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get to know me: favorite female character → the ‘avatar: the last airbender’ girls
“I’m a warrior, but I’m a girl too.”

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Google "Dutch braids" before spewing racism. Seriously, Google it. I wish I could be a fly on the wall when you see what comes up. White women can't wear it, eh? Well, tell that to the Dutch of 900 AD...

You’re a bug already honey. That post EXPLICITLY points out white people wearing braids popularized by BLACK people, specifically in a ‘hip hop’/’urban’ context. Don’t get all twisted up bc you put your hair in braids a while back and thought you looked fly like all of those instagram girls, boo. You, Katy Perry, and all other ugly-hearted little white girls can get fucked and just admit that you’re commodifying Blackness like everyone else.

Oh and by the way? Here’s the really fun part: when it comes to that double-braid, ain’t NO ONE IN AMERICA dressing like a Dutch person. Every single person wearing that hairstyle on trend today is hearkening back to either girls in the hood or native americans. Why? Bc white people hate being white and don’t carry their own cultures. Which is why you have ppl wearing double braids and hoop earrings with long acrylics, double braids and typing in AAVE, double braids and ‘free spirit’ fashion and a ‘boho’ headband. No one cares about your Dutch shit at all honey and you know it. Thing is, that’s y’all’s fault.

So take a sip of that. You were a damn fool to come to my inbox with this foolishness first thing in the morning.

And bitch? Telling white people they’re appropriative isn’t racism. White people being appropriative is. Get the fuck away from me you disgusting little snowflake oppressor.

Monsta X reaction to their crush being insecure.

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Shownu: “I don’t think any of those make you any less beautiful. In my eyes, you are one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever seen. And I love you the way you are.”

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Wonho: *sulkily* “Don’t undermine yourself just because you don’t have some features other girls have. Everyone’s different and if I thought those types were any better than why would I have fallen in love with you?”

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Minhyuk: “You look so beautiful without me wearing glasses and when I wear glasses, you look breathtaking. Would you believe me more if I told you I loved you?”

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Kihyun: *in disbelief* “What? You think you’re ugly? Why? You outshine all those other girls! Comparing yourself to them is like comparing the sun to a light bulb. I wouldn’t lie to the one I love.”

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Hyungwon: *smiles* “Can’t believe the person I love, thinks so low of herself.”

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 Jooheon: *firm* “You’re cute and that’s it. I don’t like hearing the girl I like say such things about herself.”

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I.M: “What?! My crush and not hot?! Those two don’t go well with each other.”

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For all those girls who feel "ugly", "out of league" or "not enough", stop feeling like that. You're beautiful on your own way. Beauty is inside of you, don't care about what people say of you, i mean, it's like you don't buy a coke and throw away all of it just to keep the bottle, right? The good thing is inside, so just don't believe yourself ugly or anything like that, you're amazing and there's someone for you out there who likes you just the way you are, beautiful. Be positive, love urself.

I love this! Important!


ty based wizards for giving us confirmed lady goblins who are weird and ugly, like goblins are supposed to be

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i feel u, last week my teacher put paul's performance of yesterday and a girl said: "ew those beatles were all ugly, especially that one, he's so fat" i wanted to say: "shuttup bitch, u r the fat and ugly one"

  • me: i feel ugly today.
  • the world: don't say you're ugly, there are people who wish they looked like you! don't put yourself down. you are perfect.
  • me: i feel super pretty today and, look, i took selfies because of it and i think they came out really pretty too!
  • the world: ummmmmm, calm down and don't be a cocky, vain bitch, please. sure, you're pretty, but you're not a fucking goddess so shut up and be humble. thanks.
  • me: literally fuck all of you.
  • Erza: Where is that idiot?
  • Lucy: Wow, you're gonna have to be waaaay more specific.
Block-B reaction: When they are trying to flirt with you in a nightclub


“Hi beautiful, I-I liked y-you s-s …”*goes blank and starts to laugh*


“Hey baby, I like you, and I’m sure you like me too, do you want my phone number?”


“Oh, wow, look at you, you are so pretty… Don’t you think I am handsome too? We could be a nice couple.”


*In sweet tone* “Hey, how are you? I couldn’t help but keep my eyes on you, you are very cute.” *smiles shyly*


“Hey girl, look at all those ugly guys” *point to the other members of Block-B* “I’m much better than them, don’t you think?”


*With seductive voice* “Hey girl… I noticed you were looking at me. Do you want this all? It can be yours, don’t miss the opportunity.”


“Hello cutie, do you want to chat a bit with me?” *Does aegyo*

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Ich wurde von kleinstadtbegehren getaggt bzw nominiert für die #20beautifulwomenchallenge - danke dafür! 

Ich habe dieses Bild ausgesucht. Ich trage auf dem Bild kein perfektes Make-up, im Gegenteil. Ich trage keins. Ich habe keine besonders schöne Frisur auf dem Bild. Ich lächle nicht in die Kamera und hoffe auf ein gutes Bild. Dieses Bild ist nicht ausgewählt worden, nachdem ich 150 Versuche gebraucht habe, um es zu schießen. Es ist nicht geplant gewesen, noch weniger ist es besonders gut oder gar perfekt geworden. Aber es ist echt.  Ich lache nicht ein Rihanna-Lachen in die Kamera und sehe dabei super aus. Ich lache, mir laufen Tränen in die Augen und ich sehe aus, als müsse ich tatsächlich weinen. Aber ich bin glücklich. Und ich möchte behaupten, dass ich 100 mal Glücklicher war, als ich diesen Schnappschuss entdeckt habe, als ich es jemals nach 30 perfekten Selfies sein kann oder werde. 

Schön, hübsch - Wörter, die durch die Medien eine so falsche Bedeutung oder Definition bekommen haben. Schön ist nicht der, der die weißtesten Zähne, die längsten Haare, den dünnsten Körper oder die größten Büste hat. Schön, wirklich schön sind für mich ALLE Menschen, die dies auch ausstrahlen. 

Du hast eine Zahnlücke und lächelst trotzdem unheimlich gerne, egal wie sehr man deine Lücke sieht? - Mache es! 

Du hast nicht die Maße 90-60-90 und liebst es, im Sommer schwimmen zu gehen? - Was hält dich auf? 

Du bist die einzige mit Naturkrause unter deinen Freundinnen? - Zeig ihnen, was du mit deinen Haaren für tolle Frisuren zaubern kannst! 

Wir sind alle verschieden und wir sind alle perfekt, so wie wir sind. Ob mit Zahnspange oder ohne, mit kurzen Haaren oder langen, mit Übergewicht, mit Brille, mit Piercings, ganz egal. Die Hauptsache ist, dass WIR uns wohl fühlen und WIR uns schön finden und das auch ausstrahlen. Es ist erstaunlich, wie viel schöner wir uns fühlen, wenn wir es der Welt zeigen! 

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Hate - Ashton

You stifle your sobs as you heard the front door open, from where you were seated in the kitchen. You exited off Twitter and quickly stumbled over to the sink, pretending to wash dishes.
“Hey babe.” He said as he walked over to you and wrapped his arms from behind.
You focus, making sure every syllable you speak sounds smooth, and without a crack, “Hey Ashton.” You cringe slightly, noticing that you normally didn’t greet him that way when life was good.
He took his arms from around your waist and spun you around slowly, so your tear stained face was facing his beautiful complexion, “What’s wrong?” He asked with a furrowed brow.
You take away your blood shot eyes from his incredible hazelish-green ones, when he gently takes your face with both hands so you have no choice but to stare at him. You brace yourself a symphony of tears as you think of a way to explain this to him, without sounding completely pathetic and weak.
“I-I… hate Twitter so much, and all the insults those girls tweet me. They tell me I’m fat, ugly, worthless, stupid, a gold digger, that the only reason you are with me is due to pity. The list goes on.” You take a moment to compose yourself, “I just so badly want to be confident and strong, not caring about other people’s opinions, but I can’t. I feel as though there is this giant wall blocking me from the boldness I desire and am being pushed farther and farther away from it everyday. I don’t really like me, at the moment. They have hurt me so badly, for so long and I feel pathetic that the words of some petty girls are what finally broke me. I… I just want to love myself.” You say in between giant, wet sobs.
He wipes away your tears that continued to flow. He looked down at you, then put his lips on your trembling ones, giving you one soft kiss as he whispers on your lips, “I love you,” “The only opinion you should listen to, is mine. You are so incredibly perfect and strong in my eyes. You have a beautiful, selfless heart that strives to do good all the time.” He lifts your face, with his finger, from the it’s gaze set on the floor, “My love, you are the most gorgeous woman I have ever seen. You have no idea how much you mean to me. Your pain is my pain.” He says, shining a small smile. “No one else baby.” He whispers. You look up at him, his face smiling his beautiful, dimpled smile. His messy mop of hair, going in all directions, being restrained by a red bandana.
“I love you, Ash.” Your creaky voice let out. His lips spread wider, smiling bigger that before.
“I love you too.” He responded, kissing you deeply. Assuring you, in one simple gesture, that you two would be together till the end.

Sorry guys, that one kinda sucks. Tell me what you think??

‘You never know what you’ve got 'til it’s gone’. 

This phrase has never been more relevant than it has been over the last couple of days. I used to hate my smile in photos and did whatever I could to avoid 'selfies’ of me smiling, purely for the fact that it made my cheeks look a little bigger and I wanted oh so much to look like one of the skinny girls. I never thought I was particularly pretty and I did so much to change my appearance just so I could look like someone else. But looking back on it now I was just so stupid. This picture of me is beautiful. So much better than the monster of a face that I see when I look in the mirror. I’ve lost my smile now and I don’t know how long until it will be back, or if it’s ever coming back again. You see, I’ve recently developed Bell’s palsy - a paralysis of the face, leaving the right side of my face effectively completely paralysed. I can’t smile anymore and one eye remains constantly open. I dribble when I eat or drink and I find speaking quite difficult, especially in the mornings. The doctors don’t know how long this will take to fix itself, it could be a matter or months if I’m lucky. Some case last a couple of years. Some people never recover, they just can’t tell for now. It’s not a dangerous condition and no real harm is going to come from it and for this I am so, so grateful. But it has taught me a very valuable lesson. 

I didn’t do this post for attention, or ever for sympathy. I am posting this as a message. For all those young girls out there who say they’re ugly or there’s something about them that they want to change, you don’t mean it, not really. There are always going to be 'hotter’ girls out there or girls that you aspire to be, but that’s not you. That’s not the person you want to be, I promise you that. You, whoever you are reading this, you are fucking beautiful. So don’t you dare change for the world. Okay?