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Sometimes it makes things hard, but Kuroo doesn’t really mind


Shingeki no Children - Part 2

Do you have to be special? Do you have to be acknowledged? I don’t believe that. At the very least, not when it comes to this child. He doesn’t need to become great. Why would he need to be better than anyone else? He’s already great, after all, he was born into this world.

        -Carla Jaeger.

EDIT: I have made a huge mistake and forgot Child! Annie. So I replaced her with the orphans and added 3 children in Orvud District in chapter 68! I am really sorry for this mistake!



「 and with those eyes of yours, dyed in a colour I’ve never seen before… 」

AAAAAA I’M A BIT LATE but I sang this for ayano’s birthday!!!!!! lol i wrote this in the desc too but im dying from school so i didn’t have much time to work on this but i hope it’s ok!!! hbd to my princess ilu♡♡♡

Me on my death bed...

Me: Tell my family that I love them

Grandkid: Yes, grandma.

Me: And tell telanu that Truth and Measure is the best novel I’ve ever read.

Grandkid: I think you mean fanfiction, grandma.

Me: Did I fucking stutter?

based on a scene from this perfectly perfect modern Steve and Bucky au where Steve sees Bucky for the first time (sort of) after they’ve just been texting ever since Steve messaged a wrong number

Thinking about Adrien obvs.


                 YOU MAKE CHOICES
                             & YOU DON’T LOOK BACK. ❜

Okay but what about this: Trans guy Neil Josten.

  • Mary and her daughter (Natalie?) run away from the Butcher.
  • Natalie doesn’t like her name, but none of the names her and her mother wear and then shed feel right either.
  • It’s years before she tentatively suggests that perhaps just for a bit she could pretend to be a boy? The Butcher’s men are looking for a wife and daughter, after all.
  • Her mother doesn’t like that plan at all. They fight about it, but they have to shelf it, because this is in Seattle, and her father has caught up with them.
  • Natalie burns her mother on the California coast, and the smoke is like a poison, but she can’t help but also think of ashes and what can be born in them.
  • When Neil settles on his next identity, he spends a little bit of his money on a binder, and it feels right, just like his new name.
  • He gives in to what he wants only twice. The first time is when he lets himself buy that binder, choose that name. The second time is when he picks up a racket again.
  • He smokes because they remind him, and because he pretends it makes his voice rougher, pretends the ashes build up on the ones already in his throat from saying goodbye to his mother. Pretends it smothers everything.
  • People notice that he doesn’t shower out in the open, doesn’t change where he can be seen, and he knows what people probably think. They’re not wrong, he has the scars to prove it, but it’s only one of the reasons he hides. Neil has so many secrets written on his skin, it’s no wonder he keeps things close to the vest.
  • Then he meets a boy (hits him right at the edge of his binder, incidentally, and it takes him longer than it should for him to catch his breath. When he does, he remeets another boy, but Kevin isn’t here for little Natalie, he’s here for Neil, Neil the Exy striker.
  • This is the moment where he gives in for the third time.
  • When Neil realizes he’s going to have to share a room, he almost takes off right then and there. But the Foxes accept his need for privacy so readily, and Matt is so kind and Seth doesn’t care, and maybe he can still make this work. Just for a little while.
  • Really, he shouldn’t have been worried about his roommates. He should have been worried about the monster next door. But Andrew says nothing, and the book has a lot of history but it doesn’t have that, and if Neil’s voice gets a little high as he tells Kevin to keep Andrew in check, no one seems to notice.
  • Abby doesn’t say anything. Neil still feels like he’s drowning, as she takes in his scars and binder. She doesn’t ask him to take the binder off, and Neil smiles without humor. “Do I have track marks?”
  • He doesn’t want to think about how he has to run soon, how fast October is approaching, because he asked his mother to just try it once, and he doesn’t want to push that but he also doesn’t think he can leave all of Neil behind.
  • So he tries not to think, not about that. Instead, he focuses on the racket in his hands, and how well the name on his back fits across his shoulders. And Neil Josten moves forward.

                        ◤ With the stars on show.. it is finally showtime !!

With all my free time I was finally able to to complete a drawing which I am very proud of !! I regretted it afterwards that I didn’t record it as I thought it would’ve made a good speedpaint, but otherwise it was nice to draw two of my favourite villains


I was inspired by this post

and now I want a Dramione au where Hermione is a dentist and for some reason Draco has a problem with his teeth which can’t be fixed by normal magic, and everyone has been telling him to visit this Teeth Specialist who uses a combination of Muggle treatments and magic.

He’s really hesitant at first (along with the recommendations come horror stories of teeth gone wrong) but finally decides to check it out. Of course, it’s HERMIONE. He’s shocked and horrified and doesn’t quite know what to do but she’s staring at him so he just sits down. But as he looks around the room he sees all these different metal instruments and some of them look really sharp, while others just look TERRIFYING for assorted reasons.

He tries to stay calm and Hermione notices he’s nervous so she tells him to relax, to which he snaps ‘I AM relaxed!’ and she backs off.

She turns her back to him for a moment, grabbing one of the instruments, and he starts sweating. He can’t see what she’s got, but then she’s telling him to open his mouth and he does but also closes his eyes because he’s really scared and just wants it over with.

Then sUDDENLY he feels something cold and possibly shARp?? against the side of his mouth and he sCREAMS and accidentally bites her finger, causing her to scream as well and quickly pull her hand back!

There’s no blood, but Draco is almost hyperventilating and he feels so embarrassed about making a fool of himself in front of Granger.

Then of all the reactions she could have, Hermione starts laughing. She’s bending over the metal instruments slightly, trying to keep herself together.

‘It’s not funny!’ Draco yells at her. ‘You could have killed me!’

Hermione can’t stop laughing and tries to get some words out but nothing makes sense, so in the end she ops to just hold up the instrument she’d been using.

And it’s a mirror. It’s a small mirror on a metal stick. Draco bit her hand because the mirror bumped his mouth and now Hermione can’t stop laughing because it’s hilarious and Draco is scowling and more horrified than when he arrived in the first place.

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afraid the comments will get lost, now I have also two further questions:
1. would she turn out the same Huffle-puffish, if she had not been indoctrinated by Euphemia and mainly Rodolphus (at least in my hc it was mainly Rodolphus) 

2. I am really curious about her childhood, especially with regards to the missing information about her Ravenclaw traits, I mean we can make guesses, from what she told, but it is a) not enough and b) spiked with lies probably.

Delphi and Sorting - part 2

**First post about the topic can be found here ** 

**WARNING: long, long post ahead, answering the first question only**

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ga + tropes } Tsubasa/Misaki

Happy birthday, Yili!


Just when you think that Daily Mail readers must have run out of things to be pissed off about…