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“Guess it runs in the family.”


roses, roses, laid upon your bedspread, oh my, all this, all this i know:
but every night i kiss you, you’ll say in my ear   ‘ oh we’re in love, aren’t we? ‘
hands in your hair, fingers and thumbs, baby.
i feel safe when you’re holding me near,  love the way that you conquer your fear.

( based on this post by @hufflebee​ )


☁️「bts!au」; sleep on the floor - “'cause if we don’t leave this town,
we might never make it out.“

leave a note on your bed
let your mother know you’re safe
and by the time she wakes
we’ll have driven through the state
we’ll have driven through the night
baby come on

Apparently the only thing that can motivate me and @goldenlisasnart anymore.

Extra bonus points to those who can name the scenes/episodes each screenshot is from.


Its a Mystical Easter!

This took like, somewhere around 6 hours and I stupidly did it all in one sitting ;;

You can watch the speedpaint on my YouTube!

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Wow? I? I LOVE HIM!!!


transmarvin  asked:

Talk to me abt a new brain pls,,,, give me ur headcanons I love this musical sm

omg im so down i fucking MISS anb it’s so fucking GOOD; and right back at ya! hmu with some hcs of your own, if you have any!

-rhoda is a coffee addict,,, i feel like she drinks 3 shots a day and is always doing so MUCH,, definitely the type to carry around a planner and be on type and gordon is…. the exact opposite. they probably met in college during a group project and she was the one to help him keep his shit together

-roger charms everyone in the room so it always surprises people when they meet his plus one, which turns out to be his cynical grump of a boyfriend. (i feel like roger is in some nerd-ass sailing association/country club thing. i mean cmon he wears polos) (they definitely have a very new-york-esque romance despite being from massachusetts)

-gordon hates sailing but loves swimming (“oh yeah fuck it i hate the sun”),, he doesn’t see the point in going out to the middle of nowhere just to cool off (and he gets motion sick from the waves), but roger loves it so he’s gone along a few times

-mimi works at a law firm (idk why i just get those Vibes from her) she’s very determined and frustrated when she can’t help gordon in the way that she could take legal action. it’s slow like law can be, sure, but she just has to wait, and can’t prepare anything against it, persay

- gordon’s sister is younger than him,, they’re kind of? close. not a ton, considering gordon’s definitely an introvert. she’s a receptionist but she does night school in order to go into nursing


……….i cleaned my mirror for this

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1.  EXID - Ah yeah

2. AOA - Like a cat


4. PRISTIN - Black widow

5. BTS - Good day

6. RED VELVET - Red Flavor

7. CLC - Meow Meow 

8. MONSTA X - Beautiful

9. PRISTIN - We like

10. EXID - Hot pink

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  • Fire Emblem Awakening: Parents are dead? Time travel to save them!
  • Fire Emblem Fates: Parents are dead? Kill them again just to be sure!

mom @omfgbts tagged me to list the top 10 songs i’ve been listening to recently ^-^ ily a lot mom okay thank u for tagging me always <333

1. wild thoughts // dj khaled feat. rihanna & bryson tiller
2. mi gente // j. balvin & willy william
3. feels // calvin harris feat. pharrell williams, katy perry & big sean
4. gashina // sunmi
5. intro: serendipity // bts
6. dna // bts
7. power // exo
8. 전야 前夜 the eve // exo
9. 言行一致 (언행일지) // seventeen (hip hop unit)
10. slide // calvin harris feat. frank ocean & migos

look at me not being all kpop !! wow !! (dna counts okay like i’ve only heard the 5 seconds from the teaser but i already know it’s gonna be the only thing i listen to next week/the rest of my life lmao) (also wow i cannot express how much i love sunmi & gashina it is… so good)