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do you ever watch those lifestyle youtubers who show you healthy snacks and diy things to do for your room and you feel really motivated for a while like “omg yes i’m going to be so healthy and organised” but what you actually do is continue to lie in bed and watch youtube videos

Sagittarius Risings 🌐

At birth, the physical body of those with Sagittarius on the Ascendant was blessed with the sparkling and mutable fire that was rising on the East. They’re upbeat kind of people, ready for anything and very optimistic, as you may have already heard. Everything they start in their lives is rather embedded in Jupiter’s incandescent faith and scintillating enthusiasm, and this is why Sagittarius people are traditionally regarded as “lucky”, although this a characteristic more “applicable” to those with a Sagittarius Sun. And even then, it is not really about luck as it is about confidence in one’s self.

In some way or another, such optimism is highly transmitted to those around Sagittarius Risings. Then, they may be perceived as dauntless and even as imprudent. Also, because of Jupiter’s dimensions and nature, this planet’s blessings upon one’s body may produce someone who’s spacious or roomy. On a personal level, the house exalted by Jupiter’s presence describes what characteristics may be magnified.

Sagittarius Risings project themselves as wise and somehow enlightened. They have large amounts of knowledge and experience to pass on. Faith is expressed in various ways, and one’s religion may shift sincerely as the years pass, for Sagittarius’ fire is mutable. They individualize themselves through their consciousness’ erudition and through their expertise in some field of knowledge. There may also be tendency to excessive and impetuous behaviours, because of the combination of Jupiter’s amplifying energy and the first house of instincts and immediate action. Sagittarius Risings also tend to have a rather broad perspective on life, although this may be diminished in some way, for Sagittarius is also about focusing one’s energy in a specific perspective, much like a centaur’s magic arrow is aimed for a target.

Jupiter/1st house: a highborn enters a crowded courtyard with gentle steps; all impressed eyes are magically drawn to their figure. Inexplicable tendencies of drawing attention wherever one goes. There’s something about this special someone. This is very different from a Leo Rising that makes an effort to be noticed by their appearance in the sense that this Jupiter receives much unwanted attention. One’s body is blessed and strengthened. The ability to focus one’s energy on a quest for one’s objectives is boosted. There may be great interest in expanding one’s knowledge for one’s personal use or gain, for the identity is linked to the ability to accumulate information.

Jupiter/2nd house: a minister lays between golden cushions; all around, jars and pots overflow with an abundance of fruits and wine. One’s identity is linked to one’s perspective of fortune and wealthy way of living. This Jupiter has high standards for themselves. This is someone who works hard instinctually to achieve such standards. Expansion of one’s business and wealth is favoured by one’s ability to foresee financial situations and opportunities. Careers dealing with money may be a recurrent “possibility” in one’s life.

Jupiter/3rd house: a person stands among their interessed friends, talking delightfully of their religious beliefs. The ability to teach and inform large groups of people with fresh and brand new ways of conveying information and communicating. This is someone with a free mind who doesn’t tend to care about social standards and taboos. Careers linked to future tendencies and technologies are favoured by one’s ability to keep in touch with large groups of people.

Jupiter/4th house: a priest presides a beautiful mass to a large group of believers, much like generations and generations of their ancestors. The family is embedded in religious matters and vice-versa. This is someone valued by their loving and sensitive nature, specially if Jupiter’s in Pisces. The family is daily blessed by this person’s ability to nurture and forgive. There’s a instinctual need to be in touch with religious and spiritual figures; feelings are be infused with faith and optimism. Cancer’s water pool glitters and shines with Sagittarius’ piercing arrows of light.

Jupiter/5th house: a lucky one gets a jackpot in a casino; sirens are lit; the hall is filled with champagne and cheers. Games of love and games of money are tempting. The individual is instinctually drawn to parties, sex, sports and games maybe to the point of exaggeration. Artistic careers are favoured, for there may be much popularity. Very romantic and courteous. People value this individual for their vitality and ability to conquer. One’s confidence is radiant.

Jupiter/6th house: an expert consultant sits by their computer, organizing a company’s monthly schedules and plans. Practical and logical service through patience and reasoning. Information is accumulated and, then, translated into practical codes; organized. There’s an instinctual need to be disciplined and to be ready to serve another’s problems. The rhythm is slow, but constant and stable. There may also be some interest in studying health: nutrition, medicine, pharmacy or nursery. The point is to transform other people’s routine and lives into something better and more practical.

Jupiter/7th house: a rising political influence holds a small party for their friends; many people come, but they don’t know each other, only the host. Popularity and diplomacy are key aspects for this active Jupiter. The ability to exchange information and to exert wide political influence is notable. People can’t help but wish to be close to this enthusiastic and charming individual. This is someone who loves demonstrating genuine interest in other people’s lives. A loving example of politeness and pose.

Jupiter/8th house: a wanderer sits lonely by a cliff, contemplating its fatal depths; the wind blows swiftly with the mountain’s wise and ancient words. Jupiter’s expansion is projected inwards, producing an introspective and observant individual. An unexpected universe of fantastic knowledge is built inside the mind, but only those who prove themselves worthy will be allowed in. This is someone who’s very private and suspicious of other people, keeping their wisdom to themselves until security is developed in the relationship. There may be gains related to inheritance through one’s family.

Jupiter/9th house: an old traveller returns home after many years spent in every part of the world; people gather all around to hear what they have to teach. A wise individual, valued by their ability to teach and to tell right from wrong. This is someone whose mission may be to help people find true happiness in their lives through spiritual and educational orientation. Information is accumulated from political and cultural history, specially that from foreign lands. Identity is connected not only to the idea of studying and obtaining knowledge, but being actively praised for it.

Jupiter/10th house: a magnificent statue is raised in a noble city; the individual being honoured is already dead. Jupiter’s mental expansion is materialized, structured and grounded. This is someone who instinctually portrays themselves as being always available for work and service. Hard-working, meticulous and detailed, one’s ability to precise and to study wide problems is valued in the financial and material realm. Being so socially disciplined and responsible may produce personal tension considering Sagittarius’ adventurous impulses there in the first house. However, success and social acknowledgement are to come, should one persist.

Jupiter/11th house: a gentleman bows gently to a lady and asks her hand for a waltz; the ball is gorgeous and dreamlike. Establishing partnerships and contracts is easy for this Jupiter. This is someone great at producing strings and ties between people and companies, uniting all things with beautiful laces. An idealist, one’s wise enough to actually be able to apply divine and human rights in one’s daily life or career. People value this Jupiter for their ability to bring peace and harmony to relationships and social situations.  

Jupiter/12th house: an ancient sea spirit observes the slow turning of the world from under the surface, predicting drastic future events. Mysterious and private, this is someone who’s able to analyze and foresee people’s behaviours through observation. Sensitivity and delicacy are hidden behind thick sheets of demonstrations of aggressiveness and spiritual power. Unconsciously, people deal carefully with this Jupiter, for it tends to overflow with fixed spiritual energy. Artistic expression is hard, impactful, cruel and pure. Who are you after all?…

Thank you for reading! I hope that helps in some way.

Chantilly Lace: Try not to move. Or breathe. *giggle* I’m kidding. 

Cherry Blossom: Hey is um… Carmine around?

Chantilly Lace: No, they left about twenty minutes ago. Just before you got here. Why do you ask?

Cherry Blossom: Just wondering.

Chantilly Lace: Had you ever met this Lolly person before?

Cherry Blossom: No. Never.

Chantilly Lace: I thought for sure he and Mango would-

Cherry Blossom: We all did.

Chantilly Lace: Poor thing. She is such a sweet girl.
We Forge Our Own Crowns - Chapter 1 - airamcg, CompletelyDifferent, DrJekyl, TheBlindBandit - Steven Universe (Cartoon) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Title: We Forge Our Own Crowns

Summary: The life of a bismuth is simple: build and repair.

But one Bismuth finds hers growing complicated as, during routine maintenance of Gem quarters on the young colony planet Earth, she strikes up an odd camaraderie with three quartz soldiers: Biggs Jasper, Crazy Lace Agate, and Snowflake Obsidian. Meanwhile, tensions over the increasingly disruptive rebel attacks escalate and Bismuth will need to figure out for herself what loyalty truly means.

Bismuth backstory! This fic is part of The Rewriter series, and serves as a prequel for Selaginella Lepidophylla. Although the two are interrelated and take place in the same universe, they can both be read independently. This is chapter one of four - the rest will be posted over the next couple of weeks.

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nykeigh I found some lace bralettes on clearance today for $5! they are so comfy and cute and i feel good in them 🤗

YES!!!!!!!!!! THAT IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!!!!!! Buy yourself all the adorable bralettes and pamper yourself and look fucking gorgeous and HELL YEAH GET THOSE CLEARANCE DEALS. YOU ARE LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE AND I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU 💜🙌💜🙌💜🙌💜🙌💜🙌💜🙌💜

Okay, okay I can’t hold it in anymore. I’ve kept this little au idea in secret for quite some time now, with only some friends knowing of it in Skype chats. I’ve even wrote some small ficlets over it and shared them with some, and I’ve been so anxious to share it with anyone else haha. But now I’ve got some courage to do it.

And I’m only gonna…put the main idea out and some little stuff out for now since it’s really late where I am right now haha. But yeah, it’s an AU based solely on Mabel.

But onto the main idea of the au (that I still can’t think of a name for lol): but basically it involves Mabel and her parents and Dipper getting into an accident, with Mabel (at the age of 5) being the only survivor. And as a result, Stan ends up taking her in and being her guardian. And does EVERYTHING he can to provide for her and keep her safe and happy in GF. It’s a big Mabel and Stan bonding au, basically (though Ford does show up later too.)

redraw of that scene by memory but then pulled up a ref at the end for little details >u>;;

Imagine dean surprising you with some new pajamas

“What do you mean you got me pajamas?” 

 Dean chuckled “go look in your room y/n” 

 “I swear to chuck if you’ve bought lingerie I’ll find a spell from Rowena to make you wear it!”. Y/n was sure Dean had bought some sexy slinky thing, all lace and see through chiffon.

 “Just go look sweetheart! You can even model it for me later if you like” 

“Go to hell Dean!” Y/n yelled over her shoulder as she walked to her room. 

“Already been, don’t fancy it again!” Dean replied, smiling to himself. 

 Y/n opened her door with a sense of trepidation. 



 “I love it!” Y/n ran back into the library, the grin on her face the biggest Dean had ever seen.


Candice Patton/Iris West Appreciation Week  ★ Day 3: Favorite outfit/hairstyle for Iris

The Iron Chef

In honor of Iron Bull Appreciation Month, and because yesterday was my anniversary and therefore I’m still feeling schmoopy, I’m reposting this bit of tooth rotting fluff. This takes place at some unspecified time in my (now rather defunct) Cabaret!AU-verse, but you don’t need to know anything more than Dorian is a belly dancer.

The Iron Bull was… baking. Dorian blinked at him, watching the mercenary maneuver his way around his spacious kitchen with a surprising amount of grace. Dorian rubbed his hands over sleep crusted eyes, attempting to ensure he was actually awake and that he wasn’t seeing some strange fade apparition.

No, Bull was still there, humming to himself as he leaned over and pulled a muffin tin out of the oven, wearing nothing but black pajama pants (printed with flying nugs of all things) and a lace trimmed pink gingham apron. He had massive oven mitts over his hands, also in pink. The remains of his baking efforts were neatly stacked in the sink, rinsed and waiting to be loaded into the dishwasher.

Dorian was still recovering from the sight of Bull looking like he had walked out of some kind of deranged cooking show, when the smell hit him. Whatever he was smelling, it was sinful - sweet and rich and mixed with the intoxicating aroma of the coffee that Bull had already brewed. Dorian’s stomach rumbled and his mouth watered enough that he was seriously concerned he might drool.

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@invertxgo cont.

“ nice try asshole, but you can’t walk around wearing the same costume as always and expect the disguise to work. ” she couldn’t believe he had the gall to call her ‘girlie’ of all things. desperation laces itself into her tone as her voice grows louder. “ don’t you have anything to say yourself? ”


My handmade vest with a World/Inferno backpatch is my pride and joy ♡


Find the perfect perfume to add to your fragrance garden.

Like fragrance, gardens are intimate and bring tranquility to your day. Now, we’re getting a peek into Tory Burch’s very own garden, as she’s plucking notes straight from her flower beds for her next fragrance collection. The trio of Jolie Fleur scents are each inspired by different blooms—from peonies and jasmine to rose and neroli. “When we decided to introduce a collection of three unique fragrances, it felt natural to incorporate three of my favorite hues—pink, green, and blue—all of which are found in my garden. Each color captures my feelings about the scent,” explains Burch. So, which scent was watered, pruned, and grown just for you? Take our quiz below to find out which perfume pairs best with your inner flower child.


1. It’s the weekend, what are you wearing?

a. Jean overalls
b. Tea-length skirt
c. I’m still in my lacy pajamas

2. What is a MUST in your salad?

a. Kale, hello!
b. A champagne dressing
c. Pomegranate seeds

3. What’s your dream vacation spot?

a. Big Sur
b. Versailles
c. Morocco

4. Your favorite playlist is mostly filled with…

a. Bluegrass and folk
b. Indie pop
c. Heartfelt love ballads

5. What’s your go-to hairstyle?

a. Short with blunt bangs
b. Topknot
c. A curly, low side ponytail

6. Your lipsticks are mostly…

a. Fifty shades of nude
b. Is there any other color besides red?
c. Sheer pink

7. What’s the perfect BFF date?

a. Hiking to a waterfall
b. Art gallery opening party
c. Romcom movie marathon

8. What’s your sign?

a. Virgo, Capricorn, or Taurus
b. Libra, Aquarius, or Gemini
c. Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces

9. What’s your drink of choice?

a. Green juice
b. Lavender tea
c. Sparkling rosé

10. What would you rather invest in?

a. Eco-friendly skincare
b. A pair of diamond earrings
c. Lots of candles

If you got mostly A’s…

Tory Burch Jolie Fleur Verte

You’re easygoing, love the crisp outdoors, and aren’t afraid to get a little dirty to have some fun.

“Verte is fresh and green. It has an easygoing, tomboy quality that I love.” —Tory Burch

If you got mostly B’s…

Tory Burch Jolie Fleur Bleue

We love that you’re not afraid to go after the finer things in life—trips to luxurious castles, sparkling jewels, and passes to an exhibit. You clearly have a taste for the finer things in life and deserve a scent that’s equally refined.

“Bleue is a heady scent that is tempered with notes of grapefruit and vetiver for an understated and elegant mix.” —Tory Burch.

If you got mostly C’s…

Tory Burch Jolie Fleur Rose

Like a rose, your taste is sweet and romantic…and you fancy all things delicate, like lace. The next time your sing your heart out to a breakup song with your household candles alit, spray on this musky and feminine scent.

“Rose brings me back to the summer days I spent as my mother’s assistant gardener. It is a classic fragrance that epitomizes femininity and romance.”


Did you know that if you dim the lighting in your room, create a circle on the floor with all things lace, floral and pink then play the ending of ‘Fear and Loathing’ (Grandma Diamandis singing) 15x, quietly chanting “Housewife, Beauty Queen, Homewrecker, Idle Teen’ then you can summon the spirit of Electra Heart.

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I don't think I realized how much I wanted Josephine/Scout Harding fic until you posted that pairing. So... #17?

(Okay, even I think this one came out super cute.)

Shy kiss: 

“You can do this.”

It would be fine. Absolutely fine.

“This is not a big deal, so just walk on in there and do it.”

She lifted a tentative hand, hovering and waiting to knock, but never following through; an action she’d repeated for several minutes.

“Dammit, Lace, you can do this, so just do it!”

Of all the hidden places and treacherous territories she’d scouted, all the arrows she’d loosed in to the wind, presenting a gift should have been as simple as knocking on a door also should have been. Yet try as she might her drive to do as she’d been planning for weeks just continued to waver, until she found herself caught somewhere between determination, shyness, and heavy irritation.

Lace had never, ever had so much difficulty trying to converse with someone she liked, but she surmised that it may very well have had to do with the fact that who she happened to like was very, very special.

And quite possibly very out of her league or at least that’s what she kept telling herself.

Josephine Montilyet was an absolutely amazing woman, so smart and kind and as pretty as a Redcliffe sunrise. Hell, even prettier, especially on the inside if her actions said anything. Lady Montilyet always took the time to speak with her whenever she had to return to Skyhold to resupply or turn in her reports, making sure that she ask Lace about her travels even when there were so many diplomatic affairs and crabby nobles to see to. No matter what might have been going on, Lady Montilyet had a basket of fruit or flowers to give, praises to share, and so many question about all of the things Lace had seen on her scouting missions, all of them given with a smile that made her knees feel a little shaky.

As shaky as they felt in that very moment, as Lace finally willed up the nerve to knock on the door and wait for a familiar voice to beckon her inside.

“Sorry to bother you, Lady Montilyet, but I have something I needed to drop off for you!”

“You are never a bother, Scout Harding. Please, do come in. It has been weeks since we last spoke and it is so good to see you again. Are you well?”

Lace felt herself smile, chest brimming over with warmth at all of the concern and kindness, not to mention the brilliance of Josephine’s welcoming smile.

“Just fine. Thank you for asking.”

Lace walked over to the massive desk that Josephine always sat behind, noting that she’d set her quill aside to give the agent her full attention. The basket she settled atop the desk was nothing fancy nor where the flowers neatly arranged within it, but it could have been filled with gold and jewels for the way that the ambassador’s eyes lit up  at the sight of them, a hand lifting to her smiling lips.

“They’re not much, but I’ve been keeping them up during the journey back here from Crestwood. The area has some of the brightest wildflowers I’ve ever seen and I thought you might like them. You’re always so sweet with the gifts you give me for my contributions to the Inquisition, so I figured someone should give you a flower basket too. Maker only knows you do as much if not more for the Inquisition than any one else.”

“These are breathtaking! Oh, the purple ones especially!”

Josephine leaned in, taking in a deep breath and then sighting at the fragrance of the well-kept flowers.

“They are wonderful. You are too kind, Scout Harding. I cannot thank you enough for thinking of me when you saw them.”

“You’re welcome, Lady Montilyet. And…if you’d like, I wouldn’t mind if you called me by my first name. Scout Harding is fine, but everybody calls me that, so it’s a little nice hearing something past my job description. Unless you don’t think that might be appropriate.”

Lace knew she had to be blushing, a reaction she wasn’t quite used to and found herself inwardly cringing over as she looked to Josephine, seeing a softness growing on the other woman’s face.

“I would not mind at all. And I think…I think I would like it very much if you would call me Josephine from now on.”


Josephine, smile still gentle and warm, nodded her agreement, reaching out to take hold of Lace’s hand, the gesture unexpected and wholly welcome.

“I have to go report to Sister Nightingale, but would it be all right if I came back to see you after, Lady Josephine?”

“I would like that very much. And if you please…”

Lace felt her breath catch as Josephine gripped her hand a little tighter, pulled her in a little closer, leaning in, but not crossing the distance, as if a little hesitant herself.

“…just Josephine.”

Giving in to the silent offer being presented to her, Lace closed her eyes and leaned in, pressing a kiss both shy and as sweet as the scent of the flowers on the desk upon Josephine’s lips, feeling the ambassador kiss her back. It was short, lasting a mere moment, but it was the best kiss of Lace’s life and she couldn’t stop herself from smiling harder than she had in Maker knew how long when it ended.

“I’ll see you shortly, Josephine.”

“I look forward to it…Lace.”