all these people calling katniss out on her true feelings for peeta

Writing Romantic Subplots

Anonymous asked: “I have a problem with the romance subplot. How can I make the characters act like they are in love, not just saying that they are in love?”

Romantic subplots can be the most difficult thing to pull off, or the only easy thing that seems to come together naturally. I know readers can be highly critical of some romantic subplots (rightfully so, sometimes). Most often, when I see there’s an issue, it’s because the reader hasn’t gotten to see any kind of development in this relationship. There isn’t necessarily an expressed fondness, or in some cases a reason to be so fond of someone that they can say they’re in love. Or the last thing is that not enough time has passed to believe that these characters could have made that jump that fast.  

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Katniss and Pain

In Mockingjay, Gale claims that Katniss only responds with affection to other people’s pain. He claims that’s why she kissed him in Catching Fire and later in the ashes kiss in D12. He says it again after he sees hijacked Peeta. In fact, here’s that quote:

“I thought … I’ll never compete with that. No matter how much pain I’m in.” He spins the feather between his thumb and forefinger. “I don’t stand a chance if he doesn’t get better. You’ll never be able to let him go.”

Collins, Suzanne. The Hunger Games Trilogy (Kindle Locations 9673-9675). Scholastic Inc.. Kindle Edition. 

Katniss doesn’t deny these charges either. In fact, later in that conversation, she confirms it. “It’s true [she felt guilty about kissing Peeta because of Gale],” I admit. “But so is what you said about Peeta.”

It implies that Peeta only “won” Katniss because he was the most broken and broken guys…do it for her? Like she has some kind of Florence Nightingale Syndrome. Well, that’s what I always got out of these quotes. 

And it pissed me off…until earlier this week.

Okay a little backstory. So, I like the MBTI personality tests. It’s not that I find them particularly accurate or scientifically valid, but I do think they provide interesting insights that are at least a step above astrological signs. 

I’m an INTJ and, on a lot of websites, it also lists Katniss as an INTJ. I didn’t pay much attention to it because I don’t feel like she and I are much alike, until a few days ago.

Earlier this week I couldn’t get in contact with my sister. My sister is very punctual about answering phone calls and texts. Me, I’d send a phone call from God to voicemail before answering it, but my sister texts me everyday, without fail. 

Added to this, my sister just got out of a physically and mentally abusive marriage with a man with a delusional mental disorder (he thought every time she got ready for bed she was stripping for a man that lived on top of their roof). For the most part, he’s left her alone, but he still pops up occasionally.

These two things combined to make me panic. I called her neighbor (me who hates phones.) No answer. Planned on calling the police, but my other sister says they can’t do anything unless its been 24 hours and they don’t have the best track record dealing with people with mental disorders.

 She lives about an hour away so, at midnight, I’m speeding over there, mentally preparing myself for whatever situation I might find. I put the police on speed dial.

I get there, and of course, she’s fine. Her charger broke and she was going to get another one in the morning. I’m hugging her, crying (I almost never cry.) 

And she says, she didn’t know I would care so much. She says she didn’t realize I would be this upset just because I didn’t hear from her for one day. This woman is basically my best friend, my flesh and blood, and she didn’t know I would be so upset!

This is were Katniss and I might be similar.

From an outside perspective; Gale was right. Katniss, (like me, I guess) only shows her emotions in extreme situations.

 Katniss first kisses Peeta when she realizes how sick he is.

Originally posted by blarkestydia

She nearly hyperventilates when she thinks he’s dead.

Originally posted by whataboutourlifes

But, Gale was also wrong. The amount of pain isn’t what moves her. The pain is secondary to the emotions that already exist. I didn’t react like that because I just realized I loved my sister or I was just afraid for her. I’ve always loved my sister and I’ve always cared about her safety.

She doesn’t react only because Peeta is in pain or hurt, she reacts because she already loves him. He’s already vital to her, even if it takes an extreme situation for her to show it. The same is true with every relationship she has: Prim, Rue, Gale, Haymitch. 

Physically, Gale was probably in more pain after he was hurt during the war, but all Katniss wanted to do was bandage Peeta’s minor wrist wounds because his pain was her pain. 

May 8 - 2017 Edition!

Originally posted by asdarknessfell

Happy birthday to the girl on fire! To celebrate, here is the annual update to my story, May 8!

Also available on AO3 and FFN.

Summary: The Mockingjay’s birthday has been declared a national holiday.

“What?” I nearly shout, clutching the paper tightly in both hands.

From the table, Peeta looks up from a drawing he’s been working on for the last hour. “Hmm?” he asks absentmindedly. I don’t answer, still too absorbed in the letter to process a response. This, ironically, captures Peeta’s full response as he forgets the drawing on the table. “Katniss, what is it?” he asks more urgently.

I didn’t even know how to begin to respond. “They… they’re turning my birthday into a national holiday. In honor of me.” Finally, I manage to tear my eyes away to look at him.

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Sweet Smell of Bread

irstly to thank @titaniasfics thank you for betating the story like a 4 in the morning…Mama I am not worthy to be your friend. To @loveinpanem for hosting 4 glorious days of stories. i have several stashed in my drafts ready to read…i can’t wait!!! Also to @everllarkingnewtina @lovelizziekins @notanislander  @randomnoteforfuturereference @loudman1  & @norbertsmom you all in away have touched this story, your talks about WW2, Medical stuff, the HG characters, plotting, and simple encouragement. Thank you this story is as much as minr as it is yours.

Rated: G

CHPT 1 of Sweet Smell of Bread

Pt 1

Sunday, November 30th 1941-

Katniss sat in her room with the diary she’d found in the attic.

  • They say that love is not boastful, that love is quiet, it is patient and that love does not envy and that true love is everlasting. I know of this love, I know because I have lived it. I’ve chosen love over everything and it’s all that everyone says. I never want to lose this feeling. I never want to live in a world without him.

“Katniss,” Prim said bursting through the room.

Startled Katniss quickly put away the book she was reading underneath her pillow.

“What were you doing?”

“None of your business, little duck,” Katniss said to her sister.

“Never mind,” Primrose said, then tapped her foot on the floor. “You promised to take me to the bakery!”

Katniss didn’t have a second to disagree with her baby sister Primrose dragged her out of the house.

Their mother pointedly asked, “Going to the bakery?”

Katniss blushed. Primrose, however being the pretentious of the two, said, “Mother you know very well we can’t afford a cake, but at least we can stare at them.”

Their mother muttered under her breath, “That’s not all you girls are staring at.”

Katniss heard it but didn’t answer. She could have but didn’t. She didn’t have the best relationship with her mother. For some reason, her mother disliked Katniss trading with the bakers, she also disapproved of Katniss wearing her father’s trousers. But Katniss did what she did because they needed the extra money, and food.

After the mining accident that collapsed the main artery. The company went bankrupt and the bank repossessed everything to pay off the note the company owed. Those who stayed in the Seam lived in shanty homes they made out of scrap materials.

During this time her mother became a vacant shell.

For long a time, her mother wasn’t able to care for them, until an epidemic spread through the Seam and her mother healer services were needed. She basically ignored Katniss but not Prim. Now, when Katniss was nearly eighteen, was when her mother wanted to act like a parent.

“Katniss,” her mother called out, as she stepped out onto the porch.

“Yes mother.”

“What you should be doing is going down to that new factory the bank opened up last year and applying. You’re graduating this year and the sewing factory is looking for sturdy girls like you.”

Katniss smiled and sighed, thinking to herself she was never going to fall in love, not matter what. Her mother wrote that diary she found in the attic and love had turned her into a shrew.

Pt 2

December 7th 1941-

Katniss walked toward the back of the bakery. Sunday was her favorite day, she thought as she quietly opened the gate of Mellark’s bakery back yard. She looked up at the surrounding Appalachian Mountains. This was her home, and the bakery and the-boy-with-the-bread Peeta Mellark was part of that home.

She was bonded to Peeta and the bread and it began at the tender age of five. The memory of her first time meeting Peeta Mellark came to her mind.

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Leading Suspects - Chapter 9

“Either you really don’t trust me with your baby or you actually took my advice and banged Sheriff Hot Buns.”

“Would you shut up for two seconds and listen to me? I’m in real trouble here, Jo,” I hiss and wave at Mary Jo Bristel across the parking lot. She shakes her head and returns the wave before climbing into her car.

“He was shitty, wasn’t he? Damn. It’s always the pretty ones who are all talk and no thrust.”

“I didn’t have sex with the Sheriff!” I shout and then cringe because Nelson Harris has halted on the stoop of his general goods store to gawk at me for a moment before he purses his lips and hurries back inside the building that’s in desperate need of a new coat of paint.

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anonymous asked:

Could you write teacher!peeta student!katniss please? Love u

I’ve got every reason in the world to hate Peeta Mellark.

For his relentlessly positive attitude, and for his handwriting that’s so much better than mine. For his innocent, blue-eyed smile. For those soft, golden curls that remind me of a less Ramen-Noodley version of 1998 Justin Timberlake. For his naïve faith in humanity, for his belief that all students have potential  – has he met Glimmer? The girl’s a walking piece of driftwood – and for his jawline that could probably crack Captain America’s shield in two.

Also, for the fact that he’s my professor, and despite how repulsive student-teacher relationships are, I still can’t catch my breath around him.

But mostly, for the fact that, despite every single reason I have for detesting the sheer sound of his name, I don’t. Not in the slightest.

As someone who’s always wanted to slap the hormones out of every other teenage girl who swoons over their young, handsome teachers, it kills me that I’ve sunk to their level.

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Listener Line - An Everlark One-Shot

Hey everyone! I heard this story on the morning radio show I listen to over a month ago and it simply wouldn’t leave me. So I finally got around to actually writing it all down. 

Unfortunately, I don’t know what happened to the two that inspired this story but this is my version of events :) Oh and the sex addiction anecdote completely true. Hear some crazy stuff on the radio. Oh and the Stranger Things theories are courtesy of my father who just started watching the show.  

I hope you all enjoy it! Definitely let me know what you think! And a huge thanks to @papofglencoe for her beta skills.

Summary:  Katniss’s sudden realization that she’s in love with her best friend makes her do something that will force her to tell him. What will happen when she finally tells him? Will he return her feelings or will she lose her best friend?

Katniss tapped her fingers lightly on the steering wheel, glancing back toward Jo’s apartment, silently willing her friend to hurry up so they wouldn’t be late for work. She finally saw Jo emerging from her apartment as her favorite radio morning show came back from commercial. She reached over to turn it up as Jo opened the door and slid in.

“It’s about time.”

Jo gave her a sidelong glance and grinned. “This sort of perfection doesn’t just happen, Brainless.”

Katniss snorted, pulling away from Jo’s apartment. “You mean to tell me that you don’t wake up perfect ?”

“You know…you’re right. I do wake up this perfect. I just love my sleep.”

Katniss shook her head. That definitely sounded more like the Jo she knew. She turned her attention back to the radio show to hear them talk about a group therapy call they would be taking after the next song. She loved those calls. You’d hear it all, from people wanting to know how to handle a bad work situation to relationship and family issues. One time she even remembered a guy who had called to admit he had a sex addiction and had slept with over 30 women during his marriage and his wife didn’t have a clue. Turns out his wife was listening and heard everything. Needless to say, that didn’t end well. So, yeah, she had literally heard it all in her time listening to this morning show.

“Welcome back to the show. Our group therapy this morning actually comes from the listener line, which you can call at anytime for any reason. Who knows…you might end up on the radio. The number to call is 713-555-8368. Today’s caller wants to know how to break something to her best friend, or if she even should.”

That’s when Katniss heard a woman’s voice that sounded a bit too familiar.

Read more over on AO3:

Katniss isn’t the mockingjay… but her children are

I don’t mean to insinuate that Katniss isn’t the central character of The Hunger Games series or that she isn’t the catalyst for a revolution or the symbol of rebellion to her people. She is all of those things and more. She is cast by the rebellion as the Mockingjay, and she comes to identify as that role, albeit reluctantly. I would argue, though, that she just isn’t the mockingjay. There’s a qualitative difference between the two. One capital letter can make a world of difference. So let’s talk more about that little “m.”

The Hunger Games is, among other things, a treatise on how we, as a society, care (or don’t) for our children. It’s a pacifist call to stop using our children in the theater of war. This is corroborated when Katniss thinks, “[S]omething is significantly wrong with a creature that sacrifices its children to settle its differences.” She even comes to embrace what Peeta cautioned against in his first Capitol interview, that humans as she knows them ought to die off so that “some decent species [can] take over.” (MJ 377)

This new species of human is the mockingjay.

Suzanne Collins goes through great pains to relay a few basic truths to the reader from the outset of The Hunger Games:

  • Katniss is a “mini me” version of her deceased father. Whereas her mother and sister are delicate and fair like the merchant class, Katniss is Seam Strong: she’s not only darkly complected like her father, but she shares his rebellious and free spirit. There is nothing merchant class about Katniss. She is, to her core, Seam.
  • Katniss can’t bear the thought of having children in the world she knows. If it strikes you as odd that Suzanne Collins would have a 16-year-old girl talking about having (or not having) children within the first several pages of the series, then you’re onto something. This is an overarching theme and preoccupation, and it’s perhaps the most important one to Katniss as a character. Having, or not having children, is representative of Katniss’ future. By not wanting to have children, she is resisting the system in the only way she can as a disenfranchised person. It’s her way of opting out of the future altogether.
  • There is a specific mythology behind the mockingjay as a species, and Suzanne Collins wants us to get it exactly right. (we’ll talk about that more in a sec).     

Why do these three points matter?

Let’s start with the mythology behind the mockingjay. Here’s what Collins tells us:

“They’re… something of a slap in the face to the Capitol. During the rebellion, the Capitol bred a series of genetically altered animals as weapons. The common term for them was muttations, or sometimes mutts for short. One was a special bird called a jabberjay that had the ability to memorize and repeat whole human conversations. They were homing birds, exclusively male, that were released into regions where the Capitol’s enemies were known to be hiding. After the birds gathered words, they’d fly back to centers to be recorded. It took people awhile to realize what was going on…Then, of course, the rebels fed the Capitol endless lies, and the joke was on it. So the centers were shut down and the birds were abandoned to die off in the wild.

Only they didn’t die off. Instead, the jabberjays mated with female mockingbirds, creating a whole new species that could replicate both bird whistles and human melodies.” (THG 42-43)

Apologies for the extended quote! But this is some heavy stuff… it’s the heart and soul of the series. The Capitol creates a weapon against its people, the male jabberjay, a bird excellent with words. Ultimately the jabberjay proves useless to the Capitol- worse than useless, even. Destructive. The rebels use it for their own cause. And then the jabberjay mates with the female mockingbird and creates a new species that should never have existed. Suzanne Collins might as well have put a “spoiler alert” before this paragraph. This foreshadows exactly what happens in the series. And she just told us on page 42. That saucy minx.

Katniss is the mockingbird. She isn’t a mutt of anything; she is purely her father, a product of the Seam. She is so “Seam” she is practically a monolith. As a child, she overhears her father singing and spouting anti-Capitol political rhetoric, and she replicates his call, getting scolded by her mother. (THG 6, MJ 123) When her father would sing, all the birds would stop to listen to him. And lo and behold!, the same is true of Katniss. (THG 301). Throughout the series, Katniss only ever sings the songs her father taught her, those she heard as a child. She doesn’t have a song of her own. The mockingbird, in literature, symbolizes innocence and purity. And, despite the countless horrible things Katniss thinks about herself, she is an innocent. She isn’t privy to the political machinations of the adults around her. She doesn’t even know the content of her own heart. She’s pure (but for Peeta she’s perfect).  

….Which brings us to Peeta. He is the jabberjay. He is described by Katniss as being good with words more times than it’s useful to recount. One of my favorite examples is when Katniss thinks, “Peeta doesn’t need a brush to paint images… He works just as well in words” (MJ 22) In fact, following his first interview with Caesar Flickerman, she adds, “I don’t care [that he is a traitor]. Not what he says or who he says it for, only that he is still capable of speech.” (MJ 27) He is the voice of reason in her world, the leader she envisions in a just society. Just as Peeta hears her call and is “a goner,” so too is Katniss for him. They are two songbirds impossibly, irrevocably attracted to each other.

Peeta isn’t just a songbird, though. He is, specifically, the jabberjay.  He is tortured by the Capitol, turned into an “evil-mutt version” of himself, and is sent to destroy Katniss and, therefore, the rebellion (MJ 243). When he is rescued and brought to District 13, the Capitol’s scheme has apparently worked. He tries to kill her (let’s not talk about that), and his attraction to her is “gone” (her words, not mine). He uses the “L” word with Katniss for the first time- in past tense (ouch! it burns!!!). And he says to her, “You’re not very big, are you? Or particularly pretty?” (MJ 230) Let’s just say that hijacked!Peeta isn’t immediately a fan of the bird in front of him. But he’s a homing bird, and time after time, he finds his way back to her. In the beginning of Mockingjay, Katniss notes that “Peeta would have nothing to come home to anyway. Except me…” (9). And he does. Again and again, he finds his way back home to her.

If Katniss is the mockingbird and Peeta is the jabberjay, that makes their children the mockingjay. Katniss had been drawn to the mockingjay since she was a child, admitting that there was “something comforting about the little bird” (THG 43). Despite her insistence on not having children within a totalitarian regime, the mockingjay always served as a symbol of hope for her, even if she didn’t want to admit why. Katniss and Peeta’s children are that hope- and “only Peeta” could give her that. Peeta finally gets Katniss to buy into that future, to allow herself to feel the hope he has always represented to her. Falling in love and having children together is the way to show the world that they, as people, are more than just pieces in anyone’s Games.

So Mockingjay must end with the children, with a girl and a boy who possess traits of each of their parents and who are a new species of mutt that the Capitol never intended to exist. These children are the most important characters in the series. Katniss and Peeta’s children are the symbol of hope that we were promised, as readers, from the very beginning. They are the mockingjay. They don’t know that they dance on the ashes on the dead, and that’s okay. The fire and ashes are in the past, and the mockingjay is the symbol of a hopeful future, freewheeling in a sunshine-filled meadow. Suzanne gives us that token to carry with us, to take into whatever games we find ourselves forced to play.

(And a shout-out to everlarkedalways for inspiring me to write this)

Let No Man Separate

Author: @setoutwithme

Rating: T/M for Language and suggestive adult themes

Trigger Warnings: None other than an extremely brief mention of abuse. (If others please let me know)

Summary: Canon AU: A wedding ceremony that has the power to break Katniss and her heart.

AN: Honestly was thinking of this all week and procrastinated till the end. I don’t know where this came from but I just ran with it. Usain Bolt style. ;)

“If there is anyone here that thinks these two should not be wed, speak now or forever hold your peace.”

The church was silent as the guests discreetly looked amongst each other. Yet, Katniss could feel the pressure of almost every eye falling on her as she stood behind the bride. Her posture rigid and frozen as she kept her head down and her eyes locked on the bouquet in her hands. The petals rattling as she tried to control her shaking that certainly had nothing to do with being nervous.

No. It had everything to do with the tremendous wave of anger, frustration, and betrayal coursing through her at that very moment. A consuming need to lash out at everyone around her against an intense instinct to bolt from her place to avoid the damage. Still, in her own misery she remained standing and hoped that the audience of this spectacle realized just how lucky they were that she didn’t carry her bow at that moment.

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anonymous asked:

can you write a drabble about k+p after they breakup?? and can you make it rated m please :)

Sorry, this turned out a lot longer than I planned. Oops.


Summary: After three years of struggling to get over her, Peeta Mellark randomly chances upon the only girl he’s ever loved.

Rating: M (for obnoxious smut and a tad bit of shady language)


He’s carefully examining a peach for bruises when he hears it for the first time. The sound makes his blood feel slow and thick like oil in his veins, the hair on the back of his neck rising. Jolting from shock, he clumsily bobbles the fruit a little before turning to the side, watching the woman poke around a bin of gala apples as she giggles into her cellphone.

“Oh, don’t worry about it, Ms. Cresta. I’m sure Leo will cheer up by lunchtime.”

It’s like everything flips upside down, like his entire world is inverted as he stands there and idiotically gapes at her. He knew it was her the instant he heard her laugh – she’d never done that often, but when she used to, it always seemed to be with him – because he could never forget that damn sound. It had haunted practically every dream for that first year after it had abruptly ended.

But, despite the sickening feeling of his stomach being shoved down an imaginary garbage disposal, his heart does a little flutter, because it’s her.

Katniss Everdeen.

He never thought he’d see her again.

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This is it. The last chapter of Districtvision. This story really was a crazy idea born from too much glitter watching the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 with @ombradellaluna, @akai-echo, @bandathebillie, @xerxia31 and @titaniasfics. Thank you for the laughs, ladies :)

My very very deep and sincere thanks to @akai-echo for her awesomeness, her brilliant mind that created the banner - and the aesthetics that goes so well with the story :)

And what would I do without my beta Extraordinaire, Mrs @Titaniasfics, who spends hours correcting my writing to make it into something readable, and who challenges me every time to do better  - Thank you so much :)

Without further words,  here is part 3 of Districtvision. Hope you will like it :) Thank you for keeping up with me :)

Here on FFN // AO3

Relativity . An interesting concept, complex to understand at times, when at other moments it’s so obvious. That night had been the best example. The three hours long show had passed in a flash, while the ten minutes drive to the hotel seemed to have taken two infinities.

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everlarkaddict  asked:

I really love your drabble,how about katniss being jealous because some girl flirting with peeta at the bakery?

Thank you so much! This has been in my inbox for so long, and for that I’m sorry. The first part can be found here, but this can be read as a stand-alone. It’s unbetaed so all mistakes are mine.

Contains quotes from The Hunger Games books and films. I own neither.

If you like this story, please let me know. I’d love to hear from you! <3


No. He’s not interested in other girls. He’s loved me almost his entire life and it takes more than a beautiful woman to change that. A very beautiful woman.

I’m standing outside the bakery, looking through one of the windows. Neither of them has seen me yet and I guess that’s the reason she takes the opportunity to slide her hand up his flour-covered arms. His sleeves are rolled up to his elbows and when her fingers reach the shirt she leans over the counter, giving him a perfect view of her cleavage.

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jeynegrey  asked:

hey could you write about haymitch and effie watching the 75th games together please?

anything for you  ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ it is your prompt but it is also effie trinket and beauty routines. sort of. thank you xo!!

It starts with a scrap of paper, as it does every year. Less than usual, three names in two fish bowls. Effie writes out the names herself in looping, rounded, beautiful letters that show no sign of her shaking hands. There is a temptation; to fold a corner or mark blank space, but she doesn’t know what she would do with that information. It makes her sick to think that there might be a name she wants to pick. She gives them to a peacekeeper and she shuts her eyes while he drops them in and when she calls Haymitch’s name and Peeta volunteers she feels them both dying in her hands.

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It Could Be Worse - Everlark Halloween Drabble

Happy Halloween everyone! Here is a quick story I wrote as my trick or treat for you. I hope you like it. 

“This is a bad idea. We’re going to be one of those true crime biopics on cable where the viewers scream at the TV how stupid we were,” she complains tugging at her bottoms.  She can’t help but think that she should be home in her comfortable PJs watching scary movies and eating the leftover trick or treat candy instead of trying to unwedge her tight bloomers from it’s uncomfortable position with her patented Katniss pinched expression firmly in place.

“Would you just relax Katniss,” her friend Annie whispered fiercely back, keeping an eye on the guys in front of them as they examined the gate. “You don’t know how to have any fun. Here we have cute boys that we’re having an adventure with on Halloween Night, and you can’t stop complaining.”


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Kantiss’ Vote - A New Reading Upon Rereading

Major spoilers for Mockingjay ahead

I recently finished my third time reading through Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games trilogy. I have been a fan of these books almost from the beginning and marathon read my way through Mockingjay in nine hours. While I love the series and admire the obvious planning that went into it, from my initial reading of Mockingjay, there was one scene that deeply bothered me - Katniss’ vote during the gathering of Victors. When the vote on whether or not to hold a symbolic Hunger Games with Capitol children is evenly split, Katniss votes in favor of holding the Games, “For Prim.” It struck me as an annoying note of dissonance.

But after having seen the final film in the franchise and then gone back through the book again, I came away with a different reading - disclaimer: I am not saying this is the “right” or “correct” interpretation, but it is an interpretation that quiets that dissonant note for me personally and I thought I’d share it (since, in discussing the books with many friends over the years, I know I wasn’t the only one bothered by Katniss’ vote there). 

Watching the scenes leading up to Snow’s execution in the film - specifically the one where Effie is helping Katniss to get dressed - there’s a moment where Katniss purposefully conceals the nightlock pill in her costume, implying she intends to use it and leading me to believe that she was going into the execution with the plan to shoot Coin instead (she wouldn’t need a permanent exit strategy if she was going to do what she was told/everyone was expecting). Then watching the interactions between Coin and Katniss as the Victors are asked to cast their votes, I became more convinced that the film was making it clear that Katniss had planned to kill Coin for a while. 

On my initial reading of the book (and the second), I read Katniss’ shooting of Coin as something that happened in the moment; something impulsive - like so many of Katniss’ actions/decisions from the berries in The Hunger Games to shooting that arrow at the force field in Catching Fire. But on this third time through, I found myself drawn to a number of passages that now feel like indications that Katniss’ decision to kill Coin may have been festering longer. 

Before she even speaks to Snow, she makes the observation:

I’d supposed he would be secured in the deepest dungeon that the Capitol had to offer, not cradled in the lap of luxury. Yet Coin left him here. To set a precedent, I guess. So that if in the future she ever fell from grace, it would be understood that presidents - even the most despicable - get special treatment. Who knows, after all, when her own power might fade?

I found the irony of “fell from grace” on the second read amusing but this time I wondered if maybe the thought of striking her down or doing something to cause Coin’s power to fade sooner rather than later had crossed Katniss’ mind. It’s true that we are in Katniss’ first person perspective, which means it would be likely that we would get those kinds of thoughts spelled out - unless the reveal is the climax of the novel, in which case Katniss’ keeping that info away from the reader makes more sense. 

As they’re debating the possibility of another Hunger Games, Katniss muses:

Was it like this then? Seventy-five years or so ago? Did a group of people sit around and cast their votes on initiating the Hunger Games? Was there dissent? Did someone make a case for mercy that was beaten down by the calls for the deaths of the districts’ children? The scent of Snow’s rose curls up in my nose, down into my throat, squeezing it tight with despair. All those people I loved, dead, and we are discussing the next Hunger Games in an attempt to avoid wasting life. Nothing has changed. Nothing will ever change now.

She hasn’t cast her vote yet, but I think that if the thought of killing Coin had crossed her mind before, this is a place where it would have come back as a more plausible option. If she decides to kill Coin before she casts her vote, then a vote in favor of the symbolic Games makes more sense. It is a way for Katniss to demonstrate her compliance to Coin - something that Boggs explained much earlier was a huge concern Coin had when it came to Katniss. If she knows that she’s going to kill Coin, Katniss also presumably knows that there’s a very good chance that everything is going to be thrown into chaos and the idea of another Games is likely to evaporate too. 

Another passage on the subject of another Games:

I think that Peeta was onto something about us destroying one another and letting some decent species take over. Because something is significantly wrong with a creature that sacrifices its children’s lives to settle its differences. You can spin it any way you like. Snow thought the Hunger Games were an efficient means of control. Coin thought the parachutes would expedite the war. But in the end, who does it benefit? No one. The truth is, it benefits no one to live in a world where these things happen.

At this point, Katniss seems to be more convinced that Coin was behind the parachutes than I think I gave her credit for on my first two read throughs (probably because I wasn’t looking for it). The clear contradiction between Katniss’ thoughts about a new games and her vote becomes even more pronounced but if she is only voting in favor of the Games to assuage Coin and lull her into a false sense of security, it no longer feels out of character for Katniss; on the contrary, it is very much something a skilled hunter would do to help corner their prey. 

TEG - Christmas Challenge 2016 - Entry One!

Title: Twelve Days of Christmas

Rating: T

Characters & Pairings: Katniss Everdeen, Peeta Mellark, Prim Everdeen, Gale Hawthorne, Finnick Odair, Everlark, Gale/Prim

Triggers: Talk of people who have died in the past.

Summary: Peeta, who runs food service for the Hawthorne Gaming and Sporting Goods corporate offices, has had a huge crush on Katniss, VP of design, for about as long as he’s run the cafeteria. On Christmas, he decides to admit his adoration with twelve days of goodies.

A/N: The Twelve Days of Christmas start on Christmas Day (Dec 25) and move on to the eve of Epiphany (Jan 5). I decided to do take the song and have Peeta show Katniss some attention every day in the best way Peeta can: with food. Thanks a million to fyeaheverlark for organizing this challenge. I hope everyone reading has/had an amazing holiday and a happy New Year! And best of luck to all other participants!


On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me a partridge in a pear tree.

Katniss stepped into the cafeteria in her ugly Christmas sweater and looked around nervously. She always found Gale and Prim in the crowd first and spent most of the evening with them until it was acceptable for her to leave. She walked toward the table and sat down the pot of beef stew she’d put together for the potluck.

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The Firebird - Chapter 22

There was always something in the air the day of a show. A quality, a density that wasn’t there at other times, a feeling of immediacy, of nervousness penetrating every single person, from the lead dancers to the technicians.

Some would call it stress.

Even though Katniss knew the whole company couldn’t possibly do more rehearsals, with or without costumes, with or without lights, there was still that bit of doubt, the little voice inside asking whether or not they could have done more. Better. Different.

She knew she had to push that voice away, to not let it interfere with her preparation for the show tonight.

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When We Were Young, an Everlark Fanfiction

This was requested by @a-catgirl-universe, who thought I’d bring some sparkle to this Assassin prompt!

I hope you enjoy!

Summary: The assignment was easy. Falling in love with the target was not. Modern AU. Assassin!Katniss


#5 ‘I’m meant to kill you but I’ve been watching you for a week to work out how and you’re just too nice.’ AU

When We Were Young

“Your next assignment.” Haymitch, my supervisor, pushes the thin file folder across his desk towards me. “We’re being paid a pretty sum for this one.” He stretches in his seat, his arms reaching behind him before resting his hands at the back of his head. “But, this will be a difficult one.”

I open the file reading over the target’s demographics. “Peeta Mellark–Legal Aid lawyer on the side, specializing in International Affairs, and a teacher at Panem Elementary.” The scoff escapes my mouth without a thought. “Who did he piss off?”

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