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I translated the video: 

The Grubbels
Frondly Warning
You pose, all gold and gleaming
A ten dreessed to the nines
Spongeclots deaf to our screaming
And to changing times
Stay swimming in your mentions
Too cold to feel whats coming
Why do mask intentions?
All you hear is drumming, drumming
Drumming (x14)
Don’t bother looking for us
As if you even would
Just jam out to the chorus
As if you understood
We sing a song of freedom
the best track is the last
Liner nites. Hey did you read em?
We sang your epitaph
(blood boils x8)
Baby queen of calamari
Gonna fry and dip you
Way too late to say you’re sorry
Way to late to fix you

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can you rec specific blogs pls?

uhmmm from the top of my head!!! i’m gonna miss these people a whooole ton… they made this whole experience worthwhile 😯💕💓

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@4dogs @angelbamb1 @augstd @bbykth @blushao
@chanilovehours @gahsebun @ggukgf @giribouy
@guksuu @h-hixtape @hentaibbh @hixtapes @hobi-dobi @ilovepcy @ilucafe @iluseokjins @iluvshiro @jiminssi @jinnies @jinsasleep @kayonennka @kingsmixtape @lazycupcake @m4ma @minkyungsgf @myeungho @ohj @poeticyugyeom @rapgodkth @softgyeom @soohao @sunflowerjonghyun @taeshoneybear @teapupp @weepingvillow @yyouth

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A Strain makes Misaki moans fiercely everytime he's near Saru although he aren't feeling anything :))

Yata would be endlessly embarrassed and Fushimi would probably find it hilarious. Like imagine this happens pre-S1 and they’re still enemies when Yata gets hit by the ‘makes people moan’ Strain (ooh, maybe the power only works around a certain person though and they assume it’s just whoever you first run into after being hit but really it’s based on who you’re most attracted to). Shortly after being hit Yata’s searching for the Strain when he all but runs into Fushimi, who’s also in the middle of pursuing the same Strain for Scepter 4. Yata’s eyes narrow as Fushimi’s smile widens and Yata’s about to yell something at Fushimi when all that comes out of his mouth is this low, sexual moan. Fushimi is just staring at Yata blankly like what was that and Yata immediately goes bright red, stammering that he doesn’t know and anyway let’s get on with the fight, monkey. Fushimi steps forward to attack and Yata moans again, louder this time, and now they’re both red as Fushimi asks what the hell is wrong with Yata today.

Yata’s super embarrassed and has no idea why he keeps moaning, like he doesn’t feel any different than normal and of course seeing Fushimi always gives him all these conflicted feelings but sexual moaning is usually not part of that. He tries to cover it up like I was just yawning what’s your problem, but he barely gets the words out before he starts moaning again. Fushimi snickers like oh so are you just happy to see me Misaki and Yata’s like fuck you I don’t know what you’re talking about. But then imagine they start to fight anyway and maybe Fushimi briefly manages to get Yata pinned (maybe kabedon-style like in ep 1 of ROK) and as he’s leaning in with a smirk Yata gives the most sensual moan. Fushimi immediately jumps back, noting that Yata’s become awfully bold all of a sudden for a virgin. Yata’s like I am not—wait are you blushing? Fushimi denies that flatly but he is very clearly red in the face and he only gets redder when he leans in and Yata moans again, louder. (Also assume that at least at some point the two of them ares squabbling about this, Yata still pinned against the wall, and that’s when one of like the Homra rank and file walks by to see Fushimi Saruhiko pinning a moaning Yata Misaki against the wall and makes a quick retreat. Later Yata gets back to the bar and has no idea why people keep slapping his back and congratulating him and telling him that it was pretty bold to go for the alley sex.)


THE   E N D.

Since we now entered 2017 at my place as well, I think it’s about time to finally post what I was planning to do for quite a while now!

Other than a follow forever (speaking of which, I don’t think this is even necessary, like, once I follow you, I’ll always follow you, sooooo), I just wanted to thank every single blog I’m following for making 2016 a quite pleasant year for me! I haven’t been on this blog for a long time, yet I always had a lot of fun when going online and that’s thanks to you and only you, so I hope that with this post I can give some of my happiness to you and give you a nice start into 2017, even if it’s just a little!

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I know you've already mentioned Saruhiko moving in with Misaki, but could you write about Misaki moving in with Saruhiko? Into Scepter 4's dorms, that is. Maybe you can talk about the (jealous) reactions of the alphabet squad too?

I think that would be really weird for Yata, like even though I think he probably feels less hostile towards the Blues after S2 there would still be this feeling of ‘going into the lair of the enemy’ and everything. But maybe for some reason Yata’s apartment is unlivable, like he and Fushimi were planning to move in together but Yata’s apartment building gets condemned for some reason and finding new accommodations is going to take a while. So since Fushimi has a perfectly good dorm he figures he’ll just stay there for the time being and he ends up awkwardly asking Yata if he wants to come live with Fushimi in the dorm for a bit. Yata doesn’t really want to go live with the stupid Blues but Fushimi’s not really looking at him and is obviously all nervous and embarrassed and Yata realizes how much Fushimi is trying so he agrees for Fushimi’s sake. Munakata agrees to allow Yata to stay temporarily in Scepter 4, though he does make certain Yata is aware that using these close quarters as an excuse to take advantage of Munakata’s innocent Fushimi-kun will lead to swift and severe punishment. Yata is nervous and jumpy for the next three days until Fushimi gets the reason out of him and he gets all irritated at his overprotective Dad intimidating his boyfriend again. Yata feels a bit out of place in Fushimi’s dorm but maybe it gives him a little perspective too, like this must have been how Fushimi felt all the time in Homra. And despite that he does like being able to share a room with Fushimi again, the first night they stay up for hours playing video games and Fushimi oversleeps the next morning. Yata feels guilty for making Fushimi miss work, Fushimi’s like fuck work I’m going back to bed.

The rest of the alphabet squad is probably initially a little suspicious having Yata there, even though they’re not enemies anymore there’s something weird about having Homra’s vanguard right under their roof. Yata’s really awkward around all of them too, these are Fushimi’s coworkers/sort-of friends so he wants to make a good impression but he has this mental image that all of Scepter 4 would be really strict and stiff. He’s pleasantly surprised to learn that they are in fact all dorks and pretty friendly dorks when you get down to it. He and Doumyoji probably end up getting on fairly well, which Fushimi is somewhat dismayed by. Yata also learns about Fuze’s secret feud with Fushimi and asks Fushimi what he did to end up in a fight with that guy, Fushimi’s like ‘we’re fighting?’ Hidaka definitely decides he wants to make friends with Yata largely because he wants to learn more about Fushimi and basically figure out the trick to becoming Fushimi’s friend. And maybe Yata’s presence ends up bringing Fushimi closer to the alphabet squad because Hidaka decides they should all go out in order to make Yata feel more welcome and Yata makes Fushimi come along. It’s the first time Fushimi’s ever gone out with his coworkers after work and they’re all really excited that he came along, Yata finds himself feeling really happy to see how much Fushimi’s fellow clansmen care about him. Also the alphabet squad gets to see Fushimi and Yata being surprisingly close all the time, like they walk into the dining hall at dinner to find Fushimi already there with Yata sitting beside him picking the vegetables off of Fushimi’s plate while Fushimi steals the meat off Yata’s. Some of the squad are maybe a little jealous by how Yata’s able to be so easily friendly with Fushimi but they’re also happy seeing that Fushimi does have someone that he lets care about him.

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i would love to hear kenma childhood hcs if you've got some in ya

full disclosure my kenma headcanons are almost always just me talking about myself

  • he is the world’s quietest baby
  • he just makes small protesting noises until he gets what he needs but never cries
  • he grows and learns everything at a totally average rate, he’s not special in any way, just really quiet
  • when he’s a toddler he never plays with other kids just watches them play
  • he doesn’t seem upset about this
  • he learns to read early because he doesn’t like taking naps but he likes to retreat to his room and do his own thing and reading is good for that
  • later on he gets games and those take over
  • everyone is confusing to him as a small child and most of the time he doesn’t understand anything anyone does but he likes kuroo bc kuroo makes up little stories to go with their games
  • for example they build a castle out of chairs when kenma is five and climb onto it to save the princess (which is a stolen barbie doll) and kenma nearly cracks his head open when the castle collapses and it’s the first reckless thing he’s ever done, but kenma’s parents can’t even be very mad bc at least he’s playing but they do ground him to make sure he knows to be more careful
  • kuroo “breaks him out” with a wooden sword and kenma’s parents let him because kenma is so excited about it
  • after seeing twister he thought it was a good idea to label the parts of the house in case it needed to be put back together again and labeled every single wall, door and window with permanent marker. did not understand why his parents didn’t see how practical this was until he was twelve

HOLY SHIT I can’t believe that there are so many of you following my personal blog, which I mostly use to rant and post silly writings/edits and pictures of things that amuse me. I suppose they must amuse you too, because here you are! I’ve never done one of these before, but I figure it’s high time I do, because you’re all fab people and I want to thank some of you in particular who have made my experience here in tumblrland completely wonderful.

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I’d like to thank everyone else following me as well – even if you’re not on this list, I appreciate you a ton and love hearing from you! Thanks so much everyone, I adore you guys!

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I thought my URL was spelled wrong like four times. Always a good way to start things, considering the fact that my URL’s only on there twice.
So, yeah! The picture’s pretty self-explanatory, this is my follow forever~! Rebooted from Christmas, ‘cause there are people that i needed to add, people that went inactive, and so on and so forth. Plus, now I can mention all of you so you all know how loved you are~! Yay!
So. Without further ado. I’m sorry. This is gonna be long.
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Wow, okay, so that’s a lot of people, and there were more that know I could’ve included. But have some of my favorites. Love them. Forever and ever and ever. 'k?