all this goddamn art


been busy as shit recently, so here’s some of the super cheesy drawings i did for my friends for the holidays. so much hype shit happening recently and not enough time in the goddamn day (╯`Д´)╯︵ ┻━┻

anyway i hope ya’ll have a great couple days whether or not you’re celebrating anything <3


feed me rocks and tell me how pretty the moon is

Fanart for @umisabaku‘s fic, The American Football Which Kuroko Plays, which combines some of my fav things – ES21 and KNB.  

Hiruma taking Kuroko under his wing was amazing. Worth the price of admission alone.  I hope they stay in touch tbh.  


i was just thinking about shinguuji’s face under the mask…. he probably uses black lipstick even when it dirties his mask… he’s a nerd and that’s how we’ll remember him…. a nerd with gorgeous pretty hair… thanks for your attention