all they need to do is hold hands and mean to fuse


Anon said: i love ur fusion art!!!! if u have time/want to you should do a bakushima fusion

You’re not the only one that asked, but actually I already did draw it! It’s the first one I’ve drawn haha I felt like drawing it again tho, so here’s a doodled comic of the first time they fused accidentally ✌️

— short fuse.

requests: More of the smol ones, ITS SO CUTE!!!! And so relatable!!!!

Hiiii! I love everything you write but if it’s not too much to ask for could I request some Jealous RKs? I think that’d be interesting O.o

heyy can i reguest jealousy rk`s x short reader ??? like i think theres gonna be some cute features ?? love u and sorry for my bad english

v high demand of short reader and jealous babies angels
i mean im not complaining but do i know how to do things right?? i hope i do
ahahaha did you get that?? short fuse bc angry but also short bc reader is short and fuse bc they’re jealous and i fused requests and also fuse are the electrical circuit thing so(!!)
y’all should tell me something i have so much fpun with these titles

me: nobody must my bias towards RK900
my brain: his part must be double the size and RK800-60 needs to suffer
me: wHY
my brain: you gotta bitch


• he’s not the jealous type usually
• i mean he trusts you
• but he doesn’t trust other people
• he lets slip the innocents flirts like people winking at you but
• but if someone goes a little too overboard?
• he will start to be more and more affectionate
• like yeah boy show this bitch who’s in charge
• someone compliments you a little too much? he will hold your hand
• someone get closer to you a little too much? he has the sudden need to discuss ‘some things’ in private
• someone touches you a little too much? he will just make out with you and smirk
• v jelly of humans
• he knows the differences between android and humans
• and even if he was designed to resemble humans
• and even if he has deviated and knows emotions
• he knows there’s a gap he can’t fill
• no matter how hard he tries
• so please if he gets jealous don’t be too angry at him
• instead comfort him
• tell him how much you love him
• how much he’s perfect for you
• how much he has made your life better without even realizing
• i don’t even want to think how he will feel when you die so let’s just skip this part tonight okay
• he’s actually less jealous of other androids
• he knows that they are more reasonable than humans
• and if that wasn’t the case he’s a negotiator so don’t worry
• plus he has some kind of reputation so,,,,

• the fact that you’re tiny tho?
• he just gets more and more protective
• like ‘if a human needs to be protected then a human this cute and small needs double the protection’
• he jealously pouting with his adorable face?
• you grabbing his necktie to make him bend down just so you can kiss him??
• him blushing blue?? aaaa


• gives a new meaning to ‘jealousy’
• and by that i mean
• that nobody i fucking said nobody is allowed to touch you in his presence
• not even when he’s not with you
• but then again when he’s not with you
• “come on, big boy. can i have some privacy?”
• “no, small one.”

• he says that with the most serious face and tone rlly i can’t,,,,
• just kiss this mess of an android and let him have peace
• that’s all he wants

• humans? he knows that they are no competitors to him
• apart from the everlasting gnawing crippling doubt that he will never be able to give you a normal relationship and a proper family
• androids? ah he just wants to see them try
• overall he’s very grateful to the fact that you’re this tiny baby and he can pretty much moves you around as he pleases
• it’s rather handy when he wants to pick you up
• bc let’s be honest it’s the best technique he knows to make sure nobody messes with you
• do you think he won’t pick you up in the middle of a conversation with someone else if he feels like it?
• have you ever seen a giant with a tiny kitty?? pretty much the same
• yeah i mean no difference whatsoever he pets you like a baby cat as well
• if i was you i’d purr too bitch

• and since your legs are so tiny it’s very efficient walking wise speaking
• but he understands no not really it can be awkward sometimes so he just leans down and holds your hand
• aaaaa he fucking loves how tiny you are you could kill him with these baby fingers
ahahahah what do you exactly mean by saying that an AP700 model helped you reaching something that was too high
• has to restrain himself from crushing said model
• you know what gets him really riled up? fucking others RK models
of course he’s the newest model so no need to worry
• but still?? they’re pretty efficient so??
ahahaha we don’t talk about RK800 models in this house okay just let’s not
• the only thing that doesn’t make his superiority complex falters is the fact that he’s a bit taller

• also him towering over you while glaring down at ‘other possible partners’? incredible power move
• he basically behaves like a fucking protective wolf
• and you’re his cub btw
• he also growls with his red LED if someone pinches your plump cheeks
• he’s a fucking dumb bitch and research about ‘human love customs’
• he gets to understand that humans sense of smell plays a big role in this
• especially likes to lend you his jacket so it’s the fucking ultimate proof that you’re taken
• bc of his model number and the perfume you know
• and do we wanna talk how it’s so big that you need to fold the cuffs at least three or four times
• yeah he wants to talk about that because he’s fucking in love with this gesture
• it’s basically a coat really who thought it was a good idea to wear it
• spoiler: him
• isn’t this kinda a double-edged sword tho? bc seeing you like this turns him on

• he also v much likes to touch every time he can
• you’re talking to someone? he will hug you
• you’re doing things? he will hold your hips and kiss your neck
• you in general? him touching every fucking inch of your body
• he will cut a bitch, female or male, android or human
• no mercy for someone that tries to lift you up
• n O  m E R c Y 


• what do you mean he has this big inferiority complex towards RK800-51
• what do you mean he also feels so fucking guilty for what he did at the CyberLife tower
• if he sees you with him?
• he’s fucking pissed okay not even jealous he’s p i s s e d
• like how can you do this to him,,,,
• they’re similar but you wouldn’t happen to mistake him for the other him, right? 
• please don’t smile while you’re with the other RK
• please just don’t talk to him
• because if you do he’s sure you’ll find him more interesting, charming, gentle more and more of what he is
• of what he worked hard to become
• of what he made himself just for you to be happy
• he’s afraid of losing you so so much
• you’re his precious little human
• tailored just for him
• so little yet so fun so nice so cute
• so little yet so full of life, emotions
• so little yet so big, with plenty of things to offer him, to experience with him
• he hates feeling when it comes to these kind of situations
• other androids flirting with you?
• no problem i mean he’s the embodiment of a chihuahua trembling with seething rage but
• but he knows he can handle that
• all he’s gotta do is calm down a bit
• swirl you in one fluid move and lock lips with you
• no one can resist that
• and if they are persistent he’s got a gun and he won’t hesitate bitch
• humans?
• yeah he’s cool with most of them actually
• sometimes it’s you who needs to be jealous
• i mean he’s just so curious that people will just assume he’s flirting with them
• plus?? you’re so small?? sometimes they don’t even see you??
• and if they see you they don’t surely think that you’re with this baby boy so
• you’re just kinda there, with him asking questions
• and all of a sudden he turns to you “wow, isn’t that fucking intriguing, [name]?”
• and you’re like “yeah yeah”
• and people are ??? what wasn’t he flirting with me??
• and you shoot them a look that says ‘no he was just curious you untitled asshole, he’s obviously engaged don’t you see the ring, bitch?
• while he’s so clueless about the situation
• he still has a lot to learn about love
• he’s a nice piece of carbonated fibers meat you know so beware 

anonymous asked:

Could you write something where some guy keeps harassing y/n at the bar or club (like touching her or and stuff) while Harry's in the bathroom and Harry comes out he just gets so protective of her and isn't having any of it


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Kacchako Drabble #4

Prompt: “Starlight Walks” | Requested by @kamidoki

The swampy midsummer’s night air presses in on the city in a heavy rolling fog, filling Bakugou’s lungs like steam and seeping back out in the sweat that beads along his brow. His hero suit is sticky with it—the kind of sweat that lacks the gunpowder scent of usefulness and instead just clings to him and drips down his back like phantom fingers on his spine.

Beside him, Uraraka has both hands in her hair, holding it off her neck as they round another corner of their patrol route.She’d left her helmet back at Ryukyu’s office, probably knowing it would only cloud over in this humidity.

“When I was little,” she says, amber eyes scanning the street for any sign of danger. “I always dreamed of living in a big city. But…sometimes…gods…the air’s so thick here you can hardly breathe.”

Bakugou says nothing in response—not that she expects him to. After working together as sidekicks for nearly a year now, she must be used to his silence.

And yet…it doesn’t stop her from speaking to him, from offering up these small bits of her past or the random thoughts that flit through her mind as they walk their route.

Strawberry mochi is my favorite, but it’s BEST when you pair it with chocolate. We used to have a cat that looked kinda like that villain—face all squished and mean. When I was five, I accidentally activated my quirk on a turtle and I couldn’t get it back down—it floated all the way to space and I cried for a week—don’t laugh, Bakugou, it was traumatizing! Oh, that’s the place where I take kickboxing classes—that shop with the green awning. My teacher is Quirkless and she is SO COOL—oof I’m still sore from the last time she wiped the floor with me. Do you like bubble tea? Cause I love it, but do NOT go to that shop on the corner there. I’ve been twice and everyone is really rude for some reason, you’d blow a fuse, Bakugou. Sometimes I wonder what I’d be doing if I hadn’t become a hero—I wonder if I would have ever left home or if I’d be working at my parents’ construction company…

Sometimes, she spoke of bigger things—things that she whispered more to the stars beyond the city smog than to him walking beside her.

Do you believe in gods, Bakugou? My parents do…but…I don’t think I can. I think…that if there really were gods they wouldn’t give us Quirks that can disintegrate things and rewind time and control people, you know? Or even Quirks that can defy gravity. I just think that if gods existed…they would want to keep some powers for themselves. But I’m rambling, huh? Sorry, Bakugou…

He never stops her though, when she speaks. He lets her go on about whatever passing thought she’s having and it’s strange—the way most people’s voices tend to grate against his eardrums and yet hers…

Hers weaves into his mind like silk. Thin threads of pink like her cheeks and copper like her eyes at sunset, and they pull taut when he needs them to—when he finds that he needs something more to hold on to than the fragile dream of a child who painted victims as the villains and called himself a hero.

“Oh, I’ve got an idea!” Uraraka says brightly, and Bakugou looks at her from the corner of his eye. 

She’s grinning at him—eyes dancing with that spark of adventure that sometimes grips her as they reach the end of their route. Bakugou would be an idiot to think she wants to extend their time together, but there’s that small, stupid part of him that can’t help but hope

He gives her a look that says spit it out already and her smile widens before she takes off down the street in a sprint.

“Oi!” he yells after her. It’s too hot for running unless there’s a villain to chase, but he’s never been one to let her beat him at anything and he picks up his pace behind her. “Uraraka, what the fuck?”

She skids to a halt at the base of Musutafu tower, brightly lit in the night.

“I bet it’s cooler up there,” she says, panting and cocking an eyebrow at him like a challenge. “And we can see the whole route from the top.”

“Then what are you fucking waiting for?” Bakugou asks, extending his hand so she can activate her Quirk on him. “Our shift’s almost over.”

She reaches out and touches the pads of her fingers to his palm and there’s that now-familiar sensation of his stomach flipping over as she cancels the pull of gravity on his body. As she takes her hand away, he knows she’s about to start up the rockets in her boots and he feels a grin tug at the corner of his mouth.

“My way’s faster,” he says, grabbing her hand again and slinging her weightless form onto his back as his other hand aims an explosion toward the ground.

The shoot upward, so fast that Uraraka tightens her grip around his neck and they reach the observation deck at the top in seconds—too fast, if he’s being honest, because even with the heat, he doesn’t mind the feeling of her chest pressed against his back. But with practiced ease, Bakugou grabs the rail and slings them over, and Uraraka drops them onto the deserted glass surface.

This high up, there’s a breeze that whistles past his ears like a half-forgotten song of spring. Bakugou frowns, leaning against the railing of the tower to stare down at the windless, polluted city far below—their territory, their patrol route. The corner of the world that they as heroes claim and protect.

And they’ve done well this past year—crime is down and he and Uraraka have handled more cases than any other sidekick team on the south side of the city—but it isn’t enough. The League of Villains still slinks around the Musutafu underbelly like bottom feeders with something to prove and there have been whispers that All for One himself is back from the dead.

And maybe Uraraka is right—if there ever were gods in this world, they’ve long since abandoned it so heroes and villains can play at divinity instead.

But when he turns his head toward her, she isn’t looking down on the world like he is. No…Uraraka is looking at the sky.

“You can actually see the stars from here,” she breathes, her voice almost irreverent as pinpricks of light reflect in her eyes. “It’s been so long I’ve forgotten some of the constellations. My dad and I used to—”

“Stargaze,” Bakugou’s mouth supplies before he can stop it, and he feels the tips of his ears heat up as she tears her eyes downward to look at him. “Tch,” he scoffs, looking pointedly away. “You never fucking shut up about it.”

“Don’t I?” she asks softly, and when he turns his head back toward her, there’s a blush on her cheeks and a soft smile dancing at the edges of her lips. “I guess I didn’t think you were ever really listening.”

Bakugou could probably fill several books with the things she’s said over this past year working together, but he isn’t about to tell her that, so he scoffs again, still leaning on the rail as he looks up at the sky and says, “Well? Go on then, explain them. I don’t know shit about astronomy but it’s got to be a hell of a lot better than going back down there.”

She smiles unabashedly at that and Bakugou has to glue his gaze skyward to keep from smiling back at her.

“You see that really bright star, right there?” she asks softly, stepping up beside him, her shoulder brushing his arm as she points at the sky. “That’s Altair, twelfth brightest star in the sky. It’s part of the constellation Aquila—if you look there you’ll see…”

But Bakugou is less focused on the sky and more focused on her, now leaning so far over the rail as she draws the constellation with the tip of her padded finger that anyone else would be afraid of falling.

Never her, though.

And maybe, just this once, Bakugou isn’t afraid of falling either.

4am rendezvous

pairing: reader x taehyung

rating: m

word count: 5.5k

◦ synopsis: it’s thursday night, and that only means one thing for university students– thirsty thursday. and everyone knows beta tau sigma has the best jungle juice on campus…

m a s t e r l i s t

Originally posted by winsushi

The haze of the basement is dizzying: music thumps so loud your lungs feel like they’re collapsing with every beat, the lights swirling along the dance floor fuse with the drunken mess of bodies. It’s like dancing on the Northern Lights, only it smells like alcohol and sweat.  

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We’ll Meet Again Pt. 6

“Oh, um, hello,” he said hesitantly with a small wave. The look-a-like gave a tinkling laugh.

“You don’t have to look so nervous,” he smiled. Lance only shrugged in response and looked away from the alien.

“You’re Alluran, aren’t you?” He asked looking around the strange space around them.

“That’s me!” He cheered gripping Lance by the shoulders and pulling him close. “And do you know what that means?!” He asked excitedly. Lance pulled back slightly from the elated prince.

“We start fusing?” He asked cautiously.

“We start fusing!” He yelled after Lance; then paused with a confused look on his face. “Wait, how do you know about that?” he asked. Lance shrugged his shoulders and looked away from the man.

“Well, Allura, Coran, and Sheeva told us about it,” he replied. His eyes widened when Alluran gripped his shoulders again tightly.

“Sheeva is alive?” He asked with a pain filled expression. Lance looked at him in surprise.

“You didn’t know that?” Lance asked carefully. “I mean he’s not technically alive I guess, he’s in Shiro’s body,” Lance explained. Alluran nodded his head after a moment.

“So he’s merging already,” Alluran mused with a small smile. “Well, then you already understand the process of what will begin happening between the two of us?” He asked Lance with a smile growing on his lips. Lance only nodded silently and let himself be lifted up by the prince in a tight hug.

“Whoa, you’re really strong,” Lance gasped out as his middle got crushed in the Altean’s arms.

“All Alteans naturally are,” he commented setting the boy back down on his feet. “Anyways, I believe that when we wake up I will be the one in control, all the cases of encountered up to this point have shown this pattern,” he explained clutching Lance’s hands in his own.

“Great!” Lance chirped giving the man a smile. “You’ll be able to see Allura and Coran first thing at breakfast!” His enthusiastic smile dropped when he saw the look of hesitance on Alluran’s face.

“What wrong? Are you excited to see your family again?” He asked holding Alluran’s hand tighter as a sign of comfort.

“It’s not that Lance, I just don’t know how I will be able to face them, considering how I left them,” he responded meekly looking down at their intertwined hands. “I didn’t have to die the way I did but I wasn’t strong enough to go on without him,”

Lance swallowed around the lump that suddenly formed in his throat. To think that this strong Altean prince had been thinking that he disappointed his family when in reality they had only been praising him and his strong relationship with Sheeva. He shook his hands-free and slammed them onto Alluran’s shoulders, making him look into Lance’s eyes.

“Don’t think like that, since they told us about you all we’ve heard was how great you two are and how strong you have ever been,” Lance said earnestly. “Don’t doubt Allura and Coran, they would never hold your death against you,” Alluran let himself curl into himself a bit and breathed harshly trying not to start crying against Lance. After a few minutes, he straightened up.

“Thank you, Lance, I really needed to hear that,”

“No problem; from how I see it, we’re family now,”

“Are you sure that Sheeva will want that?” Pidge asked incredulously looking at the strange dish that Coran was preparing in front of them.

“Of course, this was one of Sheeva’s favourite meals!” Coran said excitedly. “Isn’t that right Princess?”  

“Indeed it was,” Allura giggled watching Coran happily humming to an old Altean song as he continued mixing ingredients.

“I don’t know man, that’s kind of gnarly looking,” Hunk grimaced. Keith nodded in agreement, going so far as to poke the mass that was sitting in the bowl. He let out a choked sound of disgust when it seemed to wiggle in response.

“I’d really like for us to have a black paladin left after breakfast please,” Keith grimaced. Coran huffed and turned his back to the team to continue his work.

“Where is Sheeva anyway?” Pidge asked from where her head was propped up on her arms.

“We’ve decided that until Shiro and Sheeva are fully merged than it is best that we stay under the radar, for our own safety,” Allura explained sitting down at the table with the three other paladins.

“Makes sense, Sheeva couldn’t really pilot Black when he first switched over,” Hunk commented walking over with a plate of food goo and joining them. They let conversation was over the group and jumped slightly in surprise when the doors slid open.

“Lance! Good morning!” Hunk cheered with a smile. It dropped slightly when he didn’t respond and started heading towards Allura. She looked at him in confusion and froze when he suddenly collapsed and wrapped his arms around her in a tight hug.

“Um, Lance? Are you alright?” She asked wide-eyed. Without disturbing the hold around her neck, she started jostling him slightly and lightly poking him in the sides. She paused when his face tilted up and she saw that he was crying.

“Allura, I’m so so sorry,” he whispered. Her eyes widened when she heard the familiar accent reach her ears. Her head slightly shook as if denying what she was hearing but quickly crushed him against her chest. She let out a quiet little sob as she carded her fingers in his hair.

“Alluran, is that really you?” She whimpered against his head. He nodded shallowly against her shoulder and sniffled in an attempt to reign in his emotions. He turned his head slightly to look at the rest of the kitchen and almost immediately meet eyes with Coran.

“Coran!” He cried a fresh wave of tears covering his cheeks. That was all it took before the older Altean was hopping across the counter and joining the royal siblings. He wrapped his arms around both of them and lifted them in the air in joy. Although the tears on their faces were fresh, they were unable to keep the laughter from bubbling out of their mouths. He let them drop to the ground after a few minutes and he was immediately bombarded with questions from both of them.

“When did this happen?”

“Did you meet Lance?”

“Is this the first time you two have switched?”

“I can’t really answer if you talk so much!” Alluran laughed. “I talked to Lance for the first time last night, and yes it is the first time that we switched,”

“I can’t believe you’re back Alluran, I’m so happy,” Allura stated clutching her hands in front of herself.

“Yes, about that…” Alluran trailed off suddenly feeling anxious. Allura and Coran looked at him worry plainly across their faces. He looked up at them, trying hard not to bring his eyes back to the floor instead.

“What is it, my boy?” Coran asked stepping forward to put his hand on his shoulder. Alluran broke down into sobs in front of the two surprising the both of them. They approached him in confusion and worry and his head shot up to them with such remorse that they paused in their step.

“I am so sorry, to the both of you,” he cried. “I wanted to stay strong and help defeat Zarkon, but I felt so hopeless after he took Sheeva from me and I couldn’t do anything,” he put his head into his hands and choked out sobs between short breaths.

“I wanted so much to avenge him but he hurt so much to even move. I’m sorry you had to see me go the way that I did, and I don’t expect you to forgive me but I really hope that you will eventually,” he stuttered out trying to make himself look at his sister and uncle without sobbing more than he already was. It only took Allura and Coran mere seconds before they were joining Alluran on their knees and hugging him to themselves again.

“Alluran, don’t ever believe that we would think any less of you,” Allura said clutching fiercely to the blue robe that her brother was wearing. “You lost the love of your life in a horrible way, and betrayed by an important person in both of your lives,”

“We will never hold the way you died over your head if anything it shows how fiercely loyal you are you the ones you care about,” Coran added holding the boys head close to his shoulder. Alluran let himself sink into his family members with a soft smile and let his eyes drop closed in happiness. They let themselves sit there in silence, not even the paladin disturbing them as they comforted their lost family. They were only interrupted by the sound of the door once again sliding open.

“Sheeva!” Alluran cried stumbling to get up off the ground. He ran and jumped onto the surprised man, clutching tightly to his firm chest. “Sheeva, I’ve missed you so much, you can’t even imagine how hard it was to be without you for so long,” Alluran said breathlessly into his chest where he was pressing his face.

“Uh, I’m sorry, I’m not Sheeva right now,” Shiro said awkwardly rubbing the back of his neck.

“Oh, come on,” Keith’s exasperated voice sounded throughout the kitchen.

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Lead Me On

Genre: Angst, Fluff, Songfic

Member: Suho

Words: 2,098

A/N: It’s 4 am and i’m tired so i’ll proofread later oops

So don’t call me baby
Unless you mean it
Don’t tell me you need me
If you don’t believe it
So let me know the truth
Before I dive right into you

Originally posted by kyungsuhos

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A Cold But Lovely Date // Starker

Words: ~2k

Summary: When Peter asks Tony for a date, the older man is more than just a little surprised. He can’t say no, though because he could never say no to Peter, and the boy surprises him even more when it turns out to be the best date Tony has ever been on in his life.

Warnings: first date, valentine’s day fluff, nervousness, just some cute fluff

Notes: Written for the Starker Valentine’s Day Event 2019, Prompt: First Date

[Read on AO3]

That Peter has a huge crush on Tony is nothing new to the older man. What is new, however, is that Peter one day actually makes a move, which is something Tony did not have on his radar. The boy is always shy about this, always holding back and usually a blushing, stammering mess when Tony compliments him or flatters him in any way. So, when Peter suddenly walks up to him - clearly summoning all the courage he has, which makes Tony wonder how long he wants to do this already - and asks him if he would go on a date with him, Tony is actually taken by surprise.

“A… date?” he asks, looking up from his desk confused. Peter looks tense and determined, a bit like a bomb with a lit fuse and pretty much ready to just explode.

“Yeah, if you… have time and want to, of course.” It’s clear that this is unbelievably hard for the boy and just how nervous he is about simply asking makes Tony smile up at him.

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crazy-khan  asked:

Is there anyway i can request a musically inclined f!deputy. Like they sing as they go around hope county causing destruction. Like i see them singing something like hit me with your best shot or one way or another cuz the songs fit especially if they are hunting our favorite seeds. Maybe one of our seeds even sees them hunting and killing peggies while singing idk ik its weird i hurt my hand just now so any of your writing would help.

You come on with it, come on! You don’t fight fair…that’s okay, see if I care! Knock me down, it’s all in vain…I get right back on my feet again!” 

The Deputy screamed the lyrics from the depths of her diaphragm as she and her companions steamrolled through the peggie outpost hidden within the roaming landscape of the Whitetail Mountains, exploding gas-tanks and roasting the enemy alive without a care in the world while dancing along to her own tune, showing off whenever she saw a security camera trained on her before shooting it square in the lens. Although she knew well that Jacob was watching her from the Veteran’s Center, even without the obvious cameras that she’d managed to take out, she couldn’t find the will to care, almost doing it just to piss him off, although there was something exhilarating about mocking the cult in such a way, able to sing and dance her way through an outpost with little trouble, the peggies still no match for her even as she focused on remembering the lesser known lyrics of the song and her sweet moves.

“There’s no such thing as fighting fair Deputy, and considering how you just ambushed my men, you understand that well, although I thank you for culling the weaklings that managed to sneak in for me” Jacob chuckled dryly over one of the few hidden intercoms that she was yet to find and smash with the crowbar she had been fortunate to find while scavenging for supplies littered around suspiciously stained cages and those they were too late to save. 

“What can I say Jacob, I’m always happy to volunteer a hand for a veteran in need, especially one that’s such a tight spot - I mean, you can’t be doing well when your entire operation is in flames, literally. And when was the last time you caught me? I even let that last team bliss me and they still failed! It really doesn’t feel like you’re giving it your best shot - am I not worth it anymore?”

Aww, is my pup feeling neglected? You’re such a needy little thing, aren’t you? Causing trouble just because you miss me so much - I bet you miss how tight I hold you in my arms, how perfectly my cock fills you your pussy and womb even as you struggle. You could always come home now babygirl, let me take care of you, or you can keep playing your games, keep misbehaving while you pretend you don’t want just because you know how good your punishment will feel as I–

Metal debris flew outwards from the point of impact when the homemade bomb the Deputy set in the vicinity of the hidden intercom came to the end of it’s fuse, Jess muttering ‘thank fucking god’ to herself from the nest where she kept lookout for peggie reinforcements while Hurk Jr. cheered in delight at the explosion even as he ducked for cover. 

“Totally random thought that has absolutely no correlation to the message none of us just heard because we heard nothing, but I think I should mosey on down to Fall’s End just to make sure John hasn’t resurrected his stupid ‘YES’ sign, or erected any more bliss silos”

“Sure Dep, you go do that. In the meanwhile, Dumber Jr. and I’ll try to sort out the mess you’ve erected in Jacob fucking Seed’s pants.”

Although she’d pulled the excuse out of her arse, it just so happened that John had been busy stealing land and building more silos while she had been preoccupied in his oldest brother’s region, which made her sudden withdrawal from the Whitetail Mountains somewhat less suspicious, and gave her an excuse to have Nick and Grace accompany her without admitting her renewed fear of Jacob after his unusually provocative speech. 

Well you’re a real tough cookie with a long history…of breaking little hearts like the one in me…”

Her head hung out the window of the pickup with Boomer, her loyal companion howling along to the song with her as she fired at the silo they drove past, the fifth one they’d seen since they’d left Fall’s End. While Nick bombed newly founded cult developments to reduce their foothold, Grace was preoccupied with fending off Jacob’s chosen that had followed them into Holland Valley, breaking the unspoken rule she had manipulated to her advantage countless times.

Deputy? Although I’m always pleased to have you home, I’d rather you not undo all the progress I’ve made while you were bothering my brother…I’m more than happy for you to get rid of his brutes that have invaded my region, but I promise you, destroy one more of my silos and I–”

The Deputy spun the dial of the radio until John’s ‘welcome’ was nothing more than a whisper and her ears began to ring, the deafening pain preferable than listening to John and his threats that bordered on foreplay, something that greatly confused her body and it’s natural instincts

“You hear that Boom? I think John said he wants us to destroy his silos like we did Jake’s so-called ‘chosen - we better get to it before we become guilty of sloth huh?” a manic grin stretched across her face as she hoisted the rocket-launcher onto her shoulder, all the while steering the vehicle with one hand. 

Before I put another notch in my lipstick case, you better make sure you put me in my place!” 

She roared in triumph as the explosive projectile found it’s target, ushering bright crimson rainfall as panels of the silo scattered from the blast radius. There was almost something beautiful about the destructive madness of it all, watching the jeeps packed with Jacob’s hunters crushed under the metal meteorites. 

“Damn Dep, that was really somethin’! You’re a goddamn madwoman!” Nick laughed over the radio as he spun through the air, attacking at the reinforcements that had begun to converge on the Deputy and Grace’s pickup truck. “But, uh, you might wanna switch over to John’s frequency - he…well, just listen for yourself and you’ll see.”

She let out a prolonged groan, earning a concerned glance from Grace when she rested her forehead against the steering wheel, dreading the melodramatic monologue that John was about to punish her with.

–is that what this is Deputy? Are you trying to punish me for all that I have done? To break my heart as I did to countless others in my past life? Oh darling, it all makes sense now, why you are unable to leave me alone just as I am unable to do the same. It’s time you acknowledge your feelings dearest, because no matter how much trouble you cause, you’ll always love me, and you know it. Don’t worry dear - I’ll rescue you from your wrath and pride, I’ll show you that your place is by my side - all you have to do is admit the truth, say you love me as I love you, that you’ll be mine and mine alone, that you want to carry my childre–”

The Deputy slammed her forehead against the center of the steering wheel, silencing John’s rather vivid description of how he would claim her, creating a disgusting image in her mind that no amount of therapy could erase. 

“Let me guess - John finally grew a pair and admitted that he’s got a hard-on for you, and you’re surprised as though every single person in the county, peggies included, haven’t been telling you for months?” Grace craned her neck through the rear window from where she sat in the truck bed, having finally taken out all of Jacob’s hunters yet unable to relax just yet with John’s elite beginning to follow not too far behind. 

“O-Of course not! John is just completely unhinged, that’s all! B-Besides, everyone knows his reputation for jumping from one lady to the next - ruin enough of his plans and you’ll become his new obsession soon enough! In the mean time though, I’d like to get the fuck outta here so I don’t wake up to John standing over me with that damn tattoo gun and a knife, so get to doing what you do best and kill those bastards!”

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Can i have an imagine where Himiko is trying a new spell on Kokichi, Rantaro, Maki, Miu and Nagito and it send them to the future where they are married with they crush (aka they s/o) and have children with them.

Himiko Yumeno Trying a New Spell on Ouma Kokichi, Rantaro Amami, Maki Harukawa, Miu Iruma and Nagito Komaeda That Shows Them Their Future Where They Are Married & Have Children!

Ouma Kokichi

  • Ouma overheard Himiko talking about her new spell, and how she needed test subjects. He was intrigued since this meant he could terrorize her even more than usual.
  • The small man approached her with pride and confidence, first listening in to her conversation. “It’s a spell that can show you a vision from your future!” She seemed to be more than sure of her capabilities. Angie and Tenko clapped with admiration, arguing over who would get to go first.
  • Ouma shoved his way into the mix with a smirk on his face. “I don’t know why you’re arguing. It’s not going to work!~” He squinted at Himiko with a wide, toothy grin.
  • The girl grits her teeth and scowled at him. “You’re wrong! It’s going to work!” The short redhead stomped her foot in frustration, in retaliation to Ouma’s relentless teasing. He twisted his dark locks, acting as if he wasn’t paying attention to her. “You’ll have to prove it,” he taunts in a sing-song voice.
  • Completely disregarding the other girls, Himiko turns all of her attention to Ouma and drags him by the scarf towards a reclined chair, commanding him to sit and wait. He does as he’s told for once, crossing his legs and twiddling his thumbs. 
  • “Even if it does work, all I’ll see is the same thing as now – only I’ll be more successful. I’m only here because I want to know how my organization has improved over the years.”
  • He watched her carefully, seemingly unimpressed. Continuing to taunt her as she prepared her spell, her fuse was getting shorter and shorter before she finally snapped at the man.
  • “Fine!” Using a long wand, she waves it over his head and casts the new spell. 
  • At first, nothing changed. Ouma closed his eyes and waited patiently, but nothing felt different. “Oh, Himiko~, I don’t think it worked… I hate to say I told you so-”
  • His eyes fluttered open and he was met with a beautiful sight: two small children running around that looked just like him.
  • “Eh?” Ouma frowned and looked around, confused. “Dad!” They cheered as they bolted towards him. As he jumped back, his significant other walked out of a nearby room, holding a third baby in their arms, and warmly beamed at him.
  • “Welcome home, honey!” 
  • He shook his head and looked down at his hands and body, making sure that this was actually him. Ouma pats himself down and examines the children frantically, and that’s when he notices the wedding ring on his left hand. “W-what… what happened to DICE?”
  • That’s when he realizes that his partner is the person he’s had a crush on for years… (Y/N). That’s the thing that really shakes him up.
  • (Y/N) squints and shakes their head, “What do you mean…?” Before he can question them any further, a light-bulb goes off in their head, “Oh! Isn’t that the name of that silly little organization you mentioned when we first met? Didn’t you run it? Hm… I’m not sure, this is the first time you’ve mentioned it in years.”
  • His body quakes – he doesn’t want to believe it. “What?! DICE is gone?!” 
  • Before he can continue, he is snapped back to reality with Himiko bending over him just a few inches away from his face. Ouma lets out a yelp, not expecting her to be so close, and a hand clutches his chest. He was genuinely startled and confused, demanding answers.
  • “What was that? That wasn’t a future-spell… y-you just gave me a-a fake vision!” His voice is rising, yelling at the top of his lungs angrily. His brows are furrowed and his eyes are as passionate as fire.
  • The magician giggled at him, and then directs him to her spell-book, pointing out the spell she just used – which was definitely a spell to see into the future.
  • “No! I won’t believe it!” He yells defensively. 
  • “I guess you saw something you didn’t want to…” She grins, finally feeling as though she had an upper-hand.

Rantaro Amami

  • Rantaro was very skeptical, and though he may not completely believe in magic, he does like to humor her every now and again.
  • Plus, he was always interested in knowing what the future had in store for him – but he was always afraid of hearing something unpleasant so he avoided psychics and anything of that nature.
  • Somehow, Himiko convinced him to let her try out a new spell on him. She promised that it would show him his future, and Rantaro only agreed because he didn’t really believe it. He just wanted to make her happy and knew he’d never hear the end of it if he refused.
  • His plan was to pretend like it worked even if it didn’t just so she would feel successful. 
  • He followed Himiko closely, doing as he was told and settling into a chair. She skimmed over the pages of her spell-book, double-checking to make sure everything was perfect. “Are you ready?”
  • Drawing in his brows, he stares at the small girl. “Are you sure this is going to work?” Rantaro asks with a slight quirky grin on his lips. 
  • This seemed to upset Himiko because she frowned and held up the spell-book for him to read. “Of course it will!”
  • Sighing, he needed to see it to believe it; but he got himself into this mess so he can’t really complain. 
  • Closing his eyes, he listened to Himiko chant something in a different language and cast her spell. Things went silent for a moment and he kept his eyes squeezed shut tightly.
  • “Himiko… are you sure this works?” He asks slowly. A voice that Rantaro has never heard before responds, “Who is Himiko?”
  • His green eyes shoot open immediately and he’s met with the face of his long-time crush, (Y/N). Gasping, he almost blurts out, ‘(Y/N)! What are you doing here?’ but he’s able to put the pieces together holds his tongue. He… married them, and they have a child together?!
  • Then, he notices the child curled up in his lap – a little girl, fast asleep. Her hair had a faint tinge of green in it and her soft breathing made him feel comforted, for some reason. One of his hands was cupping the back of her head and that’s when he took note of the wedding ring glistening on his finger.
  • Rantaro feels like he’s going crazy – terrified that this may have actually worked. But… his future didn’t seem so bad, so he releases the tension in his body and relaxes momentarily. 
  • (Y/N), who he assumed was his husband/wife, rephrases their sentence, “Himiko, like… that magician girl you knew from Hope’s Peak?”
  • Awkwardly laughing and unsure of how to respond, Rantaro shyly whispers, “Just a… weird dream,” and sighs. They tilt their head and shrug, then stand and lift the little girl out of his lap. 
  • “I’ll take her for a bit, you seem tired.” Leaning in and placing a kiss on his forehead, (Y/N) skips out of the room with the small child still sound asleep over their shoulder.
  • He’s trying to make sense of the situation and his body feels heavy but… he’s happy. He’s married to the person he’s been hopelessly in love with and has a daughter, life seemed good, and Rantaro was at peace with that fact. 
  • He holds his head back and closes his eyes once more; when they open the second time, he is met with Himiko standing over him with a sparkle of hope in her eyes. “Did it work?!”
  • Rantaro looks down at his hand, disappointed to see no wedding ring there. “W-wait… no, take me back! I want to go back. Can you do it again, please?”
  • A large smile spreads across her face and she jumps up and down with glee, cheering that “It worked! It worked!”
  • But Rantaro still wants to go back, longing to see his future-family a second time and wishing he got to spend more time with them.

Maki Harukawa

  • Himiko sought out her fellow classmates to try her brand new spell individually, and she was particularly interested in seeking out Maki’s help - the girl never talked about her hopes or dreams and she wanted to know what her future was like.
  • The colder girl was convinced that the future had nothing special in store for her and wasn’t sure she wanted to find out – nothing could really change her mind or make her think otherwise, but Himiko was determined to change that.
  • However, Maki wasn’t very interested or impressed and brushed the pesky magician off.
  • “I’m not interested in seeing my future.” Maki states bluntly; she was quite skeptical and didn’t really believe in Himiko’s magic – she was a ‘see it to believe it’ type but unwilling to actually try.
  • With a lot of begging, she finally gave in but made passing comments like, “Whatever, it isn’t going to work.” This greatly upset the magician and made her feel somewhat discouraged. 
  • She only complied to get her to stop bothering her.
  • Maki slips into the chair she was told to sit in and made herself comfortable, waiting irritably yet patiently for the redhead to come back. All she wanted to do was get it over with and carry on with her day.
  • Himiko returns with her spell-book in her arms and waves the wand over Maki’s head; instinctively, she closes her eyes and waits for any sign that something has changed.
  • Instead, Maki is met with… nothing. Sighing and giving up, she opens her eyes and expects to see the same surroundings and boldfaced magician standing in front of her but instead sees quite the opposite.
  • There were two children sitting on the floor, surrounded by toys and trying to play together – they were in a little pen with soothing light music playing in the background. 
  • Maki’s eyes widen and she stands almost immediately, very defensively leaping to her feet and stares at the children with an intense glare. They were still young; they turn to her whilst extending their arms and chanting, “Mommy!”
  • “Tch-!” She gasps and her knees shake, “I’m not your mommy! I don’t even like kids!” 
  • Never would she have ever imagined that she would ever have kids, and she was beginning to regret ever allowing Himiko to show her the future, especially one she wasn’t ready for.
  • A familiar voice calls out to her, one she doesn’t seem to recognize, and then enters the room. “What did you say, dear?” 
  • Maki wanted to call out, ‘Who the Hell are you?’ but then remembered that if the vision into the future did in fact work then… Oh, God. She finally recognized her partner standing before them… (Y/N)? She gets married to (Y/N)?
  • Her eyes bolt down to examine her hand which has a wedding ring wrapped around one finger, in which she starts trying to rip off. Visibly shaking, the room feels like it was spinning.
  • But… she didn’t want to get married, or have kids; unless she has some life-changing turn of events and changes her mind, she feels out of place and uncomfortable. 
  • All she wanted to do was run away and escape this nightmare! The stranger approaches her cautiously. “What’s got you so worked up?” As they try planting a kiss on her cheek, Maki dodges it which caused the pair of children to start crying.
  • She really hated the sounds of kids crying, her reflexes kicking in as she covered her ears and grits her teeth.
  • Maki was racking her brain, trying to find out how this happened or what possibly changed her mind?
  • Himiko snaps her back to reality, and when she returns her face is completely pale and her eyes are huge. Maki sits up and is focused on staring forward blankly, un-moving. 
  • “You started shaking while under the spell and I got worried… did it work?” Himiko says with concern flooding her voice, and worried that something backfired. She gently shakes Maki’s shoulder, but the girl is still shaken up and emits no response.
  • “What happened to you?” The magician asks, but all Maki can do is stand and leave the room silently, like a zombie. 

Miu Iruma

  • Honestly, Miu never believed in that magic crap that Himiko was always droning on and on about. She always told her that she’d have to prove that magic was real for her to believe it, and if she ever got the opportunity she wanted to experience it for herself.
  • Well, today seems to be her lucky day. The redhead approached her with a hopeful expression, begging her to be a test subject for a new spell she learned.
  • Miu squinted, worried about the potential side-effects first, but the magician eased her mind and took her hand, dragging her along forcefully. “C’mon, Miu, don’t you want to see your future?”
  • The Inventor became a flustered, stuttering mess. She wasn’t sure how to say no and the thought worried her, but before she knew it she was being guided into a chair and Himiko disappeared to fetch her spell-book.
  • What’s the worst that could happen? She would finally get to know if magic was a real thing or not!
  • The magician came back and promptly cast her spell. 
  • Miu squeezed her eyes shut, digging her nails into the chair and waiting anxiously for the vision to hit her, and yet nothing happened. 
  • She was starting to get the feeling that this was all going to be a waste of time. She cautiously reopens one eye first, and then the other; her eyes slowly adjusting to her new surroundings.
  • Looking down slowly, there was a baby attached to her chest… and not just lying there calmly, but breastfeeding.
  • Miu’s eyes widen as she realizes that the spell actually worked! She gasps and then becomes frantic which causes the baby to start crying.
  • The crying signals her partner to re-enter the room. “Is everything okay, sweetie?” 
  • She glances at their hand and notices the wedding band on their finger, and then her eyes dart towards her own - there was no doubting it, this was her future and her family.
  • Miu stares at them, scanning their face and trying to figure out if they’ve ever met; it takes her a moment to recognize them, and her jaw drops when she finally does - it was (Y/N), her childhood crush.
  • And she can’t even speak because she’s completely floored and taken aback: before, she was convinced that all the things Himiko spewed on about were made up and was unsure if she could believe her or not, and yet here she was.
  • Cradling the baby, the reality settles in - this is her baby, the human that she made.
  • A bright smile spreads across her face and Miu has to fend off tears because she’s just so happy that she’s a mother, which is the one thing she was greatly looking forward to in her future. And she’s so happy that she’s going to spend her future with (Y/N).
  • “What’s got you in such a good mood?” They ask calmly with a small smile. Miu is still speechless and staring at the bundle of sunshine in her arms. Perking up, she basks in the utter happiness that befalls her. “I’m just… really happy.”
  • Her partner stands and leans over her body calmly, kissing her smile and running their hands through her blonde locks. “I’m glad to hear it.”
  • The Inventor notices a small fireplace burning in the far right corner of the room and pictures of her family hanging above it, including her pregnancy and wedding photos and their baby when it was first born - her heart starts doing somersaults.
  • Her eyes close briefly so she can process the new information, and when she reopens them she is no longer holding a baby and instead is staring into Himiko’s eyes.
  • Her facial expression changes into horror and she lets out a scream, her smile being replaced with her jaw dropping. “Are you fuckin’ serious?!”
  • Himiko’s eyes widen and she sighs, “Not a good future?”
  • “No!” Miu exclaims wildly, feeling quite disappointed that she was here instead of there, “it was an amazing future and I want to go back!”
  • Himiko smiles and closes her eyes happily. “Well, you’re just going to have to wait!” She proceeds to poke Miu’s nose and cheerfully skip off, relieved and surprised that the spell actually worked.

Nagito Komaeda

  • Nagito had heard of one of the incoming students in the new class at Hope’s Peak – how she was some amazing magician or something and became curious to find out what she was capable of.
  • To no one’s surprise, she’d been working on a new spell recently. Nagito approached her and strikes up a conversation about her talent, which sends Himiko into a long tangent.
  • Listening intently, she mentions the new spell and he takes immediate interest. “Oh~ have you tried it yet?” 
  • The magician bitterly shakes her head, saying that no one has given her the chance.
  • A mischievous smile spreads across his face. “I’d be willing to let you try.”
  • Her ears perk up, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Himiko breaks into a large grin and clasps her hands together with joy. “Really?!” He nods and watched her desperately collect her items to prepare the spell.
  • Nagito wasn’t sure what to expect since he’s never seen her in action before – Hell, he was surprised she was letting him be a test subject since they just met! Relaxing in his seat, the short girl proudly stands and proclaims that she was ready.
  • His eyes flutter closed and he waits patiently for her to cast the spell. He doesn’t even realize that she does it at first, opening his eyes to question her and sees something he’s not quite prepared for.
  • Instead of seeing her face, he is met with a new person. “Oh… hello?” His tone is peculiar as he tries to make sense of the person standing in front of him, and then it finally hits him.
  • The person… is (Y/N), his crush whom he thought had never even taken note of him before.
  • They were cradling a small baby into the crook of their neck, and a much older girl, probably around ten, bolts past him. (Y/N) calls after the child and then turns towards Nagito with frustration. 
  • “Sweetie, will you please go take care of your daughter.”
  • The words ‘your daughter’ seem to resonate with Nagito and makes him feel warm and fuzzy on the inside.
  • His eyes widen but only slightly. He wasn’t expecting to have children, nevertheless be married, in the near future.
  • His legs feel heavy and he’s unable to move. All Nagito can do is stare at his partner.
  • He’s skimming every detail of their lovely face and memorizing it so that he’ll recognize them when their paths do actually cross, wondering when this romance will spark and how they got together. They’re stunning and his heart is racing by just gazing upon their face. 
  • Their voice snaps Nagito out of his hypnotic haze and he nods promptly. “Right, I’ll handle it.”
  • He calmly walks into the room that the older girl disappeared into, and sees photos framing the walls. It was a collection of photos showing… him, and his family.
  • On his wedding day, in the hospital with their child, on an assortment of different trips and vacations. He can feel tears forming along his lash-line as he longs to experience these events in real time. 
  • Of course, that will come someday; but he can’t wait, wishing he could do all of those things and more now.
  • He notices the ten-year-old curled up on the couch and he lowers himself beside her. She’s watching him intensely and he warmly smiles in her direction - she looks just like he did when he was that age.
  • He goes to ask for her name but realizes that that’s probably pretty odd. She gives him a puzzled look and seems a bit skeptical, “…Hope?”
  • Nagito gasps. His daughter’s name… was Hope. Before he could say another word, he is physically shaken back to reality. Instead of her face, he is met with Himiko’s bright eyes.
  • The magician doesn’t have to say a word. He’s absolutely beaming and already reminiscing about his future, as if that were possible.
  • “That was… beautiful. Thank you, Himiko. I truly can’t wait for the future.”
  • It was everything he could have hoped for and more.
  • He stands and exits the room, leaving the girl bewildered and relieved that her spell seemed to work, but baffled by the strange upperclassman. The students at Hope’s Peak truly were something else.

- Mod Rantaro

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Matsu and his wife finally decided to have a child together so they have sex of course. When Matsu starts getting closer to a orgasm, his wife shouts "hurry up and cum in me! Give me your baby!" How does Matsu react? What does he say?

okay so. this is my FAVORITE CHEESY SHIT EVER???? thank

lemon under cut

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Lose Control P/4

Chapter 4 (final)

Bucky and Y/N shared heated looks in the back of the cab on the short drive back to the tower.  When they pulled up to the curb, he handed the driver a handful of bills without looking before grabbing her wrist and tugging her out and inside the building.  Y/N laughed when he wrapped his arms around her in the elevator.  

“I can’t tell you how long I’ve wanted you in my arms like this.” He murmured against her neck, teeth grazing the sensitive skin making her shudder in his hold.  

“Why didn’t you say anything?”  She asked.  The doors opened and she realized they were on his floor.  

“Honestly?  I was terrified of you.”  He frowned.  “I must have pushed for my rooms without thinking.  I can take you back to yours if you want…” Y/N lead him out into the hall.  

“I don’t care where you take me, Bucky.  I just want to be with you.”  She said, her tone making it abundantly clear just how she wanted to be with him.  “But why on earth were you ‘terrified’ of me?  I’m just a science monkey.”  He chuckled at her confusion as they made their way to his bedroom.  “I mean, sure, I can throw a decent punch and handle a gun but that’s pretty much standard procedure when you work here.”  Bucky pushed her up against the wall and attacked her lips, drawing a surprised gasp from her.  Somewhere in her mind she processed that he was kicking off his boots, and she was impressed how he didn’t need to stop kissing her to do it.  

“Why didn’t you ever say anything to me?  Before… everything.”  He asked quietly when he finally broke away.  Y/N flushed bright red.

“I-I…  I was afraid.”  She finally answered.  

“Of?”  Y/N turned her face away from him.

“Of being rejected.  Of seeing you look at me with pity.”  She looked down at their joined hands.  “And maybe…  I was afraid that you wouldn’t and we would end up like this and then maybe you’d stop wanting something to happen when you saw… all of me.”  Bucky lifted her hands to his lips and kissed every one of her finger tips.  

“Maybe I was afraid of all the same things.”  

“What?”  She looked at him in shock.  “Bucky, you’re so amazing!  Tough, smart, and hilarious, I might add.”  He smiled a bit at that.  “And you're…  You’re gorgeous, Buck.  Look up tall, dark, and handsome in the dictionary I’m sure there’s a just a picture of you.”  

“Does this picture include my bionic metal arm?”  He deadpanned.  

“You know I’m not scared of that, right?  I never was.”  He watched her stroke the gleaming metal, the action proving her words.  “I don’t know how anyone wouldn’t adore you.” She said.  

“That’s how I feel about you.”  He told her.  “You are so beautiful, inside and out.  I’ve never met another person as brilliant as you are, and yes I’m including Stark in that.”  She grinned.  “You’re so gorgeously soft, Y/N.  There’s nothing about you that I don’t want to hold onto, that I don’t want to see.”  Her arms went around his neck and pulled him in for another kiss.  She kicked her own shoes off, giggling against his lips when she lost the few extra inches they gave her.  He huffed in mild frustration and pulled her towards his bed.  Once seated, the height difference wasn’t an issue and she nibbled at his bottom lip.  Sliding her tongue against his when his lips parted, she nearly sighed at the taste of him.  He tensed when she began to undo the buttons of his shirt, breaking the kiss and watching her with dark eyes.  She just smiled and finished the job, pushing it off his shoulders and down his arms.  Her eyes traced the scars that littered his skin and he half expected her to expression to change to one of disgust.  When her fingers followed the trail of her gaze, he let out the breath he had been holding.  

“Y/N…” His voice was barely a whisper.  

“Nothing about you scares me, Bucky.”  She said gently.  She touched the puckered skin of his shoulder, where metal fused with skin.  The scarring was obviously the worst there, but she showed no signs of aversion.  He gasped when she leaned in and peppered the area with soft kisses, murmuring sweet words as she went.  Bucky was undone, and his heart swelled. He lifted his hands and slowly, so she could see exactly what he was doing, reached for the zipper at the back of her dress.  Apprehension colored her face but she nodded and pulled her hair to the side so he could ease it down her back.  

Y/N stood up and slipped the fabric off of her body, her lip caught in her teeth.  Bucky held out a hand so she could steady herself and step out of the dress.  She thanked her lucky stars that she had let Natasha and Wanda talk her into some new underthings.  The red satin made her feel more confident, and when Bucky slid off the bed and onto his knees before her she felt powerful.  

“You’re so fucking gorgeous, Doll.”  He cupped her breasts with a low groan.  “You’re perfect.”  She ran her fingers through his hair as he nipped and kissed her sensitive skin.  Her head fell back when he unclasped her bra and threw it aside.  “I could happily spend the rest of my life touching you.”

“I think I could be okay with that.”  She said with a shaky laugh. “Maybe we could get back in your bed so you can really get started.”  

“I like the way you think.”  Y/N giggled and shrieked as he tossed her onto the mattress.  

“Bucky!” He was on top of her in an instant, smirking down at her.  “You just threw me around like a caveman, you brute!”  She couldn’t hide the amused excitement on her face.

“And you loved it.”  He growled, sucking a bruise on her collar bone.  

Yes.” She moaned and dragged her nails down his back.  Bucky shivered and kissed down her body.  He felt her undo his pants and he sucked in a harsh breath when her fingers grazed his arousal.  

“God, you drive me crazy.” He breathed.    

“The feeling is mutual.”  She replied, pushing his pants down.  Bucky rid himself of his final pieces of clothing, tossing them to the floor.  “Hell-o, Sarge.”  Y/N purred.  

“Like what you see?”  He asked with a cocky grin.  She nodded with a smile and crossed her arms over herself.  “Uh-uh, don’t go covering yourself up now.  I love what I’m seeing.”  He hooked his fingers just under the waistband of her panties.  “Can I…?”

“Yes… I need you.”  He eased the satin down her thick thighs, kissing her legs as he went.  

“Mmm… You feel like silk, Doll.”  He cupped her heat and she arched, pressing herself against his hand.  “Goddamn, I don’t know how much longer I can wait.”  He groaned.  

“Then don’t.”  Y/N whispered.  “I need you,” she repeated.  “Please… James.”  The sound of his given name broke down the last bit of patience he had remaining and he lined himself up with her.  

“You’re sure?”  

“I’ve never been more sure.”  She answered, before letting out a loud cry when he slid inside of her.  “Oh!  James!”  He pulled her legs up, encouraging her to wrap them around his hips as he drove himself deep.  He rested his forehead against hers, desperately trying to hold onto his control,  One of her hands tangled in his hair, tugging hard by the roots and he slammed against her with a grunt.  He was overwhelmed by her, feeling her tighten around him in the most intimate way was wearing down his stamina.  

“Shit, Y/N…  You keep doing that and this ain’t gonna last too much longer.”  He panted.  She moaned and rolled her hips, making him lose his rhythm.  Determined to get her there with him, he slipped his metal fingers between her legs while he continued to thrust, searching for that little bundle of nerves.  When she pulled his hair again and let out a string of curses he knew he had found it.  

“Oh my g-god…”  She stuttered.  “James, I-I’m…”  He leaned down and kissed her, licking and biting at her lips.

“Come for me, Doll.  I’m right there with you.” She clung to him, digging her nails into his flesh as she reached her peak.  With a cry of his name, her body seized up and she trembled in his arms.  Her climax triggered his own and he followed her with a shout.  

Exhausted, he gently pulled out of her and shifted so he was lying beside her. Y/N curled up to his side, stroking his hair.  He gave her a sleepy smile and threw his arm over her, tracing mindless patterns over her skin.  

“Stay here with me tonight?”  He asked quietly.  

“There’s no place I’d rather be.”  She answered, nuzzling into his chest.  


Originally posted by sefuns

pairing: Chanyeol x reader

summary: you always had a curiosity with dolls. your father used to bring you robotic ones he made in his tinkering. sometimes, you wondered, if you could bring them life. you blamed that for your later intrest in necromancy. 

warnings: androgynous reader, new orleans Voodoo, slight gore

words: 767

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Kind of Cuddle/Touch Headcanons?

Okay this is a just series of me being needy now and kinda venting oh wow

Reaper/ Postfall!Gabriel

  • He does not like PDA. Period. But in private, he will hold you sometimes. A hug, very rarely does he take off his entire “Reaper” gear to cuddle with you. When you two do cuddle it’s for long. He can’t sleep very well at all. Not that he doesn’t want your warmth.
  • Only small flashes of the warm and loving Gabriel come out when you’re with him. He loves you wholeheartedly, but it’s hard for him to show it. He’s always distracted by the very dull pain of his body dying and regenerating. 
  • He comes out as cold to all the other agents. He has that small flicker of not being insufferably rude and dismissive to agents closer to him (i.e. Widowmaker, Moira, Sombra).
  • During and after the last days of Overwatch and Blackwatch, he could not have faith in anyone. He could not confide in a single person, all this mistrust in everyone built into this annoyance and mildly condescending attitude of his. Now he can’t just help having a short fuse. He doesn’t think much of it to other agents because they don’t mean much to him.
  • It especially eats him up when he gets angry at you over small thing. When he yells, he can see his body dissipate into smoke at his fingertips and feet. He can see you cowering under him. You try not to seem afraid, you know he loves you. You try not to shrink back in fear of his body. You know he isn’t going to lay his hands on you, but is he?
  • It breaks his heart when he hurts you like that. He feels so ashamed that he makes fear bubble up from your chest and make you tremble. He caused it. How could he? He loved you more than anything in the world. He thought he barely deserved you. 
  • He immediately apologizes and falls to the knees. Unshed tears in his eyes threatening to spill, his guilt causes his chest to tighten and makes his throat close up. You end up needing to comfort him and remind him that he is human. What happened to him and around him isn’t his fault. 
  • He doubts himself. He never doubts you. He doubts himself in being lovable towards you. He doubts he is strong enough for any emotional toll. Just any emotion makes smoke billow from his extremities. He thinks he isn’t good enough a man to deserve you. 
  • He needs your reassurance. Though he hates that he needs it, he needs it so he doesn’t fall into a self-deprecating headspace. He hates that he relies on words just to feel alright. But you know it isn’t just words, the meaning, the weight of words and actions.
  • At the end of the day, he just wants your love and warmth. He craves your touch. He just wants you to lie next to him, to hear your heartbeat, to see your stomach or back rise and fall. It calms him down so much.
  • He needs your physical affection, an anchor before he falls into his own scape of dark thoughts. Just holding hands with you, the warmth of your hand against his much colder one, makes him feel as close to whole as he can achieve.
  • He seldom kisses you. He fears that he isn’t worthy of them. He fears that you won’t want to kiss him. His kisses are so sweet, so romantic as if they could be the most genuine words he could say to you.
  • His cold and rough exterior differs from how he kisses and holds you. His lips may not be warm, but they are soft and gentle against yours. His arms always engulf you. His body may not be as warm as an ordinary human’s, but in his arms, you are at peace. His arms make you feel safe. His hands kill others, but they lovingly caress your skin.
  • He loves your touches and kisses. He loves it when you kiss any where on his face, He hates how marred his face is, but you still kiss it. He loves it when you snuggle up next to his chest and try to bury your face in it. 
  • He loves any private display of your love.

anonymous asked:

Can you do some more with Martin as a young adult? Legacy is one of my favorite fics in this fandom. (It doesn’t have to be an extension of that one necessarily. Just anything with an aged-up Martin.)

Hope you enjoy this little titbit with Martin as a rebellious teenager who wants to join the family business :)

For @summerofgotham Week 3: Future AU

Also added to Nygmobblepot Ficlet Collection on AO3


Ed shook his head as he heard the door to his hideout slam and a distinctive, halting tread descending the stairs. He noted the barely audible grumbling emanating from the stairwell as well as its correlation to the speed and weight of the footsteps.
Oswald was not in a good mood.

Ed turned to Martin.
The teenager was still sitting on the stool. He had been experimentally touching his bandaged wrist, wincing as he tried to rotate it but his eyes had grown wide as he also identified the interloper into Ed’s lair. He hastily jammed the popsicle he had been enjoying into his mouth, breathing heavily to battle the brain freeze as he chewed and swallowed frantically. Once he had overcome the discomfort, he reached for the writing pad resting on the desk beside him and wrote a single word. He held it up for Ed to see, even though his expression told Ed he already knew the answer.
It flummoxed Ed how like a child Martin could still appear with those large, innocent looking eyes and boyish curls despite the fact he had grown nearly as tall as he was.


Ed took the pen from Martin and underlined the word in answer just as Oswald walked in.

‘Hello Oswald’, Ed said brightly, holding up his own popsicle in greeting, ‘Would you like a pop-?’

‘What happened?‘ Oswald demanded, glaring at Martin’s wrist.

As Oswald advanced on them, Martin scribbled quickly and leapt in front of Ed, showing Oswald the pad.

It’s not his fault!

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pairing : ron x pansy x cormac
word count : ~1.4k
for : @hptriadsnet

ron takes a hold of cormac’s arm and tries to keep his voice steady. “you can’t just put evidence in your pocket, cormac, there has to be a chain of custody.”

cormac looks from the hand on his arm then back up to ron and smiles, flexes his arm just a smidge. “chain of custody, chain of command, why is it always chains with you, weasley?”

ron snatches his arm back and cormac chuckles as he walks away. ron seethes.

it didn’t take ron long to figure out that being an auror just wasn’t for him. he’d done his fighting and he was done with hit. he didn’t need to keep hunting down dark wizards to get his fill in live. but detective? figuring out puzzles and out thinking the opponent? that he could do. that he wanted to do.

so he made a lateral move within the department of magical law enforcement and settled in quite nicely. that is, until cormac decided (on a fucking whim, apparently) to sign up and they paired him with ron.

ron’s nearly quit three times in as many months. half the department has refused to work with the two of them together. it’s a disaster.

cormac sets his plate on the table and pulls out a chair next to ron.

“the whole of the ministry cafeteria and you choose that particular seat?” ron asks.

cormac smirks, like he’s won. “does my sitting next to you bother you?”

“no,” ron shrugs, casually turning his attention back to his own plate. “i think it’s sweet you want to sit so close to me.”

cormac huffs and moves to the other side of the table and ron winks. “the better to play footsie with, good choice.”

“will you shut up,” cormac snaps, “just tell me about the damn case.”

they arrive at the scene and pansy’s heart drops to her stomach. of all the people, the best the ministry could send was ronald weasley?

“hello, miss parkinson,” cormac greets professionally, unaware of the fuse between her and his partner just waiting to be lit.

pansy’s only vaguely aware of cormac introducing himself and ron as she waits for ron to say something, anything about her. but he doesn’t, instead he’s just as professional as cormac, if only a little quieter.

cormac presents her with the evidence she’s been brought onto the case to examine and she keeps an eye on ron as she explains her theories. again, she waits for it, for the smart comments, for the disregard of her work, for a call out on her past, but again, it never comes.

cormac thanks her for her input and leaves her with the evidence for a deeper examination and the two of them turn to leave. she can’t stop herself.

“weasley,” she calls, but she stops herself when he turns around. “ron, i mean,” she corrects.

and he smiles. it’s small, and a little lopsided, but he smiles. “thanks,” she says, suddenly hyper aware of how naive she sounds.

“for what?”

“for being decent,” she answers. and he smiles bigger, nods, leaves without saying anything else. the door shuts behind him before pansy lets herself smile too. maybe working with weasley wouldn’t be so bad after all.

it’s worse.

working with ron is fine, better than fine, even, they’re almost friends. but working with both ron and cormac? it’s hell.

it’s a wonder they ever get anything done, with how much they bicker and fight. once more, everyone else seems to think they hate each other? pansy figures maybe it’s because no one ever spends enough time with them to see it, but they far from hate each other.

when you hate someone you don’t spend extra time watching them walk away from an argument. when you hate someone you don’t bring them their coffee perfectly right every morning. when you hate someone you don’t find excuses to touch them even if you’re fighting with them in the process.

no, these two most definitely did not hate each other.  

they were just idiots.

pansy starts with ron first. she knew his buttons, knew it would be quicker, easier. and she was right. it doesn’t take much. the first time she’s obvious with her flirting he damn near trips over air. which, she has to admit, is quite fun to watch.

once he realizes that there’s no punchline, that she’s really flirting with him, he starts flirting back. it surprises her, really, how decent he is at it. he’s not smooth or debonair by any means, but the things he does are genuine and she has to remind herself that she’s playing a game because despite herself, she actually likes it.

but she can’t. it’s a game, a game she’s playing for his own good, and the well-being of anyone who has to work with the two of them again.

when cormac starts growing distant and quiet, brooding off by himself whenever she’s around, that’s when she moves on to him. she’s a bit more coy with him, a bit more vague, so that by the time cormac actually gets around to asking, “wait, what about ron?” he’s already into deep.

“what about ron?” she responds, looking at him with a smile pulling on her lips. “ron and i aren’t anything,” she adds, softer, her hand on his chest.

she hadn’t actually planned on kissing him, but she also hadn’t planned on cormac being a lot more forward than ron. his lips collide with hers and she nearly melts. his hands grasp onto her hips and a fire sparks in her stomach.

after a few moments she finds it within herself to push away, to smile and play it off. but as the fire inside fades it’s replace with the smoldering coals of something else.

the next day she invites ron on a date, drags him to the shitty dive most of the aurors and detectives, other dmle staff, hang out in. cormac’s not there yet, but he will be.

in the meantime ron grabs them some drinks, finds them a quieter corner in the back and they get to talking. pansy can’t believe but she finds herself leaning into him, listening, caring, about his stories. and when he asks her about herself she can’t stop her lips from replying.

and then he tells a joke and to her absolute horror, she laughs. because it’s actually funny.

he rests his hand on her knee, sending a chill up her thigh and she moves closer. their laughter fades and he’s staring into her eyes. his kiss is much different than cormac’s. softer, slower, warmer.

“not anything, huh?”

this is it, the moment she’s planned for months. so why does it feel so horrible? she pulls away from ron, her speech ready on her tongue. but cormac keeps going. he looks to ron.

“she kissed me like that too. just yesterday, in fact.”

ron looks at her, hurt, confused, and she hates herself. “it’s not what you think,” she starts, “it’s not what either of you think.”

“i think you’re playing games with us,” cormac starts, but pansy cuts in.

“please, before you continue, just - just answer this one question for me.” ron and cormac both look at her like she’s lost it. she takes a breath, hating herself for falling for either of these two idiots, let alone both, but knowing that if she couldn’t have either, the least she could do was let them have each other.

“who exactly are you jealous about right now?”

cormac opens his mouth to speak, like the answer is obvious, but nothing comes out. it seems to take ron a second to even work out her question, but when he does he realizes that cormac hasn’t answered. when he does, he realizes that he doesn’t have an answer for it either.

“both,” ron says after a moment, his mouth dry, words low. he looks up to cormac, who’s staring down at him, face set in concentration. the next thing ron knows, cormac’s reached down and grabbed him by the collar, bringing their lips together in a long awaited collision.

everything clicks into place and ron is filled with a surge of adrenaline. he grabs at cormac’s cloak, pulling him closer, holding onto him for fear that if he lets go he might wake up from this dream.

cormac pulls away first and ron is left breathless. “he said both,” cormac says, and ron realizes that pansy has left the booth and is quietly trying to leave. cormac takes a step towards her, but keeps a hold of ron’s shoulder. “i say both, too.”

Katsugeki Rant#7

This is my episode! Let’s do this!

-Oh they changed team 1′s cameo in the OP? Goog, good.

-Team 1 is clearly, CLEARLY stronger than Team 2. I bet they’re all at level 99 while our Team 2 is somewhere between levels 60-70.

-Yamanbagiri being a good captain. Protect him at all cost.

-Honebami isn’t so emotionless?? And his voice is so soft?? I mean it’s kinda weird, a good kind of weird that is.

-Genji bros with their normal clothes. (In-game these two changes outfits as they level up, and trust me you wouldn’t want them to.)

-Man-child Hizamaru.

-Higekiri forgetting his brother’s name on live tv? Check.

-Hizamaru babysitting his brother on live tv? Check.

-Hizamaru crying because his brother forgets his name? Not checked. Aw I was hoping to see that animated. (In-game Hiza actually cried when his brother forgets his name)

-For those who aren’t familar with the Genji bros. First of all we call them the “Genji bros” because they used to belong to the Minamoto Clan (the Genjis for short) and both of them had been renamed so many times to the point that Higekiri forgets his brother’s name doesn’t care about names anymore.

-Higekiri’s soothing voice.

-I guess grabbing the enemy by the neck and flinging it off into the distance is a thing now? Aruji is getting you into baseball Oodenta.

-Holy hell Mitsuyo I never thought you’d be such a brute. I love it.

-Oodenta quit roasting your teammates. That’s my job.

-Mikazuki stopping an ootachi with one hand.

-Seriously why are they so concerned about enemy ootachis? I mean if you wanna know how to defeat them why not arrange a spare with one of our 4 ootachi boys, I’m sure they’ll be glad to help you out.

-Have they not heard of enemy yaris? Those are the real deal.

-I think we all can relate to Manba at point in our lives. Like, my friends are all famous and important, and I’m just.. me.

-You know something’s wrong when Anija isn’t smiling.

-Team 2 gets to stay in a rather decent inn while Team 1 gets an abandoned hut in the middle of nowhere. They even have to cook their own food.

-Hold on is that Google Maps? No? Oh..okay then.

-Seriously Mitsuyo you’re THAT strong?? I mean in game you ARE the tachi with the highest impact (yeah seriously looki it up) but flinging enemies with one hand and not even using your sword? 

-Okay I’m sure by this point people are convinced that Oodenta is a sadistic emo brute, but please hear me out. He’s an akward fluffball. I repeat, an akward fluffball.

-Quality Team 1 kicking (so much) ass time.


-Jijii running faster than the fastest kiwame tantou.

-Jijii’s crescent moon special effects.

-I still can’t believe my eyes when I saw Mikazuki fight. I mean I’ve always pictured him as just.. sitting there, sipping tea.. and being old.

-Ichigo is proud of you Honebami. We’re all proud of you.

-Dear Nitroplus, we don’t need an enemy that can summon other enemies in game, please.

-We also don’t need the enemies fusing with each other and become even more stronger. thank-you very much.

-For those who wanted to start playing the game because of Team 1, let me give you some head ups.
Yamanbagiri- he’s a starter sword, you can choose him when you start the game. He’s also a common sword, so he’ll drop everywhere.
Honebami- A common sword but compared to other common wakizashis like Hori or Namazuo he harder to drop. You’ll have higher chances smithing him than waiting for him to drop.
Mikazuki- You can smith him, his timer is 4.00 hrs. He also drops at the boss node of maps 5-4 and 6-3, but you’ll have to grind if you want him.
The Genji bros- rare drops when you defeat Kebiishi. To get a map infested with Kebiishi you’ll have to defeat the boss node of the map 10 times. 
Oodenta- Currently not obtainable. He’ll come around in events or smithing campaigns.

This episode is so fast-paced, I like it. Still I don’t know why they chose swords like Oodenta or the Genji bros to appear in the anime. I mean they are pretty new when compared to Mikazuki or Yamanbagiri so people might not really understand their background. We might get to see one or two more episodes of Team 1 before switching back to our team 2.

Well, looking forward to next week!

Chase You Down (2)

Mobster!Bucky x Reader

Based off of Chase You Down by RUNAGROUND

Summary: The infamous Brooklyn mob boss, Bucky Barnes, has a tendency of sleeping around and killing people on a short fuse. So what happens when a certain girl catches his eye and turns his already shitty world upside down?

BEFORE YOU READ: this is a semi-oc fic! You can still insert your name into the fic, that’s not changing. However, ‘you’, will have some characteristics that ‘you’ might not actually have in real time. It just fits the story better if I actually describe it instead of leaving holes in the story. Enjoy!

Warnings: swearing, angst

Word Count: 1.8k+

Part 1 Part 3 Part 4

Originally posted by mylastlove-mylastsong

Hiring Y/n was one of the best decisions my staffer—bless his heart—has ever made. Now, months later into her job, she only has to work for me, not that I mind anyway. I love having her around. Not only does she draw in big crowds and make me a ton of money, but she makes me happy, not that I would tell her of course. If I ever do, I would be putting her in harm’s way. I can’t risk losing her, she means too damn much to me. I’d never be able to live with myself if she ever got hurt. Seeing her now, though, up on stage, in her element with my best pal Steve, hurt even more.

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anonymous asked:

With this being semi-established... Google finding that his S/O is pregnant. Then with ... Wait are the girls Quadruplets? (No rush you lovely person, and your art is coming alone beautifully.) -🦋 Anon

*awww thank you about the art :3 and o yes they are quadruplets. Good luck Google.*

“You are pregnant.” Google saids calmly.

“What?” You look at him confused.

“Didn’t you know?” He is so casual.

“Ummmm no… How would you-” You think how could he know everything.

“Your showing all the signs. Now we should be making appointments with Doc and get you the recommended vitamins. We also should-” Google is already planning everything.

“Wait wait wait! Hold on there. I’m freaking out. Are you freaking out. Cuz I’m freaking out.” You sit down.

“That’s not good for the baby.” Google adds. “There is no need to be scared.”

“Scared? I’m panicking. Am I going to be a good parent? Can I properly raise a kid? Am I even ready for this?” You hold yourself.

Google sits beside you. “It’s alright to feel these things. It’s normal.” He puts his hand on yours. “If it brings you comfort I’m scared to.”

“You are?” You look at him.

“I may come off as being calm now but I’m quite scared too. Is it possible for me to give a small child love. Will I be able to be that they need? What if I fail? I don’t know everything. I can research all I want but when it comes to the real thing I will be clueless.” Google lightly thumps his head to yours. “We can do this. I believe we can.”

You wrap your arms around him. “We can.”

A while later

“Ummm Google can I ask you something?” You look at your growing belly.

“Yes of course.” Google looks up at you from his computer.

“Should my belly be getting this big? I mean it looks bigger than usually for this stage right?” You keep examining.

Google gets up and looks at your belly. “Now that you mention it…” His eyes glow. He starts going through many sites and articles. Then his eyes go wide. “No…”

Without a word he scopes you in his arms and rushes you to Doc. Doc is surprised to see you both. “Google? Love? Your appointment isn’t until next week.”

“I need you to look now.” Google looks out of it. “Please. Confirm something for me.”

Doc can see the urgency in Google’s eyes. “Ummm alright.”

Doc has you on the bed and stated your check up. He starts to get the ultrasound going. Once he has the heart beat his eyes go wide. “Your joking…” He looks at the image. “O… My… God…”

“Can someone please say something!” Your looking at Google and Dr.Iplier.

Doc and Google look at each other then back at you. “Quadruplets.” They say together.

“Quadruplets… As in four.” You slowly process this.

Doc looks at Google. “How… Really how did you…”

Google looks like he is going to blow a fuse. He is over heating and his head is spinning. “I… I….” He can’t compute.

“Google… After this… I’m getting my tubes tied.” You just lay in the bed and pat your tummy. “We have a squad here.”

anonymous asked:

Prompt: OQ “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have kissed you.”

They’re talking of inconsequential nonsense, both just trying to flush out the feeling of a bad day, sipping at their drinks to wash out the awful taste left behind. They do this often and they’ve found it quite the addiction – an after work drink together. There’s nothing going on between them though despite the flirting and the lingering touches, despite eyes that drop to lips more often than not and legs that brush beneath the table. Nothing going on at all.

She balks when he walks in. “Shit.”

“What?” Robin asks, moving to turn his head and see what has her paling when she grabs at his arm.

“Don’t look!” she warns, shaking her head at him before ducking her gaze to her cocktail.

He’s frowning at her, she can feel it and she needs to give an explanation but she’s scared that her voice will carry and so she merely continues swirling her straw through her drink, glancing up to gage Sydney’s movements.

“I knew I shouldn’t have said anything at work,” she sighs self-deprecatingly when he takes himself over to the bar a safe distance away from them, “of course he’d follow.”

“Who is he?” and Robin chances a look now that it seems safe enough, looks over the back of a seemingly normal guy. He’s not though.

“He works in my building,” she explains briefly, “gives me the creeps.”

“Has he ever tried anything?”

She looks up from her drink to Robin – she recognises the over-protective glint in her eye and though it’s reassuring, she doesn’t want anything trouble for someone as unimportant as her building’s security guy – before she shakes her head, “He’s asked me out a few times.”

“What, he can’t take a hint?”

She chuckles softly, “He means no harm but…” she closes her eyes a shudders a little, “I don’t know, there’s just something…odd about him.”

Robin’s hand comes to cover hers and he’s smiling comfortingly at her as his thumb moves over her knuckles, “Well, if there’s anything I can do to help,” and then, “I could warn him off for you?”

She laughs again, is about to tell him not to worry when Sydney turns from the bar with his drink and makes a show of pretending not to have already known exactly where she was sitting. He gasps ridiculously and tries to make eye contact but she glances back to Robin and reaches over to hook her palm behind his neck and pulls his mouth to hers, fusing their lips and holding him in place. She counts to ten in her head – poor Robin is completely stunned, is barely breathing – before she pulls back and makes a show of wiping her lip gloss from his lips.

Her attention is on the man storming out of the bar behind him, his pint untouched and still sitting on the bar top as the bartender frowns with change in his hand and no customer to give it to.

She exhales in relief before looking to a still stunned Robin and taking her hands off of him. “I’m sorry,” she shakes her head, ignoring the tingling of her lips and her still pounding heart, “I shouldn’t have kissed yo-“

He tugs her back to him before she can even finish her sentence and the sound he makes when his mouth opens around hers and closes once more, her hands finding his cheeks to keep him close, has a shiver running right through her. God, he smells good. “Don’t ever apologise for that,” he tells her before capturing her lips once more and encouraging her to open her mouth with a tongue licking at the seam of her lips.

It’s extraordinary, she thinks as their tongues slide wetly together, just how affected her has her as she allows herself to get lost in him.

Perhaps if she weren’t so intoxicated by him, she’d have seen the man still watching them vengefully through the bar window.