all thirty degrees of it celsius

I just participated in a study for pain

And they put my hand in ice water. I nearly yanked it back out right there. My hand got stiff the first thirty seconds. I lost feeling in it a little before the minute mark. I kept it there, wincing, laughing, my face hot as my hand froze. 

Of course, me being me, I thought about the Titanic. I wondered how I could handle this all over my body. 

At the end I asked for the temperature. It was 2 degrees Celsius which converts to about 35 degrees Fahrenheit. I looked up the temperature of the Atlantic Ocean- it’s an average of 15 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Not only was it colder than the numbing, stiffening pain my hand experienced for 2 minutes, but those people had their entire bodies in that water FOR HOURS. 

Frankly, the Titanic will have even more significance to me than it already does. 

Thirty Degrees

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It was a typical lazy weekend afternoon at your apartment along with your dear boyfriend Junhui.

“Y/n, move over! It’s too hot for you to stick on me like a koala!”

Oh did I say ‘your dear boyfriend’? I meant to say ‘that annoying grumpy prick’.

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