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This video was so distracting to make. All those tines and ink and flex…. 🤤
Pens: Parker Vacumatic, Waterman 94, Waterman 94
Nibs: EF flex, EF flex, Music
Inks: @montblanc Lucky Orange, @pelikan_international Royal Blue, Toucan Aqua
Paper: Rhodia R
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Killing Stalking Chapter 30: Pipe Theory
- So in the first 2 panels we can see the pipe that Suengbae dropped when he broke into Sangwoo’s House. It rolled under the bushes and he thought it would be fine since you couldn’t really see it.
- In the 3rd Panel (also from Chapter 29) it really looks like Sangwoo did see the pipe. Which is why he was questioning Bum when he came back home in Chapter 30.
- The 4th and 5th panel show Sangwoo coming into the kitchen and leaning what appears to be the pipe up against the wall.
- 5th panel is Sangwoo’s and Suengbae’s showdown going into the Kitchen. Notice anything missing?
- 6th panel, I can’t really see where Suengbae could be hiding that pipe and he is still seen holding the Tazer. Remember he was the first in in the kitchen before Sangwoo.
- 7th through 9th panel, All we can see is that someone got hurt here. There really is no clue to as who but maybe Suengbae did pick up the pipe. Theres really no telling until the next chapter.
- There’s also a theory of Bum stabbing Sangwoo in the back and with his character and everything he’s been through I just can’t picture it. I’d be very surprised if Bum stepped up after all this tine.
Dedicating this theory to @0hsangw00

It hurt - Bucky Barnes

Pairing- Bucky Barnes x Reader

⚠- Angst??

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It hurt. How he let go so easily. How he never looked back. How he was so cool about breaking her heart. (Name) couldn’t stand it, the pain. She couldn’t stand each girl he brought hone after that, or how he lingered around the kitchen after that, wanting her to notice he’s moved on.

So she packed her bags and left, not wanting salt rubbed in her wound again. “Please tell me you’ll be back, spunky. Its no fun without you.” Tony said as (Name) stood outside he Avengers Tower, hugging everyone. “I’ll try, Tony. You know I dog want to leave either. It’s just… You know, with him around…”

“He can leave, if you want.” Clint said, and she shook her head. “I have another home, another family; he doesn’t. Leave him be.”

Steve sighed as he wrapped his arms around her. “I’ll miss you, sweetheart. You do know he doesn’t deserve you, right?”

(Name) chuckled and pulled away. “Of course, Captain. I’ll keep in touch, okay? See you guys.”

A while later

(Name) sighed as she ran home, trying to escape the pouring rain. “Of all the tines, it had to rain when I didn’t get my umbrella, right?” She muttered, cursing every god she knew.

She slammed her door shut behind her and panted, running a hand through her wet locks. She looked up, and her heart stopped, all blood leaving her fad at the sight of the person before her.

“What do you want, Barnes? How did you fi-”

“Steve. Doll, I just want to talk.”

“Save it. Get out.” Bucky stepped forward and gently cupped (Name)’s face. “Please. All I require is five minutes, baby.”

“Two. Go.”

“(Name), I’m sorry for what I put you through. I really am. I thought you’d be happier without me, because I never seemed to have time for you. I bloody broke my heart in two to let you go, I did. My-”

“Bullshit.” (Name) growled, glaring at Bucky as tears slowly formed in her eyes. “You though I would be happier without you? Oh please. You knew how I suffered without you. Of course I felt neglected when we were together, but I was happy I at least had you. And you took that from me. It hurt, Bucky! It still hurts! After one fucking ye-”

“One year, five months, ten days, doll.”

(Name) bit her lip, tears falling down her face as she clutched her dress harder. Bucky surged forward, grabbing her face and crashing his lips against hers. Both of them grabbed each other, trying to pull themselves closer to one another.

Bucky gripped her hips roughly and pulled her closer as (Name)’s fingers got lost in his brown hair.

Both pulled away from each other a while later, breathing heavily. “I missed you, (Name). One chance?” Bucky whispered, brushing tears off her face and she looked into his eyes.

“Fine. One last chance. Just… Don’t break my heart over something so stupid again.”

“Yes, ma'am.”


11.26.16 / you can do it

aced the theo test yesterday! i’m studying so hard this year because i really want to continue my dean’s lister status. hope i do so!

tine update, tho! our film got accepted for this year’s Mindanao Film Festival and i’m so happy our hardwork paid off!! you can all help out by liking and sharing our page and trailer which can be found here: Love. - A Short Film
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hope everyone has a great, productive day!! 🌸🌸

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Omg I meant the original on the GameCube cuz I have that lmaO;;; (tbh I totally forgot they remastered it heheh)

OH LOL I don’t even have a GameCube;; I have a Wii though, that’s how I usually play GameCube games (Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door and Spyro: A Hero’s Tail are the only ones I have and they’re the BEST ONES)

Și mi-am promis și mie…

Mi-am promis că o să fiu mai indiferentă, că mă distruge pe mine iubirea pe care i o port, dar cum doamne să fiu indiferentă când mie îmi fug lacrimile și chiar ele se ceartă cu orgoliul meu când văd că nu sunt bine cu el? Se pare că acele lacrimi sunt mai puternice decât tot orgoliul meu, se pare că indiferența chiar nu poate apărea când iubești, se pare că-l iubesc cu adevărat, se pare că sunt conștientă că mă distrug singură și conștientă, continui să-l iubesc.

[Mark] Teacher's Pet (Chapter 85)

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“He saw her yesterday.” Bea says wearily, as if the expression of shock on my face looked like confusion. Honestly I’m both shocked and confused…and angry…and hurt. It’s not just seeing her, it’s a date.

“No he didn’t. He went to a gala with her. He took her to a function.” I mutter. He gave her my spot, he replaced me. Fuck! My scalp starts to prickle. It’s Ellie, goddammit. For years he told me she didn’t interest him, and then he does this. I can’t bring myself to think he lied about that and he has feeling for her. To me he’s just trying to hurt me. Obviously.

“I need to go back home. Pack some clothes and stuffs.” I sigh, giving her her phone back and grabbing my bag.

“Are you okay?” She asks as I get up.

“No, I’m not.” I kiss her cheek. “But shit, I don’t want to think about it. I need to distract myself.” I murmur. I don’t want to cry, it’s my warrior day. I am going to push through this, and push through tomorrow as well.

“I’ll drop my stuff here before I go to work.” I declare before walking out. Outside the building, a man in a black suit is waiting by a car I recognize. He sees me and steps forward.

“Good morning, Miss Kraige.” He greets me. I frown, assessing the man in front of me. He’s middle-aged, short, brown-haired, with a moustache. I don’t know him.

“Good morning. Do I know you?” I ask wearily.

“I am Grayson. Mr Tuan charged me to drive you to work.” He says. Where is Jacob, then?

“Why am I not aware of this?” I ask. The man shrugs.

“I don’t know, Miss Kraige.” He says. I eye him from head to toe. Mark would have warned me.

“Do you think I’m stupid enough to get in a stranger’s car?” I bite out.

“You could call Mr Tuan to get confirmation, Miss Kraige.” Grayson proposes. Oh. I could do that. Grumbling, I call my ghost fiancee.

“Abigail.” He says as he picks up.

“Did you send a driver for me?” I ask, not greeting him, not wanting to acknowledge him more than that.

“Yes, I-” I hang up, his confirmation enough for me. Oh, I see. He still thinks about me enough to remind me I’m still his property.

“Okay, he confirms.” I prompt, walking back to Grayson.

“Alright, Miss Kraige.” He says.

“Please, call me Abby.” I murmur, knowing that if he ever hears him call me by my nickname it’ll make him angry. Grayson nods and opens the passenger door of the car.

“I’m sorry for my attitude, Grayson.” I say, placing my hand on his forearm.

“S'all good, Miss Kraige.” He says. “Abby.” He corrects himself. I smile at him.

“Could you tell Mr Tuan to kindly go fuck himself for me?” I ask sweetly. Hus jaw drops, and he stutters some words, his face turning red. Thanking him, I turn on my heels and walk to my car.

“Miss- Abby!” He calls after me. I don’t turn around, get in my car and drive away.

When I enter our penthouse, I find Kate in the kitchen washing dishes. She stops as she sees me, a concerned expression on her face.

“Good morning, Kate.” I murmur.

“Abigail. Good morning.” She replies.

“Where is Mark?” I ask her.

“Breakfast meeting.” Good. Nodding, I push past her.

“Can I fetch you some breakfast?” She asks.

“I’d murder a pancake. Thank you.” I call over my shoulder. I pack a bag of clothes for three days, hoping I won’t have to back again to get me.

Then I go back in the kitchen and murder my pancake. Somebody enters the penthouse, but it’s not Mark. It’s Grayson, and he’s breathless. What is he doing here?

“He gave you the code.” I observe as he stands by the door. His face getting red again, he nods apologetically. He gave him the code.

“Are you some kind of Taylor or something?” I ask, wanting to know if I’m in the middle of a fiftyshadism.

“Pardon?” His face is a knot of embarrassment and confusion. I wave my hand dismissively, returning to my pancake. I hear Kate’s heels tap as she walks in the living area, but then they stop behind me. They stay here for a long moment. Frowning, I turn around. Kate is struck, frozen, her mouth slightly open, her eyes shiny, her hands clutching her apron. She looking at Grayson, her cheeks slowly turning pink.

I glance back at Grayson, who has turned crimson, eyes full of admiration glued on Kate. I glance back and forth between them. So that’s how it looks when people fall in love.

I clear my throat, taking my plate and getting up. Grayson snaps out of his trance and walks in.

“I’m Grayson.” He says to Kate, stretching his hand out to her. She slips her shaky hand in his.

“Kate. Nice to meet you.” She stutters, and I watch from the sink. It’s amusing. There’s a long pause and they stare at each other in the eyes for a moment.

“Would you like something for breakfast?” Kate blurts out. I slap my hand on my forehead, shaking my head. Ouch.

“I’m not sure that would be appropriate.” Grayson murmurs, chuckling softly. I want to throw up.

“Right.” Kate giggles. Giggling! She had a black out, fell over her head, something, I don’t know. Grayson coughs, turning to me.

“Abby, Mr Tuan insisted I should drive you to work.” He declares.

“Well, tell him I insist he should go fuck himself. Did you transfer the first message for me?” I reply. He closes his eyes as if in pain.

“Yes, Miss.” He says. “He said he would fire me if I didn’t get you into the car.” He murmurs. Well, tough shit because I’m not feeling kind today. I’m not a good Samaritan. I’m a warrior. And I’m determined to piss Mark off.

“Thank you for the breakfast, Kate.” I say, grabbing my travel bag and my handbag.

“Have a good day.” She says as I walk towards the exit.

“You too.” I call. Grayson rushes to me and holds the door of the foyer open for me.

“Abby.” He says as I walk out. I call the elevator.

“Mr Tuan pays for my daughter’s schooling, and promised me a good salary in exchange of my services. With all that money, I could have her custody.” Grayson explains. I turn to him.

“You’re divorced?” I ask him. He nods.

“She is not a very good mother, but she married a millionaire. She’ll have the custody if I can’t take care of Lily.” He explains.

“Lily.” I repeat. He has a daughter, and I’m toying with his job. When did I become such a bitch? My problems with Mark are not his.

“If you want to keep your job, you might want not to call me Abby anymore.” I mutter. His face heats again.

“I’m sorry.” He mumbles. “Miss Kraige.” He says.


At lunch Grayson drives me to a restaurant where I’m supposed to eat with Bea. I arrive a little bit later than her.

“Hi.” I say, bending to kiss her cheek.

“Hi.” She replies.

“I ordered for you.” She declares. Oh, good. I’m so hungry, I can’t wait to eat.

“Thanks.” I say, sitting down in front of her. She leans on her forearms, looking at me expectingly. She wants news about Mark and I. Tilting my head to the side, I gaze at her.

“Why are you single?” I ask her. She laughs, flipping her hair over her shoulder.

“Because they all love me too fast.” She says arrogantly. I laugh, shaking my head at her. She sighs nostalgically.

“And they don’t fuck me like Andy.” She murmurs. I roll my eyes.

“You were eighteen.”

“And never came since then.”

“You forgot B.O.B.”

“Ugh.” She rolls her eyes, but I know she’d be nothing without her battery operated boyfriend.

“Did you talk to Mark?” She asks.

“Briefly. He sent a driver to take me to work.” I reply.

“He doesn’t want you to drive. At least he cares about the world.” She says. Is she even a friend?

“I drive like a boss.”

“Like a madman I’d say.” She retorts. Okay, I like speed, but I’m responsible.

“I don’t understand what’s going on in his head.” I mutter.

“I know he loves you.” She says. She always says that, and that’s always what I tell myself but it doesn’t work this time.

“Yes, but it’s not enough.” I sigh. “I don’t understand. I love him more than anything, and he keeps-” I stop, smacking my tongue in frustration.

“Don’t give up on him.” She says, reaching out to take my hand. “He’s the one, Abigail. You just need to…find your balance.” She murmurs.

“It’s been six years.” I argue. Maybe we’re helpless. We keep thinking all we need is tine, but six years is a lot, and even if I don’t think I’ll ever love anyone else, I don’t want live like this.

“Don’t do anything until he crawls back, okay?” She says.

“That’s what I had planned.” I reply.

“It’s just a phase. He’ll come around.” She says reassuringly.

“More than you at least.”

“Fiend.” She slaps my hand. “You’ll see. He’ll calm down and you’re going to have tons of babies.” She gushes. I groan.

“That’s low.” I whine.

“Why do you hate babies so much?” She asks exasperatedly.

“I don’t. I want babies. Tons of them.” I counter.

“Just when I’m old and this,” I wave up and down my body. “Is not enough to keep my man around anymore.” I explain, and then realization hits me.

“Oh, fuck that’s already the case.” I breathe. I’m old and unable to keep my man by my side.

“Don’t say that!” She utters so loud the soft babble in the restaurant stops. Jumping, I glance around nervously. People return to their business, and Bea clears her throat. Jeez, I won’t say I can’t keep my man by my side anymore. Leaning towards me, she point a finger at me.

“You’re not old.” She points out. The bitch! I burst out laughing, making the whole restaurant go silent again. God, it feels good to laugh.


Mark doesn’t call me that day, and it’s frustrating. I want to roast him until he cries, but if he doesn’t even tall to me, then I’m just being miserable. Oh, and this story with Ellie. I need to know more. I need to understand. Why is he deliberately hurting me? Me, who is supposed to be the most precious thing he has? My warrior day over, I cry myself to sleep and drift away between nightmares and dreams.

The next morning when I get down, I find a tall blond guy waiting with his hands behind his back next to a car. My eyes search for Grayson.

“Good morning, Miss Kraige.” The man greets me. Frowning, I look at him more closely. I recognize the car he’s leaning against, but not the man.

“Where is Grayson?” I ask him.

“Grayson is sick, and Mr Tuan still needs Jacob so he sent me to drive you to work.” He explains. Oh, I hope he didn’t get fired because of me. “I’m Edward.” He says. Edward. Okay.

“Good morning.” I say to him, accepting his presence and walking to him. Nodding, he opens the door of the car and lets me climb in. Later, as we pull into Lincoln Avenue, my phone starts to ring. It’s Mark. I haven’t heard him since I briefly called him yesterday. He hasn’t reached out to me since two days. My nerves already heating up, I take his call.

“Hello?” I say.

“Hi, I’m sorry about Grayson. He just called me, he was assaulted this morning. You can take your car to go to work.” Mark sighs, sounding as stressed out as ever. I frown on my own for a long moment. If he has no replacement for Grayson, who is driving me to work?