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Look at those faces they make, it’s gradually changed. So cute! So painful!

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i'm not the same anon that asked you about crying Yuri but YAAAS please tell us something about Beka being so great or caring in bed that Yura just can't handle it or WHATEVER you want pls and i guess it's the right moment to tell you about how much l love everything you do just THANK YOU SOOO MUCH

Normally in the Mafia AU they have really intense sex, half the time never even waiting to get to a bed, or even home – they can’t wait, they just need each other now. But every once in awhile, there are lazy mornings or nights when Otabek has Yuri in his apartment, or he’s snuck back into the Plisetsky home after “leaving”, where Otabek can just take his time with Yuri. Worship him, tell him in little whispers all the ways he’s made Otabek’s hell of a life something more, kiss him breathless and fuck him until his legs are shaking and all Yuri can say is his name between choked sobs. Anytime Otabek gets intense like that, emotionally intense, Yuri can’t help but cry. He’s been lonely for so long in the mafia AU. 

Drowning (Shiro x Reader)
Request: (Season 2 spoilers) I heard you’re looking for angst :3 Could you do a scenario where the reader breaks down after Shiro disappears?

Requested by: @beyondtrash-voltrondumpster Note: Sorry if this is so long, or if it’s trashy but, please do enjoy! Shiro x Reader

You had entered the Black Lion last, trying your hardest to catch up with the others quickly. But unfortunately couldn’t, so when you reached them, you could barely see over them.

But it was quiet. Why?

You expected Shiro to be hugging them, you expected laughs of relief and tears of joy but you didn’t see either of that. You saw unmoving bodies, and when you stood on your toes and peered over Allura’s shoulder, you could see a look of fear on Keith.

In a fit of confusion contorted by fear, you pushed through them, almost knocking Hunk over as well. When you stumbled out in front of them, and your hands grasped the corners of his chair, you pulled yourself up and your heart shattered.

You felt as if the space around you became smaller, your eyes lost focus and you started heaving. You could feel hands grabbing your hands, your arms. Softly rubbing your back and the voices around made it feel like you were underwater.

You were drowning.

“Y/n?” That was definitely Keith, he’s the only one who calls you by your full name. Besides Shiro.

“I’m sorry…it’s all my fault.” Your sobs filled the others ears, Keith was kneeled beside you as your forearms still rest on the chair from behind. Your forehead pressed against it, cooling you. Keith had one arm wrapped around you, and another rubbing your shoulder, he gazed at the remaining Paladins, Coran, and Allura.

You were silent after that, an occasional sniff would break your silence but that was all. The others were worried, and would try speaking with you but every time you would just stare at them for a minute or two, only to go right back to picking at the skin of your fingers or lips.


Allura and Keith were in the kitchen, Hunk baking a few feet away as they all discussed how you were doing, and what to do about searching for Shiro as well.

“Well, there is really no telling where he could have gone, and we can’t just waltz onto a Galra ship like it’s nothing! This is so frustrati-” Keith stopped, eyes wide and seemingly unable to blink as you stepped into the room. Everyone froze, actually.

“What? It’s not like I don’t eat.” You snapped, uncomfortably walking over to the counter Hunk was cooking on.

“Uh-Uh hey Y/n, do you nee-?”

“What’s this?” Although you seemed so very tired, you still had to communicate at one point. Allura turned in her chair, a smile growing on her face as she stood and practically flew over to you. Her arms wrapped around your shoulders and she lifted you from the ground.

“Uhm! Allura? What are you doing!?” In instinct your knees curled in and you went deadweight, trying to put your feet back on the ground, only for Keith and Hunk to join in on the hug as well and let out some relieved laughs. You could feel Allura’s face squished into your back after she threw her arms down to your waist.

“Glad to have you back, Y/n!” Allura chirped, putting you down and kissing the top of your head when you turned around.

“Now let’s find Shiro.”

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dude with all this marvelsepticeye stuff going around all i can think of is jackieboy being the one to get hurt instead of marvin, and marvin being forced to cradle jackie in his arms (yikes im Emo) also schneeplebro sidenote: if we consider the fact that schneeple wanted to be an artist, You Bet Your Ass that he doodles pictures of chase on his notes

first of all, how dare you. just marvin calling jackie’s name over and over between sobs and wincing every time he says his name and jackie doesn’t respond like his heart sinking and tears slipping down his cheeks ugh

secondly, that would be so cute. and schneeps probably leaves his sketch book out accidentally while he goes to make food and chase just so happened to walk by and immediately blushes at seeing himself in the drawings but is also impressed because schneeps is really fuckin talented 💕

One-shot #4

Pairing: Spencer Reid/ Reader

Summary: [REQUEST] “…A Spencer Reid/Reader one-shot where the reader would knock at Spencer’s door one night, looking hurt, scared, and pale. Then she tells him she was attacked and that it happened near her house so she is scared to stay there alone.”

Warnings: I don’t know if this needs to be stated, but the attack scene included, just so you know before you read.

Word Count: 2,372


     "… Still craving your kiss, I’m longing to linger till dawn dear, just saying this, sweet dreams till sunbeams find you, sweet dreams that leave all the worries behind you, but in your dreams whatever they be, dream a little dream of me…“

     I hummed along to Ella Fitzgerald’s voice as I walked through my kitchen, dancing slightly as I came to the curtains to close them. I turned away from the curtains and went to the sink, swaying to the familiar sound of the music as I began to wash the dishes.

     ”… Stars fading but I linger on dear, Still craving your kiss…“

     Suddenly, the sound of a door slamming in the house caused me to jump, and I froze as the music went on. My hands began to shake under the running water as my grip tightened on the handle of the pan I was washing, and I slowly reached up to turn the water off. As soon as the sound of the water was gone, I turned around, keeping my back pressed against the counter as I looked around the kitchen and living-room from where I stood.

     I noticed the lights in the hall across from me go out, and my breath caught in my throat as a the intruder stood in the hallway, coming slowly into the living room, their hand already reaching for the light switch. I looked them up and down, taking in what I could of their appearance. I had too many friends that worked in law enforcement to forget that this was going to help in the long run. If I made it out of this. As I tried to stay focused on the man, my head began to fill with questions, and my body began to tremble as he made his way towards the light switch.

     He was wearing a maroon baseball cap. Who is he? A large, dark denim jacket. Why is he here? The was dried painted splattered up the sleeve. How do I get out of this? He was tall, taller than my friend, Spencer. That would make him at least 6'2”. Run. Why aren’t you running? I couldn’t make myself move as the man switched off the lights, and darkness filled the house.
I was trying to think through my every move as I finally stopped shaking, and adrenaline began to kick in. There was a counter between us, and he had been in the living room. I need light. I’m across the kitchen from the light switch, but does he know that? How well does he know my house?

     Slowly, the music became louder, and I knew he had to be standing next to the stereo, closer to the kitchen light switch than I was. If I ran for it, he would be faster for that. The front door was down the hall across the living room. He was closer to that as well. Upstairs wouldn’t be a good idea.

     “… Gotta keep dreaming leave all worries behind you, But in your dreams whatever they be…” The ending of the song came closer, and I noticed that he was singing along. Quietly, and deeply, before he began to move towards me. My grip tightened on the handle of the pan, and I only hoped that this would be enough to fight back with. I turned quickly, hoping not to run into anything in the darkness, and trying to find my way closer to the back hallway. My hip hit the kitchen table, and suddenly, he jumped forwards. I swung, but he grabbed my hand, and the pan fell, ringing as it hit the floor, and I flinched. Strong, rough hands. From what I could see in the dim street light coming in through the curtains, he had something in his other hand. I couldn’t tell what it was until he brought his hand up, and the blade of his knife shone slightly in the hazy light from the covered window.  

     I yelled, bringing my knee up quickly and slamming it into his stomach. He grunted, attempting to keep his grip on my wrist, but I used my other leg, kicking him in the shin before pushing his arm with my free hand. His hand slipped from around my wrist, and I ran. He came after, tripping me and causing my to fall to my knees on the living-room floor. As quickly as he could, he pushed me over and began to crawl on top of me. I screamed, and his free hand instantly went to my throat, the other holding the knife against my side. I pushed my shoulders backward, attempting to alleviate some of the pressure of his hand around my throat, and fighting back as well as I could. His hand loosened around my throat, and I took this as  chance to scratch at his face.

     I felt his knife press roughly against my side, but ignored the pain of the blade as I continued to fight back. He tried to grab my wrists, and I worked my leg upwards, setting my knee against his chest and pushing him off of me. I could feel the blood against my skin from where he had used the knife against my side, and I gasped for breath as I scrambled to my feet, kicking at him as he was still on the ground. Once I got up, I turned instantly, falling against the wall until I could turn on the lights, and I ran into the hallway, running for the front door.

     Suddenly, I felt my heart drop. Please, let my keys be on this table. I ran to the door, opening it and turning to grab my keys, but they were gone. A sob escaped me as I remembered setting them in the kitchen when I had first gotten home, and I ran out of the front door. I went towards the shed in the back yard, attempting to catch my breath. I glanced over my shoulder, seeing the man run around the corner behind me, and I ran. I dodged between the shed and the house, running through the back door, which I knew had to be the way he had initially gotten in. To my luck, I was right, and the door was unlocked, I stumbled in, slamming the door behind myself and locking it.

     “… You gotta make a promise, promise to me, you’ll dream, dream a little dream of me.”

     I gasped for air as I ran into the kitchen and grabbed my keys, as I ran towards the front door I heard the man scream, slamming his fists on the back door window. I ran outside, getting into my car and pulling out before I had even shut my door. I didn’t look to see if the man was in my mirror as I went. I knew there was no way he had made it around the house before I had gotten in the car and left, and I didn’t care about anything else but getting away.

     Before I even knew where I was going, I parked outside of Spencer’s apartment building, and I took what felt like the first breath I had taken in all night. I got out of the car, my entire body trembling as I walked up, staring at the floor until I reached his door. I raised my hand quickly, knocking frantically and waiting for an answer, not even trying to keep myself from looking over my shoulder as I waited. I could feel a burning under my skin up my neck and face, from where I had been slammed into my living-room floor, and I only hoped that it wouldn’t bruise.

     Suddenly, the door opened, and I jumped, my eyes instantly filling with tears at the sight of a familiar face. “Y/N?”

     I looked up at him, and when my eyes met his, I could see the concern on his face. I knew I was shaking, I had to look like a complete mess, but I didn’t care. “Reid.” His name escaped me sounding more like a sob than a name at all, and I rushed forward, collapsing into his chest as tears began to run down my face.

     "Y/N, what is going on?“ He wrapped his arms around me, but pulled away slightly to look at me. “What happened to you?” He moved, his hand gently framing my face.

     I couldn’t speak correctly, much less did I know how to explain what had happened. “There was,” I took in a shaky breath, and he waited patiently, “he was in my house.”

     The concerned look on Spencer’s face instantly turned to understanding, and he clenched his jaw, leading me to his couch. I shook my head, pulling away from the couch, and he looked at me in confusion. “Bathroom.” I mumbled, and he nodded quickly, walking with me. I leaned against the counter, pulling myself up to sit on the bathroom counter, trying to catch my breath.

     He waited silently, watching me carefully until I looked up at him to speak. “Reid, do you have bandages?” His eyebrows came together, and he bent down, opening the cabinet and pulling out a kit of bandages. I glanced at myself in the mirror, and my eyes widened at the sight of the deep blue and purple bruises already forming around my neck and up the side of my face. I looked down at my wrist, which was still sore, and noticed that the same colors were beginning to appear there as well.

     "Why do you- Y/N-“ He was cut off as I slowly peeled my shirt away from my side, holding it above the cut that the man’s blade had given me, flinching slightly at the feeling of the fabric being pulled from the dried blood. It was only a small cut, but it was deep enough to cause a slight aching pain, and I clenched my jaw as I tied my shirt out of the way, and Spencer began to open the kit, pulling out bandages and rambling to himself.

     After we finished cleaning the cut, Spencer gave me one of his sweatshirts to borrow, and I sat down in his living-room, pulling my knees up to my chest as I sat on the couch, leaning against the arm. Reid was pacing, his hands running through his hair. "Reid, sit down.” I spoke quietly, staring at the floor and waiting for him to sit in the chair across from me. “I need to tell you everything before I forget.” I spoke, knowing that shock was the only thing keeping me from responding with tears and sobs.

     When he finally sat down, he took a deep breath. “Okay,” He started, “Tell me everything you remember.” He spoke, and I nodded slowly.

     "Well,“ I started, "I know it was a male. About 6'3”, with a broad build. He was wearing a maroon cap, with a dark blue denim jacket. There was white paint splattered up the sleeve. The left sleeve, because he turned that arm towards me when he turned out the lights. He had been in the house before I had gotten home.“ I stopped, taking time to breath and stay calm, "I know because the front door was locked, he had come in the back, but when he attacked me he came form the front hallway. He turned out the lights there first. Then he turned out the living-room light. I was in the kitchen, washing dishes. he had to have been wearing heavy boots, because I could hear his footprints even when he was walking across the carpet in the living room when he went to turn up the stereo I had playing."I told Spencer everything I could remember, and then fell silent, staring at the floor again.

     Reid walked over and sat down beside me, trying to be a comfort. But he was silent, and his eyebrows came together as I began to laugh. "Who does that?” I asked, “Who evaluates the stranger that had broken into their house? Why didn’t I run?” I looked up at him, and his face was blank. “I spend too much time around you and the other agents.” I joked, and he shook his head.

     "You don’t need to try to find the humor in this, Y/N. There isn’t any.“ He spoke, and I leaned into his chest, smiling softly as he wrapped his arm around me. "You have to deal with this.”

     I nodded simply, hugging myself as I leaned against him. “It’ll come.” I mumbled, and I felt his arm tighten around me slightly. “But for now, I just don’t want to go home.”

     I felt Spencer move, “I should call Morgan and the rest of the team. They will want to help you. Garcia is going to be a mess when she hears about this-”
     "And so she won’t.“ I cut him off, reaching out and grabbing his shirt to keep him from getting up. "At least not until the morning.” I spoke, and he looked down at me, his eyes filled with worry. “Please.” I begged, pulling slightly on his shirt to keep him from going anywhere, and he settled into the couch again, his arm tightening around me again.
     After a while of silence, I spoke again. “I just don’t get it.” I mumbled, and Spencer looked down at me. I was laying down on the couch now, my head on his thigh. “My neighborhood was so safe for the longest time, but these last few years-” My voice drifted off, and Spencer shook his head, running his fingers through my hair gently. His eyes were scanning my face, and I knew he was looking at the bruises.
     "Don’t worry about that Y/N. Like you said, we will figure this all out in the morning.“ He whispered, and I nodded softly. "You need to get rest. You can take my bed-”
     I shook my head, “I don’t want to be alone.” I cut him off as we sat up, and he hesitated before nodding simply. 
     "I understand.“ He spoke simply, and I thanked him as we walked to his bedroom.
     "Thank you.”


Thank you so much for reading, I really hope you enjoyed it! Please feel free to send me feedback, whether it be in an ask, a message, or anything else! I really appreciate any and all feedback, and I would also like to mention that requests are ALWAYS open! Again, thank you so much! Much Love, X.
I Give Up ( A BTS V/Taehyung Imagine) - Part 1

Summary: high school!AU where you and V are neighbhors your whole life and you grew very strong feelings for him and then you saw him with another girl and it breaks your heart.

Characters: AU! V/Taehyung x Reader

Warning(s): none

Word Count: 1350

Author’s Note: This is a sample for an imagine. But, you can request any scenarios you want except for smuts.

ctto of the pic⬇⬇

Part 2

You and Taehyung were neighbors your whole life. And as the both of you were growing up you grew very strong feelings for him. You couldn’t even go a day without talking or being close to him. Not even seeing him could make you cry.

Yes. You were madly in love with him. But, not so madly in love that you would only keep him to yourself.

Well anyways, it was a very normal and usual day. You were getting ready for school and you were going to be very late if you don’t hurry up eating. Not late for school, though. Late to see Taehyung going out of the doors of his house and walking with him to school.

This became your habit ever since 5th Grade. Going out at the same time of your houses, walking to school together, and then parting ways for your classes.
You finished your breakfast, collected all your things and went out the door just in time for Taehyung to get out of his. You smiled at one another and started walking.

“Good Morning!!” You greeted him brightly.

“Good Morning!!” He greeted back brightly.

There it was again. The very smile that you fell for. Then, again, he doesn’t smile this bright normally in the morning. You hoped that it was because of you. You hoped.

Your walk to school was full of randim and silly conversations. Unicorns, the cat falling down the table, the fog with the derp face. And you, resisting the urge to ask him the reason why he’s smiling so brightly in the morning knowing that the reason might hurt you. Either way, you loved having these random and fun conversations with him. You were bestfriends afterall, and neighbors at that.

When you arrived at school, both of you were walking together to your lockers. Which, were beside each others ’ lockers. Unfortunately. Yes, Taehyung was a fun guy and all but he is a playboy. And everyday he would push some girl between him and his locker and have a full on make out session. It was okay with you, though. You thought that he doesn’t love them and they were just temporary flings.

Anyways, your first period was English. And you being a half-(Y/Nationality), you had pretty high grades. While getting your notebooks, you heard that familiar smash again.

“God! Taehyung! Get a room!!” You remarked and shut your locker before turning around and stopping your tears. You’ve gotten pretty good at it and it got really handy. Because, there were some days where you’d go full on Crybaby.

Halfway to your classroom, you heard someone call your name and immediately practices putting on a fake smile.

“Y/N!!!” Jimin enthusiastically called. You turned around with a fake smile plastered on your face. Jimin was your other bestfriend. The one who you talk about your problems to, your feelings, and sometimes just have fun. In a simple way, he could be your diary. And another thing is, he can read you better than Taehyung. You admit that that hurt a bit. Jimin reading you better than Taehyung does, but that’s what you do best. Enduring the pain. Jimin pouted his lips as soon as he recognized your smile.

“Was he and some girl at it again?” He asked his voice turning dark. You nodded slowly, giving him a sad smile.

“Tsk. Forget him for now. Let’s get to our class.” He said and grabbed your wrist dragging you to the classroom.

An hour later, you and Jimin’s English class was over and the both of you went your separate ways to go to your lockers. After getting your things for your next class, you decided to stop by the cafeteria to buy some food. Your walk to the cafeteria was a long walk, you had to pass through some hallways, that creeps you out, before getting there.

While walking past a hall way, you heard the very familiar voice that you loved. Taehyung’s. His words were a little jumbled but maybe it was because of the distance that you can’t hear him well. You went a little closer in order to hear him clearer. And when you heard what he said, you wished you hadn’t.

“I love you! Okay?!” Taehyung shouted.

This. This was the last straw. You finally let your tears out. Staying where you were for a few more seconds before turning your back and finding your way towards the girls’ comfort room. You went in the nearest stall and started crying your eyes out for a few moments before picking your phone out from your pocket and texted Jimin.

 To: Mochi Jiminnie😉
 Hey, Mochi. Let’s cut. Fetch me at my locker.

You stood up from your sitting position and went out of the stall. You went towards the mirror and observed your face. It was a good thing that the only make-up you wore was a waterproof eyeliner and a lipstick. Or else your face would look like cake icing.

You washed your face and retouched your eyeliner hoping that it would hide the redness and swelling of your eyes from crying. A few moments of motivating yourself later, you went out of the comfort room and straight to your locker where Jimin was being his usual mochi self again.

“Jimin-ahhh!!” You shouted his name and hugged him. And all that chuckling became sobs. Jimin was patting your back trying to make you feel better.

“Min-ah, he said it. It hurts. It hurts a lot more than I expected.” You managed to say through your sobs. You kept that position for a while. You hugging Jimin and him patting your head or your back. You were so thankful that you had someone like Jimin. Why couldn’t you have just fallen for him? He wasn’t a play boy like Taehyung. So, the chances of you having daily torture with him was lesser.

When you finally recovered, Jimin lend you his handkerchief.

“Jimin-ah, what kind of guy still brings a hanky with him?” You asked him lightly chuckling. He ‘thought’ of it for a while and smiled.

“An awesome one.” He answered and winked. You laughed a little at his answer.

“So where’d you wanna go?” He questioned. You thought of it for a little while and suddenly remembered your last few days of strawberry craving.

“Anywhere where strawberries can be digested.” You answered.

As soon as you and Jimin were ready to leave, you had already put your things to your locker, Taehyung ws staring at both you and Jimin with his bewildered face. You stared back at him questionably.

“Wut?” You announced. That seemed to snap him out of his trance.

“Where are you two going?”

Oh no, he was getting all older-brothery again. You hated it when he acts like this. And you’re hating it more now. How dare he interrogate you when you were with another guy?! You never even once thought of doing something like this to him when you see him with another fling!

Your faced darkened before glaring at him.

“Why do you care?” You sassed. “Ugh, whatever. Min-ah, let’s go.” And you grabbed Jimin’s hand before dragging him out of the school doors.

“Yah! Y/N-yah!!” You heard Taehyung shout before going out completely.

“Where’s your car?” You asked Jimin.

“It’s over there by the fence.” He directed. “Why don’t you stay here for a while and I’ll just go get my car and pick you up here.”

“Yeah, sure. But hurry. He might come here. He’s getting all oppa-mode.” You stated and he jogged to his car.

You grabbed your earphones from your sling bag and connected it to your phone. Ailee’s 'I’ll Show You’ started playing.

Just the song I need. You thought.

And someone suddenly grabbed your wrist from the back and turned you around.

End of Part 1

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Hello! How would the RFA (+V and Saeran) react if their S/O was in the army and supposedly died during a mission but ended up coming back alive a year later? (I read the Seduce Me ask for this and I got curious! Thank You!)

Guys, help me out here: how should I tag/refer to Unknown/Saeran on this blog?

Jumin: After you’d disappeared, Jumin had thrown himself even more into his work. You almost didn’t recognize him with how thin he’d gotten from neglecting his health, but that would be no more. From now on, he’d make sure the both of you lead the healthiest, happiest lives possible.

Jaehee: Having been so distraught nearly caused Jaehee to quit her job just so she could wander around aimlessly for you. Seeing you in front of her once more, she regrets not doing that in the first place. She could have seen you so much faster if only she had bothered to look.

Zen: Why had nobody known you were alive this entire time? Surely there must’ve been at least one person who could’ve told him. Though, that didn’t matter now that Zen had you firmly grasped in his arms, his lips over yours like he would never let you go ever again.

707: Somehow he had known, or rather he had hoped, that you’d been alive all along. Nobody except him could disappear so suddenly and thoroughly. Seeing that he had been right all along, that you were really alive, made Seven feel more relieved than he actually thought he’d be.

Yoosung: Tears were streaming down his face, making it hard for Yoosung to really see clearly. He tried to speak — tried to say your name — but all that came out was a broken sob as he collapsed to his knees. You were here and you were safe; that was all that mattered.

V: There had been times where V had wanted to end it all just to see you again, but in this moment he is so glad he stuck with life. Holding you in his arms, he didn’t even need to see your face properly to know that it was truly you and not just another figment of his imagination.

Unknown: Seeing you in front of him had to be another one of those hallucinatory dreams he’d had when he first heard the news. Unknown could not — would not — believe that it was really you. He couldn’t. Especially not after he’d done so many bad things to both himself and other people while he grieved.

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Congrats on 100!!!! Can I request #2 with Kaminari?

Thank you! Here’s some Kaminari for you!

Kaminari Denki

Writing Prompt 2 - Please don’t cry. I can’t stand to see you cry

In his whole life, he would have never thought that a knocking at his door at 3am would be (Name) shaking and tears streaming down her face.

Kaminari nearly was slapped awake just by the look of terror and devastation on your face. What had happened? Why were you so scared and upset?

He wasted no time in pulling you into his room and closing the door quietly to not wake any of his neighbors up. When he had made sure you both were alone, his attention was 110% focused on his (Name).

“Babe, are you okay? What’s the matter? You scared me half to death when I opened the doo-”

He stopped when you suddenly rang into his chest and tightly wrapped your arms around him. He noticed how tightly he was being held by you, as if you were afraid that when you let go… he wouldn’t be there.

“Talk to me beautiful…” You cooed and moved to sit down and lean against his bed with you still tightly holding him like a precious heirloom.

“Bad- no… terrible dream.” You finally managed to say.

“I see. Can I ask what it was about?”

He was hesitant to ask, seeing as you were still trembling. It must have been quite a nightmare to send you into such a scared mess. He knew you and he knew that it had to be something really big to turn his confident (Name) into his clinging sobbing mess.

“We were all back at U-USJ during that villain invasion incident. E-except this time instead of it being a bunch of petty thugs… they were real villains who had been trained for this sort of thing…”

You stopped talking and shook your head back and forth, your tears starting up again. You covered your mouth in an attempt to silence your tears but you it was no use. The idea and memory had already come back to the surface and was scaring you again.

Kaminari’s eyes widened as he watched you break down again. Shit! How do you comfort someone after a nightmare that resulted in all their friends and loved ones dying in front of them?

He didn’t have a clue what to do, but he couldn’t just leave you like this! It wasn’t right, you were a broken bird right now and desperately looking for someone to fix your wing.

“H-hey.” he attempted to start, a tad bit rocky. “I-it’s okay? Look! I’m right here and I’m fine! I’m sure if we were to go and wake the others up they’d all be pissed for it being 3am… but they’d be alive and fine too!”

You continued crying into his chest, showing that his attempt was less than helpful. Kaminari even hated himself for that pathetic speech. Alright, time for round 2: sappy teen romance.

“I’m sorry.” He pressed his hand to the back of your head and gently moved it closer to his form. “It must have been really scary… I can’t imagine watching you or anyone else from class die in front of my eyes… dream or not.”

He watched as your sniffling started to gradually calm down, alerting him to whatever he was doing was working. Now he understood why so many couples had this ‘late night heart to heart’ in movies and shows… because it actually worked and moved them closer than a normal conversation would!

“And you can stay here as long as you want, I’m not the type of guy to kick out someone when they needed me so much.”

“Thank you Kaminari-kun.” You muffled voice came to his ears.

“J-just promise me you’ll stop crying soon okay? You scared me when I saw those tears… I really hate to see you cry.”

“Keep holding me like this and I think they’ll stop eventually… your arms are really warm and comfy to be held in.”

“I’m glad about that then.”

“H-hey *yawn* Kaminari-kun?”

“Yeah Sleeping Beauty?”

“Thanks for opening your door… I really needed to see you.”

He didn’t say anything, just hugged you closer to him and pulling a blanket over you both. It was enough to let you know that at least for the rest of the night, he’d keep the nightmares away.

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I was wondering what you liked about JeanMarco? I never understood why this pairing was so popular. I know Marco's death had a strong impact on Jean's character but I still don't get it and I'm curious why you're into it since your others ships are the same as mine.

oh man oh man oh man. jeanmarco. jeanmarco is complicated. but i can understand from a cursory glance why it might not have caught your eye. but if you paid attention, it was pretty clear that the two of them were each other’s most important people, and if isayama hadn’t killed marco as a plot device, we likely would’ve seen more of that. even after his death, there were official ‘character interviews’, of which jean and marco almost always talked about each other. 

people like it because of the dynamic. like you said, of course, marco’s death was a big part of jean’s character arc, but it was more than just his death. marco himself had a huge influence on jean. marco is the one who literally always believed in jean and encouraged him, especially as a leader. it was marco who praised jean’s decisions, encouraged him to step up, and told him that jean’s decisions were right and that marco and the others had survived part of the battle because of him. 

it was marco who told jean that jean isn’t a strong person, which is why he’s also a good leader, because he so easily understands what the weak and fearful people feel like. it was marco who was literally the only character who not only constantly hung out with jean and engaged him, but engaged him in supportive and positive ways. 

marco was also one of the only people who could be honest and frank with jean in a way that wasn’t hurtful, and that would also reign jean in when he was acting out of line (ex: the scouting mission OVA, where jean is mouthing off and marco is the one to call him on it, and effectively get jean to stop. compare that to whenever eren tries to call jean out and it’s nothing but aggression between them.)

it was marco that saved jean from a titan during the battle of trost - when jean’s gear broke and he was struggling on the ground, trying to get the gear off a dead soldier, a titan was approaching him. marco, connie, and sasha were up on the wall watching this titan close in on him as he frantically tried to survive. and it was marco alone who jumped down from the relative safety of the wall to distract the titan and allow jean to survive. 

it was marco’s ghost/hallucination that once again encouraged jean to step up, be a leader, and join the survey corps. it was marco’s ashes that jean wanted to hold. when eren couldn’t transform into his titan form in the fight against the female titan and jean was screaming at him to not let them down and demanded that this fight and all the deaths not have been for nothing, it was marco’s name he sobbed. when annie froze herself in the crystal after that very same battle, it was jean who slammed his blade desperately and almost in tears, demanding that she come out and finish what she started. marco wasn’t just a friend of jean’s. marco was…his support structure. marco was the one who believed in jean, inspired jean, and ultimately made jean want to be a better person.

on top of that, as @pilindiel reminded me, there was an interview a while back in which isayama said marco was gay. 

ultimately, marco was hugely important to who jean was as a character. and i think, had marco lived, jean would have had been equally important to marco’s development as a character, as well. 

shipping the two of them…just came pretty naturally to a lot of people because of their dynamic and because of how important the two of them were to each other. 

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Dude dude, we mostly have fics about omega!Kaneki but why not omega!Hide too?? Just omega!Hide being okay with his second gender and not ashamed at all and alpha!Kaneki loving his friend's confidence? Just the two of them promising each other to become mates when they're older.

Hello, Anon! I wasn’t ignoring you! Your ask just got me thinking! I’ve never been into the whole Alpha/Beta/Omega thing, but it’s funny because my dear friend, @firebird963, and I were just talking about these exact dynamics the other day. And since you say that we’re lacking in the Omega!Hide department, please allow me to help make up for that! :D

Warning: this fic is rated M for oMega Hide and some sexy times near the end ;) And probably N for Nerd Alert


Ken Kaneki fully expected to present as either a Beta or an Omega. He never exhibited any traits typical of an Alpha. Never outgoing, never outspoken, never courageous enough to confront those who bullied and ridiculed him.

Hideyoshi Nagachika – or Hide, as Ken fondly him –became his protector, his voice, his ray of sunlit happiness, his one and only best friend.

Because, in elementary school, when another kid thought it funny to take one of his treasured novels – all that he had left of his father – and snicker when he cried, that same kid was crying by the end of recess because someone emptied their backpack into the toilet. He tried to accuse Ken, but even if the teacher did believe him, Hide had dragged him out of the classroom that day to play outside, so others surprisingly vouched for him as well. In the end, they never named a culprit, and when Ken walked home with Hide that afternoon, Hide had been the one to return his precious novel, ignoring Ken’ thanks in favor of talking about a goldfish he wanted to buy.

Because, in middle school, when the teacher called on him to read aloud a passage that he barely managed to stumble through, only to be met with his classmates’ jeers at the end, Hide still clapped enthusiastically for him. Even diverting the unwanted attention from Ken to himself by confidently stating that no one else in their class could ever read as well as Ken. 

Because when his mother died, Hide wrapped his arms around him and held him until he’d fallen asleep. Hide had been the one to make sure he got caught up on all his studies when Ken failed to show up for school because he couldn’t even muster up the energy to brush his teeth in the hollow mornings that followed. Hide had been the one who found an American burger joint called Big Girl for them to enjoy when he miserably whimpered how much he missed his mother’s hamburger steaks. Hide had been the one to bring him ‘Dear Kafka’, a novel written by Sen Takatsuki, because he knew Ken had read all his father’s books and had begun re-reading them.

Hide had the makings of a perfect Alpha. Confident. Strong. Friendly. Caring. 

Ken hoped he would present as an Omega. Even if it meant having to deal with the distraction of monthly heats, he’d be able to form a pair-bond with Hide, something he couldn’t do if he turned out to be a Beta. 

Imagine Ken’s desperate hurt and denial when he nervously made a doctor’s appointment to learn the nature of his secondary gender, only to find out that he was an Alpha. It simply didn’t make sense.

“You should be quite pleased, Kaneki-san. It’s the most desirable of the secondary genders.” 

Ken didn’t argue, simply went straight home and lay down, ignoring any texts from Hide for three days. But when the fourth day came, he couldn’t ignore him anymore, not when he blinked awake to Hide lying right next to him, wearing the most cross expression he’d ever seen.

“H-Hide!” Ken fell off his bed and onto the floor. “Wh-Wha…?” 

Hide simply sat up and shook his head before slipping down to the floor, sitting hunched and cross-legged before him. Hide forgot to dye his hair again, Ken realized, as the dark-brown roots formed a star at the crown of his head. “Hey, Hide! Thanks for checking up on me! Of course I’m fine. Totally not ignoring you a week before high school starts. Totally didn’t find a pretty girl who I’m planning to run away to America with.” Hide sighed heavily. “Something like that would have worked, ya know?”

“I’m sorry, Hide–”

“Your texts don’t have to start with the story of how you were born at the bottom of the sea and turn into an epic. And I don’t want your Kanekapology!” 

“I – what?” ‘Born at the bottom of the sea’? ‘Kanekapology’? That last one sounded like Hide spliced his family name with the word ‘apology’.

“I was not born at the bottom of the sea, Hide. And–” 

“Sure you were! That’s why you have to wear swim trunks every full moon. Otherwise you’ll grow a mermaid tail.”

Ken blinked. Hide really put quite an imaginative spin on his life. “What… What did you say earlier? A ‘Kaneki-what’?”

“Never mind that. Don’t you know rabbits die of loneliness? You can’t just leave me hanging like that!” Hide fell silent for a moment, biting at his lower lip until he snapped his fingers and straightened up. “Three days!” Ken stared at the three fingers held before his eyes. “Since you ignored me for three days, I’ll be staying for three days! That way we can leave together for our first day!” 

Hide branched off excitedly about how awesome high school would be, but Ken couldn’t even give him a smile, tucking his knees close to his chest and hiding his face instead.

“Kaneki? What’s wrong?” Ken shook his head. “Kaneki.” 

“Look under my bed, Hide.” He’d fully intended to burn the paper containing his shameful diagnosis, but couldn’t find the willpower to go through with it once he got home. Instead, he shoved it under his bed like a coward, so he wouldn’t have to look at it at the very least.

“Don’t worry, Kaneki.” Hide’s gentle touch, fingers trailing near reverently through his dark hair, must have transferred a drop of Hide’s brimming confidence to him, as he found the will to at least look at his best friend. “Ghouls don’t like living under beds.” 

Kaneki chuckled, and his vision went blurry. “It’s not that, Hide.” 

“Kaneki.” His voice lost all trace of playfulness.

“I… Please, just look.” He hid his face once more when Hide practically dived beneath the bed, and curled further into himself when he heard the paper being unfolded.

“You didn’t tell me you were gonna find out what your second gender was! We could have gone together! Congrats on being on Alpha! I gotta say, I didn’t see that coming at all!” 

Ken didn’t mean to sob, to brokenly whisper Hide’s name until the other held him in his strong arms, to croak out that he didn’t want to be an Alpha. 

“Eh? Why not? Alphas are cool!” Hide patted his back before caressing the back of his head with that soothing touch of his. “And all the Omega babes are gonna want you.” Ken tensed and tried to pull away at that, but couldn’t break from Hide’s unyielding hold. “I was just kidding!”

“They’re gonna want you too, right? Because you’re an Alpha! Because we can’t form a pair-bond!” Hide let go of him at that, and gave him a blank look. “You got tested. That’s what you’re saying, right? And we’re both Alphas. Even–” Ken had to pause when his voice cracked, to collect himself enough to continue. “Even though I wanted to be an Omega. I can’t–”

“You think I’m an Alpha?”

“What else would someone amazing as you be, Hide?” 

At that time, Hide simply drew him close and consoled his tearful selfishness. Then they shared the hamburger steaks he bought from Big Girl on the way over while they played some cheesy, foreign romantic-comedy that neither of them really paid attention to. Hide had been too excited to tell Kaneki about a new American band he’d fallen head-over-heels for.

And they fell asleep on his couch.

Two things awakened Kaneki at 3:30 AM. One: the deliciously sweet aroma that enticed his senses into awareness. Two: Hide, moaning and writhing and panting hotly beside him. 

“H-Hide?” In the dim light of the television screen, he could just make out the flush of Hide’s cheeks, lips wet and parted in invitation, and – Ken’s eyes nearly bulged right out at the sight. Legs bent, shorts unbuttoned, and Hide’s hand buried between his legs, moving slowly but ceaselessly.

“I knew I timed this right, ngh…” Hide’s voice bore the weight of pleasured hoarseness. “Still wanna form that pair-bond, K-Ken?”


I apologize for cutting short the sexy times~! Hope you guys enjoyed! Especially you, anon! :)

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Hello again! I hope you are doing well! I was wondering if I could request a scene where Lavi crush or s/o is there when he losses his mind to Road and how they deal with it till he breaks free from it? Been loving reading these! They bring a smile to me everytime. ♡♡

Originally posted by veeenas

(YAS. I think about this a lot.)

Originally posted by mangastream

The Noah were vile, despicable beings, this much was clear. They got into people’s minds and messed with them. They made them turn on their friends, forcing them to battle to the death. Lavi Bookman was fighting Allen Walker, and there wasn’t anything you could do to stop it. 

You banged on the walls of your prison, first with your fists, then with your legs, trying to kick the walls out. It was a risky, dangerous move, given the fact that Lenalee and Chaoji were cramped in there with you. But you couldn’t keep watching this. Lavi would never do this; you needed to kill the damned Noah who was playing with his mind, using your Lavi as a damn puppet. 

You couldn’t use your Innocence in such small quarters, and there were needle sharp candles inching closer and closer towards the box. You had to stop altogether when they finally penetrated the box, making it a pincushion. You were right there and yet you couldn’t help them. You couldn’t do anything, and it made you sick. All you could do at this point was call out to him, make him see reason. Maybe you could reach where Allen and Lenalee couldn’t.

“Lavi!” You cried. “Lavi, stop! That’s Allen! He’s your friend!”

Lavi didn’t seem to hear you. He kept thrashing Allen to a bruised and bloody pulp, and Allen, in an attempt to protect himself, could only raise his sword to guard himself in vain. The force behind Lavi’s punches sent Allen flying back. You threw a hand up over your mouth as you watched in horror. All you could hear was Lenalee and Allen’s pleas and the sick cackling of the Noah behind all of this. 

Lavi!” You screamed. “Lavi! Lavi, Lavi, Lavi! Stop it! Please stop! Listen to me!” Tears streamed down your cheeks. He was too far gone, you weren’t reaching him. “This isn’t you! You would never hurt Allen! You wouldn’t hurt any of us!” You turned to glare at the female Noah. “You bitch! Leave him alone! You’re a coward!” 

Road stuck her tongue out at you as she cradled Tyki’s head to her chest. Her eyes were manic as she watched the scene before her. You cried for Lavi, your pleas mixing in with those of your comrades. You began beating your fists off the walls of your cell again, ignoring the sharp pain shooting up your arm every time you made contact with the sharp edge of the candle. Your hands were a bloody mess but you didn’t care. All you cared about was trying to get your lover to stop. 

Lavi paused, briefly, and turned his head ever so slightly to look at you. You froze, your battered hands raised, as you stared at him. His eye seemed so lifeless, so vacant. Your heart hurt so much. Your voice had gone raw from the screaming, so all you could do was sob out his name, no louder than a whisper. Lavi watched you for a second longer before turning back to Allen. He had his iron hammer in his grip, enlarged and ready to attack. The fire stamp sigil lit up beneath his feet. Flames danced around him as he stared Allen down. Instead of using the fire to finish Allen off, he twirled his hammer so that the head was pointed towards the ground. The flames roared as he brought it down. You realized to late what he was doing and screamed yourself hoarse, picking back up your assault on the wall. He was going to kill himself to stop from taking the life of his friend.

Allen ran towards his friend, Crown Clown at the ready. The flames licked up the sides of Lavi’s body and you thought, This is it, this is how I lose him. Allen dove into the flames and wrapped Crown Clown’s cloak around both him and Lavi. You felt your heart stop, your breath shallow, as the flames slowly burned themselves out and a large rock structure was left it their destructive wake. Silence filled the room. You were distantly aware of the fact that Road had a dagger protruding from her chest, but you had no idea how it got there. Nobody was near enough to touch her. But you weren’t concerned for her sake. You hoped it killed her. 

Your cell opened up and dumped you, Lenalee, and Chaoji onto the ground. The rock spire shook and crumbled, and out emerged the familiar heads of red and white hair. You took a deep, shaky breath, and scrambled to get up and sprinted towards them. Lenalee beat you to it, and punched both of them for scaring her so badly. While they tried to apologize, you slipped past her and through yourself at Lavi, forcing him back roughly. He yelped and coughed violently as you clung to him for dear life. You were shaking terribly, crying into his shoulder.

“Don’t ever do that again, don’t scare me like that,” You demanded, your voice small. “I thought I’d lost you.”

He wrapped his arms around you and buried his face against you. He blubbered out a string of apologies, but you had already forgiven him. He had snapped out of it all on his own, and because of that both he and Allen were alive. You tilted your head and looked at Allen. You mouthed “thank you” at him and he nodded, understanding just how deeply you meant that.

LOL okay watched the new Teen Wolf trailer and I AM FUCKING DETERMINED TO ENJOY SCOTT’S LAST TEN EPISODES SOMEHOW but goddamn if the show isn’t gonna pull out all the stops trying to make sure I don’t.


1) Scolia - I’m happy for all the people who are fans of the Scott/Malia ship and glad they’re getting this I’m just super not stoked because this is literally the most predictable thing they could’ve done and the easiest/most convenient way to give Scott a romance arc for the final season, look at Teen Wolf pulling through with the ‘how do we put the least amount of effort into making Scott happy’ right to the end, LOOK I ADMIT IT, I JUST WANTED HIM TO KISS A BOY.

2) Ethan and Jackson who have never even met in canon before now walking down the hall in a scene like they just showed up together with no sign of Danny aka literally the only thing that could possibly connect these two characters or explain them even knowing each other. *eyes narrow into slits* okay but if they pull some bullshit like ‘now that Haynes is out we’re going to make Jackson gay and oh look, he just so happens to be dating his best friend’s ex-boyfriend but haha we don’t need that best friend around, they’re doing just fine without him’ - I will rage. LOOK I ADMIT IT, I’M GONNA RAGE REGARDLESS, I JUST WANTED DANNY BACK.

3) Theo and Peter and Gerard are still not dead, okay but consider this, what if they were dead though. 

4)  lololololol at that blatant baiting with Stiles and Derek showing up together for what will probably be the cliffhanger of the second to last episode, like holy fucking hell, show, learn to love yourself because S/terek fandom definitely doesn’t love you and you’re already cancelled SO WHY ARE YOU STILL TRYING TO SUCK UP TO THEM WITH THE EASTER EGGS, THEY DON’T LIKE YOU THAT WAY, YOU NEED TO MOVE ON ALREADY. Plus uh, ‘you didn’t think you were going to do this without us did you’ I mean, yeah, we hoped, but if you really wanted to help, did you even consider bringing along Derek’s girlfriend aka the badass with a shotgun, you know the woman who actually has a WINNING TRACK RECORD when it comes to winning her fights unlike you two losers?


1) So much talking about Scott, so much focus on Scott, they probably said Scott’s name more in this trailer than they did all last season *sobs* see was it really so hard to make something that actually PUTS SCOTT FRONT AND CENTER AND SHOWS THINGS BEING ABOUT HIM?? 

More of the Sugar Daddy AU

This fic has gotten so much attention. All y’all need Jesus. So do I for that matter but shhhhhh. Enjoy the sin while you can.

Part 1

More Filth Under The Cut

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do you know any good underage fanfic smuts you can link me to??

Talk like a top take it like a bottom (Harry/Louis)

“I’m not actually a sex addict. I just think about sex a lot, and have sex a lot. But since my school thinks I’m a slut, they wrote ‘sex addict’ in the report so I can ‘get help’ for my ‘sex problem’.” Harry explained with a shrug. “After therapy they expect me to be more modest. They don’t want me making out with guys before class and letting random boys grab my ass. It’s a ‘distraction’ apparently. Oh! And they want me to ‘respect myself more’.”
“And do you respect yourself Harry?” Louis shot back in a bit of a teasing tone, but he was also genuinely curious about the answer.
Harry’s slight frown curved into a smile. “Of course Louis, I respect myself enough to want a huge cock up my ass every chance I get.”
~ Or the one where harry is a 16 year old sex addict who has to go to therapy, but just ends up seducing Louis, his 21 year old therapist. ~
Part 1 of the My sweet addiction series

You can’t keep your hands off me, i can’t keep my hands off you. (Harry/Louis)

“I wasn’t bluffing when I said my big cock was gonna split you open, Harry. I want you to ride daddy’s cock like a good little slut, you can play with your pretty nipple piercings too, I know you like that. As soon as you’ve gotten used to the feeling of my cock buried so deep inside you I’m going to flip you over and fuck you into the mattress until all you can do is sob my name. You’ll be moaning my name for a week after this, every time you go to sit up you’ll remember how good I fucked you. Sound good, princess?”
~Or the one where Harry’s therapy gets a bit more, intense.~
Part 2 of the My sweet addiction series

make a splash (Zianourry, Harry centric)

“I’m going to get Harry.” Zayn supplies as he swings a leg over and slips slightly when both feet are on the slats / “Wait, are you serious!?” Louis calls after Zayn’s retreating form.
(Harry is 13 and gets gangbanged in a hot tub by his uncle (Louis) and his friends)

My Super Hot Stepdad (Harry/Liam)

Harry want to be fucked by his hot stepdad, Liam…

would you be mine, would you be my baby tonight (Zayn/Louis)

louis was like a sin. 
he was an addiction, like drugs that can kill and give you pleasures at the same time.
and zayn- zayn was the victim at fault.

problems with drinking milk (Harry/Louis)

Louis is Harry’s babysitter and Harry thinks his sperm is milk and drinks it

Little Demons (Zianourry)

Zayn and Louis are 20 while Harry, Niall, and Liam are 14. Harry, Niall, and Liam are all step-brothers and dating. When Louis’ mom makes him babysit the three boys, he asks his boyfriend to come along.

These Walls are Paper Thin (Harry/Zayn, Louis/Zayn)

Zayn’s younger step-brother, Louis, can hear every single thing he does with his boyfriend, Harry.

how could we know (the stars would align) (Harry/Zayn)

It isn’t Zayn’s first kiss, but he’s only ever kissed people his age, and he can’t help the nervous twist of his stomach. But Harry’s hand cups the side of his face and his lips are a warm and firm pressure against his, patiently waiting for him to open up. Zayn feels so young that it’s almost unbearable, but even more so is the heat that pools around with his nerves, and it’s what makes him open up just a fraction.
Or Harry is a 27-year-old lawyer and Zayn is his client’s 17-year-old son.

Only Hate The Road When You’re Missing Home (Harry/Louis/Zayn)

“And you don’t always have to try and do things on your own. We like to help you, love it actually. We love knowing that we’re needed. It’s not just me and Louis plus you as our bonus. I can see it in your face sometimes, don’t look so surprised love. I can see it on your face. We’re not going to get rid of you. You’re not a plaything. You’re our little love. Our boyfriend. It’s not Harry and Louis plus Zayn. It’s Harry and Louis and Zayn.” Harry said gently, caressing the tousled inky locks as those big dewy doe eyes turned to him, widening in surprise the further he spoke, mouth set in an instinctive pout as he blushed and tried to turn away.

My First Kiss Went A Little Like This… (Louis/Zayn)

“Louis?” Zayn said quietly. When he saw that he had Louis’ undivided attention, he continued. “I know you said I’m better than them cause I don’t know and I know you don’t think I need to know, but I just… I really wanna know what sex is, please Lou?” Zayn begged, his voice desperate.

Laughter Lines (Louis/Niall)

Louis shakes his head quickly, trying to clear his thoughts, trying to convince himself that any idea of pushing Niall down to his knees in front of the couch and threading his fingers into the boy’s hair and making him choke on his cock is a bad one.
(or the one in which Niall catches a snippet of a dirty joke and it all goes wrong.)

I could be your daddy daddy (Niall/Zayn)

Daddy! kink Ziall, basically

But a Number (Harry/Niall)

Somehow, Niall ends up with Harry in his lap. Normally wouldn’t complain. Except well, Harry seems to have shrunk at least 4 inches, his baby curls have returned and, oh he barely looks a day over the age of 15.
Or the one where Harry from 2010 time travels himself into Niall’s flat in 2014. Massive amounts of confusion and fluffy, sweet sex ensues.

Year Twelve (Liam/Louis)

God I’m so glad I’m finally a year twelve. I want to get out of this hell hole. But maybe it won’t be so bad now that I have a reason to be happy everyday. Thanks to that perky little year nine that has me falling for him.

3 Months (Liam/Zayn)

It’s been 3 months since Zayn adopted Liam.
But the thing is, it’s also been 3 months since Zayn last had sex.