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Fisherman’s Knot Chapter 6


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The usual warnings for this work continue to be relevant. Also warnings in this chapter for mentions of torture.

A/N. An adolescent harp seal is called a “beater” because of the way they beat the water with their front flippers while learning to swim. I know. It’s adorable.

She Thinks Me Buried In The Sea

It had been three days since he found the nautilus. That was how he was counting, Ford decided. Dwelling on the other things that had happened three days ago was proving decidedly unproductive.

He’d slept—poorly, but Stan had threatened to tie him to his bed if he didn’t—and he’d eaten under his brother’s watchful glare, and he did have to admit it was having some effect. But something about Stan had shifted, and Ford didn’t like it. It wasn’t that Stan was avoiding him or refusing to talk or anything concrete. It just felt like, in some subtle way, his brother was always being Mr. Mystery instead of Stanley Pines. He smiled too much, laughed off Ford’s questions, told jokes that were tinged with the desperation of a man whose living relied on convincing everyone he met not to look at what was really in front of them.

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