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Waterparks Isn't A Real Band. A Conspiracy Theory:

okay follow me here.

Waterparks isn’t a real band. They are a manufactured plug-in to fill the void in the scene that catered predominately to the preteen/young teen girl audience. 5 seconds of summer had filled that void up until the end of 2015 when they fell off the face of the earth to take time for themselves and start on their third album, this is also when parts of their fanbase began weening themselves off to look for other bands to put their time into until they came back.

Waterparks was fully exposed when they were apart of the vans warped tour lineup last year. There is next to nothing about them before their warped tour performances. It is difficult to get your band on the warped lineup (if you’re in a band, you know that it isn’t the easiest thing to become apart of). Why was it almost *too* easy for them to get themselves on the lineup and to cultivate decent sized crowds during the tour? Some could argue talent, but is there more to it? Why was that tour, more or less, their debut as a band? And why are all three of them, from a marketing standpoint, so carefully crafted and sold in a way to cater to these young girls?

I’m going to focus solely on Geoff and Awsten here when speaking of images. Geoff’s personality is based in the foundation of being goofy and sensitive. He is the typical young guy that plays video games, loves pokémon, is obsessed with all things fantasy, and he wears a zelda necklace to drive that point home. He is arguably the sweetest member of the band when it comes to band/fan relationships and encounters. He supports and encourages fan art and talent. He makes sure that fans feel special and loved, and he is very sweet on his girlfriend on public social media platforms. He speaks both in person and on social media like a down to earth script for young girls.

Awsten, on the other hand, is the embodiment of that kawaii and quirky guy all these young girls fantasize about being with or being best friends with because he’s different! and funny! and his social media is very VERY young-driven to the point where he acts incredibly younger than just being an immature boy with a social media handle which goes with his constant yelling and caps lock. His dyed hair is just another addition to his image because it sets him apart and connects him to the fanbase because so many teen girls have colors in their hair (which isn’t negative in any way none of what i’m saying is derogatory towards young girls. i’m the biggest advocate for young girls. i’m just explaining a theory). and he wears colors, patterns, designs, and just overall outfits that are on trend for teens. Awsten Knight is the biggest selling point for the group- not just because he is the frontman. He is the manic pixie dream boy that sits very well with his name being spelled as “AWSTEN.” He is a con job manufactured to manipulate and capitalize off of young girls for the scene to make more money and gain popularity with that very valuable spot. Awsten Knight is a creation of many people. He was created in a board room.

Their music is the perfect blend of that pop-rock sound that has been missing from the scene for a long while now. They sound very similar to the neon pop-punk era that peaked between 2007-2011. The lyrics are very surface level, and they cater predominantly to a teen audience that they can relate to (this isn’t much of an indication of anything because many bands lyrics *can* be that way but it still stands here).

but everything from their marketing to their image to their brand to their album cover to their aesthetic to their stage presence and banter is driven to fill this void in the scene. I’ve also heard from a trustworthy friend that they don’t really allow new crew members (especially if they’re women) because the girlfriends aren’t comfortable with it. But, is this a coverup? Is it really because they don’t want anyone from the outside to get into the inner circle and figure out they aren’t a genuinely real band so they use the girlfriend excuse so it isn’t a bit off or strange? because if they didn’t they’d have the scares of being #exposed for what their true purpose is.

so yeah conspiracy theory thread: Waterparks is a manufactured band.

It’s 2010 bitch!!!

written also with @spacetaemin, @5hineesback, @choitaemins and @sabakunocasali  (and probably many others)

“Minho shoot the ball” yelled super jock Kim Jonghyun as he ran down the footballl field. Minho, baseball in hand, hit the soccer ball so hard it become a touchdown. Everyone in the audience cheered but especially Taemin, long haired bb child innocent my son,,,doesn’t know a damn thing about anything. Evry1 thinks hes a girl but rly hes just feminine and cute and clueless!

Sitting next to Taemin was his best-friend-but-also-pseudo-mother, Kim Kibum, better known as “Key Umma.”

“I did it I got a homerun!!!” Choi Minho, the coolest jock in school, yelled as he ran on the track. He locked eyes w/ his super beautiful girlfriend, Yuri. She was so hot and he wsa really heterosexual and straight. Nothing would ever change that!!!!

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Hey guys I’m tired as shit but alive and I’m not sure how to feel rn. Kinda just wanna be left alone but kind words never hurt to read too. Thank you for supporting me and making sure I was safe yesterday. Thanks to everyone who reached out and made me feel like I actually mattered and believed me and tried their best to get me to say anything! I was in a bad head space but my roommate and brother calmed me down.

Thanks to the people who called police but also fucking never do that shit again because the police in my town treat suicidal people as criminals and they threatened to arrest my roommate and I and kept their guns out and handled the situation extremely unprofessionally. They used threats instead of sympathy and made everyone in my neighborhood feel unsafe and honestly I’m still shocked they didn’t arrest me ahaha. One cop actually cussed me out and walked off because my abuser (mom) was contacted for questions so naturally she’d lie and make sure I seemed like I’m perfectly fine and just wasting people’s time (yeah fuck you mom, you abusive shithole). The whole incident was absolutely ridiculous. Almost got shot to death by two ugly men in ugly uniforms instead of potentially being saved. The police in my town are law enforcement, not protectors to make sure citizens are safe. Which is why I didn’t call them when my roommate went through this. I didn’t feel safe going with them at all so I stayed home and called a wonderful friend to explain I was alright.

I had a huge spill of messages from sooo many people! Strangers even! Thank you everyone who messaged me and I’m sorry I didn’t get to reply. My phone died and I’ve kept it uncharged up until now heh. I’m glad people were sweet and reliable. There was a handful of folks who disregarded that I was innocent and insisted I apologize for my actions but after asking what to apologize for they just blocked me. So… oh well. I don’t believe I did anything wrong and that the slime-dick kid just wanted to find someone to bully so they could feel better about themselves. They might be hurting but it’s no excuse to bully someone halfway to death and make up extreme and damaging rumors, ya know? Not very cool at all my dude. He’s just a hurt kid and I’d appreciate it if he just accepted he was in the wrong and apologized. It’s cool though, I can’t expect much more from them. I’m just thankful we all know the truth now. I’m thankful for everyone who defended me. It made me feel relieved when I found out people didn’t buy into the load of bs that was being spread by that bully.

Seriously though I feel so exhausted and I’m just kinda wanting to have a group hug and cry some more. I’m sorry for worrying anybody. I would’ve been worried sick too. Hopefully from now on people see how their words can impact a person and choose kindness over cruelty. I love you guys so much. You all tried your best to make me feel welcomed and safe again and it worked.

Can we let all this blow over now? Leave that punk ass alone and if you’re reading this slimey then I forgive you but don’t fuck with people the way you fucked with me. You might be responsible for someone’s death (not in a threatening way but in a forreal-cut-the-shit realistically speaking way). Going out of your way to “report” me to anti blogs and “warn” people about how I’m apparently so dangerous was childish. You seem like you could use some help and I highly suggest getting it before you end up with regrets.

Soooo yeah! Thanks guys, I’m all g. A little shook but still breathing. I probably won’t feel the greatest so I’m sorry it’ll take forever for me to answer asks. Just a heads up btw I probably won’t message everyone back personally so I made this post in hopes anyone came back wondering.

I can’t die yet, I still have some bees to save ; u ; ♡

Special thanks to @loli-nurse for trying their best to clear my name and explain that it wasn’t even me they had an issue with. Special thanks to @xlittle-moon-princessx and @sleepynova for making me feel a little less self destructive yesterday. You both have always been so kind to me. Thank you so much for calming me down and making me feel like I was important.. Special thanks to @ruri-runes and @1e-9desu for calling and texting! I’m so sorry my phone died and I left you both concerned. Special thanks to @kawaii-miunicorn @xynth @sugars @ellybean-jay @ellsi @overlord-satan @simsparadise3 @multicolouredfairylights @lacey-lamb @anyone else who messaged me and sent asks. Special thanks to all the long time followers that stood up for me and corrected the awful lie that one kid was trying so hard to justify. Special thanks to the people who called the police. It made the situation worse but aye you tried because you thought it would help, you all had good intentions. Special thanks to my brother for finally bitching out my mom for lying to authorities every time I try to get help and making sure I was safe at the end of the night. I love you. Even if mom and dad don’t want me alive, I’m glad I’m choosing to live for you. Gotta live to see you graduate at least and move out of that abusive household. I wanna see you live a happy, normal, healthy life one day like the one I’m working so hard towards. Special thanks to my roommate for being respectful of my space while still being helpful. He calmed me down so well and made sure police didn’t shoot me down. He made sure my brother was safe and I appreciate that most. Special thanks to all the people who shared their stories about almost committing suicide until my blog or post saved them, I didn’t realize how many people my words have saved until then..

I feel so grateful and appreciative of everyone’s support.. thank you for not giving up on me or falling for the false information some hurt stranger tried to spread as a way to make themselves feel better. I’m okay. I just ask that people stop being so cruel to each other and be mindful. I love you guys! I can’t say I’m fine but I’m working on it ; u ; *hugs*

He Thought He Was Giving "Compliments"

This story is a complete negative one, and very long, my apologies.

First, for the past several years, I have been a part of an online group of close friends, and we usually interact through Skype and texting. Very few of us have met any other members of the group irl, and I should probably clarify that we all trust each other and our parents have been aware of our interaction since the beginning.

F - Me, about 12-13 at the time
E - Best Friend, 11-12
D - 11-12
T - 12-13
J - 14-15
S - 16-17
R - 20 something idk
A - The Weeb, 19

TW; Sexual Harassment and Pedophilia Mention

During the summer before the start of 7th grade, my best friend that I met online in 5th grade, E, introduced me to a Skype group that she had been talking to for a few months. Of course, I was absolutely excited and couldn’t wait to meet her friends. The majority turned out to be lovely people of varying interests, who all somehow managed to be friends, and I was glad to even find people who were interested in anime and manga, much like E and myself.

There were many in that group, all of them different ages and nationalities and all that, but I’ll just list the main few that stayed in the group and have become close friends through the years. DTS; the Japanese culture appreciators / went through the weeaboo phase at one point and were/are now low-key fans.J and R, the main gamers of the group. And A, the weeaboo. We talked every day, TinyChatted, played games, drew for each other, etc. Everything was great, and we all became good friends. I trusted all of them.

Well, except for A, of course.

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"The baka deserved it"

TW: racism


A little over a year ago, my next-door neighbour was shot and beat to death in a fight that had something to do with cocaine. I was already suffering from extreme mental health issues (I’m doing a hell of a lot better now) and that shooting and what happened for the next three weeks only made my problems worse. 

Some important information. The man who was shot was half black and the man who shot him was from Japanese descent. I am ¼ Mohawk Native (an old Canadian Native tribe) so I suppose I have some physical Asian-looking characteristics, but I am obviously ¾ white. I’ll go by N and the weeb will go by Stinky.

The story:

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