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Read in 2016 » The Hating Game by Sally Thorne

     "The job is mine, Shortcake,” Joshua’s voice says.
     To stop myself from standing up and punching him in the gut I’m counting one, two, three, four …
     “Funny, that’s what Helene just told me.” I watch his backside walk away in the glossed surface of my desk, and vow that Joshua Templeman is going to lose the most important game we’ve ever played.

Happy birthday to the snapchat queen, a PS wizard and a great friend @cobaltcharlie ;*


I make light in dark minds
You take the signal inward and it shines

Happy Birthday, John Frusciante!

libras love to play with the universe by lighting aromatic candles, playing with colour, and working to music. they sense the beautiful ambience of all things which brings them into tranquility with natural law and their body into harmony. virgo longed for perfection. libra graces her environment with it 

HAPPY HOLBY TUESGAY!! Just a bit of silliness to get a fan girl through Robbie’s reappearance 😋

One day, my daughter will ask me what loving someone is like and I will tell her how she’ll feel alive for the first time;

how there is another kind of beauty when she feels the warmth of the sun on her face, knowing his will be warmer, staving off a different kind of cold,

how every breath of hers will now be labored, doubled more as now she carries another’s heart and feels the responsibility of having both,

she will feel the ache of wanting something so much, it will feel as if her bones could not carry it,

what it feels like for a soul to depend on a touch, a smile, a word.

I will tell her of all the magical , beautiful things love will bring her

and I know as surely as when the winter will come that a boy with a bright smile and laughter in his eyes will come and prove me right and she will feel all these magnificent, crazy wonderful things and I will see her glow and shine so warm and bright

and when the ugly comes,

when he leaves as surely as all first loves do, I will be there and I will tell her that sometimes loving someone could be sad and terribly lonely,

how it could hurt her body without showing any outward wound,

how you could be full of emotions yet feel empty all at the same time

and while she cries I will tell her;

she is more than enough

beautiful enough to find another one who’ll love her better, 


but until then

I will tell her

what it’ll be like to love oneself like one should, 

how independence feels like, when she runs to find herself, wherever that may be, how she’ll find a place where she belongs as surely as the moon belongs in the night time sky 

how grand it will be, to find her soul and feed it, too with nothing but her love of the world, of her work, of herself.

I will tell her she can find love within her and carry it for all time and how maybe one day she will find one,

man enough to love her more than she will ever be able to love herself

and I will tell her that forever, I will love her more than that.


Words I’ll tell My Daughter

by Genefe Navilon

Evening, my fellow prosciutto believers!

First of all I have to apologize for being away for so long: life has been demanding, and, not gonna deny it, that something unpleasant happened inside chinese mogeko fandom that kept me from coming back here for quite a while. I still have quite a busy schedule to keep up with for another year, so I can’t even guarantee the weekly update here like i used to, but i think maybe it’s time to get this fat ass moving from the past and puck up some long overdue duties(no pun intended😂), so voila! here I am again, as I promise I’ll try the best i can to provide you with the finest chinese funamusea arts!

so as some warming up, take this: your favorite Egg, bringing you all things bright and beautiful directly from the gray garden!! 


you were you
and I was I
we were two
before our time

I was yours
before I knew
and you have always
been mine too

The Magic of New Beginnings: 17 Inspirations for the New Year of 2017

Look for how God is weaving your past with your present in anticipation of what He has for your future.
- Christi Gee

And suddenly you know…It’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.

If you want 2017 to be your year…Make a change. Be fierce. Be brave.

There is more to you than yesterday.
- Morgan Harper Nichols

2017 will be a better chapter for you if you…Think positively. Use your talents. Don’t hold back.

This year…Do a good deed. Visit a new place. Take a risk.

God is about to do something new.

Believe in yourself. You deserve all things magic.

May the new year bring you an abundance of amazing opportunities, beautiful moments, and joyful experiences.

Go on and surprise yourself.

This year, believe you can.

Go do them.

Don’t delay. Start today.

Write down your goals and achieve them.

I am the New Year.

Be fearless. Live boldly. Don’t be afraid to make a splash.

I pray: God’s love, peace, hope and joy to you for the year ahead.

Deer in the Headlights (Drums)
Owl City
Deer in the Headlights (Drums)

Adam used to post the song “Deer in the Headlights” piece by piece, and this is the drums only part. I am in love with it. It’s so beautiful, and I thought it was very important to bring it back.

(I’m sorry the picture isn’t All Things Bright And Beautiful, and the name of the album is “remix & instrumental” but I devided my files into different categories yes I’m a very organised person).

anonymous asked:

how would GOM + Imayoshi + Takao comfort their s/o who's a super overachiever but she's stressing out over final exams? like say she got an above average score for prelims but she feels pressured to get the best score or something like that? also good luck with the blog hehe you've earned yourself a new lurker ⊙ ◡ ⊙

⊙ ◡ ⊙ thank you for your kind words ⊙ ◡ ⊙  i also really like this emoji, i hope you don’t mind me copy+pasting this cute little face on all my posts. 

Akashi: Ever since he was a child, he has had an inhuman amount of pressure stacked onto him. As he saw her scribbling her revision notes late into the night, he knew how she felt. He placed a hand on her shoulder, and leaned to her ear. “It’s getting late, you should get some rest,” he said softly. 

As she protested, he silenced her with a finger to her lips. “Look at how hard you’re working, the fruit of your labors will be sweet. But if you don’t have the energy to get to your exams, how will your hard work pay off?” He pulled her standing, and walked her lovingly out the room. “They are preparing a bath for you. Relax a bit and have a rest. I assure you it would all go well. Have I ever been wrong about anything?” 

Aomine: He barely knows half of anything he’s heard in class, and probably needs a calculator to count the number of times he has sat a re-test. But seeing the one he loved stressing over something he never considered important, opened up his eyes. “Hey, you have put in so much effort, why do you think it’s not going to be good?“ he asks. "Don’t overwork yourself too much. I’ll be right here to help you." 

Kise: He pulls her into a tight back hug as she is resting her head in her palms. "I have a surprise for you,” he whispers, a small giggle in his voice. He leads her out of the room and to the kitchen. On the table, was something covered by a silk sheet. 

He excitedly pulls off the fabric, to unveil a small, cute cake with the words ‘Happy Birthday’ on it. “I know it’s not your birthday,” he grins proudly. “But as long as I’m with you, everyday should be your birthday. The birthday girl should have a smile on her face." 

Kuroko: He quietly enters the room where she sat, flicking through piles of books. He softly takes her hand and smiles at her sweetly. "Let’s go have a walk,” he offers. They both strolled around the neighborhood, hand in hand, enjoying the silent night. 

“Isn’t it peaceful?” he asks. “A walk always calms me down.” He had noticed her stress lately and wanted to show her a way he found was useful. “Look at the stars,” he points. He continued to show her all the beautiful little things of night-time, before bringing her back into the warm comfort of home. “Relax, okay?” he smiles. “Everything will be okay." 

Midorima: As she peeks into the fridge to look for something quick and easy to make, Midorima strides into the room and promptly takes her hand off the door. The fridge slowly closes, but Midorima is simply staring at her, with her arm in his grip. 

Slowly, he places a simple charm bracelet around her wrist, which had a single charm on it. The charm was a small golden square, with a shiny gem embedded into it. "It’s your lucky stone,” he explains matter-of-factly. “While wearing that, everything will be okay, I’m sure." 

Murasakibara: He basically walks right up to his snack store, and purchases double the amount of snacks he usually would. He hauls them all back, and scatters them in the room. "Snack break,” he says simply, before sitting down and promptly eating. “Join me." 

After most of the snacks were gone, and the rest was packed away, he licks the salt off his fingertips. "Okay, snack is over,” he announces, hugging her tightly. “Hug-break time. I’m not letting go until you have that happy smile on your face." 

Imayoshi: His signature smile is replaced with a slight look of worry as he sees her flipping through pages and pages of notes. "Hey,” he starts, putting a hand on her shoulder. “Are you going to sleep soon? It’s getting late.” He watches as she shakes her head without having eye contact. 

“Then I’ll sit here,” he replies, taking a seat on her bed. “I’ll wait until you’re done, and then we can go cuddle together or something.” He smiles as he sees her paced writing speed up a bit. “Don’t worry, relax. I’ll just be here." 

Takao: He grins from ear to ear, holding her favorite movie in one hand, and the fluffiest blanket imaginable in the other. "You deserve a break,” he smiles, pulling her along to the couch and motioning for her to sit. “Loosen up a bit, and don’t worry." 

He sets it up, and soon joins her on the couch. "Isn’t this the best?” he asks, adjusting his position so her head rested on his chest. “You’re working so hard it worries me. You are amazing, it will be okay, okay?" 

There she was, someone I would soon forget. I’ve read some quotes about stars and the writers spill about the night and how lost we can get inside a pair of eyes. Romanticizing the little details of subtle disguises meant for some to be fall deeper and deeper into a pit of ink made from our blurry veins. Oh starry night, if you were so kind. Would you mind returning the stars into mine?

Swirling, spinning, blend the stars with my dreams and let them tip toe down the darkened pathways I’ve forgotten. Show me what it means to reminisce and bring to my memory all of the beautiful things he said when I wasn’t listening. Help me to memorize the outline of his silhouette against the windowpane, creeping across the room, dimly lit with all of the light left in my smile. Let me find him again, between dream and wake, and twine our fleeting consciousness so that when he rouses awake in the night he thinks of me and Orion’s Belt and the moonlight.

—  Although the stars are bright, they are still blinding. // k.s. & k.c.

“I hope that my YouTube channel leaves people feeling happy and secure with themselves. Even though I have a channel all about girly, beauty related things, I always strive to bring my personality to it. I’ve always been an extremely dorky and weird person, and I’m not afraid for people to laugh at me. My channel shows people that nobody is perfect, or has to try and be perfect. It’s 100% okay to embrace the things that make you, you! No matter how weird those things may be… like wearing a hot dog costume and dancing to Nikki Minaj randomly.”

Can we just talk about how beautiful self ships are? Like really,

You find this character(s) and you get to imagine them with you, so much love. Love in both a platonic, romantic, sibling, etc sense. You’re able to create your own little dreamland that you’re able to run to when times get hard or when times are good. These ships aren’t based around what occurs in reality’s take on love, but actual love the way you want it. There’s no rules, no right and wrong, no end; there’s how you want it. Everyone is good enough and worthy to be loved and that doesn’t change in self ships, sometimes that feeling of being enough and worthy is more found in these ships.

Every self ships I’ve ever heard of and seen are always so lovely bc even if there are 1,000+ who love that same person, there’s always something unique and loveable in each ship that makes that character(s) perfect for you. Especially when you have a hard time seeing what is good about you, having others tell you “hey (insert whoever) would just love that and (goes on)” allows you to stop and think and maybe even start thinking of that “bad thing” about you as something loveable.

I was just randomly thinking about self ships and all the ones I’ve heard of and everytime I get so happy they’re just a true beauty each one makes me smile thinking of the shipper and character(s) together. I hope y'all know you never have to feel bad about a self ship of yours and that you’d be so loved by the one(s) you ship yourself with its truly a beautiful thing.

Just a random thought :3

Psychic: *reads my mind*

Me: *carmilla theme song on repeat for 50000000 years*

Psychic: what the fuck