all these people are alive again though xd

Hiatus Finished(ish)

//Hey all, I’m back. It’s SUPER late, and I’ve got 17 threads in my camp, so I’m just going to chill tonight and not engaged overly much with people (and also go to bed at a normal person time - maybe). I am skimming through a few though :D and may get a few out if they call to me. The extrovert muses are screaming for attention (guys no plz), and Sahlin is just down for snuggling up close and reminding people he’s alive quietly so… XD 

I’ll be officially back tomorrow, and I’ll get to threads PROPERLY then. :) 

Good to be back. Missed you all. Hopefully my queue worked alright (though the problem with a queue is maybe you didn’t miss me XD. Oh look, anxiety is back again).