all things bernard


Finished those profiles you may have seen a while back! I feel like I should say more about the characters but boy howdy I know I’d go overboard for all five, so we’ll save that for later. But basically they’re all either secret agents, ex-secret agents, and crime mimes. Helllllll yeahhhh.


Lulu and Nick sing “All These Things That I`ve Done” by The KILLERS


All the things written on Bernard’s blackboard throughout the three seasons of Black Books. 

(”No mobiles, no walkmans [rest is indecipherable]”, “No smouldering”, “88°”, [Manny vs Bernard tally board for number of unusual creatures killed in the store], “No prehensilizing”, “No chatting, no smiling, absolute silence”, “Don’t”, “No giggling”, “Don’t do that”, “No anecdotage”, “Can’t”)