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4CC 2017

Tessa & Scott (top right corner) doing The Lean™ during the gala [x]

Dedicated to @cuteiceprincesslove <3

Alright Garnet, moment of truth: you’re the de facto leader of this rag-tag group of intergalactic criminals; how do you handle this? 

We can make Arthur memes all day, but in this moment, do you have the strength to carry your team forward? Pick up your crestfallen soldiers and keep marching onward? Inspire them; remind them what they’re fighting for?

y'all know that moment when u sittin in a bathroom and two ppl walk in talkin mean things about u and they don’t know you’re there and you just kinda sit there on the toilet like :’|

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The trust thing was a beautiful moment as was Robert saying 'to make you happy' and Aaron's little smile because let's face it Robert did think at one point that he couldn't do it but he came back and he hasn't given up on Aaron like so many would have. What that must feel like to Aaron... I just can't. Crying.

The entire scene was beautifully done, everything that was said was spot on and I wouldn’t change a thing. Also I really loved that Aaron got a little upset at not knowing what to say because in that moment all he wanted was for Robert to know how he felt about him and what does he say? Pretty much that Robert is the love of his life. I think they both heard things that they needed to hear and my god was it lovely.

Ok, I know I’ve been gone for a billion years, but what have I walked into!? I just read the interview that has everyone straight going crazy and like…aren’t you guys being a TAD dramatic? He literally hasn’t really said anything offensive.

So he doesn’t want to be a franchise blockbuster actor, okay? Let him have his hipster indie “all about my art” moment. He’ll either find a really cool niche, or his career will crash and burn for not taking the fame while it was hot.

He wasn’t being a cry baby about fame, he simply said it can be hard and alienating. Do you remember jlaw through the ENTIRE thg franchise? She was saying the same things! She was afraid to take on Katniss because she felt like it was selling out of her Indie roots, and she WAS a person who loved her job but didn’t love fame. Josh said fame is a burden sometimes, but he loves and appreciates it.

He isn’t saying he hates his fans, or his work as Peeta (that he says over and over again how thankful/proud he has been to be a part of that series), he just is exploring new avenues. Does he seem a bit pretentious? Maybe, but if fast paced, artistic, low budget, but high brow film is what he’s into at the moment…let it be.

Sorry if it’s not for you. Just enjoy the work he has already given you and maybe you’ll see something you like of his in the future ✌🏼

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Had a near heart attack after hearing David mention in the stream the possible return of you guys to Florida! Hoping that things turn out well and you guys do indeed come back sometime, or at least somewhere near! c: Good luck with the show tonight as well

Thanks! Yeah, it’s all just discussion at the moment but we would love to return to Florida. Hopefully sooooon :)

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HC: We always see Lance wearing his medals, but he has a very strong fantasy with you. He want's to see you wearing some red lingerie on his bed, with his training jacket and medals around you. He also loves fluffy moments. HC2: He got you an easter egg at easter, but it was specially made. Inside, he hid your engagement ring.


And we’ll ignore the fact that I’m currently wearing red lace underwear. BUT I WANT ALL THE FLUFFY MOMENTS WITH LANCE.

I just need me a Lance really. Any anons wanna hit me up? 

Alphabet tag!

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i was tag by @seventeentrash17 im sorry it took me too love to do it, i was sick for two weeks and i only just got the change to do it, thank you for tagging me :)

A (age): 16 turning 17 in august 

B (biggest fear): darkness kind of, being left alone.

C (current time): 6:09 pm 

D (drink you last had): water

E (easiest person to talk to): my best friend since i was 3 years old 

F (favorite song): don’t listen in secret by svt, butterfly by bts, heaven by exo, rough by gfriend, let me by got7 and more im too lazy to say them all 

G (grossest moment): idk 

H (horror yes, horror no): Yes, i dont get scared easily 

I (in love with):woozi 

J (jealous of): people that are confident since i wish i could have confident on myself 

K (killed someone): maybe…..

L (love at first sight or should I walk by again): love at first sight but you should walk by again and say hi 

M (middle name): valeria 

N (number of siblings):  2, 1 older sister and 1 younger brother 

O (one wish): is a secret 

P (person you called last): mom 

Q (question you’ve always been asked): are you emo? since you always wear black, how is the weather down there?, why do you never talk?

R (reasons to smile): woozi 

S (song you last sang): kard- dont recall 

T (time you woke up): 10 am, but didnt leave bed till 3pm 

U (underwear color): black 

V (vacation destination): busan, osaka,hong kong, thailand, paris. idk many places

W (worst habit): overthinking, biting my lips, being rude to people.

X (X-rays I’ve had): brain i think

Y (your favorite foods): mc donalds, pizza, idk 

Z (zodiac): leo

i will tag only a few people you dont have to do it.

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Sherlock checking up on John (John checking up on Sherlock)