all these sherlock feelings are killing me i needed to vent

(I don’t have a Sherlock tumblr, so I hope you don’t mind this long submission)

Weeks ago you were talking about non fandom person’s thoughts on 4th series, so I thought I’d share this: 

I have a work friend that’s what I would call a devoted casual in that she adores Ben, so owns and rewatches the series DVDs, but is not in any fandom, doesn’t read/watch press, and relies entirely on me for info on when the next series comes out.

We’ve talked about the show before- superficially and for only ~10 min each series. But after she’d finally watched the 4th series, she made a point to seek me out so she could talk/vent. (Highlights of that conversation include ‘Well, Ben looked and acted great as usual.’ And ‘It was ok while I was watching it…but looking back it didn’t make much sense.’)

She ended with expressing huge disappointment with the whole series, and regretted that she’d bought the dvds because she didn’t want to rewatch them again.

Pervious to this, I’d never talked about the show real in-depth or ‘fanish’ with her, but seeing as she was so disappointed, I just couldn’t resist. I talked about the things that I’d read ‘on the internet’ that made me feel better about the series- namely the concept of unreliable narrator (edited footage with Magnussen; the memory altering drug T12) and the theory that TFP was in John’s mind- like TAB was in Sherlocks.

We only talked for a few minutes, but I could see something click for her and she was super excited to rewatch with these things in mind.

A week later, after rewatching the series x3 with those things in mind, she sought me out again. ‘I think I know what happened in last season of Sherlock! Want to hear my theories?’ Of course I did!

So, what follows is what she came up with. Obviously, I influenced her, but overall I think what she came up with (on her own outside of fandom) is interesting.

John killed Mary, and T6T is the ‘cover story’ of events. John and Sherlock were working together to find out the truth about Mary- John didn’t love or want to stay with her, but that was the easiest way to keep track of her. The plan wasn’t necessarily to kill her, but to get her and the danger around her out of their lives.

There was no ‘woman on the bus’ that John had a thing with. That was a readymade lie that John could admit to if he got caught in inconsistencies on the cover story or if Mary became suspicious over John’s behavior. Admit to the small lie to hide the big lie- that sound like something Sherlock would suggest.

Smith had zero to do with the drug T12- that was just a bit of ‘overflow’ from Sherlock and John choosing to take it for *reasons* (better cover story? John needed to sell the grief, but couldn’t?)

It’s Sherlocks idea to take T12, and he sells it to John as necessary. John learns that Sherlock had this done before but not the reason why. He only learns that are code words associated with these sessions, and Sherlocks previous code word was ‘Redbeard.’ The code word for their session is of course ‘Eurus.’

They take it, and it has some unexpected consequences. It worked perfectly, but the lie that John loved Mary and was devastated when she died was too big for John to handle- it was too far from the truth. John’s mind told him he loved Mary and was sad she was dead, but his heart knew that was a lie. That internal conflict started John drinking, which further complicated the issue. Now John not quite remembered, but somehow knew that it was Sherlocks fault for this (Sherlock got John to take the T12) and that is why John blamed Sherlock for Mary’s death.

And so both John and Sherlock are abusing their substances, which further messes with both their memories- i.e. John also ends up thinking that the woman on the bus is real -and they end up estranged.

The case with Smith happened mostly as shown- but it is thru John and Sherlocks substance abusing POV so it’s unreliable. Fake!Faith and the therapist were real and the same woman- but the reason the woman on the bus had the same face was because John mind wasn’t very creative when it made her real.

Fake!Faith/therapist is a bad guy- either tied to Moriarty or on her own. She knows about the T12 and manipulated both using that knowledge- maybe even drugging them with more.

She shoots John, and TFP is all in John’s head as he’s dying. It’s a mix of the movies John likes (she pointed out to me the bit from T6T about John knowing the horror stories) and John’s assumptions about Sherlock. ‘Sherlocks sister’ of course has the same face as the woman that shot him, becasue again- John’s mind isn’t that creative. John in the dream thinks it’s real, but a part of him knows he’s dying- that part is Victor, and that shows how much John is worried that not only will Sherlock will fail to save him in time, he’ll also forget about him when he is gone.

And that was her theory. I was pretty impressed, and she was pleased to have thought it out like that.

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Hey Lovely!

Oh gosh, I don’t remember which post you’re referencing, so I’m just going to assume it’s any of the many I get LOL. Thank you very much for this interesting theory from your friend! My own theory differs slightly from your friend (ie. I believe that the Bus Stop Lady is the “one true face” who was an agent for Mycroft / MI5 and John integrated her into his TD-12 fuelled story, much like Sherlock did with Lady Carmichael and the Airline Stewardess), but we both believe it’s a faulty narrative, TFP is John’s TAB, and that TD-12 has a LOT to do with the unreliable narration. 

I really love all these theories. Thank you for sharing!

More time (Daryl x Reader) (Request)

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Anonymous: Hello! Could you write a one shot where the group from the Walking Dead finds a girl (not too young not too old - like Maggie’s age) in the woods who just lost her parents. They take her in and she & Daryl become close. She gets sick w/ the flu from the prison so Daryl goes on a run to get medicine, but when he gets back she’s died from the illness and he has to shoot her before she turns?

Word Count: 1,882

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Mary, the character and Mofftiss, the writers are not given nearly enough credit

more and more I realize my tolerance for fics where Mary is portrayed as a pure evil selfish bastard is in fact very low. I used to think anything is fine as long as Sherlock gets hurt (coz honestly, that’s what i live for). But turns out, no.

Mary’s character has so much depth and complexity. She had a dark past, ex-assassin, but is now trying to escape that dark life and she found John and she fell in love with John and she’s just so afraid of losing John that her actions become - in the eyes of an objective third person - selfish. But she’s doing it out of fear of losing the one person she loves the most. Not because she wants to hurt John. Not because she’s jealous of Sherlock. And certainly not because she wants to get rid of Sherlock. (For god’s sake, she basically ships johnlock too! How else can you explain her cheeky tease to John “Oh god, six months I had bristly kisses and then his nibs turns up-” She was smiling when she said that, playful. And she even said “I like him [Sherlock]” when John was still so angry at Sherlock and he attempted to gang up against him [“Can you believe his nerve?”]. She defended Sherlock. She likes Sherlock. She sees Sherlock as her friend.

Even her reason for shooting Sherlock in HLV was well explained in Sherlock Chronicles. Many people argued that Mary attempted to kill Sherlock, using Sherlock’s brief flatline to back up their argument. But in Sherlock Chronicles, there was a deleted line that Sherlock was meant to say (and Moffat also expressed that he really regretted taking out that line) The deleted line was with regards to the precision of Mary’s shot on the coin, indirectly explaining that although Mary is a crack shot, it’s not a perfect shot as she did not hit the exact center of the coin. “And you didn’t hit the center. Nobody’s perfect.” What are they trying to imply with this single line? It would explain Sherlock’s theory that the reason Mary shot him was ‘surgery’. It implies that, yes Mary shot Sherlock. Yes Mary tried to aim so that it’s enough to hospitalize Sherlock, but not enough to kill him. Why do that? Because she needed time, time to think, time to sort out the mess she made, time to plan and make sure that John won’t know so that John doesn’t leave her. (Does this sound selfish? perhaps. But as I said, at that point she’s in a panicked state. So afraid of losing John. And in that panicked state, the action she ended up choosing may not be the wisest. That much is true. So it’s very unfair to quickly judge her as evil and manipulative even though you know that she was under pressure and overwhelmed by fear when she chose those actions) And next, Sherlock is shot. She had aimed. She was a crack shot (evidence: she hit the coin, a small target). But, she’s not perfect, the shot is off probably by a few mm (just like before; she didn’t hit the center of the coin). And in the context of a human body, sadly, the difference of a few millimeters can mean the difference of life and death. So, my conclusion, Sherlock was right about it being surgery - Mary just wanted to buy some time but never intended to kill him. And, the deleted line, Sherlock was right as well - nobody’s perfect, Mary’s shot was imperfect, and it was that slight deviation (one that Mary has no control of anymore) that caused Sherlock to flatline.

So in short, if the fic were to attempt a non-OOC Mary as character, she would NOT be faking pregnancy, she would NOT hate Sherlock, she would NOT want to kill Sherlock, she would NOT be crazy controlling possessive over John (remember TSOT, one where Mary was basically the one who encouraged those 2 idiots to hang out and find a case. Why? because she knows they love each other and care for each other but their own stupidity is what’s in the way of having fun like the ‘good old times’. Mary’s solution: to trick them so that those two idiots would find a case and catch up on everything they’ve missed. Honestly, in what way does that action possibly spell out “Mary hates Sherlock” or “John is mine and only mine”???) 

Same goes for Sherlock and John. In a canon compliant non-OOC fic, Sherlock would NOT hate Mary. John, though he may be conflicted and have further trust issues (Sherlock lying to him, Mary lying to him, etc), John would NOT loathe Mary and he would NOT want her dead.

idk I personally feel that it’s so unfair when a well-written complex character like Mary is stripped off everything and defined only by the label ‘evil bitch’.

DISCLAIMER: This post is in no way intended to force you to like Mary! That’s entirely your opinion and I fully comprehend that, just as how this post contains my opinion. As for fics, there is nothing wrong with the fics that portrayed Mary as downright evil. That is entirely up to the fic writers! If that’s what they like, they should most definitely write it in that way! I’m not trying to force anyone to write (or not write) anything with this post. Rather, I’m merely ranting because I felt frustrated by the lack of fics in which Mary is portrayed in fair light. (She doesn’t have to be a saint, just as long as she isn’t portrayed as dirt shit evil) ‘If I don’t like it, then why read it’ you ask? Because I had no idea how much I didn’t like it. There’s a lot of high kudos hurt!Sherlock fics in which Mary is evil so I thought I should read it because I love hurt Sherlock angst. I thought I could tolerate it, but overtime the evidence proved otherwise. And I find myself getting more and more frustrated when I’m looking for fics to read (angst, hurt sherlock, high kudos, seems good) and I find out that Mary’s evilness is portrayed (imo) very unfairly. So this long post is nothing more than me venting my frustrations out. That’s all there is to it tbh.