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dear twd creators,
if you won’t make desus canon in s8 please at least make sure there are enough hq episode stills of daryl and jesus. preferably of both in one frame, but separate ones of each other will suffice, too. and for the love of gods, let there be more full height stills of paul. because trying to assemble his figure from three different photos kinda sucks. especially considering that the legs on one of those photos belong to some random dude from the internet and the light falls on them from the wrong side. 

Eurovision 2017: Celebrate Diversity

Most European Countries: Let’s sing in English

shinee hosts a delivery mukbang (eating broadcast)

the spread: yangnyeom (seasoned) chicken with fried dduk (korean rice cakes), fried chicken, jjajangmyun (black bean sauce noodles), extra spicy ddukboki (spicy rice cakes), fried rice, tangsuyuk (sweet and sour pork), soondae (korean blood sausage), jokbal (pig’s feet) 


  • O YA!!!!!!!!!!!!1!
  • totally his idea 
  • could not sleep the night before bc he was thinking about what they should order and from where and morning needs to come faster 
  • tbh he doesn’t really care that it’s a broadcast just that there’s piles of food in front of him and he’s so happy ^▽^
  • keeps blocking other members’ chopsticks with his own when they venture near the chicken (”pls hyung you are too old to be swordfighting like this” / key: “i s2g you only became like this after they named you the chicken maniac YOU HAVE NO ONE TO IMPRESS HERE”) 
  • it’s darwinism, if you want to eat chicken be faster than onew’s speeding chopsticks of doom 


  • lots of reactions while eating like gasping or humming 
  • teases the camera by saying things like “doesn’t this look good~ it’s really good too bad you guys can’t taste it” 
  • looks like a chipmunk bc his cheeks get really full as he just shovels food into his mouth 
  • takes forever to chew whatever’s in his mouth so when he talks it’s mostly incoherent 
  • stashed green tea ice cream in the freezer for dessert 


  • mcing the event
  • reading out comments while he’s eating so not eating at a superhuman pace like the others
  • actually chews his food????
  • stabbed minho’s hand with a chopstick bc he was trying to take the last soondae off his plate 
  • makes lettuce wraps with jokbal and feeds the other members 
  • almost had to do the heimlich on taemin bc he was literally inhaling his food 


  • completely focused on eating the entire time ㅍ_ㅍ 
  • is this a mukbang or a competitive eating contest?? lmk minho??
  • when there’s no more food he’s like ????? who ate it all and blames the other members 
  • well it’s a good thing in the middle of the mukbang he ORDERED MORE FOOD OH YEAH 
  • ddukboki isn’t spicy at all, he feels no pain 
  • it’s fire, he’s fire boi 
  • he does chug a very large glass of water after which does NOT help  


  • plucking and eating all the dduk from the yangnyeom chicken bc honestly it’s the best part (manages to bypass onew’s blockade somehow) 
  • finished two bowls of jjajangmyun like nbd and still calmly eating with no intention of stopping 
  • also pretty much ate all the tangsuyuk by himself (a lot more lowkey about food hoarding than onew is but he’s claimed certain foods as his bc they’re all “subtly” in his corner)
  • smiling v brightly at the camera like he’s not eating his body weight in food 
  • viewers’ comments: woah….. attractive….. terrifying … humanly?? possibly??


  • why do they all eat like they’ve never put food in their mouths before 
  • sm wtf

trade mistakes // panic! at the disco


Amazing Smaylor prank trivia! (+ Return of The Bloody Kleenex Heart) (x)


turn off the lights // panic! at the disco

A Gentle Reminder:

Please, you need never apologize to me for:

  • Writing me a “novel”
  • Writing me conflict between our muses because it’s the natural response in a given situation.
  • Needing some space for yourself or taking a rest day/days.
  • Feeling insecure about your writing (or real life things)
  • Speaking to me in asks or IMs

You don’t need to <3 I understand. And all these things are JUST FINE <3 :)


pushing daisies AU, a conversation (for more context click here, but in summary, dirk can’t touch jake because if he does jake will die)

i spent too much effort on this comic, then slowly lost it

list of OSH’s most epic English lines
  • turnback
  • shawty imma party til the sundown
  • hey doctor
  • never don’t mind about a thing
  • you know my name girl
  • now step step
  • that’s right my type
  • my queen
  • it hurts
  • she don’t love me
  • I can do this all night long baby
  • ready set oh my
  • girl you got me flying up
  • cause you are you are a transformer
  • give it to me
  • it’s dangerous girl

an taehyung apple a day keeps the doctors away ✨

this is available as a sticker on my redbubble c:


OLDCODEX’s “Fixed Engine” Song List

one big homestuck family

When posed with the question, “What do you dislike most about yourself?” I paused for a moment, just long enough to organize my thoughts, and wrote down the words, “Nothing. I love myself.” This question is one that seems to come up often, in something as cliche as personality quizzes and in something as casual as conversations with new friends. It’s supposed to be something easy to answer. I’m supposed to hand over a piece of myself to someone else with a note that says, “This is the worst part of me.” I’m supposed to brace myself for their agreements when they say, “I understand, maybe you could work on that,” or let my guard down, let them walk right in, when they say, “No, I love that part about you!” I’m supposed to carefully package my insecurities and seal them with modesty, delivering them like presents on Christmas morning. I’m supposed to give a simple answer, to which they will give a simple response, and we will all move on.

But I don’t.

The response is always the same. A lighthearted chuckle, a smile that doesn’t quite reach their eyes, a look that says, “That’s cute,” or “You’re kidding, right?” A high-five, a pat on the back, a fist bump. And then, “No, but seriously.”

How do I say, in the most serious way, that I am serious?

I do not want to stand in front of a mirror and pick myself apart to appease others. I will not go looking in the lost and found, searching for pieces of myself that I misplaced during math class. There’s a deeply rooted assumption that every teenage girl eagerly waits in line, ready to pull out a long list of problems with herself at the snap of a finger. My list has been in the landfill for awhile now, I try to explain, but no one ever believes me when I assure them that I crumpled it up and threw it into the trashcan years ago. Every compliment from someone else is supposed to be a chance for me to jump through hoops for more, to beg for praise, or to deny their kind words.

And it seems that everytime I say I love myself, I hear an anthem playing in the background with demeaning lyrics disguised as constructive criticism. Maybe this is why I do not say the pledge of allegiance.

I will romanticize myself, like I’m the protagonist every character is falling in love with, or the the muse of a poet’s greatest piece. I will describe my own smile as sunshine on a cloudy day, brighter than the brightest star. I will explain my love for words, for reading them and writing them, with that prize-winning smile on my face and a list of all thirty-three books I’ve read so far this year. I will wear my rainbow bracelets and pride socks and imagine that I am Sappho reincarnated. I will belt out the wrong words to my favorite songs and laugh when I am corrected. I will not shy away from all the amazing truths about myself.

It is always met with resistance. Words not necessarily meant out of malice are tossed at me like darts at a target, with incredible precision. Selfish, narcissistic, conceited, full of yourself, arrogant, overconfident. I love to pose for pictures, to smile in my own phone’s camera, to say, “Wow, I look nice today.” I’ll try on mountains of clothes until I find what’s just right, but the elevator music with tales of modesty as its chorus is a little too much for the background. When did loving my body become the same as disrespecting it?

There is nothing I dislike most about myself. I could always amend my original answer to be the way my cheeks are a little round, or the way I’ve always been subpar at science classes, or the way my hair looks when it rains. But those would be lies, and I love how I am honest with myself.

To those who accuse me of narcissism when I pause in front of a mirror: What is wrong with being in love with your own reflection? Shouldn’t you be happy to see yourself?

—  an essay i wrote for english class.
Favorite lyrical songs

Basically songs that I really relate to or I just think they are beautifully written. 

All Time Low: Therapy 

Andrew Belle: In My Veins 

Bastille: Laughter Lines 

Brand New: Jesus Christ (this song royally fucked me up) 

City & Colour: O Sister 

Ed Sheeran: Afire Love 

Ed Sheeran: Kiss Me 

Emarosa: Broken Vs The Way We Were Born (Is sung by my favorite vocalist of all time) 

The Fray: I Can Barely Say 

Halsey: Colors 

High Highs: Bridge 

HIM: Killing Loneliness 

Issues: Disappear (Diamond Dreams) (if you want a song to break your heart in half listen to this one) 

Jonny Craig: Children Of Divorce 

Ken Yates: New York Rain

La Dispute: Love Song For Poor Michigan (kinda obvious why I relate to this one) 

Linkin Park: Easier To Run

Linkin Park: Pushing Me Away 

Mat Kearney: Wait 

Motion City Soundtrack: Last Night 

Neck Deep: Candour

Our Last Night: Falling Away 

PVRIS: Let Them In 

Real Friends: Sixteen (There isnt a song in the whole world that I relate to more than this one) 

Roy English: As We Grow Older (there used to be a studio version but I guess there isnt anymore sorry) 

The Spill Canvas: All Over You

Steve Moakler: True Like Your Name 

Twin Atlantic: Be A Kid 

Yellowcard: Ten 

5 Seconds Of Summer: The Only Reason (The first 5sos song I ever heard and to this day its still my favorite. I was destined to be a Michael Girl)