera. if you want a UK peace sign, you need your palm facing out.
  • the weather. I’m serious. check the five-day forecast and you have conversation topics sorted for the week.

this was all a little tongue-in-cheek friend, THE UK IS A GREAT PLACE TO LIVE TBH we have big diverse open-minded cities and beautiful countryside. and it’s full of people, which makes it the usual human blend of terrible and stunningly beautiful and boring and awe-inspiring. it rains a lot, too. 

if you want some more specific tips/answers, feel free to ask!! I’m here for being a resident Brit ;D <3

I can’t handle the ships that just obviously love each other so damn much. The ships where their entire world revolves around each other and they look at their lover with stars and galaxies in their eyes. The couples that can’t dream to be in a world without the other or the pairings that need each other to breathe. I can’t handle it when they practically radiate love and affection, and I my heart lurches when I see/read them doing anything that implies that they are nothing but the world to each other. The ships that are just the definition of unconditional love. I can’t handle the fact that if something goes wrong, both are hurt equally. I can’t stand it when the pain one feels is so strong or influential that both their world seems to fall apart. The ships that are one and the same, the ones that are one entity, encompassed by just how much they love each other. I can’t stand those kinds of ships because it’s just so beautiful and pure that reading/seeing so much love being shared between two people makes it feel like i’m looking at the sun and god, if one day I could achieve that for myself then wouldn’t that just be absolutely wonderful.

  • <p> <b>friend:</b> what u been up to this weekend<p/><b>me:</b> readin<p/><b>friend:</b> readin what?<p/><b>me, (side eyeing a 157k fic):</b> ummm<p/></p>

i cant stop listening to this song for three days now

so Anatomically Incorrect Gay Doodles are a must

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28, 35, 36, and 40 for the OTP prompt!


I went WAY overboard with this one omg. But I drew basically everything I missed drawing in one shot. Glasses, ponytail, FLANNEL Yuugi! Let’s also call this ‘Atem meeting Yuugi at the train station when he comes home for break from college’ :DD


(Here are the next two! I will reblog this again with the next set later, I can only do two at a time, these took me long enoughXD)

Good Ships

This is a post in response to another one who thought it would be a good idea to make a list of all the ships they deemed to be “gross”. So here is a list of all the ships that are good:





























-Daisy x Adam Driver







-Steven/Any gem 









-Hikaru/Kaoru (OHSHC)








-Dirk with any female

-Kanaya with any male 









-Any troll d/ancestor with their descendant 
































-the Diamonds with any of their Pearls








-Mikan/Ibuki and/or Saionji





-Chilli p/female characters 

-Salt/male characters 

-Nox/male characters 


-Chilli p/Vinegar 

-Error/most characters 



-Gin and Tonic (GinnyXVoldemort)






-Lucius MalfoyXHermione 

-Shilo x Graverobber

-Jean ValJean x Javert 

-Cosette x Eponine

-Jehan x Montparnasse

-Eponine x Gavroche 

-Chara x anyone

-Flowey x anyone

-Literally every ship. Every ship is good. 

That was all the ships listed in the version of the post that I saw (minus a few repeats) so I hope that’s all of them. If anyone ships these and experiences hate for it I just want you to know that you are amazing and don’t deserve to be treated the way antis treat you. Feel free to list more amazing ships if you guys want. 

-Mod Night

I heard you like AUs in your AUs???? 


And then there were three.

I checked out my old games, and yep, only the three to the right have working internal batteries. That Japanese Red is still kicking, miraculously! An old friend bought it used in Japan well over a decade ago.

Also the back of the Japanese Crystal Version is really neat so I threw that in