all things bright and beautiful world tour

if the signs took you on a trip
  • aries: will bring you to the unexplored. a mysterious cave walk, probably. as the two of you enter a darkened area, they'd playfully let go of your hand but when they latch on again warmth will rush through your body
  • taurus: will take you hiking through a luscious forest in the fall as the leaves are changing colors. will carve yours and their initials in a tree.
  • gemini: takes you to the other side of the world to see things that most people don't see, to do things most people don't do. they'll be happy to lead
  • cancer: they'd prefer to stay home with you and just relax but if they were to bring you anywhere they'd take you to a local tea shop or bookstore
  • leo: takes you to visit the islands. to relax in the sun and swim in the beach. might be up for some skinny dipping at night
  • virgo: takes you to a medieval castle in europe. loves to see the details and beauty and will make you feel as if the two of you live there
  • libra: takes you skydiving and will hold your hand the entire time and want to do cool tricks. may also bring you on hot air balloon rides
  • scorpio: brings you underneath the california sky with the stars so bright and the clouds non-existent, but secretly wants your focus all on them
  • sagittarius: takes you to everywhere in the middle of nowhere. wants to see everything yet nothing. is more there for the drive than the scene
  • capricorn: brings you to ancient ruins, fascinated by the history of it all. will point little things out to you and listen intently to the tour guide
  • aquarius: brings you scuba-diving to explore a whole new world. will pretend to be a dolphin and blow bubbles non-stop. you may lose track of them as they lose themselves in the beauty
  • pisces: brings you to the mountain top bundled in jackets and scarves, never letting go of your hand. scared of falling over the edge