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so like i rlly have been watching ncis again for like the 5th time and it makes me realize how much i miss tiva and so i want to follow like tiva-centric blogs pls like my post if u fit this description and would love to cry about au’s and talk about all new tiva things pleaaaaaaaaaase let me know or like this post!!!111!1

That moment where everyone just assumes that Ziva knows Tony’s apartment intimately, because, obviously.

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I have a question. Why does it make you so upset to see that someone on NCIS got a happy ending? They deserve happy endings, and since we've been with these characters since the beginning, shouldn't we be happy that one of them is getting that long-awaited happily ever after? Literally, why can no one just be happy for McGee? It always ends up having to be a Tiva thing.

Because I am bitter, anon. 

And I am happy, it just… I don’t know how to explain it. It’s a bittersweet happiness, I guess, because I wanted that for my otp. I wanted that for Tiva, and they will never get it, except in fanfiction, and considering they were the main ship for 8 seasons and we were PROMISED it would happen, I feel incredibly cheated at the end of the day.

McLilah are cute, and I’m happy that they got married, but it doesn’t diminish the pain I feel when I think about all the good things Tiva could have gotten but didn’t because they took too long and then Cote left the show, and because the writers decided to send Ziva’s ass back to Israel instead of keeping her close by.

And also, I’ve managed to avoid current canon NCIS stuff for the most part, I keep my dash mostly clean of it. I don’t want to see it or know about it for this exact reason, because I am bitter about my otp and nothing really about that show interests me anymore. So when I do end up seeing it, it’s like a punch in the gut.

AND, they could have made the ending at least a bit hopeful for MW’s last episode, they could have asked Cote back for a short appearance. They didn’t. They didn’t have to “kill” her (I put that in quotes because I believe she’s alive.) They don’t want to give us the ending we want for Tiva while simultaneously giving it to all the other ships. And that’s bullshit.

And yeah, with me anon, it always ends up being a Tiva thing. And it always will be.


When your boss uses the man-code nod to give you permission to go console your wife


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Tony & Ziva | They’ll Never Know 

For Mavic and Em <3