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PSA: Reylo and Three Act Structure

“Johnson says that The Last Jedi offers “no one-to-one equivalent of the Han-to-Leia, burning, unrequited love. In our story, that’s not a centerpiece.”

- Vanity Fair, May 2017

No worries. This is Act Two (Ahch-To, if you will) of a story being told in three parts. We’re not going to see Kylo and Rey setting up housekeeping in The Last Jedi - that wouldn’t make any sense within the structure of the story.  Perhaps because we in the Reylo Fandom have spent so much time living with and dreaming about these characters, we tend to forget how far they still have to go in their respective journeys. 

Once it finally arrives, we’ll be mining TLJ just as we did TFA. We already know that we’ll be meeting a more human Kylo Ren for whom patricide isn’t really working out as he’d hoped, that Rey’s meeting with her hero isn’t going to go quite as expected, and that Luke Skywalker’s views on the Jedi have turned in what appears to be a pretty dark direction. We left TFA with the Resistance in tatters and on the run, and there’s no reason to think it’s going to get better for any of these characters in the upcoming film; in fact, I expect a writer/director of Rian Johnson’s talent to leave us in agony at the end of The Last Jedi. I was a young teen when Empire came out, and if Johnson doesn’t deliver at least that same level of excruciating having to wait-to-find-out-what-happens-next that I experienced back then, I’ll be disappointed.


In short: We are approaching ACT TWO. It’s going to get worse before it gets better.

That doesn’t mean Reylo isn’t endgame. It just means it’s a sloooow burn - and we all know slow burns are the best. It’s worth noting what Reylo could look like within the universe of the film. It’s entirely possible that the blossoming of a full, canon relationship between Rey and Ben could be expressed in the final frames of Episode IX by something as small as these two characters turning towards each other, joining hands, or making freighted eye contact. 

Will the storytellers give us romantic Reylo on screen by the end of IX? I hope so. We’ll see. For such a long wait, I’d love to see that payoff for two lonely characters who are seeking belonging and family. In the meantime - well, I think Ao3 is at 3,000 Reylo titles and counting. 

You all don’t need me lecturing on the power of storytelling. Keep the faith. All will be well.

tl;dr: If you want ammo for ant battles (though seriously, just have a block party, it saves time and aggravation) feel free to make use of this explanation of three-act structure, pulled straight from Wikipedia:

Three Act Structure:

The first act is usually used for exposition, to establish the main characters, their relationships and the world they live in. Later in the first act, a dynamic, on-screen incident occurs that confronts the main character (the protagonist), whose attempts to deal with this incident lead to a second and more dramatic situation, known as the first turning point, which (a) signals the end of the first act, (b) ensures life will never be the same again for the protagonist and © raises a dramatic question that will be answered in the climax of the film. The dramatic question should be framed in terms of the protagonist’s call to action, (Will X recover the diamond? Will Y get the girl? Will Z capture the killer?).[1] This is known as the inciting incident, or catalyst. As an example, the inciting incident in the 1972 film The Godfather is when Vito Corleone is attacked, which occurs approximately 40 minutes into the film.

The second act, also referred to as “rising action”, typically depicts the protagonist’s attempt to resolve the problem initiated by the first turning point, only to find him- or herself in ever worsening situations. Part of the reason protagonists seem unable to resolve their problems is because they do not yet have the skills to deal with the forces of antagonism that confront them. They must not only learn new skills but arrive at a higher sense of awareness of who they are and what they are capable of, in order to deal with their predicament, which in turn changes who they are. This is referred to as character development or a character arc. This cannot be achieved alone and they are usually aided and abetted by mentors and co-protagonists.[1]

The third act features the resolution of the story and its subplots. The climax is the scene or sequence in which the main tensions of the story are brought to their most intense point and the dramatic question answered, leaving the protagonist and other characters with a new sense of who they really are.[1]


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I think Emeraude's choice of words may have been a bit unfortunate. I think it's more likely she was talking about the Magnus flashbacks we're gonna get, apparently. Not necessarily actual Malec flashbacks, just Magnus telling Alec about his childhood or something like that.

Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. Like she probably just meant that there will be a Malec scene with Magnus showing Alec some flashbacks. 

I think what got us all “confused/hyped up/…” is not particulary the possibility of a kind of fix-it-Malec-2x07-scene but more like… her wording: “situation”??? But well, we all know that Emeraude is always so vague and kinda unsure what and how to tease so, my rational self is slowly coming back and telling me… to calm the fuck down. Because we all know deep inside what she actually meant. ;)

All The Devil’s Men

XV. A Disgraced Child

[First] [Previous] [AO3]


“Whoever robs their father and drives out their mother is a child who brings shame and disgrace.”
Proverbs 19:26

There was something to be said for the dark, Aaron thought.

The dark was secretive. Safe. The dark allowed for him to close his eyes, and imagine he was somewhere else.

With someone else.

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the main thing holding people back from wanting to model for moi it’s that they believe they’re ugly. may i please say, trust me, you’re not. you’ve never seen yourself from an outsider’s pov. you’ve never seen yourself from SO many angles. one time a friend said “you photograph me the way i want to look” – you do look that way you just can’t see it in your iphone 6 selfies!! trust me, you are all beautiful in so many unique and wonderful ways, you just never see what everyone else sees

Rian Destroyed Reylo?

I think not. Not at all, really.

What Rian SAID was that The Last Jedi offers “no one-to-one equivalent of the Han-to-Leia, burning, unrequited love. In our story, that’s not a centerpiece.‘” What came before that about Reylo and StormPilot was written by the person who wrote this article. The quote above was all that RIAN JOHNSON said about it there.

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Listen, I’ve been a fangirl for a long time, and a minor Star Wars one throughout my whole childhood. It didn’t become an obsession until The Force Awakens - because, let’s be honest, it was infinitely better than the prequels I grew up  with, and the new characters are simply the squishiest cinnamon rolls ever. ‘Nuff said.

I’ve been through the ups and downs of dozens of fandoms, and frankly, I’m quite used to disappointment. My OTP pairing were very rarely canon. And if they became canon at all, it wasn’t until one of the last books, seasons, films, etc. This doesn’t surprise me the least bit.

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If they did manage to fit a Reylo romance in between everything else that’s going to go down in The Last Jedi, I’d be more than a little shocked. Because we’re obsess-ees on Tumblr, we know all of the head-canons, theories, ships, OTPs and NOTPs Star Wars has to offer.

But the normal people, with normal lives and normal interests, who will also being going to see this movie in December, would probably short-circuit if they were presented with a sudden onset of REYLO in even a *fraction* of the intensity that we fantasize about.

Mass pandemonium would ensue…

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Those same normal people who did not sense any underlying sexual tension or foreshadowing in TFA would lose their rainbow marbles at the “sudden,” “shocking,” and “unexpected” attachment between the heroine and who they see as the main antagonist.

It would be all “no build up” this, and “crappy storytelling” that, and some particularly salty person might even make a Twilight love triangle reference, and it would all be over. Reylo = OFFICIALLY DESTROYED

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But take heart, my beloved fam! I do not see that happening here.

They may very well take this opportunity to present the concept of budding Reylo to the normal audience - very, very subtly. I think they’ll at least shine light on the Kylo redemption theory, if not set it in motion.

Normal people don’t ship the heroine with the “main villain”, they just don’t. So Kylo turning to the light will have to at least been made a possibility for any form of Reylo to work in Episode 9.

As for what to expect of this pairing by the end of the trilogy, who knows? It’s only been stated that it’s not a “centerpiece” in the plot and it’s not a Han x Leia doppelganger romance. (THANK GOD FOR THAT.)

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As beloved as these characters are and will always be to us - let’s face it, their romance was on the awkward and juvenile side. Most of the time we saw them, they were fighting. It reminded me of how kids used to act around the people they liked in middle school. It will always be a treasured pairing in the Star Wars universe, but I would rather not see a repeat. We all know how that ended.

This statement by Rian doesn’t kill Reylo. It just tells us what it ISN’T. It’s not going to take over the story (in the way that Anidala kind of did in Episodes 2 and 3), nor will it be the in-your-face iconic, passionate, stress-fest that was The Princess and The Scoundrel.

It could be something entirely new to the Star Wars movie universe. And something entirely charming, in it’s own way, however subtle, understated, or even - YES - platonic, it may be eventually presented.

And I, for one, would be a very proud fangirl to see so many people’s hopes and head-canons come to pass.

This is definitely not the end of Reylo, guys. I wouldn’t sweat it. We should just enjoy the development of Episode 8 and the excitement all our new theories will bring us. Just have fun with it, okay? I feel we’ve kind of lost the fun in all the discourse. I can’t wait to see how they surprise us.

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With the amount of stretch goals b.a.p’s makestar project is hitting, opening the package when it arrives is gonna feel like christmas

So remember that Middle Earth one-shot DnD campaign I went on? I got invited back for a 3-week long campaign. So far the on-going adventures of my delightful Ereborian dwarf, Sigrid Arkensky include the following:

  • Swearing an oath of fealty to the line of Durin and subsequently heading up a network of spies that work against Bard because she blames him for her king’s death.
  • DM liked the sound of her family’s name so now her family is credited with being the original miners who first broke through to the Arkenstone. Making her now a literal Arkenstone Guardian.
  • She cut a highwayman in half when she caught him robbing an old man coming in to Lake Town.
  • She’s not really that happy at having to play at diplomacy with Bard and being sent all over the land at his whim.
  • Do not fucking offer her payment to get her to do you a favor. do NOT OFFER HER MONEY SHE WILL ASSUME YOU ARE INSULTING HER HONOR.
  • “What’s your distinctive quality?” Vengeance.
  • She has ravens she used to send messages back to Erebor about the missions she and her team are being sent on.
  • She drank a fully grown elf of Mirkwood under the table. (By that I mean the person playing our resident elf rolled a critical fail during our drinking contest and it was magical.)
  • She’s just been informed she has to go meet with King Thranduil.
  • Ask her how t h r i l l e d she is by this.

Marichat May Day 2: Purring

headcanon time because im trash

Not everyday is a good day. Adrien knows that. He also knows that his purring is useful to calm people (especially children during an akuma attack. Kids like the sound of it and that way he can do his job quickly).

So when Marinette has a bad day he tries to  do the same she does when he feels down: be there for her. And he use his purr to calm her a little. This purr is lower and longer than the ones he uses for kids, since he is not in a hurry and wants to express better what he feels.

Also forehead touches are a Marichat thingy, fite me.