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That moment where everyone just assumes that Ziva knows Tony’s apartment intimately, because, obviously.

NCIS | 'Housekeeping' 09x12 | DVD Audio Commentary with Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo | Marriage and children for Tiva?
  • MICHAEL: Here's the deal. What do you think about a Tony/Ziva wedding?
  • COTE: Oh, I don't know, but you know what I'm looking at? The picture of the dog in your computer!
  • MICHAEL: Oh really?
  • COTE: The DiNozzo dog!
  • MICHAEL: You think maybe the characters will get married? Tony and Ziva?
  • COTE: I don't know; what do you think?
  • MICHAEL: I don't know.
  • COTE: I think if anything, she'll get pregnant.
  • MICHAEL: She could get pregnant and then Tony proposes and she says 'you don't have to do this' and then they argue about it.
  • COTE: And that would be the end of the show.
  • MICHAEL: No, no I think that then there would just be childcare. It would be one of the sets. Our little assassin-baby would be down on the childcare set.
  • COTE: (Laughs) Oh my god.
  • MICHAEL: Come on! Lets rip it open. How about this? You don't know who it is—
  • COTE: Rip it open?
  • MICHAEL: Yeah lets rip it open. What if you had a one-night-stand with Gibbs? And you don't know if it's Tony's baby or Gibbs's baby?
  • COTE: That would be very weird because Gibbs is a father . . . and you're a brother . . .
  • MICHAEL: (Deep voice) In more ways than one.
  • COTE: Oh stop it.
  • MICHAEL: Who's your daddy? (Chuckles) Baby Daddy? That's a um—
  • COTE: (Playing with the word) Baby Dad-dy. Dad-dy.
  • MICHAEL: And then McGee would go down to Abby and complain that you didn't sleep with him, and so why isn't he involved in like the 'who's the daddy?' I think it's a whole season ten plot-line I'm coming up with right now. So, do you think we could continue doing the show with shared custody?
  • COTE: (Laughs) Michael, I mean, look at the things you're bringing up. Children? Actually I brought it up. (Laughs)
  • MICHAEL: I like the idea. I think you could handle it.
  • COTE: Oh yeah for sure I could handle it.

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