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damien bloodmarch has the coolest name ever and is my dream daddy. i love my victorian goth vampire boyfriend a whole lot. i support his taxidermy hobby, will hold his hand during every scary movie, will find the best floral arrangements to show my love and gratitude, help him out with the good ol’ rebellious lucien, go to lots of cemetery strolls with him, and get some sicc victorian outfits to match with him when we go out on the town

Waking The Fallen Solos

Waking The Fallen Solos

  • (Hail To The King here
  • (Nightmare here)
  • (Diamonds In The Rough here)
  • (Self-Titled here)
  • (City of Evil here)
  • (Sounding the Seventh Trumpet here

“This Rolling Stone is the quiet, thoughtful one with the very shrewd mind and biting observation. He knows that the group have had a lot of bad publicity and he doesn’t like it. The Stones, he says, have not fallen into the trap of cashing in on any kind of publicity, good or bad. Sample observation by Brian Jones: "In Britain we have better standards to judge people by than the length of their hair”. Valentine Pop Special ‘67 - UK

Source: Greg Prevost on Brian Jones Friends and Fans Facebook page.

Production Draft of QAF 5x11 - The most precious thing in the world

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Bruhhh I need more day6 like I swear just seeing them on yt isn't enough do you know any shows they've been on or anything else I could watch (with English sub of course )

yOooOo omg are u up-to-date with all their vlives as well??? 

here are the list of interviews they’ve went on!! ALSO omg touching you ep 11 brian makes an appearance (just a short one!!! its damn hilarious, he dances like a freak i h8 him), day6 on tour avatar (1,2), on weekly idol ep 305 sungjin (our dance king) makes an appearance as well!!! oh oh, they recently went on k-rush ep16!!! ITS RLLY FUNNY SERIOUSLY GO WATCH THIS ONE IF YOU HAVENT!! their appearances on show champion (1,2,3,4), their latest IDOLS OF ASIA APPEARANCE (oh but this one doesnt have eng sub its in chinese but just in case u understand chinese ahahahha), watch this its not rlly a show its just brian and wonpil dancing to signal 

ok thats all for now, i’ve bolded the things u should watch to make it easier for u,,,,,,, i hope i helped???? lol :”)))) 

It’s very simple. I’m alive. I live in Pittsburgh. I like men. Not just as friends. I’m also a human being. And my gear works. So I want to have sex. I like to have sex a lot. That’s the story. Now, I’m good at what I do, an advertising exec. I have decent taste. I’m crass. I’m snarky. I’m very sarcastic. And a lot of people make me want to kill them. But that doesn’t change the fact that I’m a man, my sex organs work, I’m not attracted to women for whatever reason, I didn’t create the human race so I don’t know how that works, and maybe someday somebody will, but for the moment nobody does. I just know what makes me excited or gets me up or gets me down or however you want to put it. That was Brian. He wanted what he wanted and he was going to get it, and he didn’t care. It’s not because he didn’t care about other people. It’s because he had equated reality with satisfaction and he was acknowledging his animal side. And not to say the animal side is better or worse than the intellectual side or the spiritual side but it’s a side, and it’s one of the things he enjoyed expressing. So we just have to be honest with each other. Everybody, whether you like it or not, has sex in your brain, somewhere. And hopefully it’s in your body a lot, too. So, get over it, right? Just get over it. Just do it. Be safe, but just do it.
—  Gale Harold on how he understood the character of Brian Kinney [x]

I think I got a thing for puppy hybrid!jae now god

Another part from the book ‘Team Brian’, translated by me from the original Japanese (thanks to a fan for sharing a few pages with me):

(Early August 2014, writer Yoshie Noguchi had a talk with Brian Orser and Yuzuru Hanyu.)

Finding “Yuzuru’s skating style”

—Half a year has passed since winning the Olympic gold medal.   Firstly, after this Olympics, what do you want to say to each other?

Brian: First I want to say congratulations.  You can become even stronger, so don’t stop, let’s go on improving together.  

Yuzu: Although it is only a short period of 2 years from the time I joined Brian to the Olympics , I was always discussing with him while practising and so I was able to grow before Sochi and I could show my capabilities there.  When I first came to Toronto, there was the English barrier (t/n. language barrier), but Brian could always sense what I was thinking and what I wanted to do.   Brian as a coach, to do that for me, it’s really wonderful.    

B:  2 years ago, when Yuzuru first came to Toronto, he already had amazing abilities.  The first time I saw him was at Nebelhorn Trophy 2011 and my first impression was, an amazing skater has appeared.  At World Championships 2012 in Nice which I went to with Javier Fernandez, he had grown into our strong rival.  Overflowing with youth and zeal, he is a skater that we must pay special attention to in the near future, I thought.  Then, soon after that World Championships, I got word that he wanted to be a part of my team. It was a big surprise!    

Y:  For me, during the 2011-2012 season, I saw that the quality of Javier’s quad jumps had become very good.  The success rate had also increased.  In competition and also at official practice, his quads were very good.  I heard that he had moved to train with Brian and so I thought there must be some secret at Brian’s place.  To me, quad jumps are my biggest weapon.   If that jump is stable, there is a chance that my skating and expression and all other parts will become good too.   That’s why I thought I want to learn with Brian.

—I heard that when Yuzuru first moved to Toronto, the training was not on quad jumps but just on the basics.  

B:  When Yuzuru came to Toronto in the spring of 2012, I first took him to some rinks here and there in the city and we skated together.  That was like a kind of experiment.  I made him do various steps and transitions, and I watched from every angle what kind of skating skills he has and what kind of characteristics are in his movements.  I realised that many of his skills are random and change with his feelings.  Having such frequent fluctuations in technique due to feelings, he would not be able to do stable jumps.    

Y:  Just as Brian has said, before coming to Toronto, there was a part of my skating that was affected by my mood for the day.  Even in a programme, the feeling of speed and cross-skating steps were random;  I myself felt that.

—So because of that, you started with the practice of foundation skating?

B:  We started from having an in-depth discussion with Yuzuru.  It is important to find the techniques that fit him and then decide the goal. Everyone has different skills and habits, it’s important to find that. Before plunging into quads practice, we must strengthen the foundation, in other words, the skating skills. Javier and Nam also managed to find skills that fit them, so in the same way, we searched for the “Yuzuru skating style”.  Actually 2 years have passed and we are still searching for it, but someday, he must have his own style.

Y:  I did skating practice when I was a child, but after moving up to senior level, learning skating skills all over again, it was the first time.   So initially, it was hard.  Actually, now it’s still hard. (laughs)   But I understood that it would be good for me in the future and also good for the programme as a whole.

B:  That’s right.  The wonderful thing about Yuzuru is that he accepted quickly this basic skating practice.  Or maybe he had no other choice. (laughs)  In Cricket Club, there is skating practice for all skaters, led by Tracy Wilson.   The difference in ability among each of them is clearly shown, and they also have to work hard to catch up with the rest.  Yuzuru cannot be doing skating that changes with his mood, he has to skate together with the others, and through this, he understood more about basic skating skills.  

Y:  Yes it’s true.  After coming to Toronto, I’ve really felt that my awareness of skating skills is connected to the stability of my skating and quad jumps.  I felt the skills for the set-up to my jumps and timing improved.  

—Besides skating, in terms of training as a whole, what kind of things did you pay attention to?

B:  My coaching style places great importance on communication.  This is even more important for skaters like Yuzuru who have great talent.  I think there are coaches who demand that “this skill must be done this way”.  But for me, each skater has different techniques already in possession, so the coach should adapt to each skater.  So for Yuzuru, I do not say you must jump with this method but we search for the method that is best for him.

 Y:  That’s right.  I discuss everything with Brian.  For jump practice, first a video is taken, then both of us watch it together.  Brian would ask, “What kind of feeling was that?” and I would answer, “My bodily sense felt like this.”  Then Brian would give me some advice, “Ok how about trying it this way?”  So this is done over and over again in the process of making my jumps.  

 B:  The important thing is “a good feeling”.  I realised it in the time we skated together, Yuzuru is like me when I was a skater, the type that places great value on the “feeling of the jump”.  The training method suitable for this type is to video record the “good feeling”(jump), analyse it objectively and identify the pattern that succeeds.   The breathing at that time, the condition of the body, the rhythm, the use of the knees, the path of set-up, the form when jumping, we explored all these things.   

[apologies to Brian and Yuzu if I did not translate it well.]

[I also translated the foreword here: X ]

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At what point in the series do you think Brian fell in love with Justin and when do you think Brian realized he was in love?

Oh, Nonny. You had to go there. After I showed such remarkable restraint on my last ask, you had to ask the question guaranteed to make me ramble on for a century with all my thoughts, feelings, and theories. Very well. You asked for it. :D

Now, this is a really interesting question to think about and actually somewhat challenging to answer, because Brian genuinely didn’t believe in love. He couldn’t even conceptualize it. So while he may have been feeling all these emotions toward Justin that people generally associate with falling in love, Brian himself wouldn’t have recognized it as love even if it bit him on the ass (which, come to think of it, I’m sure Justin did).

My short answer is this: I think the first time we witnessed a true spark of love from Brian was during 1x07, and it built steadily all throughout the first season, and by the end of 1x17 he was absolutely in love. Now, that’s not to say he always accepted those feelings, or acted in a way that somebody generally would when they’re in love, because, come on, he’s Brian Kinney. As for when he actually realized it? I’d place it at prom, and one specific instance at prom, but I’m going to put that below the cut because believe me, I will ramble. However, we all know what happens at prom, and following those events, Brian tried to drown out the idea of being in love from his mind, mainly with drugs, liquor, and plenty of sex. But by the end of 2x02, I believe we’ve reached the point where Brian can’t deny to himself that he’s in love with Justin, even if he won’t use those exact words.

So, that’s the short answer. If you want the long answer, complete with pictures and a nearly episode by episode description of Brian falling in love with the incredible Justin Taylor, let’s hop along under the cut.

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we must be miles up

aka that ninja ship party (brian/danny) post-concert whippets fic for the wonderful @egocentrifuge‘s birthday
rating: m for non-specific dick grabbing 
content warning for recreational drug use (nitrous), unironic use of the word ‘tubular,’ and excessive pining
on ao3

“Hi,” Danny says, like he doesn’t have his arms full of bright, neon-colored balloons. “How was your shower?”

“Did you rob a clown,” Brian says flatly.

“I have drugs!” Danny singsongs in reply, stepping into the room and letting the balloons tumble out of his arms and go rolling in random directions.

“Are those drugs LSD, and did you take them ten minutes ago?”

Danny laughs at him and scoops up one of the balloons, pops it into the air in Brian’s direction. “No— The concert, remember? You were asking about whippets. And here they are. I made whippets appear. I’m the goddamn whippet king.”

“Ah,” Brian says, letting the door swing shut and catching the balloon before it hits the floor. “I remember. And then I said, ‘after the concert, why don’t you go out in your boxers and buy drugs?’ That was my favorite part of the conversation.”

“These are indeed my drug-buying boxers,” Danny says, agreeably and without hesitation.

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