all things fall into place

To the girl I was back in high school:

I know you feel that you’ve wasted a lot of your youth on people and things that today don’t hold any real significance in your life.
You fought against the world for those you loved and in the end there still was not enough room for them. So they went on with their lives and in your own ways, you did too.
You fell in love at fourteen and convinced yourself that you were placed on this earth to love him above all else.
And so you did.
By the time it was over, you had tied too much of your existence to his and the days felt longer without him.
This was the first war you fought with the world.
At sixteen you fell in love again with a boy who sincerely and genuinely loved you.
Even then it wasnt enough for you to stay.
And for the first time the heartbreak wasn’t yours.
It doesn’t make you selfish to have chosen yourself over love. over him.
and so at sixteen you learned about sacrifice.
know that even in a world where you don’t end up together, it will always be worth something.
I know you lost a lot of people along the way and your life continuously feels emptier without them but think of all the room left for hope and change.
because better things are coming even those things you’ve always thought yourself undeserving of.
someone loved you then.
someone loves you now, someone always will.
don’t you ever let yourself forget it.
you’re going to fall in love again sometime in the near future.
you’ll finish college and have children.
I know you worry that you don’t have what it takes but nobody ever thinks they do.
I know right now the people who should be closest to you keep growing further away and I know it hurts more than you’re willing to admit but someday you will understand that some people are better loved from afar.
your parents aren’t better loved from afar and regardless of what you think they will always love you even if they forget to tell you sometimes.
at eighteen the world is a place you aren’t sure you want to live in but you will survive. you will win all of the battles you are fighting someday. and all things, like a work of magic, will fall into place. You’ve just got to believe in it.


And the last part! Which leads straight to this one.

Feeling lost? Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3

(Coffee shop AU)


Summary: Damon has always flirted with the reader, but is he just being himself or is their truth behind his words? After encouragement from both the Winchesters and Stefan the reader acts back. After testing the boundaries the reader makes a mistake…but is her punishment really a punishment? 

Word count: 5605

Author’s note: You KNOW you guys are in for it with both the title and the gif. I had so much fun writing this and it’s inspired about 3924 other ideas. So happy to be back writing, I love you guys!! 

You’d never met anyone like Damon Salvatore before there was just something about him. He always knew exactly what to say to send shivers down your spine or butterflies to form in your stomach. Damon constantly teased you because he knew how much his words affected you. It was almost like he dared you to act on things.

His words constantly replayed in your head always distracting you. You were in the Salvatore’s living room trying to research a possible spell to help Bonnie get her magic back when you kept thinking about Damon. You found yourself rereading the same line over and over again, but the information wouldn’t click.

You were distracted again when you felt hot breath against your neck and then someone whisper, “Thinking about me again?”. Jumping you turned around to see it was no other than Damon. He had a smirk on his face, “I’m dying to know what had you so deep in thought (y/n) I doubt it was that book…”.

Regaining your composure you said, “Never underestimate 1,000 year old grimoires Damon, they’re just riveting”.  He leaned over the top of the couch looking down at you, and there was a special look in his eyes. Damon shrugged, “I guess I’ll just leave you too it then unless..”.

You’d begun to speak before you even knew what you’d say, “Wait I-”. Damon smiled, he loved this hold he’d had over you. You cursed yourself for being putty in his hands, but you were distracted by someone else this time. For a moment you’d forgot Stefan had been researching with you until you heard his voice, “We could use some coffee now that I think of it, right (y/n)”.

Nodding your head you got up from the couch and made your way towards the kitchen, both brothers trailing behind you. You couldn’t shake the feeling of eyes on you and you turned around to Damon staring at you, more specifically your ass. You wanted to say something but you felt yourself begin to melt with his full attention on you.

Conflicted you just turned your head back around and continued toward the kitchen. When you got there Stefan sat down but Damon remained close to you. You reached for your glass on the top shelf, but you height stopped you from grasping it. Even on your tiptoes you were still too short, you cursed Stefan for assuming everyone was as tall as him.

Suddenly you felt someone press against you and an arm reach up further than yours to grab your glass. Before you could guess who it was he whispered in your ear, “Just trying to help you get what you want”. Turning around you saw it was Damon, his body still pressed against yours. Your voice was soft, “What I want?”.

Damon’s tone made it seem like you’d asked a crazy question, “The glass?”. You felt your cheeks begin to redden and you turned back around reaching for the sugar, “Oh yeah thanks”. If you’d turned around to face him you would’ve seen how smug he looked.

You continued making your coffee and made a glass for Stefan as well. Damon hadn’t said if he’d wanted any so you asked, “Damon do you want some coffee?”. Turning around for his response you were met with silence and another questioning look in his eyes. Again he licked his lips before saying, “I want something else to drink”.

It was sentences like that which sent shivers down your spine and filled your head with a thousand dirty thoughts. You couldn’t help but think how it would feel to have Damon’s teeth sink slightly into your skin while his lips also pressed against you, would it been a good type of pain?

You knew that vampires drinking from each other was extremely meaningful but what about a vampire drinking from a human? You were pulled from your thoughts when Stefan said, “(y/n)? You okay?”. What had he been saying before, had it been obvious that what Damon had said made you all tingly inside.

Nodding your head Stefan laughed, “You definitely need a break, that was too much research”. Damon smiled, “Does this mean we’re going to have fun for once?!”. You shook your head but you felt your insides tingle and what Damon’s fun would mean. You were pulled from the conversation when you felt your phone ring, it was Dean.

You picked up, “Dean? What’s up?”. You saw Damon mouth “Dean” to his brother while looking confused. Stefan whispered something in Damon’s ear and whatever it was caused him to roll his eyes. Dean sounded happy, “Guess what princess, Sam explained how you were stuck while researching on how to get your friends powers back and-”.

You cut him off, “You’re coming to Mystic Falls!”. It had been awhile since you’d seen the Winchesters because Mystic Falls had needed you more. The only reason you even knew the Winchesters was because of Alaric, he’d introduced you to two of his old hunting buddies.

Hunting had always interested you, it seemed like the only way to have some control over this unpredictable world. One thing lead to another and for the past year you’d been hunting off and on with them bouncing back from the Bunker to Mystic Falls. Sam and Dean had soon become family to you but you’d kept them separate from your Mystic Falls family, for the most part.

There had been a couple cases where the Winchesters had joined forces with the Salvatores, but something always felt off about it. Stefan and Sam clicked but Damon was almost jealous when it came to Dean. You assumed it was because Damon liked being the alpha male and he must’ve thought Dean threatened that. Regardless, you were excited for the Winchesters to come over.

You heard Dean laugh from the other line, “We’re about an hour or two away, Rick said we could clash at his place and we could all sort this magic thing out together”. You wondered why Rick hadn’t said anything to you but you shook that off. Grinning you said, “Okay, but first we’re going to have some fun tonight before we dedicate ourselves to research”.

Stefan raised an eyebrow at your statement, he didn’t expect you to allow yourself to relax. Dean continued, “Sounds good princess, Sammy will text you when we’re close”. Again you saw Damon mouth something to Stefan questioningly, this time it was “Princess”.

Hanging up the phone you said, “Yes Damon he calls me princess, I don’t know why but I’ve grown to love it”. You didn’t know why but a smirk formed on Damon’s face, he was obviously excited about something you’d said. Ignoring it you focused on Stefan, “Okay all we have to do is call Caroline and then boom she’ll figure out a party”.

Stefan seemed apprehensive, “You sure you’re up for this (y/n) since when do you actually like parties”. Before you could say anything Damon intervned on your behalf, “Let the girl live a little brother, this could be fun”. There was that look in his eyes again that made you both nervous and excited. Stefan smiled, “Okay fine, I’ll call Caroline and see what can be done”.

He dialed her number and left the room to take the call, his coffee in his hand. You finally took a sip of your coffee, happily hoping to perk up. Damon propped his head up with hand, “So you like being called princess?”. Damon wouldn’t let this go huh, it was just a pet name.

You rolled your eyes, “Damon what’s the problem with that, it’s just his name for me”. Damon laughed and you didn’t know why, this couldn’t possibly be funny it was literally just a word. He used his super speed and within a second he was in front of you once again pressing your body against the cabinets.

He placed a stray strand of hair behind your ear while he whispered, “I could think of a thousand dirty little names for you, but something tells me you’d enjoy having one for me…dad-”. Your moment was interrupted when Stefan made his way back into the room and Damon pretended to reach for something behind you.

For a moment or so you were left there trying to not only catch your breath but also stop the ache in your core. Stefan seemed excited, “So Car said that Tyler is down to throw a party at his house later so we’re all set”. Damon clapped his hands together, happy that things were falling into place. He grinned, “Alright I’m going to go freshen up for the night, let the games begin”.

You looked to Stefan and you both laughed at his brother. Taking another sip of you coffee Stefan put his empty glass in the sink behind you. He turned around to face you, “Okay what is happening with you and Damon?”.

You choked on your sip of coffee, how much had Stefan heard. Trying to seem cool you asked, “What do you mean? He just left-”. Stefan tilted his head to the side as if to say, really come on. You explained, “I don’t know Stefan he’s just being his flirty self and since he hasn’t gone out in a while I’m his victim”.

Stefan still wasn’t convinced, “It’s a lot more than just flirting, he exudes jealously at the thought of someone else calling you a simple pet name”. He did have a valid point, but you couldn’t accept that Damon felt something more for you.

Stefan could always read you like a book, “Why does the idea of my brother having feelings for you so hard for you to imagine?”. You didn’t realize but you thought out loud, “Because I’m not Elena”. Damon and Elena were epic loves, everyone knew that and now she wasn’t here. You always told yourself that Damon was just lonely and that’s why he showed interested.

Your words caused Stefan to shake his head, “Seriously (y/n) that’s it? That’s why you convince yourself to hide how you feel!”. You didn’t know how to react, the truth was out now and you couldn’t take it back. Stefan angrily smashed his fist onto the table, and then began to calm down.

He got closer to you, “I’m sorry (y/n) but that is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard, and I’ve been around for more than 100 years”. You shook your head unsure of what to say. Trying to explain you said, “Stefan, he wants Elena and he only wants me as a distraction”. Stefan sighed, he couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

It was his turn to explain, “I know my brother (y/n), and what he had with Elena wasn’t what it seemed…he depended on her and that’s not love. Don’t get me wrong I’m extremely thankful for everything she’s done for him but-”. You couldn’t believe what you were hearing, you jaw almost dropped.

He continued, “Damon didn’t think he was good without Elena, and then you came into our lives. You helped him see what was truly there, it was like you brought the good out in him but rather you helped him want it for himself”.  Stefan was right, there was a difference there.

Stefan smiled, “Damon’s changed, he loves Elena…but not like how he used too”. You found yourself smiling, you’d always thought you’d really helped Damon and it felt good to hear someone else thought so too. Finally you spoke, “I really care about him Stefan, but how do I know he’s not just playing with my feelings”.

Now Stefan rolled his eyes, “Damon is testing you, I hate him for it but he is. He doesn’t really know how you feel, and he wants you to actually act on things, trust me”. He was scared to lose you, how did you not realize before.

His flirtations had increased but ultimately he never pushed the line. You started to process things, “Fuck…you’re right Stefan”. Stefan shook his head while looking up to the ceiling, almost as if he’d finally gotten the divine intervention he was hoping for. He placed his hands on your cheeks, “Finally (y/n) finally you actually realize the truth”.

You laughed at how excited he was but to be fair you had been in the dark about things for a long time. Stefan added, “Things are about to get interesting…you know Dean has always told me Damon wanted something more but I never believed him either”. When you’d said Dean it was like Stefan changed.

You raised an eyebrow and he explained, “Damon is insanely jealous of Dean I-”. You couldn’t help but laugh, Dean was family to you there were no feelings there. Stefan continued, “I know it’s funny to you but to Damon the guy is real competition”. That was still crazy to you, Dean was flirty by nature but that was it.

Stefan said, “Be careful tonight, jealous Damon-”. You cut him off, “Trust me Stefan, there’s nothing there and I’m not going to push Damon into doing anything, the balls in my court right?”. He nodded his head and you realized you needed to get ready.

Before leaving the room Stefan said one last thing to you, “My brother has a lot of sides to him, and jealously does weird things to him”. To you it seemed like Stefan was over reacting, you reassured him that you weren’t going to take advantage of your sudden realizations.

With that you went to your room, waiting for Damon to be done in the shower. You sat down on your bed checking your phone, Caroline had been blowing it up because of her excitement about tonight. You didn’t even hear the water shut off, or Damon start walking towards your room.

You only noticed when he stood there in only a towel, “The showers free”. Bringing your head up from your phone and finally taking in Damon you couldn’t help but bite your lip. Shirtless Damon was incredible, and you were suddenly very aware of the fact that he was only wearing a towel.

He grinned when he saw you staring, “Why don’t you take a picture (y/n) it will last longer”. Normally you would’ve blushed but you wanted to tease him right back. Getting up from your bed you made your way towards him, and he seemed surprised. You grabbed a towel off your desk chair and before passing him you whispered in his ear, “I’m just thinking of all the water we’re wasting taking individual showers…”.

You didn’t stay around to see his reaction, you knew he’d be a mixture of confused and aroused. Damon stood there his mouth agape, you never flirted back like that before. He walked towards his room, and for once he couldn’t get something you’d said out of his head.

It didn’t take you long to shower, you were too eager to actually start the night, before you knew it you were done. You went into your room and closed the door behind you, preparing to change. For tonight you decided on a simple yet sexy short black dress that also came with a thick black choker. To complete things you decided on black heels as well, they weren’t too tall.

For makeup you decided with a light pink smokey eye with cat eye, and a pink lip to match. You were scared you’d overdressed but Caroline sent a picture of her outfit and she was just as dolled up. Normally you only got dressed up like this on hunts and you knew it would be a big surprise for the Salvatores to see you like this.

Checking your phone you got a text from Sam that said they were outside, and you rushed downstairs to meet them. You passed both Stefan and Damon who were sitting in the living room, and they were completely shocked at how good you looked. You opened the door and hugged both brothers, they looked pretty good themselves.

They were their versions of dressed up, button downs and jeans. By this time the Salvatores had joined you in the hallway to see what the commotion was about. Dean took your hand and forced you to do a spin, “Damn princess you look good”. Remembering what Stefan had said you just laughed and said, “We all look nice”.

You felt Damon staring at you and when you looked at him you saw he really did look good; white v-neck, black jeans, and of course a leather jacket. Stefan was the first to say something, “Thank you for all the help too, it’s always good to have a different perspective”. The Winchesters assured them that they were just happy to help.

Damon was eager to leave but before he could open his mouth Dean spoke up, “So princess you wanna take shot gun in baby and direct us to the party?”. Damon confusingly said, “Baby?” causing you to laugh. You explained, “It’s the nickname of his car her full name would be; 1967 Black Chevy Impala”. Dean proudly looked at you, happy you remembered so much about his baby.

Damon wasn’t as impressed, “Nice car, little outdated don’t you think”. Stefan interrupted in order to stop a possible fight, “You know I love old cars I drive a 1963 Red Porsche 356B Karmann Coupe myself”. Dean nodded his head in approval, but you were dying to finally leave.

You smiled, “Okay so I’ll direct the boys and you two will follow behind?”. Everyone seemed in agreement and you all started towards the LockWood mansion. The second you got in the car Dean asked, “What is that guys problem?”.

You laughed and then proceed to explain everything to them both, happy about how things were for once. The first thing Dean said was, “Damn straight he should be jealous (y/n) you’re incredible”. Sam was just as happy, “I’m glad you finally know what you want (y/n), and that those feelings will be returned”. Before you knew it you were at Tyler’s house.

Getting out of the impala you waited as Stefan pulled up behind you, and then finally joined you. Together you all walked up to the door and you were greeted by a very excited Caroline. She couldn’t wait to hug you, “Oh my god (y/n)!!! You look so good, I’ve missed you!”.

Caroline was one of your best friends but the hunting lifestyle had separated you guys a little bit. You hugged her back, “I’ve missed you so much, you look as good as ever”. While hugging you she whispered in your ear, “Damon can’t take his eyes off of you”. You found yourself smiling remembering what you’d said to him.

Caroline addressed everyone, “Drinks are in the kitchen, I say we start there”. She linked her arm with yours and you both made your way towards the kitchen. You decided you’d only have enough to be lightly buzzed, but not drunk. Caroline started to pour everyone a shot wanting to get the night started.

Suddenly you felt someone behind you and it was Damon, “You look good (y/n), really good”. Turning around you smiled at him, “Was that an honest compliment I just heard, how much have you already had to drink?”. You got Damon to laugh which was one of your favorite sights, it normally didn’t happen often.

He had a full bottle of bourbon in his hand, “Nothing…yet”. Damon finished his sentence by taking a sip and you still felt like surprising him. You reached for the bottle, “Mind sharing?”. He shook his head and watched you take a long sip. While handing back the bottle he leaned in to whisper in your ear, “Those pretty lips of yours look so beautiful wrapped around something”.

You wanted to tease him right back so you whispered in his ear, “If only you could’ve felt how good that bourbon dripping down the back of my throat made me feel…”. This time you watched your words hit him, his pupils dilating further.

He opened his mouth to speak but you wanted to continue the game so you grabbed the bottle from him and began to walk away. You made your way to the dancefloor, bottle in hand. Starting to sway with the music you let the beat pulse through you body. Damon watched you, licking his lip, and you loved the attention.

Something had shifted inside of you, something about the way tonight felt made you extremely confident. You suddenly felt someone press against your backside, but it was Dean. You knew who it was the second they whispered, “Just helping with the game, princess”.

You knew Stefan had warned you about jealous Damon but part of you felt like it could be dangerously fun. You watched his expression change, when he noticed Dean he took a step towards you. Daringly you shook your head, allowing you hips to move with Deans. Your bodies moved as one to the beat but to reassure you he said, “It’s an act (y/n) I’m just making it look real”.

Taking another sip from the bottle you felt the alcohol warm your body up, making you feel ever better. Dean let his hands roam your body and you did you best to look like you enjoyed. Seeing Damon watching all of this sent a pang of need to your core. Dean’s lips were dangerously close to your neck and you wondered if he’d kiss you or not, but before he could Damon was there within a second.

He didn’t have to say anything, Dean kissed you on the cheek and then left you both alone. Still without saying anything Damon took your hand and lead you away from everyone. He lead you to Tyler’s dad’s office and you felt yourself melting with anticipation.

Damon opened the door, shut it behind him, and only spoke when he pressed you against it. His voice was low, “You didn’t listen (y/n) did you?”. You were trying to process things but the only thing you could focus on was the fact that Damon had you pressed against the door.

He forced your head up lightly with his hand by placing it under your chin, “And you’re not listening now…looks like you need to be taught a lesson”. You couldn’t help but laugh, which was the wrong move. Damon bit his lip while taking a step back, “So naive (y/n)…”.

You rolled your eyes, “You brought me up here Damon, we’re all alone, and now you back away from me? Do something”. Using his super speed he bent you over the desk, you were still facing him. With his thumb he dragged down your bottom lip, “All talk princess why don’t you do something?”.

Again hearing him use that word sent shivers down your spine, and made your heart race. He picked up on that, “It turns you on when I use little names for you huh (y/n), it’s always the good ones…”. Somehow you found the words, “You’re the one that whispers dirty things into my ear every chance you get”.

Damon laughed allowing his hand to trail down your body, “And I can only imagine how wet it makes you babygirl…bet it’s all you can think about until you have a chance to make yourself come undone”. Your breath hitched at his words and you bit your lip in order to hide a moan.

By this time both of his hands were on your hips, “I’m right aren’t I? How many times have you made that pretty little pussy of yours cum just thinking about what I’ve said to you?”. This time you let out a moan, this was all so much. One hand moved to lightly grasp your neck, “Answer me baby”.

Again somehow you found the words, “Too many times….”. An evil grin formed on Damon’s face, which reminded you that once again you were putty in his hands. You wanted to shift things, “Now how many times have you been thinking about teaching me a lesson? But yet here we are and you’re doing nothing…”.

Damon used his strength to turn you around quickly, your back to him. His lips were right below your ear, “Be careful what you wish for (y/n)”. After he spoke he kissed down your neck, stopping where it met your jaw. He lightly sucked that spot and you moaned again. His lips felt so good against your skin, better than you’d imagined.

He started to lift up your dress, exposing your ass. Damon then bent you down so your chest rested against the desktop. Before you could ask what he was doing he smacked your ass, “You shouldn’t have made me jealous baby”.

His slap made your skin tingle and you knew it was bad but you liked it, and you liked it even more when he rubbed where he’d previously spanked. You moaned again, and this drove him even crazier. Damon couldn’t believe that, “You like that (y/n)? Fuck you’re such a bad little girl”.

His words made you moan again you needed more, “Damon please-”. He cut you off by spreading your legs apart, bringing his face inches away from your ass. Damon kissed the red spot now forming on your ass, “You still need to be punished baby”.

Slowly he brought down your underwear, further exposing yourself. He placed a hand on both of your ass cheeks, “So fucking beautiful (y/n), so tight”. You were already soaked and he’d barely touched you, “Please I’ve learned my lesson”.

Damon laughed, “I haven’t even started yet and you’re dripping for me”. He brought his mouth even closer to your pussy, his hot breath teasing you even more. Spreading your ass he exposed your pussy, and he lightly kissed down your folds. With one hand he arched your back giving himself a better angle, “Fuck you look so good”.

You needed more, “I taste even better”. Another side of you was coming out and you couldn’t believe what you’d said. Damon threw his head back groaning at your words, he loved how dirty you were getting. With two fingers he spread your lips, giving better access to your clit.

Damon took you clit between his lips, sucking deeply. He let go to flick it quickly with his tongue sending shivers down your spine. He grinned, “So sensitive baby girl”. He sucked on your clit again, but not for long. Turning your head around you looked to see why he’d stopped but he just stood there smirking.

He turned your body around again so this time you faced him, and he lifted you up placing you on the desk. Damon placed his hands on the backs of your knees and brought your body closer to his, “You look so beautiful when you’re so desperate for me”.

Damon looked you up and down shaking his head, “You’re still wearing too much..”. Taking the hint you pulled your dress over your head, and to show him you were serious you also took off your bra. The cold air caused your nipples to harden, and goosebumps to form all over your skin.

He smirked, “I can help with that” lowering his head to take your left nipple in his mouth. Damon circled around your nipple before lightly biting it and you loved it, “That feels so fucking good”. This encouraged him and he started to tweak your other nipple with his free hand. Your whole body felt so sensitive and his touches lit you on fire.

Damon moved his mouth from your nipple to the place inbetween both your breasts, and he started to kiss up your chest. He was purposely leaving hickies all over you in order to let everyone know you were his. His face was now inches away from yours, “I’ve been waiting so long to do this”.

Damon placed one hand on your cheek as he finally leaned in and kissed you. It felt like your entire body was on fire and his lips on yours was the first spark. Your mouths moved together, tongues and all. The kiss had ignited something inside the both of you, and you were both more needy now.

His clothes were off in about a minute, and he picked you up again. This time he moved you both to the couch as he fell back, you on his lap. The kissing intensified and your hands roamed each others bodies, needing more. As Damon started to kiss your neck again you felt his extremely hard member pressing against you.

You couldn’t help but make a joke, “Is that a stake in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?”. Surprisingly you felt Damon smile against your skin, and you didn’t know that would feel as good as it did. His voice was low, “That was funny but the only thing I want coming out of your mouth is my name”.

You took that as an opportunity to take his member in your hand and move it towards your entrance. Damon put his hands on your hips lifting your body up and you positioned him inside you. Moaning you sank down onto him, and he threw his head back. It felt incredibly good for the both of you.

Still his hands were on your hips and he started to guide you; forwards, backwards. You needed more so you started to slowly bounce up and down. Damon was moaning, “Fuck you’re perfect (y/n), so perfect”. You leaned forward while bouncing and he took your breast in his mouth again, giving you even more pleasure.

Damon’s tongue felt so good against your sensitive skin, “Oh fuck-I’m so”. Surprising you Damon lifted your body and turn you so your back pressed against his chest. Damon positioned himself inside of you again, but he kept his hand at your entrance.

You picked up rhythm again and Damon did the same, except now he used his super speed to massage your clit. It was like nothing you’d ever felt before and you knew you were close, but Damon was too. Damon kept saying the dirtiest things he could think of into your ear, “You gonna let that pretty pussy cum all over my cock baby?”.

With all the pleasure you were feeling the only thing you could do was nod your head, but he wanted more. Damon wanted to hear you say it, “Who’s fucking that tight pussy, who’s making you feel so good?”. The amount of pleasure you were feeling overtook your body, you were losing control.

It took everything in you to say, “You are Damon, you are”. Somehow Damon’s hand moved faster, his thrusts deeper. That was what he wanted, “Say it again (y/n), louder”. You said his name again and this time he groaned animalistically. He spoke again, “You’re close baby, I am too…cum with me”.

You nodded your head but Damon wanted more. His free hand wrapped lightly around your throat, “I said fucking cum baby, let everyone know who’s making you cum”. His grip on your neck made it a little harder to breath, and this intensified everything.

Between his cock hitting your g-spot and his hand massaging your clit you couldn’t hold it in anymore. You felt your walls tighten around him and you felt him twitch inside you, that was it. The knot in your stomach finally released and as you close your eyes you screamed out his name. Damon was right there with you, moaning and panting.

As your orgasm washed over your body you felt Damon release inside of you, and the feeling of being filled up turned you on further. You both became lost in the moment, all you could do was scream out each others names. Finally you began to gain control again, and you were left panting.

Slowly you lifted yourself off of Damon and turned around to face him. Damon looked so happy, the look of pure ecstasy on his face. He lifted your chin up and stared deeply into your eyes. That was all he did for a moment, just sitting there taking you in while catching his breath.

You felt yourself smiling too, the moment too perfect. Finally he slowly kissed you again, this time it was a different type of needy. It was like Damon wanted to remember this for the rest of his life, so he went slow in order not to miss anything. When the kiss was over he placed a hand on your cheek again, “I’m in love with you (y/n)”. You felt the butterflies in your stomach again as happiness washed over you.

You took his face in both hands, “I love you too Damon, I’m so lucky to have you”. He shook his head, “I’m the lucky one (y/n), and I’m never going to lose you”. He kissed you again and then laid you down on the couch. Damon pulled the blanket from the other end of the couch over you both.

You cuddled into him, resting your head on his chest. He ran his hands through you hair, “In my 100+ years on this earth (y/n) I’ve never felt something like I feel for you”. Damon kissed your forehead and you felt at peace with the world. Nothing could top how you both felt in this moment.

  Checking your phone you noticed you’d gotten texts from; Caroline, Dean and Stefan. Carolines read, “ See you went off with Damon….FINALLY”. You smiled reading it and then read Dean’s, “Hope my flirting with you didn’t cause any problems, tell me what happened tomorrow princess” which also made you smile. Finally you read Stefan’s, “I didn’t need super hearing to hear what just happened….don’t know whether to be proud or grossed out…”. Laughing you realized how loud you and Damon had been, but you didn’t care for once you were truly happy.

Remember when Magnus was trying to heal Luke, his magic was so strong that it shook the whole apartment and made things fall all over the place, and then later before talking to Clary, Alec was picking up some books and paper on the floor? Well, I bet the bloody couch was not the only thing Alec cleaned that night. He basically went around Magnus’s loft, tidying up the place for the warlock.

And that’s the cutest thing ever

I really headcanon that Izuku has his very own sort of admiration for Toshinori.

Mind you, we all know about Izuku’s admiration for All Might, and that he literally worships the hero. But with Toshinori, it’s very different. Because the man is All Might, and yet, in a way, he’s not. He’s not always smiling. He’s not near invincible. He’s more serious, sicklier, but also, somehow, closer than All Might.

Like, at first, when they meet, Izuku is eager to learn more about All Might, add more to the facts he has collected about his favorite hero. But after a few days already, the boy finds himself laying the notebook aside instead of jotting down every little detail about Yagi Toshinori. Somehow, it feels wrong to observe the man and take notes of him as if he were an especially interesting piece of an exhibition. It’s fine to take notes of heroes that will always be out of reach for Izuku, of people he will probably fight against at some point or just techniques that will help him improve – but from a man who looks sometimes almost grumpy while drilling his lessons into him, who spits blood on a regular basis and who looks so tired after a particular long day?

No, Izuku decides, he won’t take notes about the real man behind the hero. It seems to intimidate and intruding to do so.

Instead, he settles for watching, and learning, and memorizing.

He starts to notice the way the man’s shoulder would hunch forward slightly whenever he’s tired and doesn’t want to show it. The way his laugh is sometimes hoarser than others, just before he starts spitting blood again. Takes notice of how easily the man is out of breath, or how he seems to favor his right side all the time. Notes how the blond cards a hand through his hair or rubs his neck when at a loss for words, or how he tilts his head when he’s listening attentively. Or how he rubs and massages his hands sometimes – there are faint scars, Izuku sees when looking closer, reminders of years spent fighting with bare fists. 

It’s not long after mentor and student started training together that Inko finds herself buying tons of tissues, perplexed by that, but she can’t find it in herself to question Izuku too much why he needs so many tissues all of a sudden. She also doesn’t question what he needs the salve against aching joints for (perhaps because he is following that strict training regime of his?) or why he cooks some extra and takes the leftovers with him when he goes out to train.

And oh, how perplexed Toshinori is when one day, Izuku hands him a tissue after a hard, bloody coughing fit before he can reach for his own handkerchief. Or when the boy offers him a bottle of salve, insisting that he wants to repay his teacher for helping him so much. (And he doesn’t complain at all, since the salve does wonders for his aching hands.)

Things fall into place and start to make sense when the boy brings two lunchboxes with him one day, offering one of them to Toshinori shyly – explaining that he had cooked too much – and when Toshinori lifts the lid, he quickly notes that the food is perfect for someone who had had a gastrectomy.

He has to gulp down spluttered words for a second before he accepts the food, settling for eating and enjoying silently instead of questioning the boy. The way Izuku’s eyes light up says everything he needs to know.

They don’t talk about it, but Toshinori starts to see a bit more than just a simple successor in Izuku after that, and Izuku slowly comes to terms that now, he has not one favorite hero, but two of them – and one is not that much out of his reach.

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darrolo + 16?

16. a happy kiss.

They’ve been at it for hours, the two of them hunched over Percy’s workbench arguing back and forth as they try to get this damn thing to work properly.

(“It’s the gears,” Percy insists, wiping his forehead with his arm, not caring if the mix of sweat and dirt gets all over the edges of his sleeves where they’re rolled up around his elbows.

“It’s not,” Tary argues, leaning back so Doty can dab at his forehead with a cloth. “This would go so much easier if you just let me use magic -”

“Last resort, Tary. That is our last resort.”

“Hmph. If you say so.”)

They’re in the middle of adjusting something, a bolt, when something clicks. Curious, Percy presses the button that’s meant to make it go and - miraculously - it starts up.

“There!” Percy cries triumphantly, doing the cutest and nerdiest little fist pump Tary has ever seen in his life.

“It works!” Tary says excitedly, and the smile Percy turns on him is so overwhelming and happy and for a moment all of his other thoughts fall away and -

And Tary takes Percy by the collar of his shirt and tugs him in, crushing their lips together. It’s not a particularly good kiss, or a soft kiss, or a sweet one or a hot one or a sexy one - it’s not much of a kiss at all really, just an impulse, but it’s freeing.

And then suddenly things fall back into place and he remembers who he is and who he’s kissing and he comes back to himself.

“I’m - I’m so sorry,” Tary stutters out, letting go of Percy and hastily adjusting his own collar. “I shouldn’t have done that. You’re my good friend Percival and I’m afraid I crossed a line just now.”

“No,” Percy says slowly, a small smile spreading across his face. “That’s quite alright. Quite - quite alright, if I do say so myself.”

“Tary,” agrees Doty, and the poor tinkerers jump about a foot in the air at the reminder of his presence.

Tuesday’s and Chances

Bruce Wayne X Reader

Word Count: 603

Notes: Soul Mark Universe, where the first words spoken to you by your soul-mate appear in a random spot on your body, on your sixteenth birthday.

Part 1

      You’re very hesitant to take Mr. Wayne up on his offer of dinner. You’ve been alone for so long now that the idea of tying yourself to someone terrifies you. But, you say yes. You’re surprised when he asks where you want to go, you were almost certain that he’d sweep you away to some upscale restaurant where everything would be just enh, overpriced, and probably not very flavorful.

        You’ve spent a good amount of time scoping out the best food places in your area. You know who makes the best of everything, and where the best bargain is. So, you lead him to this little hole in the wall restaurant that makes the best bibimbap you’ve ever tasted.

        Things are more than a bit awkward at first. You both stumble over bits of your personal lives, not completely sure what’s appropriate for a first date, or what’s appropriate for your soul-mate. Things only become comfortable after you admit that you have no contact with your family because they’re emotionless drones, and he admits to having six kids.

        After that things seem to fall into place. He tells you all about his kids, and he glows as he talks about them. You find it more than a bit adorable and very, very sweet. He talks about growing up in Gotham and you talk about growing up in Connecticut. You end up staying until the owners kindly inform you that they’re closed.

          Bruce walks you to your apartment after that and you say goodnight. Over the next week you spend every free moment you both have together. You spend even more time together in meetings. You hold IM conversations on your laptops while very boring reports are being given.

          At the end of the week, two days before Bruce is scheduled to head back to Gotham, he asks you to come with him. You ask for twenty-four hours and he happily gives them to you. You return to the restaurant where you had your first date. You sit at the very same table and you begin your failsafe way of making decisions: a pro-con list.

          By the time you finish there are many more pros than cons, but those cons still bug you.

You’ve only known him a week, he has kids that may not accept you, you’d have to move. The last one isn’t all that big, while you love South Korea you know you can always come back. Your job isn’t all that big of a deal either; Bruce has already offered you a job with Wayne Enterprises.

Still, you’ve only known him a week. Your mind flashes back to a moment with your grandfather. Despite your own parents rather cold exteriors, your mother’s father had always been a very kind and warm man. He had been an island of warmth in a rather cold sea. Unlike your parents, he and your grandmother had been soul-mates, and so in love that it should have been a fairy tale.

He had told you once: “You can never be sure with love. You just have to take your chances and hope it turns out well.”

          And that was the big question, where you willing to take a chance?

          You’re waiting for him at the airport when he arrives. Three rather large suitcases, holding everything you’ve deemed important, are behind you. When he approaches you, a smile on his face you simply hold up your one-way ticket to Gotham and tell him that your secretary is going to send the rest.

          And, without another thought he takes your hand, and you take a chance: Together.

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It's her trying to do the right thing by her people that makes everyone think she would be fair and just, not the dragons. Those are just what makes her a ruler.

Okay, no. One, who are her people? Certainly not the ones in Westeros. Even in the show, the only thing that has been corrected from her askewed knowledge of everything related to Westeros was her father’s madness through Tyrion and when ser Jorah told her way back that common folk prayed for rain and good harvest so they could survive, not her family’s return to the Iron Throne.

Two, she has zero idea on how to rule fairly and justly. Or at all for that matter. This is not by her choice, starting from her brother Viserys to her rapist husband Khal Drogo, all she could tell from her point of view is that what they were doing was wrong. TV Daenerys has spent all her time going from one place to the other, things conveniantely falling into her lap. Tyrion, as experienced ‘manager’ and someone with experience in playing politics, was introduced to her in an episode literally called ‘The Gift’.

And still she is stubborn to act as she is advised. Her advisors and ‘army’ of freed slaves, that follow her more out of being awed by her as their liberator whom they call ‘master’, are what is keeping her head above the water when it comes to 'ruling’. Also she acquired them by tricking a man and then burning him to crisp. And she ruined the city of Astapor, sparing only children and slaves. Yay, bad ass Khaleesi.

I find it particularly annoying how everything comes to her conveniantely. In one episode she has trouble controlling her dragons and in another, problem solves itself and she has it under control again. Also, her rulling references are: family name, dragons and inability to get burnt. That’s it. She has nothing of lengthy success to showcase her ability to rule, whether it would be a natural or acquired ability.

“They have a choice: they can live in my new world, or they can die in their old one.”

There are zero realities where this is fair and just. You can argue with me all day long that this was solely focused on the slave masters of Slaver’s Bay but I disagree. Though she has not said it before, it was most certainly Daenerys’s mind set since she started her little conquest. And yes, it is a conquest.

“I am Daenerys Stormborn and I will take what is mine with fire and blood.”

This is not a mark of a badass woman as most people idolize her to be. This is fucking terrifying. Also, it is not hers. This is something only a conqueror will tell themselves to justify their greed and ambition to control the lives of other people. The Targaryens had zero right to rule over Westeros. They came with dragons, killed everyone who opposed them and fashioned themselves as rulers of Westeros to supplant the rulership they lost in Valyrian Freehold.

She is not in Essos to stay. She wants Westeros. And will leave very unstable enviroment behind her. Also, no matter how morally wrong to you and me the cultures of Essos may be, they had existed that way for centuries, Daenerys has desecrated them and appropriated bits and pieces she had found to be useful to her. In this, you cannot unsee the trope of 'white hero saving poc cultures from their savage ways’. For example, look at the first culture she dissected.

The Dothraki. They sack and raid cities, demand tributes, enslave people and rape is their conquest given right. This just makes you appalled. It certainly did not sit well with Daenerys in the beginning. Now, they are part of her army she will unleash on Westeros. And she took command over them by burning the khals alive in the most sacred place to all Dothraki where no weapons or blood spilling was allowed. Ever.

“Every Khal who ever lived chose three blood riders to fight beside him and guard his way, but I am not a Khal. I will not choose three blood riders. I choose you all. I will ask more of you than any Khal has ever asked of his Khalasar. Will you ride the wooden horses across the black salt sea? Will you kill my enemies in their iron suits and tear down their stone houses? Will you give me the Seven Kingdoms, the gift Khal Drogo promised me, before the Mother of Mountains? Are you with me, now and always?”

So she disagrees with their way of life but has done nothing to change how that at all and is perfectly content to use their 'savagery’ to get what she wants.

“I am a queen, not a butcher.”

I think one would find good number of people who would disagree with that statement.

As for her dragons, they are devastating weapons of war. They are not cute, cuddly pets that will sit around her throne and purr or chirp or whatever. They are not her children. You do not raise your children to do your bidding and torch anyone who does not agree with you. They are literally cocked guns pointed at someone’s head. To quote MCU Steve Rogers: 'This isn’t freedom. This is fear.’

The ability to give Inspirational Speeches she does not write downTM and ability to ride a dragon are not valid job qualifications of a ruler. A conqueror maybe. But not a ruler. Especially a good one.


Don’t make a number on the scale your primary goal. If that number is whats most important to you then all types of unhealthy practices and habits (physical and mental) can develop in pursuit of that number. Instead, make a sustainable, healthy lifestyle your goal. If you do that right then the weight loss, higher energy, higher self-esteem, stronger sex drive, and all those other things you want will come as a byproduct of your healthier lifestyle. All the right things fall in place when your focus is centered on the right things.

tfw your just a kid at the skate park and your dad makes you wear this really over-the-top obnoxious safety helmet and your just trying to be fairy-kei punk :\

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(1/3)Hello, random person again with a long rambling theory about Jean's class background because I have actually thought a lot about it because I have a Problem with worldbuilding. So here's my theory. Trost used to be a relatively affluent town (we can imagine it as a marketplace, as it would be a natural point of entry for Maria agricultural's goods towards the inner walls, and we know from canon that there were some sales companies like Reeves corporation), until Wall Maria fell.

Hello again, Random Person! Thank you for sending me this headcanon! There’s no such thing as “thinking too much” about Jean! That’s kind of the premise of this blog, after all xD. Longass Jean-Metas Unlimited.

I’m sorry it’s taken me a bit to get back to you and I’m sorry if this post is a little rambling: I’m quite sick today and it feels like I’m really struggling to think properly lol.

I’m putting my answer under the cut because it is kinda long (oops!).

Keep reading

Quick overview

For a long time Elise has been limited as a staff user but she’s here, in a adorable swimsuit and ready to show mages how it’s done. With a whopping 36 attack and 34 speed at base, theres plenty of reason to fear such a small girl, though her stats are very similar to another little girl aka Nino and the two of them are the best green mages as of now. The only difference is Nino trades speed for attack, which while Blade tome users prefer speed, Nino made a kinda bad trade off as with the same buffs Elise on average get more KO thanks to the +2 attack.Though both are as good as each other and what I’m saying is Elise is an amazing unit who should not be brushed off or passed up on.

Base set

So Elise has a hibiscus tome at base which has a spur for atk/spd +1 to allies in 2 spaces, its a pretty decent support skill which when paired with her rally atk/res + 3 means she can support the team pretty nicely. Follw this up with g.tome valour and she’s really good for training units. Finally in her A slot though she has Spd/res+ 2 Its okay but she can do better.

The obvious choice for a B skill is desperation and green tome breaker, as for a proc skill she ideally wants Luna or Draconic Aura, both are great and interchangeable. If you’re looking for a proper C skill though anything will work but threaten res is a nice option.

Suggested set

Following on from yesterday I was going to do two sets but if you use the above base skills she’ll do fine, maybe replace her A skill with fury or swift sparrow but there is only one set which makes Elise a Storm on the battlefield.

Every lily has its thorns???

+Spd/atk -hp/def

Gronnblade+, Ardent sacrifice/Rally skill, Moonbow/Draconic aura

Fury 3/Swift sparrow 2,  Desperation 3, Threaten res/spd or a hone skill

Not only is Gronnblade + stronger than her Base weapon but a truly devastating tome. She can decimate Every unit in the cast bar Henry and Sanaki with the right buffs and should be paired with either Eirika or Emphraim, She can protect Eirika from Blues or have Emphraim shield her from Reds the choice is yours. Moonbow is then used to the +1 charge time but you can still use other skills if you like, it unlikely they’ll activate since she one shots most things but its a nice safety net. the rest all falls into place. The only real argument is her A skill. Fury provides additional bulk and a safe drop into desperation, where as Swift sparrow has +1 to each atk and spd over fury. Both are great options but Fury is the better of the two just for the hp drop as she is too squishy to take most hits, and for the life of Elise do not life and death her, it seems to good to be true but she dosen’t gain any KO’s and will falls instantly to a Reinhardt. Protect this flower and she’ll bloom into something beautiful.

Eventually all things fall into place. Until then, laugh at the confusion, live for the moments, and know everything happens for a reason.

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How can you miss someone you never had?

Because your brain likes to imagine that we weren’t so sad and that if there was a chance that things would’ve worked out, shit, I’d fall all over the place for a chance. Who wouldn’t? But you know, one thing I’ve learned and am still learning, until you’re comfortable being alone and single, you’re never really going to be happy with yourself or hell, being with someone who seems like they’ll potentially change your life. I often think, if I hadn’t loved her, I wouldn’t be here, writing and writing and writing and writing and if I wasn’t here, who would answer your question? It’s been strange. But I’m here.