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D-Don’t yell at me I’m sensitive

I mean what do you guys really need me to look at—

He-!! Christine come over here right this instant now Ican’tbreatheohmysnickerdoodlesheremembersme

Jeremy being reckless as hell, and Michael having none. Of. It.
Jeremy likes to lean over railings to try and get a better view and michael freaks out and grabs at him JEREMIAH HEERE YOU GET DOWN FROM THERE OR I SWEAR TO GOD. Michael and Jeremy went on a ferris wheel ONCE and michael has sworn to never do it again because JEREMIAH HEERE KEPT ROCKING THE FUCKING SEAT

Jeremy having scars on his back from when the squip shocked him, and the first time michael sees them, he doesnt say anything, just lightly traces them and then tells jeremy not to move and leaves the room for like 3 min, and when he comes back, he has a ton of paint and he tells jeremy to lay face down. Then michael straddles his back and Jeremy has no idea what hes doing and jesus its been like 30 minutes what is he doing? And finally michael gets up and lets jeremy go to a mirror and michael has just painted flowers all across Jeremy’s back and around his scars and its really pretty. But then Jeremy showers and he can’t get the paint off so then he has to ask michael to help him because you don’t want that stuff caked onto your skin so Michael helps wash Jeremy but then the paint mixed and since michael used nice, pastel colors, it looks cool and soft, and Jeremy just stands there wondering how he got such an amazing boyfriend.

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Expanding on les and davey sharing a bed, Imagine after the ralley, Davey climbs into bed really slowly, trying not to disturb Les who he thinks is sleeping. Once Davey is finallly settled, he closes his eyes to go to sleep when he hears Les ask in the darkness if Jack was really going to hit him. And Davey's heart just b r e a k s

oh my god.

but now the real question is who’s heart shattered louder: davey’s? or m i n e?

Different Kind of Coffee Date (Cisco One-Shot)

Summary: Y/n, a barista at Jitters who serves Cisco so often they learn his order as well as developing a crush on him. They often have it ready for him and one day he decides to ask her out.

Requested? Yes, anon.

Word count: 766

Prompt: None

Warnings? Nope

A/N: None


Working at CC Jitter’s wasn’t the worst gig someone could ask for. Some said working in cafes and restaurants was a dead end job but you liked it, the pay was decent, the hours weren’t terrible, your co-workers were tolerable and the atmosphere was quite tranquil, most of the time. Although, there was one part of the job that you liked, and not just ‘don’t hate’ you actually enjoy it. Every morning, within the same ten minute period a man would come into the store. He was lively and cute, definitely a morning person. He would walk wearing a geeky t-shirt, with his adorable hair and a smile that could make flowers grow. Most mornings were, at least this early, quite slow so the two of you could chat for a moment or two. He used to come in a bit later but it was always too busy to talk, when he started coming in earlier you could only hope it was because of you. Your friends and/or co-workers noticed this routine and always let you take and make his order. The two of you would learn more about each other every day, you learned about his, Cisco’s, love for comics and all things geeky and he learned about your interests in return.

After days of this routine you devised a plan, you had started to make his coffee before he even ordered it, as he always ordered the exact same thing claiming it was ‘the bomb.’ He found it sweet every time. Needless to say he was taken back the first time as he walked in, eyes met yours and you started your scheduled conversation as you passed him his warm cup. Like a pro, you kept the conversation going as if nothing happened while he stuttered with a giddy smile. 

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In lieu of the upcoming film adaptation of “Ready Player One” by Ernest Cline, I decided to draw characters from the book of the same name. This is my rendition of the main protagonist, Wade Owen Watts aka ‘Parzival’. Throughout the book it is mentioned that his avatar is a knight, mage/spellcaster, and I tried to create something in between. I also included some classic pop culture aspects to highlight his love for all geeky things (though I admit I could have gone further). I gave him a lightsaber with a cross guard to emphasize his knighthood; most of the design aspect (like the stylized ‘P’) was inspired by Captain Marvel and Superman, to emphasize that he is creating a persona of himself–like a superhero, with an alliterative name; which he incidentally has; his gauntlets are Nintendo Power gloves, which I think is really cool; his pauldrons have images of keys on them to reference the keys in the book; and finally, the token. (Not gonna spoil it).


Catfished : Episode 6

“I have to go meet him.” you have no idea why that came out, you aren’t even sure if you really let out those words.

“Are you kidding me?!!” Beth grabs your arm and pulls you to a corner, “What part of the creepy message did you not understand?!”

“Beth, I have been talking to this guy for 6 months, if he is some sort of-”


“Would you stop calling him that!”

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Introducing the Boyfriend

Dean had never felt so nervous. What if they didn’t like him? What if they had a problem because he was a him? Sure, his family were surprisingly accepting of Cas, but his friends were a whole different matter.
He’d arranged to meet with his friends a couple of weeks ago with the intention of introducing them to his boyfriend Castiel. They all seemed pretty enthusiastic about the idea, but of course Dean hadn’t mentioned the nature of his and Cas’ relationship. Best to do that face to face. He swallowed nervously, wiping his sweaty hands on his jeans. This was a bad idea. Maybe he should call it off. Say he’s ill or something.

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Neighbors - Part 17: A New Addition

A/N: I think I’m going to start titling each part, and go back and title prior parts. I mention Pokemon Go. If you aren’t familiar, I’m sorry. :) This is all fluff!

Warning: Some sad statistics??

You and Luke had been living together for about a month now, and so far things were working out well. It wasn’t much different from the past few months, except now you didn’t have to go next door to get dressed or grab something you needed. You’d put all of your furniture and a few other items in storage for now, but there was still a good bit that you had to move over to his apartment. You didn’t realize you had accumulated so much stuff in the few months you’d been living in the apartment. It wasn’t like you’d brought a lot with you when you moved to Virginia. Most of what you had, you had bought once you had gotten an apartment.

Currently, Luke was out of town for a case, so it was just you, Roxy, and Max. Yep, you had gotten another dog, thanks to Penelope. The two of you had gotten to know each other over the past few months, bonding over your love of Netflix binging and all things geeky. And you often visited her while the team was away, taking her coffee or lunch and hanging out as long as she wasn’t too busy. A couple of weeks ago, you had made plans to meet at the park to play Pokémon Go. You both were addicted to the game and thankfully on the same team so you could take down gyms together. You decided to bring Roxy with you because Pen always enjoyed seeing her.

The two of you had been in the park for a while when you came across an adoption fair. Of course, both of you having a love of all things furry meant you had to check it out. There were so many animals that needed homes, but you kind of fell in love with Max. The woman, April, who was in charge of the fair told you it was a Weirmaraner that had been saved from a puppy mill. Max had already been neutered and had his shots. You’d looked at Roxy who placed her paw on the cage as though she was giving her approval. April could tell you were debating and asked if you wanted to take him out of the cage so you could see how the two got along. You sat on the ground holding Max while he and Roxy sniffed at each other. Max was quite playful as he was only a five months old, but Roxy didn’t seem to mind. You bit your lip in decision, looking to Penelope for some guidance.

“Don’t look at me. You know my thoughts. Look at the little cutie. How could you not adopt him?”

You sighed and nodded for April to get the paperwork together. A few moments later after signatures and the adoption fee, you were a dog owner. You just hoped Luke wouldn’t be too upset. Thankfully, the fair provided leashes and collars since you didn’t have Roxy’s extra one with you. They also let you take the toy Max had been playing with in his cage. Penelope helped you get home with the two dogs. You could tell Max was going to be a handful for a while until you could get him trained. Outside the apartment you took Max’s leash from Penny.

“Thanks for helping Pen, but maybe I better take it from here. I don’t think Lule will be too upset, but well, you never know.”

“You tell Newbie, that if he has a problem, he can take it up with me.”

You laughed at her still calling Luke that after all these months. You told her you would pass on the message and gave her a hug as best you could with two dogs between you. You took a deep breath, then opened the door.

Luke was in the living room watching tv when he heard the door open. He called out a hello before glancing your way. He did a double take as he took in the fact that you had not one, but two dogs with you. Before he could say anything, you started blurting out facts.

“Did you know that there are six to eight million cats and dogs that are put in shelters every year? And that of the three million that are euthanized, two point four million of them are healthy and could be adopted? Oh and it is beneficial to have more than one dog in the household. I know I’m here with Roxy most days, but now she’ll have a little brother to keep her company.”

You paused to take a breath, and Luke took that moment to speak. “Were you hanging out with Penelope or Spencer? You sounded like him for a second, throwing out facts. Now tell me who this little guy is.”

“You’re not upset?” you asked. Luke was fairly laid back about things, but you were surprised he wasn’t a little upset. A new addition to the family should have probably been a decision you made together.

“No, I’m not upset. As much as you love Roxy, I’m kind of surprised you hadn’t already gotten another dog. I should have known hanging out with Penelope would influence you to get one.”

“Well there was this adoption fair, and Max was just so cute. And he and Roxy seem to get along well.”

You both glanced down to see both dogs looking expectantly as you had yet to take the leashes off. Luke sat on the floor and unclipped both leashes. You joined him on the floor, petting Roxy while he played with the puppy.

“So Max, huh? I like it. I guess we need to go get some more dog supplies. We’ll need to keep him to one area at night until he’s older and trained.”

You smiled knowing Luke had trained dogs while he was in the army. He would probably really enjoy training Max.

Now here you were two weeks later, and Max was fitting in just fine. Luke was training him when he was home, while teaching you how to carry on the training when he was away on a case. Roxy was being really tolerant of Max’s exuberance. Honestly she was almost like a mom to him sometimes. It was really sweet.


Luke came home late. He entered the bedroom and couldn’t stifle a laugh even as tired as he was. You were in the middle of the bed with a dog on each side of you. Thankfully when he laughed, it woke both dogs each jumping off the bed to greet him. You on the other hand had not moved. Good thing he had a king sized bed. He stripped off his clothes and joined you under the covers wrapping his arm around you. As he pulled you close, he felt the two dogs jump back on the bed settling in on the other side of you. Grinning, he shook his head and was soon fast asleep.

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Michael starts the dancing, he’s making dinner and jeremy comes up behind him complaining that hes bored. So michael turns around and starts dancing with him but its kinda like swing dancing, not slow swaying. And they get to the point where they cant dance anymore because theyre laughing so much, and Jeremy just lifts michael a lil bit and kisses him, and lets Michael get back to cooking

Spidey - Webs | Peter Parker | part 2

Authors Note #1 - So hey, I didn’t think I’d be making a part 2 but I am. Hope you enjoy, feel free to request.

Requested by - @goawayimreadingbeach

Warnings: Weird questions

Part 1 -


You hadn’t talked to Peter since you left his house for dinner at home, but now you were at his front door. You knocked twice waiting with a smile on your face. By all means you were more than ready to get your answer.
The door opened and there stood Peter’s Aunt May, “Hi Miss Parker, is Peter home?” You asked with a bright smile. May was so nice and kind, she was like a second mom. She offered you nothing but kindness, and always listened when you needed to talk to her about stuff that you didn’t want to speak to your parents about. “(Y/N),” she spoke with glee, “he’s in his room. Come in, please.” Aunt May widened the door offering you a step in. “Thanks,” you said over your shoulder as you walked to Peter’s bedroom.

You walked right in his room as you opened the door, it didn’t matter, y'all have gotten too close to care. His room was so nerdy, it was filled with action figures and all sorts of geeky things.

“Hey, knock fir-” he stopped mid - sentence as he saw that it was you. “Oh, hey (Y/N).” He said with a smile.

“Yeah enough of that,” you walked straight to his bed, setting your bag down and getting comfortable. “you never answered my question.” At first his face was confused but then he remembered your odd question.

“I - why, what kinda question is that even? Like - I don’t understand.” He questioned you.

“Oh my gosh!” You exclaimed. “For being a nerd you can be quite dull.” You said with a roll of your eyes, “I mean, what kind of attributes do you have like a spider?!”

“I guess, well sometimes I think that maybe I feel a bit spider - like - ish? I don’t really know.”

“Dear Lord, whenever your just thinking of life do you ever imagine life as a spider?”

He sighed but answered, “No, not really.” I gestured for him to continue. “It’s not like I’m an actual spider.”

“Yeah, it kinda is.” You said like as if he was stupid.

With a dumbfounded look he spoke again, “I mean, I guess?”

“I give up!” You screamed with annoyance, never in a million years would you understand this boy.