all these women are sharks

more love for the less “conventionally beautiful” sharks !!!!!!!!!!!

look at this awesome thing

thats a wobbegong and u will never get on its camo level

goblin sharks have mouths like the thing from alien how fkin rad

cookie cutter sharks are named for their ability to take perfectly round bites out of shit !!!!!!!!! how sexy is this

even with parasites in their eyes greenland sharks are still lovely

fun fact when i was a kid i thought the basking shark’s gill slits (from the inside) were its ribs

theres so many more but lOOK AT HOW GROOVY THESE SHARKS ARE !!!!!!!! all i ever see around this site are great whites and blacktips and it feels like flipping through a beauty magazine full of skinny white women. of course all sharks are beautiful but they all deserve attention and love