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How The Riddler Got His Name Gotham Season 3 Episode 15 Trailer Breakdown!

Breaking down the the trailer for episode 15 of Gotham titled “How The Riddler Got His Name” also what could he be up to? Let’s Discuss.

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Nickname: Serenity or DreamOfSerenity (online handle)

Star sign: Capricorn

Height: 5′3

Current time: 11:23 AM

Last thing I Googled: Portal Stories: Mel (drawing reference for Mel)

Favorite musical artist: Listening to a lot of Porter Robinson and Madeon lately

Song stuck in my head rn: Rock it For Me - Caravan Palace

Last movie I watched: Guardians of the Galaxy

Last show I watched: Dofus: Treasures of Kerubim

What I’m wearing rn: Ninja Turtle pajama bottoms and a Doctor Who t-shirt

When I created this blog: April 2012. I can’t believe its been so long already!

The kind of stuff I post: Animation, video games, cute things, animals, I post my art on here! All kinds of geeky things.

Do I get asks regularly: Not on this blog, but I have a Portal art blog that gets attention.

Why did I choose my URL: It was the name I chose for myself when I joined deviant art back when I was just about to go into high school and it has stuck with me all these years.

Gender: Female

Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw

Pokemon team: Mystic

Favorite color: I like turquoise, blue, green, orange, and white

Average amount of sleep: It really varies I couldn’t tell you. XD

Lucky number: 6

Favorite characters: Ozzie (Avalon: Web of Magic), Wheatley (Portal 2), Virgil (Portal Stories: Mel), Stitch ( Lilo & Stitch), Zelgadis (Slayers), Jillas (Slayers), Joris (Wakfu/Dofus), Sans (Undertale), Spike (My Little Pony), Meowth (Pokemon)

Dream job: Concept or storyboard artist in an animation studio, fantasy novel writer

Number of blankets I sleep in: Lesse, I have my Stitch comforter, a Meowth blanket, a white fluffy blanket I got at a Christmas gift exchange party, and a Kingdom Hearts blanket.

Follower count: 853

I tag: @itsamemeige @wholewheatsins @headphonescinderella @raxon-raxoff

We are ChocoPom Creations! 

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We started making our Pommy little creatures based off some of our favourite game characters back in January 2014 and have since expanded our range of Poms for all to enjoy.

We hope to share the love of all things geeky and fluffy with you all!

Recently we set up our VERY FIRST artists table at KitaCon and were overwhelmed with how many people LOVED our Poms so we thought we’d like to bring the Poms to more folks to enjoy. And after a fan recommendation here we are setting up on Tumblr!

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