all this in 9 months

if luke and leia were born during the clone wars

like, during season 4, not after when everything went terribly wrong

- Padme, 6-9 months pregnant, rushes into combat all the time. Anakin has an aneurysm. “YOU ARE A SENATOR. HOW DO YOU GET SHOT AT ALL THE TIME???” and yet she never actually takes damage because she is ~flawless~

- officially, Padme’s children have no father. In an interview with the press, she said “I wanted a baby, so I acquired one” and that’s that. unofficially, anyone with the Force knows Anakin is the father. Honestly, anyone with eyes knows Anakin is the father.

- because you know how Anakin and Padme are the least subtle secret couple? Yeah, that goes out the window when she gets pregnant. Anakin kisses her mid-battle and smooches her back at camp and watches her with stars in his eyes and professes his love for her all the time. When Padme asks about this, he just shrugs and says “well they haven’t kicked me out of the order yet!”

- which is mostly because of Obi-Wan. Obi-Wan is deliberately pretending he didn’t see his former padawan makeout with a senator. it’s like, okay, he knows he’s supposed to do something about this, but they are in the middle of a war, and if they have to kick Anakin out of the Order right now for knocking up a senator then they will lose this war. Obi-Wan has more important things to worry about than Anakin’s libido. 


- speaking of the clones, oh man, they are so fiercely protective of Padme. She is their general’s lady and their senator and they would gladly die before letting her or her babies get hurt.

- (but also, preggars Padme makes them sad, because will any of them ever get that for themselves? probably not–they were made to die, and with the rapid aging…but maybe one day…)

- Rex has absolutely had to go get weird food combinations in the middle of the night for his general’s wife. absolutely. that is in Rex’s job description.

- also you thought Padme gave effective speeches before? Imagine pregnant Padme giving speeches about needing to end the war for peace for the future. 110% approval rating comes from soft pregnancy glow.

- the twins are born on a battlefield in a camp where there’s blasterfire and smoke not two feet away. Obi-Wan is there, and he intends to tell Anakin and Padme both that he’s sorry, that they’ll get the twins for a little while, but they’ll have to go to the temple, they’ll have to be raised in the creche–

- but then luke is born, and the Force screams at Obi-Wan this is your padawan and obi-wan goes “oh” softly.

- also, Leia comes into the world and Ahsoka watches and goes “oh look it’s my padawan. I mean I’m a padawan myself but that girl is going to be my padawan some day this is rad.”

- so Anakin relaxes a bit, ‘cause the Force is going to take care of its grandchildren okay, it wants it’s favorite son to be happy.

- which means Palpatine has lost any and all chance of converting Anakin to the dark side. It will never happen now.

- i’m not saying that after they are born, Anakin and Padme strap a twin each to their back and then head out into battle, but Luke and Leia’s first lullaby is the sound of blasterfire and lightsabers

Day 9 - Getting Caught

(Requested by Kaeno on AO3!)


Yoosung’s high-pitched yell shocked the actor back into reality, any sexy thoughts quickly doused when looking at the startled young man standing in the doorway, frozen in time.

Zen knew they had to be quite a sight – he was leaning against the tiled wall, pants collected around his ankles and Jumin Han kneeling in front of him with his hands on Zen’s waist, leaving no room for any other excuse. Thank god he still had his boxers on or he might have just died on the spot.

“Have you never learned to knock?” Jumin said irritated, not even turning to face Yoosung.

“S-s-sorry!” The blonde stammered out a squeaky apology and turned away in shame, about to close the door… Then quickly spun back in anger, slamming it open.

“This is a PUBLIC restroom!!” So much for trying to get away with that.

Zen cursed at himself for believing Jumin when he said that using the hotel’s bathroom would be discreet enough.

“Yoosung? What’s going o-ooh whoa!“ When MC popped up, her eyes nearly fell out of her head when she saw them. Great, just great! He must look like a tomato now, face impossibly red and feeling hot for all the wrong reasons. The CEO looked completely unaffected which made Zen even more embarrassed.

“Can you guys stop staring!?” He flailed his arms comically. Jumin refused to let go of his body while MC and Yoosung were still standing in the doorway, blushing fiercely.

“What are you two- OH MY GOD!” And if that wasn’t enough, poor Jaehee had to pass along as well, who rapidly shielded her eyes – but the damage was done. Now Zen wanted to die, covering his own eyes in the hope this somehow made him invisible. He heard Jumin sigh, knowing full well he’d have to deal with the fallout later on.

“If you all would be so kind to leave us alone.” How was the executive not dying on the inside as much as he was?

His assistant was now curled up into a ball, nearly crying. Seven appeared, waving at Zen and just winking at Yoosung, the blonde turning to him and yelling something nearly unintelligible about him suggesting to use this specific bathroom. Of course. They really had to stop assuming they were sneaky enough to slip away without anyone noticing.

“Right, we’ll leave you guys to it.” MC lifted Jaehee gently from the floor while she pushed the boys away, who were all giggles and squawks, the door finally closing. Jumin muttered something about it being time and busied himself with the task at hand. The RFA’s voices trailed off into the distance.

“Tell me, is Zen as well-endowed as you thought he might be?”


The last thought on Zen’s mind before it clouded over was wondering how in the world he was going to get his revenge on that damn hacker.

It wasn’t until they have kids that Stiles realizes how much Derek loves Halloween, but once he figures it out he made sure that their house was the spookiest on the block and that they have all the best pumpkins from the pumpkin patch.  Laura picks them out and then makes Stiles carry all of them to the Jeep.

Derek loves everything about the Halloween season.  When he was a kid they would decorate the whole house and go all out on costumes, but now that he has his own kids his favorite part is seeing how much they love it too.

Laura insists on being Yoda, and Derek is sure that Stiles put her up to it, but he can’t say no to her.  Not when she’s grinning from ear to ear because they found Yoda shoes.

And little Claudia is still too young to pick out her own costume, she’s only 9 months after all, but she does look adorable in her bear costume. 

He even let’s Laura pick out his costume.  She hands him a Superman suit and tells him that he’s like Superman already because he’s so strong and he helps people without them knowing. He doesn’t tear up at all when she says that, shut up Stiles.

Stiles manages to get away with just wearing a Mario hat, but Derek’s determined to get him in a real costume next year.  Maybe they’ll do a family costume like Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka. 

I never thought I'd be doing this...

Hey guys, I just recently found out that I’m pregnant. I’m about 6ish weeks along, and I really need an abortion. I’m currently in university, and i have to pay my tuition soon as well. I work 12-15 hours a week on a minimum wage and I just financially and mentally cannot afford a pregnancy.
Even in the short time I’ve been pregnant, I’ve been depressed and anxious, I can’t sleep or eat, and I’m nauseous and puking all the time. I can’t imagine going through 9 more months if this.
My abortion is either going to be $650 or $750 (depending on blood type), and my boyfriend and I can cover about $200-$300, and insurance may cover some, but there’s still a lot of money I need to raise. If you could spare even a few bucks, id be so grateful. I could provide pictures of receipts to all who donate, and could even send you “thank you” foodies once I am well again.
It would mean the world if you could donate to my paypal I have set up for this:
My abortion is either going to be $650 or $750 (depending on blood type), and my boyfriend and I can cover about $200-$300, and insurance may cover some, but there’s still a lot of money I need to raise. I could provide receipts to all who donate, and could even send you “thank you” goodies once I am well again.

I hate teachers

its story time fellas

so some of you might already know this but i work as a supply teacher/helper teacher i guess in a secondary school (high school, for all you Americans out there). a few months back, years 7-9 had a school trip to germany for a few days. its only a flight of a few hours and we didnt do too much while we were there, so it was mostly hassle-free
that is, until we went to the airport on the last day. all the teachers were tired and stressed af and the kids just wanted to go home too (mind you, some of these kids are as young as 11). upon getting there, we found that our return flight had been canceled.

shock-horror moment, as you can imagine. half of these 96 kids start bawling (a few fellow teachers were close to tears), and the older ones are having the time of their goddamn lives running around like freakin spider monkeys knocking shit over and im pretty sure mr jones the physics teacher had a mental breakdown.

long story short, we stayed on the floor outside gate 14 berlin airport for a few hours before being told by one of the airport staff that the next set of flights available with the amount of seats we needed was in 3 days. in the meantime, we were offered a stay at a youth hostel near the airport.

so we get to this hostel and half of the kids are still crying and theres no signal so the parents are freaking out by now too. the teachers were assigned sorta shifts to go between the kids bunks and make sure they werent talking (dont ask me why this was important, teacher logic is weird).

after my shift ms beale the music teacher turns up to take her turn, but as i was used to running on barely any sleep i offered to take here shift too
big. fucking. mistake.

the next one asks if i can take over, and the one after that. before i know it im stuck peering into bunks at kids in a youth hostel in berlin till 3am every night for three days, cause apparently taking over one shift means im fucking invincible and now none of them want to turn up to do thEIR SHITTY JOBS

so yeah thats why i dont like teachers

You can’t convince me that Spark doesn’t baby his eggs like the mother hen he is

Just Art School Things

I love it when I get the book list for the new semester and the teacher puts down what price the book should be. They always say like $25 but then I go online and find it for $3 and with free shipping. As much as I love buying books, I ain’t buying a new 125 page book for $25 unless it’s manga or an illustration book. I’m not made of money and the reason my grades are so good is because of all the pre-written notes inside the used book. It makes life easier and it’s a money saver.

Imagine being pregnant with Stephens baby and going into labour

- Y/N’s POV-

Being pregnant wasn’t easy to begin with but as you approached the 9 month mark things were getting all the more difficult. Steven truly was the man of your dreams, and you knew that he was going to become a great father but his overprotectivness was going trough the roof at this point. And now that he was the sorcerer supreme he had to protect you from more than the average pregnancy complications.

He really did all he could to pamper you and care for both you and his unborn child, so much so that he restricted you from doing the simplest tasks.

But when the contractions kicked in he wasn’t there. He had to go to the New York sanctum to take care of some minor inconvenience, but Nobody in Kamar Taj wasted any time and took you promptly to their medical center. 

- Stephen’s POV- 

I was in shock when I saw Wong running towards me, the panic in his eyes would be noticable by a blind man. My heart sunk as I ran my mind over countless possibilities that could have resulted with him being this shaken and then a cold shiver tore down my spine -Y/N. Something must have happened to her.

-’’ Stephen you need to hurry, the baby is coming ‘’ - Wong said while trying to catch his breath - ‘’Open a portal, don’t waste any time, she is taken care of but she is very afraid. ‘’

And so I did, I tried my hardest to keep calm and focused as i waved my shaky hands in the air and soon enough a portal opened in front of me, and without wasting any time, or a second taught I jumped inside, but this wasn’t Kamar Taj, and there was no sight of Y/N. I ended up in an empty, familiar space, the room i used to operate in, I cursed under my breath and tried my hardest to focus on Y/N and her whereabouts whilst opening another portal, but I wasn’t met with my luck on the second try either. I was in my old office. I felt my cloak stiffen around my body as if it was frustrated and punishing me for my doings but I was only getting more scared as time went by. She needed me, so did my child, I tried my hardest in picturing the beautiful, angelic glow and the rang of her soft voice and i stepped into another ring of light. And to my relief, she was there. Visibly tired and exhausted, but somehow calm and glowing at the same time, she soon met my gaze and i smiled and walked towards her, then i noticed the small bundle that she was craddling in her willowy arms. 

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Sorry brother but your activism centers around you, a white psssing, AFAB, masc, cis passing person. You speak about helping fem folx but you don't even have fem folx as friends and you don't boost fem folx unless it's as a gimmick to prove that you care about them. We never saw any result of your fundraising for rayne or whatever her name was

Idk if you saw:

We raised over $1,400 for her. We stopped fundraising because she needs time to find somewhere nearby to access the services she needs. And across the board at W2R we all experienced some tough times in the last 8-9 months. We just haven’t been able to update as much as we would like. Or campaign as much as we plan to. We have a multitude of ongoing projects that simply need more time and resources to roll out.

W2R, last year, also ran a trans fem fundraiser that allowed us to send more than 20 care packages to different trans fem youth in need.

In the last year we also ran our #SupportChase campaign that raised $4,200 for him through our Black Trans Lives Matter fund.

Furthermore, two of the cofounders of Ways2Raise are trans feminine people. It’s not something I solely created or run, it’s an inclusive organization that does its best to create intersectional outreaches.

I don’t know why you feel so confident in your analysis seeing as you haven’t taken any time to learn anything.

Here ~ ChanYeol Birthday Special

So I’m reposting all my old stuff up here but some reactions weren’t saved so I’ll try to redo them as soon as I finish my exams!! (on 25th January but don’t worry I have some stuff saved so I’ll try to post them up) I finished my English exam today so one down seven more to go (I cry) anyways, this intended to be all fluff but I just couldn’t help but add a bit of angst (?) but I still hope you like and please do request (I might do a second one but like as a flashback idk?)

Genre:- Fluff / Angst? 

Words:- 1,811K

Warning:- extreme cringing

~Admin Dee

Today was his birthday, today was Park Chanyeol’s birthday, the birthday of the love of my life and to him I “unfortunately” wasn’t able to come and little did he know that it was all a lie, Chanyeol and I have been dating for about 9 months so this is the first time I’ll be able to celebrate his birthday with him, just that alone makes this day so much special for the both of us, I don’t really like to show my affection but for him, just for him I’ll put aside my comfort and make today all about him, all about us.

A ring from my phone brings me out of my thoughts, it clearly indicating a text, shaking my thoughts away I reach over and pick up my phone from beside the clutter of makeup that’s on the hotel vanity, checking it I noticed a message from Chanyeol, “ Jagi~~ how’s Germany??? “ and a series of I miss you that brought a tiny smile appear on my face, you see I was supposed to be in Germany for a MUN conference for about  2 months but decided not to go, I contacted the rest of the members last minute just as I was about to board the plane telling them of my decision and they immediately supported me, so we thought of a plan that Chanyeol would think that I went to Germany for my conference, but in reality I have been hiding in this hotel for about couple of days and trust me I’ve been bored out of mind, suddenly a rush of nervousness comes through me, what if he doesn’t like me being there? What if he doesn’t want me? All these types of thoughts running through my brain, what if he never got over our fight like he said he did? , what if everything goes wrong.

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Papa avdol headcancons


Papa Avdol 

  • Listen dude, just sit back and relax because Avdol is doing EVERYTHING. Diaper changing, bathing, all that. It’s not just because you spent 9 months suffering, he genuinely wants to do it.
  • He sings Arabic lullabies to his child.
  • Definitely uses Magician’s Red to help keep his kid warm.
  • When his kid goes to school, Avdol’s always there to help with homework and then take them out to the market or a park afterwards
  • - “Tonight we’re having casserole!”
  • Despite being a mentor-like person, he’ll (reluctantly) give his child the freedom they should have, even though he really wants to monitor and dote on them to make sure they’re not making decisions they’ll regret. It’s not that he doesn’t trust them, he’s just worried, especially knowing how much a grown man (cough Polnareff) can fuck up
  • He’ll definitely teach his kid how to read Tarot cards
  • Avdol is a wine mom
  • He’ll be saving up for his kid’s post-secondary education since he found out the two of you were gonna be parents and he won’t admit it but he’s used his Stand to steal and sell things to help. He doesn’t live in the most honest neighborhood, so I don’t think it’s too far a stretch to assume that.
  • Overall just a good dad. He gives warm hugs


*Atleti loses 2 matches in a row* 
Me: lol look at our bus being all boom boom crash!

*RM loses for the first time in 9 months*


MY BOOKS ARRIVED YAY! Over the course of 9 months I have acquired all 4 of the current TTMIK grammar books and I love them so much. I also got two cute little magnetic book marks that I’m very happy with!

These books are easy for me to read and learn from! These all go into my notes and then I come up with some (not all) of my lesson from these! These books have been very beneficial to my Korean learning - I got book number one during Christmas 2015, book two this spring, and for my birthday just gone I got three and four.

Delivery was a day under two weeks which is quite good for books travelling from Seoul to Ireland and as per usual they came in perfect condition. I really reccommend these to everyone! Even though it took me a few months to even start understanding and looking at these books but my knowledge has grown so much from these in less than a year!

I hope everyone looks forward to my future lessons as I continue to learn from these wonderful books!

You can find these books and more at the TTMIK book store:

I give these 10/10 definitely!
Thanks guys!