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Dear shipper of great love stories!
Dear POTENTIAL EVAK “trial” shipper!
Brace yourselves, this is a long, but important message to you:

The shippers of SKAM is a very varied fandom. The “Skamily” ranges from 12 to 80 years of age. We are of all colors and genders and we live on all continents. What we have in common is that we have all bonded quite recently over our love for SKAM – especially brought on by season 3 and the stories that were told through Isak and Evens struggles.
And against all odds, EVAK and the Skamily managed to reach the final in the E-online TV-couple 2017 poll, and we are so proud to be competing against Malec in the end game – they are a tough crowd and worthy competitors!

A long the way, we were fortunate enough to be paired up with some very tough competition and beating some very popular couples. We do understand that these ships are important to you, but, we are writing this to be sincere; We are hoping that if you learn a little bit more about SKAM and watch a few of the episodes from season 3, you might feel for EVAK and maybe experience that they sort of represent something in you as well.  I would like to take the opportunity to offer a few important facts about SKAM that may make you want to watch it, and also maybe want to “trial” ship our couple just a tiny bit. Just enough for you to want to vote for them (in massive amounts of course;) in the finale happening as we speak.

1. SKAM is a small low budget production, mainly made for the people of a country with a population of 5 million. Three full seasons cost approx. 1,1 million dollars to produce – a fraction of what larger TV-series productions normally cost. It is produced by NRK - the Norwegian National Public Broadcasting Company. NRK is financed by the people, therefore the price tag on SKAM is a sober one.

2. The actors are real teenagers, with blemishes and all infirmities that go along with that. Most are without any prior acting experience. A few of them are exceptions to this but none of them were well known before SKAM. Also, the SKAM cast is made up of some of the best acting talents in the country. Especially Henrik Holm and Tarjei Sandvik Moe, who play Even and Isak, are raw outstanding talents. They play the difficult and challinging roles of Isak and Even with such force and credibility that one is blown away. We have no other two actors who can act like this in Norway. It’s true.
These are some of the key reasons the SKAM universe is so very believable and relatable to the viewer. We feel them. We are them. No matter our background or where we are from.

3. SKAM is originally made especially for young people (target audience was girls 15-17). But as the subject matters and troubles of the characters are so universally recognizable and relatable the show has become a big hit in all age groups. At first only in Norway and Scandinavia, but suddenly, with season 3, also a big hit in so many corners of the world. And that is because the challenges the characters are confronted with are relatable not only to Scandinavians but to people on a global scale.

4. SKAM is made primarily for watching and following on the internet. It is really smartly integrated and interweaved with the character’s communicating via FB Messenger, Instagram and SMS (texts) in between film clips. Everything is posted in “real time” so you get the feeling that it is happening right now. The concept brings you even closer to the SKAM universe and draws you in. All clips during one week are collected in a 18-30 min. episode available online as well as being aired on traditional linear TV every Friday during the season. Only watching the Friday episode makes you miss out on all the social media communication between the main character and his/her friends and family, but you can still follow the story line by only watching the film clips.

5. Season 3 with EVAK gave SKAM its big break through internationally (due to devoted fans subtitling and spreading the show on their own). Isak and Evens bumpy road to becoming comfortable in their own skin and finding love is about acceptance, tolerance, friendships, support, mental health and a lot of things we ALL struggle with every day, no matter the color of your skin, your gender, your nationality, your age or your religion. It really touched so many people’s hearts all over the globe. There is really nothing more and nothing less to it. All is LOVE as the show states.

Our fragmented Skamily has been faced with claims that we cheated our way through the previous voting rounds. To that we just need to say that we really didn’t. We are just totally ordinary people who found each other online because of our love for SKAM and Isak and Even. This ship is very new and not really an organized one at that. I think that the majority of EVAK and SKAM fans have never shipped anyone before and have no real experience being part of a fandom, this just happened a bit suddenly and we are still trying to get to grips with it. I don’t even think we think of it that way – that we are part of a fandom. We just love EVAK and SKAM. So, where do we go from here over the next few days? As season 3 really touched so many people, that’s why people globally are voting their asses off for EVAK. And, there will in fact never be a new chance for EVAK to win this again because the SKAM concept of every season having its own character that we follow, puts the previous characters in the background and their story is not really a priority. So most likely, EVAK is history by the end of this year.

Now, we would really love for EVAK to win this, and thus show that:
1. you don’t need to bring out the big guns (money) to create a show of quality that touches people.
2. a quality show can come from a small country many can’t really place on the map.
3. a quality show can be in a foreign language (with subs rather than dubbing to make it more realistic) and can teach you about other places, other people, other lives - that are different, but yet sometimes also the same…
4. a low budget production from the other side of the world can stand up to 63 American TV-productions with lots more bucks in their pockets.
5. it’s OK to be different
6. underdogs are lovable too

So, we hope you give EVAK a shot and watch some of the episodes with subs generously offered by devoted fans (see links below). And if you actually think it’s any good (which we are sure you will after pressing play) we would love your support and “trial” ship of EVAK. We know you will not regret it!
And, whoever you decide to give your vote(s) - the coming days and nights will be exiting and exhausting where we all will give our all – on both sides. We respect that everybody will fight with what they’ve got.
So, with no hidden agenda, no ulterior motive, no shame - only LOVE; Happy voting and happy shipping from Skamdinavia!

Alt er LOVE.

Watch SKAM season 1-3 here:

Watch SKAM season 3 Isak+Even here (18-30 min. episodes): 

You can vote as many times as you like, all day and all night if you want.
Please note that you should cross of pics in a Captcha for your vote to count. The Captcha appears when you check the box for not being a robot. If you don’t see the Captcha and only get the green V confirming you have voted, it still might not be registered. So please vote in a browser that shows the Captcha. There are discussions about the importance of the Captcahs going around, but to be on the safe side it is smart to do it.

Watch @skamtrashme

+ 2 nice fan videoes:

Appeal for funding:

I have received a letter from the DWP in England, and I’m due to be moved over to PIP rather than receiving DLA: for this, I need an assessment face-to-face to prove I am really “disabled”. This is happening to everyone because of new sanctions.

However, until my face-to-face assessment, I am not going to be recieving any benefits I am due: I’ll instead receive a backdated payment once my PIP claim goes through. 

I’ve been to the doctors and had all my paperwork sorted and have had blood tests and hospital appointments confirming all my illnesses, very recently, however my assessment date is still up in the air and it could be 6 weeks till I get an interview, and another 4-6 weeks before I hear whether or not my claim has been accepted, and whether I must then appeal. This is potentially 3 months without money.

I’ve got arthritis and fibromyalgia as well as agoraphobia and type one diabetes (various other things too) and I have bills to pay - whilst my parents will not kick me out if I do not pay rent, we are very short on money this month due to several things (gas bill, car tax+new car to get to funeral + funeral expenses from last month) and I would like to be able to pay my parents the money they are owed. I have had several delayed bills go out, further pushing me into overdraft and I am swiftly running out of contingency fund.

Perhaps, more crucial: the money I HAD put aside in case of emergencies, to cover the cost of healthcare for my guinea pig, is now having to be spent on my other guinea pig, Zach. He has hurt his paw, a possible break in it, and needs x-rays to further confirm whether this is the case and has already been to the vets once, costing me £40 of a £60 saving fund. Further vet visits could set me back £90, plus £30 for consultation, and £30 for meds. I don’t know how much an operation would cost. Jak, my other guinea pig, also has stomach problems that require specialist food and fiber supplements, which come to £20 a month. Money I had set aside but no longer have, due to Zach’s injury. So, I’ve already eaten into my savings. I would have had enough to pay for Jak’s medication till my assessment, but now it is unlikely I can do that and pay for Zach. 

Any other month, I would loan from family members and pay them back however we are all sort of money due to the funeral of my great-grandmother: £200 round-trip tickets and fuel to get up to where she lived, times about 5 to shift all of her belongings and items. Its been an expensive few months.

Basically if anyone can spare a tenner here or there, I would greatly appreciate it. I would like to be able to support my family financially through this difficult period, and the health problems of my guinea pigs cannot be ignored. 

If you can spare a bit of money please send it over to my paypal 

The Signs as Things My Cat Does
  • Aries: attacks my arm when I give him a belly rub that he asked for
  • Taurus: rubs his head on me while I'm eating
  • Gemini: screams at me to fill his food bowl but when I do he takes like one bite and then doesn't touch it again for a while
  • Cancer: uses my breasts as a walkway
  • Leo: sticks his butt in my face when I'm on the computer
  • Virgo: obsessively licks himself all day
  • Libra: sticks his nose in the cheez-it box because he's obsessed with cheese
  • Scorpio: purposely whips me with his fluffy tail
  • Sagittarius: climbs the curtains and the screens on my windows
  • Capricorn: sits on the textbook I need to do my homework
  • Aquarius: claims every cardboard box in sight as his new fort
  • Pisces: fails to position his ass over the litter box so his shit just falls onto the ground beside the box