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The Seal Lullaby: Chapter 5

Chapter 5!

This one might feel a little bit shorter than the last because I’ve just started a nine to five job for four weeks so thats soaking up a lot of time. But still, I’m very proud of this chapter, in which the makeshift Hamilton family gets another member. Feedback would be insanely appreciated!

As always, so much thanks to some of the best people on this godforsaken earth @minky-for-short @childofdustandashes @purearcticfire @oversaturated-ocean

And huge, huge thanks to @brainypaperbullets @hollywoodx4 @kilocurican @arya-durin-77

Love you all

Alex sat cross legged on the sofa, his fingers so tightly tangled in his hair there was a definite chance he’d never get them loose. His eyes were fixed on Eliza as she paced back and forth like a caged tiger, anxiety and worry buzzing between the two of them.

“Alex?” Eliza moaned, stopping a minute to lean against the edge of the bookcase, pressing her free hand to the small of her back.

“Yeah?” he straightened up, waiting for instruction, eager for something, anything, to do to help.

“This fucking sucks,” she growled, her face twisting again.

Alex slumped, as lost as ever, as lost as he had been since Eliza had shaken him awake the night before after her first contraction. They must have passed fifty by now, a hundred, the sun was sinking below the horizon again and Alex had no more of an idea what to do now than he did then. Then, when his response to the fact that his wife was in labour had been to catapult to his feet so fast he nearly gave himself a concussion on the doorframe.

“I know, sweetheart,” Alex groaned, worrying the neck of his shirt now with anxious twisting hands, “Y’know I was reading, it’s because humans are bipedal? Like you guys evolved complex brains for thinking and the…the farming and the foraging and all that so that lead to bigger skulls on infants and then cos you walk on two legs that left less space for- “

“Alex?” Eliza grunted, cutting across his rambling, still braced against the bookshelf.

He bit his lip, “I…should shut up, shouldn’t I?”

“Good instincts,” she gasped, relaxing a little as the pain faded for now.

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Happy Halloween!

Imagine bringing the turtles to a Halloween party.
The turtles love Halloween! The candy, the scary movies, the costumes. Best of all, it’s the one day a year they can go out on the surface all day and just hang out. People freak out over their “awesome costumes.”

“You guys are sure about this?”
You’re sitting shotgun in the Shell Raiser as Donnie winds through the streets carefully. When the turtles heard you were invited to a costume party and you asked them to come, they all jumped at the chance.
All of them planned for Halloween every year and they always had a great time. When they were younger, Master Splinter took them trick or treating and as they got older, they normally hung out on the streets. But a party? They’d never been to one and they were dying to go.
“Y/N, babe, we are going. We’re practically already there in spirit…halloweeeeen spirits…” Mikey said.
“You’re such a dork. Oh, Donnie, it’s right there!”
You pulled up and everyone climbed out of the van.
“Y/N, you made it! I love the ninja look.”
“Thanks, Irma.”
A girl dressed as Velma Dinkley came over and looked at the turtles.
“Who’s this?”
“Oh, this is…”

“Leonardo and his brothers.” “Oh! You’re Leo? Y/N talks about you, like, all of the time.” Leo smiled as his brothers laughed. “Oooh, she looves you, Leo.” You covered your face and Leo couldn’t stop smiling. You talked about him? Really? You had been dating for a while, so it made sense that he’d come up, but still. “Oh, don’t be so shy! Why don’t you guys come on in?” The rest of the night was like any party (if all parties were like the ones on TV). Halloween music boomed loudly as people laughed and danced. Leo mostly hung around with his brothers but when they all went their own ways, he went looking for you. He found you sitting on the steps with a plate of pumpkin shaped cookies. “Y/N?” “Oh, hey, Leo. Want a cookie?” “Sure.” He sat down next to you and took a cookie. “How’s the party?” “Pretty good actually. People seem to love our costumes. I have no idea where my brothers are.” “I’m sure they’re not in too much trouble. Well, Donnie probably isn’t.” “I hope so…hey, uh, was that true? What Irma said a while ago? Do you talk about me?” “Yeah, I do. But I don’t say too much of anything, don’t worry.” “What do you say?” “Well, they know that you’re my boyfriend. That you’re the eldest of four and that you live with your family. That you’re kind and loyal and loving.” “Am I?” “Of course you are.” You kissed his cheek and, before you knew it, you were kissing softly, his hand on your back. “Aww, look at that.” You broke apart and saw Irma and Starling smiling at you. “Keep macking around and you’re gonna get face paint all over you, Y/N.” “Yeah, we wouldn’t want that.” Leo said, trying not to laugh. “Donnie and his brothers.” “So you’re Donnie? It’s nice to finally meet you. AI love the costume!” “Uh, yeah. Thanks.” Donnie waved nervously but Mikey, being the family flirty, winked at her and said “What’s up, Vel? Solving a mystery or just here for pleasure?” Irma laughed and soon, everyone was inside. The party was a little crowed, filled with superheroes, skeletons, and the other members of Mysetery Inc. Raph and Mikey were talking with Irma and some others and Leo was hanging around with some MMA guys. Donnie stuck by your side, choosing to cuddle with you in the couch. “You’re having a good time, right?” “Huh? Of course I am. Why?” Donnie asked. “It’s just, you’ve barely said a word at all. I was worried that you were uncomfortable.” “Well…I’m not really a party kind of guy, but I’m not unhappy either. I liked meeting all your friends and seeing the other part of your life. It’s kind of cool really.” “Yeah?” “Yeah. There’s a face to match the name m now. Even if it’s got paint all over it.” You grinned and kissed him. For a moment, you stayed like that, kissing and cuddling on that beat up couch. And it was perfect. You pulled away and said “Happy Halloween, Don.” “Happy Halloween, my dove.” “Don’t let Irma see you.” You both turned and saw Starling casually eating a cupcake. It was embarrassing but for a second there, you had forgotten you were even at the party. “She’s roaming the party with a camera. Be warned, lovebirds.” You blushed, hiding your face in his neck as Donnie laughed. “Raphael and his brothers.” Raphael nods as Irma gushed over their costumes. “You guys look amazing! It must have taken forever to make these. Oh, Y/N! You have to see Angel’s costume, it’s so cool!” Throughout the night, Raph hung around with his brothers, occasionally making small talk with some of other party goers. He was excited to be here and finally meet everyone but he couldn’t help but be nervous. These weren’t just random people on the street like the years before, these were Y/N’s friends. He wanted to just…say the right things. And as it turned out, coming up with “the right things” was a lot harder then he thought. Raph separated from the party and sat on the back pourch, taking in the autumn air. “Hey, you.” He turned and saw you smiling. “You okay?” “Yeah. Just needed a break.” He replied. You stood behind him, your hands resting on his shoulders. “What’s up, hot shot?” “Just…kinda nervous. All ya friends are in there and I dunno know what to do.” You began to rub his shoulders and he instantly relaxed under your touch. “You just need an opener. Like, Angle and Spence are both into wrestling. And I know Irma has been talking you up in there.” “Yeah?” “Yeah. She said anyone who dresses this cool is worthy of my heart and her friendship.” Raph chuckled, imagining her face if she found out that he wasn’t exactly “dressed up.” “You ready to get back in there?” “In a second, tiger. I just need to do sonethin’ first…” He turned around and gave you a long, sweet kiss. Pulling away, you pressed your foreheads together and looked into his bright eyes. “Ready?” you asked. “Ready.” “Mikey and his brothers.” Mikey was stoked to be here. Halloween was he favorite holiday (next to Christmas and Valentine’s Day, which had moved up on the list since he’d gotten a girlfriend.) and he loved parties. But a party with all of your friends? Count him in. He couldn’t wait to meet everyone! “Oh, you’re the famous Michelangelo? Nice to meet you Mr. Cutest boyfriend ever.” “Irma!” Mikey laughed and kissed your cheek. “I don’t mind you bragging ‘bout me. In fact, Irma, why don’t you tell me everything she’s said? I’d love too-” You pulled him away, saying “Come on, you two. No more embarrassing me!” Throughout the night, the two of you danced to 'Thriller’ and 'Monster Mash’. He played bobbing for apples and gorged I’m candy and festive treats and, finally took a break from it all. The two of you climbed into the back of the van, sharing a candy apple. “Man, this is awesome. I wish every day was Halloween.” “Yeah?” “Yeah, cause if it was, we could all hang out all of the time. I could always come up here and stuff.” “That’s be fun. But I like my surface life and my life with you.” “Really?” “I wouldn’t be hear if I didn’t. I love our movie nights and making out on the couch and dinner with all of you. And I love you, Mikey baby.” He smiled, his happy grin stretching from ear to ear. “Love you too, angelcakes.” You kissed, smiling at the sweetness (candy apples improve everything, even kissing) and climbing onto his lap. You pulled away and said “Wanna go steal the rest of the cookies?” “Oh, anglecakes, you know me too well.”

TMNT little sister reader x tmnt

Like a rebel

Being the little sister is hard. Believe me. I’ve lived with four older brothers. But that’s not it. My brothers are animals, and I mean, really. They are animals. Mutated humanoid ninja turtles. My father, the sensei, is a mutated rat, Splinter. He has raised me as his daughter.

My first day at school was nice and not nice. My brothers get a little bit over protective sometimes. Yeah. It’s not only that, it’s that since they look like ‘freaks’ they can’t go upside, from the sewers. They have been home schooled and since they know nothing about real school, they were really worried. 

Donnie handed me a phone (which made all my class mates jealous) and Leo gave me a lecture how to walk and wander safely on the streets. I’m not going to the specific details, but yes. It was annoying and frustrating. 

I told them (on the phone after the first day) that I had a nice day, I met new people that I wanted to hang out with, but, I wasn’t able to do it. I was ordered to come back to home straight away…

But I wasn’t that little kid anymore! I was older, I was a teenager on my own now! And I was so ready to face the world!

“I LEFT TWENTY CALL REQUESTS ON YOUR PHONE, YOUNG LADY! YOU THINK I GAVE THAT THING FOR YOU ONLY FOR FACEBOOK?!” I rolled my eyes at my tallest brother, not wanting to pay any needless attention on him that I had already given him. He acted like this all the time! He was yelling at me for this stupid phone thing! I got it! But I didn’t need to report them at every minute where I was.

“Chill, Donnie. I’m fine, like at all the other times. Who would hurt me?” I tried to walk away from him, heading to my room. 

“We’re not done yet.” I arched my back at the sound. If my ears were right… It was Leo that stood behind me. Turn. Yep. Leo it is. Sigh…

“Sensei left us, well if we don’t count Mikey off, in charge of you! He trusts us! And you keep ignoring our strict orders!” I wanted to roll my eyes again, but to Leo? Uhm… Maybe not? I would just get into trouble, or to more trouble actually. 

“You didn’t come home from school, again! How many time we have to tell you to get straight back home when your school day ends? Ugh!” Leo face palmed himself. He was clearly not ready to baby sit me.

“What are we gonna do with you…” Leo muttered. 

“Can I go to bed now?” I asked, really wanting to pass this mess and go to my room and change clothes.

“No. We need to figure out the consequences first.” Leo said with firm voice and glared at me.

“I don’t get it! You’re just punishing me cause Splinter told you to watch over me! You guys don’t give a shit what I do!” I yelled, only being fifteen I didn’t yet handle all what came out from my mouth.

“Don’t use that kind of language, (Y/n)!” Leo snapped.

“I don’t care! I don’t care what happens to me, I don’t care what happens to you and I do not care what happens to YOUR father!” I kept on yelling, not knowing when to stop, I just had to keep spilling out the truth I had kept in me too long.

“He’s your father too!” Leo yelled back at me.

“He’s not my dad, idiot! He adopted me! You guys no nothing about me, he doesn’t either! I’m here only because he took pity on me and now he is just trying to raise me so he can just kick me out when I’m eighteen!” I held back tears. I didn’t want them to see that I was only saying all that because I thought that, that I was scared it to be true. I wanted them to believe that I knew it was true.

Leo stood there, not knowing what to say. If I had said something like this when he was fifteen, he would’ve strike back, but now, he just thought what I just said.

“Is that really what you think?” Donnie stepped closer from behind Leo, holding a really sad expression on his face.

“Pfft!” I tried to keep cool but hurt. “Like you’d understand. I’m going to bed now!” And I walked away. 

I had locked the door of my room, not even hearing Raph and Mikey when they got home. I did hear Raph getting a rage quit, probably Leo told him what I said, but he didn’t come at my door. The only one who did was actually Mikey. He felt really sad about what I had told he’s brothers and he was worried about me.

He knocked the door and said with sad and quiet voice: “(Y/n)? I know you’re there and I know you haven’t eaten anything today, so um… Open the door. I just wanna talk. Just you and me, okay?” But I didn’t answer. I didn’t want him to make me feel better. I had already said something stupid and horrible.

I waited for him to go away and when he did I waited him and the others to go to sleep. 

I was glad it was friday, so I was able to go out side, not worrying over school. And when I heard the others going to sleep, waited an hour to make sure they had fallen asleep, I left my room and went to the streets.

Oh it was nice to be out! I stretched and went off running. I ran everywhere. I were hungry but since I had some money with me, I bought something to eat. 

The night sky was clear. I was able to see all the stars and there was actually no clouds. It was a quiet night too. There was absolutely no sound. No cars, no sirens, nothing.

Even though I had my phone with me, I didn’t look at it. I didn’t know what the clock was nor did I notice the incoming calls. From Donatello.

It took about 15 minutes from after the calls I received for my brothers to arrive at the roof top I was now sitting at. Of course Donnie had tracked my phone and that’s pretty much it. Easy for him.

“We’ve told you it’s dangerous outside here at this time of night!” Leo started when he landed on the roof top.

Sigh. I was caught. Again…

“Yeah, do you ever listen?” Raph added and marched close to me.

“I do listen, I just don’t obey…” I said with sharp tone.

“A real smarts, huh?” Raph glared at me, taking a firm grip of the back of jacket’s collar and started dragging me with him. I tried squirming off of his hands but no. 

“Don’t you realize how worried we were?” Leo said when Raph stopped at in front of him, still keeping me in place.

“Yeah! What if Razar would’ve come after you! Or fish face! Or-” Donnie shut Mikey up by covering his mouth with his hand.

“Thank you Mikey, we get it.” He sighed. “But he’s right. What would’ve you do if they’d come after you?”

“Even though they’re your enemies, it doesn’t mean that they’d attack me! By no reason!” I moved my arms fast that earned me the jacket to slip past Raphael’s fingers, then positioning it better on me and walking on the stairs of the building. “You came here to drag me back home, then do it.”

“She’s more difficult than you ever were.” Leo muttered while passing Raph. Raph glared after his brother darkly.

TMNT - The Noxious Avenger

Just thought I’d post my thoughts on the ep with a bunch of pics and gifs.

1. First, the garbage man. 

“It’s a thankless job, I’ll tell ya that. I like keeping my city clean.”
What an upstanding character. A true Hufflepuff! But… do the words “city,” and “clean,” even go together? Oh well. Gotta admire his work ethic.

2. Rocksteady has a hammer and sickle. 

I know our countries aren’t exactly supposed to be getting along right now, but I love how Russian he is. <3


I know a lot of people cling to the older cartoons for nostalgic reasons, but you can’t deny that 2012 has the best brotherly interactions between the turtles. 

4. Joe Eyeball doing the Pillsbury Doughboy thing was really cute. :3

5. Blonde girl in purple SPOKE!!! As some of you might know, I’m kinda hoping for her to get turned into Mona Lisa later. The fact that she’s getting more screen time can only make me hope! 

6. It was so cute that April said Mikey should have been left in charge of naming the monster. Well, he may not have named the monster, but he did name the whole episode! Good for you, Mikey! And omigosh his face. lol

7. “Find butt, then kick it!” As sweet as Raph is in this series, he still maintains that kick-butt attitude that made all his fans love him. I think he’s a really well-rounded character in this adaptation. 

8. “TURTLE MEN???”

I remember back in High School when some of my male classmates would try to fool themselves and call themselves men… they were boys with hormones, that’s all (not that there aren’t exceptional young men who grow up fast, but these guys weren’t them). I like Donnie’s humility (and accuracy) here. 

9. Awww Mama Bear April

10. Awww… sick turtles… so cute!!! (I’m sorry, is that terrible to say?)

But I mean look how cute!!! And look, it’s the return of Leo’s duck blankie!!! LEO YOU’RE SO CUTE ALKSDOIWEOFIWEOIFWOEFIJWOEIM

11. I loved that whole bit about Joan Grody knowing they were mutant turtles, ninjas, and named after artists. Splinter being mad was awesome, and April was so cute. I just have one question… HOW DID SHE KNOW THEIR NAMES???

12. Karai! I’m so glad they’re mentioning her so much and keeping her subplot going even with everything else happening. 

13. Why’s it always Mikey’s room? We still need to see Leo’s and Donnie’s! It is cute seeing all of them hanging out in one of their rooms, though. 

14. Another reason they should be in Donnie’s room… why’s he doing sciencey things in Mikey’s room? And how exactly is Muckman’s puke affecting their very DNA? Will that come into play later or something? Or will they just develop an immunity to the toxic puke? 

15. Splinter. What a boss. 

…That’s pretty much all I have to say about him this episode. He’s a boss. 

16. NOOOO bad Leo! You’re my favorite because you’re good! …But man you’re cool when you get all serious with your Seth Green voice. :3

17. Have we ever seen the turtles more… them than in this gif? I mean look how perfectly they’re all summed up in this moment. 

18. Oh April… your acting is so bad. “Oh whoa uh help!” lol But you know what I love about this moment? Not only is Splinter awesome, but April knows it. She knew he’d catch her, even though he was so far away. As Princess Anna would say, “That was like a crazy trust exercise!” lol April trusts Master Splinter so much, and it’s absolutely beautiful. 

I loved pretty much all of April and Splinter’s interactions in this episode.

19. “Who would throw away perfectly good eyeball?”

……I’m not really sure what to say about this quote. 

I loved Bebop’s though. “We hate them more than moldy cheese! …Unless that’s your thing, being a trash dude or whatever I’m just saying.” lol

20. Mikey said uber :3 and… conspicuous? That’s not a word I’d expect Mikey to use, even if he does know it. 

21. Mikey and Raph may not have been allowed to drive because they’d hit things for fun, but now we know why Donnie wouldn’t let himself be driver. He hits things without meaning to. 

22. Raph: “Busting into Kraang labs? Not very heroic, Mucky.”
      Leo: “We don’t wanna hurt you, but we can’t let you rob the lab.”
…………What? It’s a Kraang lab! How is taking stuff from the Kraang not heroic?

23. Muckman has a rubber ducky in his stomach, did you notice? It’s rather adorable. (Sorry, didn’t get a screencap of it, but it’s in there!)

24. CREEP REFERENCE!!! Gotta love the continuity. 

25. Muckman: “At least I’ll be human! People won’t call me a freak!”
Leo: “So what if they do? As long as you’re doing the right thing?”
Oh the feels… I got a little misty-eyed here. 

26. WHAT WAS IN THAT SMOKE BOMB? Aspie no likey!

27. Donnie and Mikey were so cute when they went to check on Muckman, especially Donnie. His voice and his face… <3

28. Raph: “Stuff happens. It’s all good.” He must be growing up… he was rather quick to forgive. :)

29. Leo freaking out when he saw the reporters… oh the cute. 

It’s my headcanon that he was the most upset over them being accused of being child-eaters, because he had a tea party with a little girl once. None of the others have really interacted with children. 

30. The Pulverizer got mentioned! Awww. Now unmutate him, Donnie! Whip up some retromutagen and make him all better! 

31. Splinter is still such a boss. XD

But chillax, April! The most he can do to you is give you a stern lecture and then call your dad… who would probably give you a second lecture. And then ground you. 

32. Where’s Casey? Has he found his dad and sister and moved back home? Is he out looking for them? Is he being a vigilante somewhere? Seriously, where’d he go? 

Okay, but, imagine if everything went wrong in the Seychelles:
  • The first night they’re there, a freak tropical storm devastates the resort and knocks out the electricity all over the islands. The government declares a state of emergency—well, what else is new?
  • Jemma stays awake for twenty-eight hours straight, working triage. Fitz spends that time tooling around the islands in a variety of small boats and golf carts, getting essential generators up and running.
  • The only time they see each other for 36 hours is when she removes the splinters he’s picked up hauling trees out of the roads. Each pricked place receives a kiss.
  • Before he leaves, he tucks her hair behind her ear, kisses her hairline, and tells her she’s his hero
  • The wi-fi is out. So are the phones. They get SHIELD on the sat-phone, but Stuff Is Happening so
  • Once things settle, they are given a room in the only hotel with electricity. It is five miles inland. The carpet is fuzzy and green because it hasn’t been replaced since the seventies. The walls are fuzzy and green because they’re covered with a mold they discover Fitz is allergic to
  • If you think Jemma doesn’t try to get a sample to take home you’re wrong
  • It grows too quickly thank goodness
  • There’s running water, of a sort, but it’s so brown they decide unilaterally that showers are not to be thought of. Sponge baths are the order of the day and Fitz helps Jemma wash her hair so it doesn’t get in her eyes
  • However, they cannot exist without tea. Fortunately, Jemma brought a tin of proper tea that actually survived the storm. Fitz rigs up a burner using her curling iron that gets the water both hot and clean enough to drink, but there’s no milk because powdered milk is an abomination
  • Someone drops by a bag of groceries every four days or so
  • Fitz complains of hunger every four minutes or so
  • There are bugs everywhere, breeding in the standing water leftover from the storm. Jemma is allergic to bug bites, they find, and spends several days with cool washcloths on the bites, which are as swollen as cricket balls
  • They pass the time playing Twenty Questions: Scientists Edition and interminable rounds of Go Fish with a sticky deck of cards Jemma found in the drawer. It has indigenous fish species on it
  • By the end of the vacation the score stands Fitz 1,465 and Jemma 1,523
  • Naturally she gloats but Fitz thinks she’s adorable when she’s smug so he may throw a game or a hundred
  • Their vacation wardrobes are entirely out of season so they spend the whole time in the two oversized jumpers Jemma brought just in case. This cues another round of gloating when she reminds Fitz that he tried to talk her out of them
  • The last night Fitz manages to scrounge up enough emergency candles to make the ambiance in the room romantic rather than scary and they make a little island on the disgusting, nubby bedspread and make a splash with the rations and drink tea out of glasses and Fitz pulls out a box of chocolates he’s been hiding somehow
  • They arrive back at the base with no tans, no photos (except silly selfies Jemma forced Fitz to take somewhere in the middle of Go Fish and Twenty Questions and the rest of it), and the broadest grins on their faces
  • “It was the best vacation ever,” they say

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Harry in 2?

“Have you lost your damn mind!?”

A Piper taking care of Harry drabble, as promised. This one is canon.

Today was a good day.

Piper had woken up after a dreamless sleep to Harry dozing soundly at her side, even though it was late in the morning. Ever since he’d come home from the hospital, he’d been sleeping fitfully — both because of the pain and because her dreams woke both of them up. She was happy to see him sleeping so soundly. And his little snore, a side effect of his still healing chest wound, was absolutely adorable.

She was shit at cooking but she figured she could manage some toast and that she could do a bit of breakfast in bed for Harry. It had been nice eating in the library over the weekend but Harry had been forced back into bed for the rest of the day after his trek down the stairs by himself had tired out his sore muscles. She wanted to spend some time with her boyfriend and he needed to be awake for that so she was going to help him stay as rested and comfortable as possible so he’d remain conscious for the majority of the day.

She managed to slip out of the bed without waking Harry and she knew it had to be his pain medication keeping him this drowsy. Usually if she so much as shuffled, he was reaching out a hand to check on her, even in his sleep.

It worked out for the better because it meant Piper could get out of the room without waking him, Bertie trotting out after her. She let him out in the backyard and then bustled around the kitchen, putting the kettle on and popping some bread in the toaster. Harry was usually an organic nut butter sort of person but he was an invalid right now so Piper figured he’d earned some nutella, sugar content be damned. Also, it meant that she wouldn’t get flack from him when she slathered her own toast with nutella. It was the best of both worlds.

She was pouring some milk into Harry’s earl grey when a thundering crash on the stairs startled her, making her spill the milk all across the counter. It only took a second for her to throw down the container and run across the kitchen to the stairs. That was most definitely the sound of someone taking a fall down the stairs and there was only one other person in the house.

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